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Zambia Ranked as the World’s Most Improved Economy

Economy Zambia Ranked as the World's Most Improved Economy

The ranking of Zambia as number one among the ten most improved economies in the world by the Global Economic Weekly has cheered the Economics Association of Zambia (EAZ)

EAZ President Mwilola Imakando told ZANIS in an interview today that the report by the Global Economic Weekly represents a fair and objective view of Zambia’s economic growth.

Mr. Imakando said the country deserves the rank because all productive sectors of the economy have continued to register considerable growth of about five percent.

He, however, called on government to ensure that the agricultural sector is improved in order to register a growth of more than five to six percent.

Mr. Imakando added that government should effectively facilitate the private sector for it to take the lead in economic development.

He cited the textile industry as one of the sectors that need more of government’s attention to bring out its potential.

Recently, the Global Economic Weekly ranked Zambia number one among the ten most improved economies in the world based on macroeconomic, political, technological and human capital factors.

Zambia was one of the four African countries out of the ten most improved countries assessed based on growth environment scores.


  1. The economy is improving on paper but the ordinary Zambian cant se the benefits.Its only a few of us the apamwambas who are enjoying the friuts how about the ordinary men and women of Kanyama.

  2. Legal expert [1], unfortunately GDP, the benchmark used for measuring economic growth, is not a good measure of people’s well-being. For example, if people in Kanyama are dying in hordes due to an outbreak of cholera, when the Government pumps in money to fight that disease, the increase in health spending will be recorded as growth. For the masses to enjoy this growth, we need to improve sectors like agriculture which benefit the majority of our rural folk, then we will see growth. Unfortunately, while the average growth is 5%, agriculture has only grown at only an average of 1% in the last 5 years. Huge growth in sectors like mining only directly benefits the foreign investors.

  3. I still believe that having said all the nice things about the economy,Zambia is still one of the poorest countries.I agree with #1 the improvement is only on paper.
    Let the ordinary Zambian enjoy the benefits not bakabwalala aba.

  4. For sure,translation of this boom into a meaningful gain for the poor is very vital.Ask Thabo Mbeki what cost him the ANC presidency!People will not eat rhetoric.

  5. Economy is in your pot? i don’t care what your numbers indicate? only the policitians economy is booming? otherwise my neighbour bana kambole is the same poor old woman i have known for over 29 years?

    Imwe DM? inga mulaya bwino keep your mouth shut? continue singing praises of worship wot LPM? it is you the idoit together with Mpombo…go knee before your master? M*()%$F?

  6. All you guys dont understand economics…… its all about the ‘ripple effect’ you cant become rich over night. thats the problem with Africans. First you build the rich……the rich then invest …… like that the money will show up later in 2020 hopefully. America was not a super power in one night they made rich Bill Gates, Warren bufet and people like that…. its time Zambia have their own first….



  9. DM u seem to leave in a UTOPIAN world. How can you say peace when some one is dying in the hospital yet the economic bench marks are saying things have improved. Remember James chapter 2. Just below the very words you quoted about getting wisdom.
    Ala bane mulekwata uluse for those who are unable to get a square meal. Do you happen to know how much air tickets cost for the presidential entourage? By the way, Levy and the two former presidents have messed up the economy especially where travelling out of zambia is concerned. A large group of cadres follows around.
    I for one would like to see mealie meal prices falling to a dollar per 10 kg.

  10. Before things get better on the ground, the numbers have to be better first so that they create a snow balling effect that will affect the lives of the people on the ground. If your look back and read KK speeches , you will notice that the numbers for Zambia’s economy started to go wrong in the 70s and it was only in the mid 80s and on that the effect were felt on the ground by the common man. That is how things are. You can’t expect the effect now, but I think we are on the right track and the results will surely trick down with the high taxation of the mines which were sold for a song.

  11. Just learn to give credit where its due.All this will trickle to the man on the street … gradually.At least my country is the press for good reasons.

