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Police officer commits suicide after being arrested by ACC


A Police Officer in Livingstone has committed suicide following his arrest by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for corrupt practices by a public officer involving K100,000.

ACC Public relations manager, Timothy Moono confirmed the development to ZANIS in Lusaka today.

Mr. Moono said Detective Sergent Nawa Ngela of Linda Police Station was on February 8, 2008 arrested and charged for one count of corrupt practices by public officer contrary to section 29 (1) and 41 of the ACC act no.42 of 1996.

Mr. Moono said Sergent Ngela was arrested following a surveillance operation that was conducted after the commission received information that he was soliciting for K100,000 from a named person.

He added that Ngela received the said money as an inducement or reward for him to drop a case of theft by agent, which he was investigating.

He said Ngela was later detained in Police custody at Livingstone Central police to facilitate for further investigations.

Mr. Moono added that the following day, on Saturday, February 9, the commission was informed that Ngela had taken poison and was rushed to Livingstone Central Hospital where he died the following day.

He added that the ACC Director General Nixion Banda has expressed sadness at Ngela’s death.

Mr. Banda has since appealed to citizens to live with integrity to avoid such painful encounters in life.


  1. #1 & 2 refers, I think it is hard for us to comment becoz the deceased took poison while in custody. I strogly feel question 1 should first be answered or the office in charge of the cells at that particular Police Post must explain or else will take it they poisoned him it was not suicide as it is reported. It is possible that some police officers involved for fear of being named poisoned their friend. Com’on Zambians, not all we haer is correct. The Senior Police officers need to investigate how this happened. Nizee, tondonlo musuma madala!

  2. Its really an embarrassement 100 pin.Thats about 18 Euros. come on guys incerase the salaries of our men and women in uniform.

  3. Legal Expert, sorry bwana that I continue chasing Legal people or lawyer. The guys from #1-5 got points to consider. The late police officer must have been INNOCENT, may God grant him peace. If the article is the truth-and-nothing-but-the-truth, then his blood is on hands of somebody else not his own. Even K100pin, is so embarrasing that even you receiving your POUNDS can take your life over. ULUFYENGO lwachilamo…

  4. I surely fail to understand our issues like that running away using cell ceilling, the truth should be know or else i agree with it being an inside job. Above all displine and financial motivation would remove such.

  5. Corruption by junior police officers will continue because some high ranked officers are highly corrupted, imagine one of them holding a PHd from Matero!! Kwena Yeah!!

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