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Levy warns newly appointed Solicitor General

Headlines Levy warns newly appointed Solicitor General

President Levy Mwanawasa has warned the newly appointed Solicitor General, Dominic Sichinga not to assume, at any time, a partisan stance in discharging his duties but to solely work as a civil servant.

Dr. Mwanawasa said as a civil servant, Mr. Sichinga would be expected to avoid discharging issues bent on partisan lines during his operations.

He was speaking at State House today when he swore in Mr. Sichinga, whom he also conferred with a status of State Counsel.

Others that have been sworn in today are Cecil Holmes, who has been appointed as Minister in Charge of Presidential Affairs and Andrew Mulenga, who is ambassador designate to France.

The President advised Mr. Sichinga to develop a culture of humbling himself and working very hard.

He told Mr. Sichinga to take all matters of national interest seriously especially in court.

“I want you to develop a culture which I had when I served as solicitor general myself, do not think you are too senior to learn court procedures. Do not stop going to court,” he said.

He added that, “You are a role model to all junior advocates in the ministry of Justice”.

Mr. Sichinga was Chief Public State Advocate before he was appointed to the current position, which he is taking over from Sunday Nkonde.

On Mr. Mulenga, the President said he was glad to have recalled him to government.

Dr. Mwanawasa said Mr. Mulenga was one of the best cabinet ministers in the 2001 to 2006 cabinet.

He expressed disappointment that Mr. Mulenga was rejected by the people of Luwingu by not voting for him in the 2006 general elections.

He urged Mr. Mulenga to work hard and continue from where his predecessor left in promoting bilateral relations between Zambia and France.

Mr. Mulenga was minister of Education until 2006, when he failed to retain his parliamentary seat in Luwingu.

To Mr. Holmes, Dr. Mwanawasa said the former should diligently assist him in discharging presidential duties both in government realms and in the movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) spheres.

The President said he has been busy with emancipating the economy of the country and hence he should continue helping in this area through working both the private and public sector.

“I have known you for a long time, I know you are a bulldozer. I have brought you to State House to help me and not to destroy me,” he said.


  1. well done .this is well deserved the youngest solicitor general and state counsel of all times.good warning by mr president no partisan insinuations just pure technocracy.

  2. Nice one abena Chuchu, but are you sure you want the young man to be impartial in exercising his duties? even when it goes against MMD? I doubt it?? You still haven’t handed over those controversial vehicles (write-off’s by now), Katele’s court cases seem to be stalling forever…ba Kateka, pls walk the talk and stop the rhetoric, the moment this young man does his job and takes a position contrary to the party’s, you’ll be quick to give him the boot! pls spare us the rhetoric bwana, we’ve heard it all b4

  3. Hello,

    I just wish these positions were so indipendent and objective. One of the ways of making the office mnore bbjective to let parliament make the appoinment!

    That way, we wiull ensure checks and balances and this office will be respected.


    This is the only chance!

  4. MMD has no doubt that we recommended a potential man for the SG job.There is every reason to believe that Dominic will make himself relevant to Zambia. The young man once heavily endocrinated by late Anderson Mazoka for UPND politics has passed the MMD and state system tests for change. He has sanitized his mind from cadre politics beyond doubt.The few issues that were holding have been cleared by those who found his past wanting.All,kindly welcome Dominic & support his success.

  5. The issue is like in any other institutional office, all patriots must keep Dominic in unbrinking check. Should he be found wanting and not keeping secrets by any trait,Dominic count him out in a blink of an eye.

  6. Mingeli Palata (3),
    Give me any country or mode of Governance where institutional office bearers are a prerogative of the legislature? Zambia’s system of the Executive Office nominating candidates for ratification of the legislature is transparent and open to rejection of the nominee. For instance,Dominic Sichinga was nominated by H.E for SG two weeks ago before going to the AU meeting. Parliament had his hearing & ratification the same week after a clearance from the security wings.So whats wrong with that?

  7. Mingeli Palata (3),
    Give me any country or mode of Governance where institutional offices are a prerogative of the legislature? Zambia’s system of the Executive nominating candidates for ratification by the legislature is transparent and open for all options including rejection of the nominee.Dominic Sichinga was nominated by H.E for SG two weeks ago before going to the AU meeting. Parliament had his hearing & ratification the same week after a clearance from the security wings over some weeks when name was proposed.So whats wrong with that?

  8. Cecil Holmes is the Minister in charge of Presidential Affairs? Word. Is this a new ministry? Anyway I have a good personal opinion of the man as he made my stay in Cairo when he was ambassador worthwhile.

  9. BABY COUNTRY WITH BABY POLITICS.(move away from the traditions)
    There is no way a state president can appoint a solicitor general in a multi party democratic state. Such an appointment, automatically, truncates the powers of the SG because he has to be royal to his boss – in this case the appointing power – LPM. Even the warning he has offered is far-fetched becuase how do you exepect Dominic to work against the flaws of his boss, LPM. Zambian Politics should mature or else the archaic kind of goverment we have will continue to be stumbling block to true democracy and meaninful development. If Dominic will stay in his job for a year then it means he is not doing his job.

  10. Mwinepabo(10),
    Look at the list of AGs below. Any there that was appointed by the US houses rather than ratification?