  12. Well,it’s very interesting to learn that some people don’t wanna give credit where its due!The economy has really improved and we give credit to new deal…

  13. we ate peace and stability for 27 years. tukekala kenge was a song in the 10 years chiluba reigned. so when are these things going to be reality? mind you zambia is not the only country to have under gone a financial recession. Think of Korea by then in 1964. where was it compared to zambia? think of japan and just think of malawi your nebas. dont just hide in the numbers. statistics sometimes mean nothing when more people are still poor after u make pronounciations that your economy is improving. Guys the simple law of input demands an equivalent output. thats how things work. when magande or CSO says inflation is in the single digit, what does that translate to right there and then?

  14. Gentlemen learn to give credit where it is due, this country belongs to all of us it is not only Levy who must do something to make things better.#6 Mob Justice your neibour bana Kambole has been like that for 29 years which means she has lived through Kaunda, Chiluba and Mwanawasa and still her situation has remained the same.What has her son Kambole of even you her neibour done to improve her lot. I am sure you expect Mwanawasa to come and dish out some money.

  15. “UBUNONSHI BWABAFYE PAMAPEPALA” sings young Nathan Nyirenda, Common man does see any improvement in the economy, bcoz its only on papers and remain there forever ever until doomsday!! How can I give credit when I dont see any improved tangible thing. And to whom should I give credit? MALABISHI!!!!

  16. the growth can only be denied by a sychophant,but the bottom line is that the growth must be coupled with improved sanitation and water reticulation,not forgetting the road network.u will be surprised that under kafupi there was no real growth yet the road network is there for all to see.they new deal lacks a community development agenda..if they had none would cry foul over this growth……ITS REAL.

  17. Well, LPM has never given us any real bench marks for us to see this growth. Countries like Malaysia and Singapore, published their real goals for all to see and then achieved them. So it was not supprising to see them climbing out of the ranks of poverty. If only LPM had told us he’s increasing industrial output, refurbishing hospitals, making all high ways double lane, refurbishing the universities, eradicting power blackouts, and etc, and then achieved these goals. Otherwise, it’s not real!!

  18. The real heroes of the Zambian economy are ordinary Zambians who when the opportunities have dwindled at home have ventured into foreign countries all over the continent and beyond. Those who have remained at home have openned to tembas and raised money, which they have re-invested in all sorts of businesses and projects across the country to keep food on the table for their families.

  19. Ordinary Zambians have done this against a backdrop of deteriorating infrastracture, poor health, rising crime and mediocre politics. Gallant Zambians have also achieved so much despite government policies that are insensitive and actually against the small business – the biggest creator of jobs in the world.

  20. Accidentally came accross this page. Now I’m in tune with Lusaka events and following home affairs. Good link and credit to the initiators.

  21. #20 Has it occurred to you that these power cuts are as a result of increased economic activity? Demand has outstripped supply. Levy’s govt has achieved macro-economic stability. The economy has been growing at an average 0f 5.5% for the last 5 years. What we need to do now is to be disciplined and continue on this growth path for the next 15 years only then will we see growth trickling down. Mind you there is always a gestation period when investments are made in an economy and the time it starts registering in peoples’ pockets.

  22. #25…a result of economic actvity, home or abraod? Zesco has a large export market.

    My point, Comrade Mbulawa is that we need to have real goals in place, so that we are able to gauge our success. Your 5.5% figure is meaningless if not represented in any real terms. There is got to be some real economic activity to effect the ‘tickling down’ you galantly mention.

  23. Those who say this is lies whant to see an american style living stsndard overnight. Come on chaps, you can’t compare the situation now with the way it was when FJT left. Things have indeed ipmroved. There is record numbers of Zambians heading back home from places like the UK to take adventage of this boom. Do you think they would be going back to what they ran away from in the first place ?.
    Even the Kwacha is on the internet currency exchage boards, i think it was last there 20 years or more ago.

  24. I think this article was based on statistic of the high number of sick cabinet ministers frequenting Morning side clinic

  25. DM, one may give credit but also question certain things. On paper, the economy is improving but what is changing on the ground? Hardly anything-and even LPM has been hoest enough to admit this contradiction.

    I am suspicious of this improvement because as someone has noted, the infrastructure that should support grow is deteriorating; or is the improvement like manna?