    1. James P. McGranery
    2. Herbert Brownell,Jr.
    3. William P. Rogers
    4. Robert F. Kennedy
    5. Nicholas Katzenbach
    6. Ramsey Clark
    7. John N. Mitchell
    8. Richard G. Kleindienst
    9. Elliot L. Richardson
    10. William B. Saxbe
    11. Edward H. Levi
    12. Griffin B. Bell
    13. Benjamin R. Civiletti
    14. William French Smith
    15. Edwin Meese III
    16. Richard Thornburgh
    17. William Barr
    18. Janet Reno
    19. John Ashcroft
    20. Alberto R. Gonzales
    21. Michael B. Mukasey

  11. Mwinepabo(10),

    You kids must mature and graduate from your tradition of blanket condemnation anything the administration does unless they appoint your uncles and inlaws. What H.E has been doing as regards these appointments some on pure recommendations of the Party structures and patriotic Zambians is very much constitutional and within acceptable democratic practices world over.H.E appoints or nominates and the legislature ratifies.Read the US Chambers 101 on the Judiciary and Democracy. For more than 200 years, the US has had its nominations of AG a prerogative of the President. Hasn’t democracy been nurtured? Tell us.Learn to be objective different from the Chapi & Kuku straight jackets.

  12. Mr. Pragmatist,

    With due respect! I think you need to familiarise yourself with the local situation. Quite alright the President nominates the SG and leaves it to parliament. But do you actually know that our parliament is not democratic…. Its a clear white wash! Every law that is suggested by Government will automatically pass because the majority of MPs and who would dare oppose the wishes of President?

    Thay are all up to please! Its sheer formality!

    Thats is how come we have failed o pass good laws suggested by private members e,ge. freedom of information….

    We need to empower parliament!

  13. PragM.A.F.I.st aka SAGE #12

    Stop intimidating independent thinkers like ‘mwinepabo’ and ‘mingeli palata’ i know ba chuchu is yo uncle and obviously financing yo studies in the states,but its no use propagating every irrelevant appointment giving all the credit to our patient mwinemushi.


  14. What about his fetish for posh cars and vast spreads.let him declare his assets.civil servant with a jaguar,american cars and a huge house and farm.only in 5 yrs?he may be capable of doing the joB but ar we safe or have another nkonde?and family tree he is sikanetas son in law

  15. I wish you guys in the US and other affluent countries can learn something from the style and structure of governance.

    Bush ‘hates’ the Sanate… Because sometimes it disagrees with him, so he does not boss it arround, he sweats to have them on his side and he knows he needs them to run government.

    This ensures TRUE accountability, checks and balances!

    Wake UP!

  16. Did I hear Levy say Andrew Mulenga was one of his best ministers? The guy who said on national television that quality education was not important so long as many pupils were in school? No wonder he was rejected in his constituency (just like Lupando Mwape whom Levy glorified).Does this tell a story about mediocrity in Zambia?

  17. All you consumed in blogging 24/7-SAGE,Patriot,Joze,Easy,Kuku,Original Pundit,Chapi,Wanzelu,Zulu,Zedian, Mwine whatsoever,Concerned Citizen,Mwinepole, Citizen, Paparazzi & all the kids sleeping here ,

    Looking at your devotion to the internet, I presume you don’t go to school to build on your future or work for a living, but are plutocrats in your own world just delegating ways of making wealth remotely from your love seats in homes. Here is a big test for your degree of responsibility, love, compassion and ability for leadership.

  18. In the UK, Mrs Elizabeth Mulaisho passed away last week.

    Mrs Elizabeth Mulaisho a Zambian lady, passed away in the UK on Tuesday, 5th February 2008 in Blackpool, leaving behind 3 children and a husband.

    Mr Mulaisho has no job and no income to support his young family and needs immediate assistance to bury his wife or return her body to Zambia.

    Mr Mulaisho joined his wife and three children 2 years ago, by then Mrs Mulaisho had already lived in the UK for 4 years and was working as a nurse. She was the family’s only breadwinner while the husband stayed at home looking after their young children. Their youngest child is just over a year old.

  19. When Mrs Mulaisho became very sick and got admitted to hospital she was unable to work for many months and in the process lost her job and income. The husband cannot work and the family visa status does not allow him to access benefits or get any support from the British government.

    While Mrs Mulaisho was ill in hospital, her family got evicted from their house due to non-payment of rent and are now living in a bed and breakfast supported by members of a local church.

  20. He is seriously appealing for donations/any help from all of us Zambians reading this email.

    His contact details are
    Mr Lewis Mulaisho
    Tel: +44 (0)7934 694 241
    Bank details: Halifax Bank.
    Name: Lewis Mulaisho
    Sort-Code: 11-00-01
    A/C: 03055516

    This family is in desperate need and shall accept any donations.
    If you are unable to assist financially, please at least do something by circulating this article to other people who may be in a position to help.

  21. The one thing that Zambians hope to benefit from an execellent lawyer leading our country is a good constitution, rule of law, respect of the judiciary, and no interference in the execution of duty by law enforcement officers and prosecutors. Since independence, this is the first moment Zambia has a real chance to see these attributes being practised, adhered to and offering hope as justice would be fairly and quickly dispensed. So far we have seen some change in the form of pronouncements on corruption, but we are left agonising as to why so many cultprits are in govt while cases are on going! Please Mr Presdnt give as the example you know you can, leave a good precedence for future govts!

  22. Congratulation Dominick Sichinga
    All your Anglia University (LLB(Hons)1995) friends salute you
    Do your job well Brother
    Regards from Malaysia

  23. Thank you for all comments which I appreciated a lot. I love my country, which I sinerely believe is the greatest country in the world. And so for her, I’ll do my best.

  24. Dee, we are proud of you. Keep the spirit of youth reform in Zambian politics and civil service alive.

  25. I will immediately clutch your rss as I can not in finding your email subscription link or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Kindly permit me realize so that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

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