  26. Hey folks, the second last line in my submission should read “infrastructure that should support GROWTH…” and not grow.

  27. Number 27, please remember that what is happening now is a result of policies and decisions made in the past. FTJ did some things wrong but he also did some things right. Remember, FTJ left Zambia at the HIPC decision point-a foundation that made the country get to the completion point. And it is basically due to the debt relief that resulted therefrom that the kwwacha has gotten to the level you are talking about. The problem is that this ‘strength’ is not anchored on production and once the effect of the debt relief wears off, we may slide back to the dumps. Question is, how do we improve things further? One thing is certain-let us invest in Zambia’s productive capacity [govt can do this].

  28. imwe ba koswe which growth are u talking about if three quarters of you supporting lpm sleep muma cabin’s.credit where it is due when fyonse fyaku pimisha salt,salad,mealie meal,sugar and clothes ninshi ni salaula.

    Manje mukamba ukupimisha nama bamba mufwala ninshi lpm is spending 6 billion on medication ‘only’ to quote Mulongoti

  29. Me i want to build a house in lilayi…….. am waiting for the price of cement to come down… just like the begger on Cairo road waiting for his next meal. Now, i can wait for all my life for the price to come down or do something bout it just like the begger needs to move on to greener pastures as things are changing in Lusaka. When an economy improves it doesnt mean money is being distributed. people have to work ‘one for one self and God for us all’ Zambians are lazy and jealous cant see someone else do well. Credit where its due

  30. Those of us who have lived abroad and visited Zambia during Chiluba’s era and Mwanawasa’s time can CLEARLY see improvements.
    For all his short-comings, LPM has done well. What an excuse of a president Chiluba was.

  31. # 31 Observer,
    Yes what is needed is to build on the gains thus far. As # 33 Zambian says zambians are lazy, it is true. we have no work ethic. they like free things. Zambian kids for a start should be indoctrinated with work ethics of self reliance like the chineese ones. Also to build our industrial base, goverment should insist on adding value to raw materials exported. Instead of exporting raw copper we be exporting cables and pipes, as any serious nation would insist.


  33. Just a correstion for the people of Zambia not to be misled, no. 7 said ripple effect but its actually the trickle down effect being refered to. Thankyou.

  34. Just by reading some comments on our lovely site tells me the age group of most of you, anyway u r allowed the child thing bcoz every child has a right to play. I just hope that other people also know that fact because it is not the nature of Zedians to insult or disrespect one another! I admire the blog on carte blanch, al jazera, etc they are very informative and educative! One easily gets the idea of people’s opinion and how they feel about some topical issues. Unfornatunately the young ones are really spoiling other peoples and researchers interests to learn more about Zed thru our site! Plz lets grow up a little bit for the sake of the wider community! Thanx & God bless you all!

  35. yes the economic growth has led to a shortfall of electricty supply in the entire SADCC and west african states.south africa has responded by pumping undisclosed sums of money into eskom to increase its generating capacity…zesco needs to increase its generating capacity by atleast 600kva to sustain the rate of economic growth zambia is registering,this will require not less $450 million us dollars.they shareholders of zesco who is the govt should source this collosal sums of money and save the nation from retardation.they govt has s

  36. conti…
    they govt has sourced $10 million dollars to improve water supply for lusaka water and swerage…….ZESCO deserves to be considered..the economic gains are at stake

  37. This wonderful site is very helpful for people and researchers to learn about Zambia and the issues affecting us including investors. I loved to go through the comment on carte blanch blog site, people were exchanging useful views about what is going on in RSA. Infact the media does set its own agenda, but common people who air views on the site gives you a balanced and common opnion on topical issues. Plz Zedians, lets cherish our site and not use it for debates that degenerate into insuts and disrespect for one another. I know every child has a right to play but plz this is the wrong arena for childish play or talk. I love u all Zedians and I m sorry if in this way you feel offended. Thanx

  38. You can argue with the Global Economic Weekly until you turn blue, fact is Zambia’s numbers are looking up!way to go motherland!all of us ‘common’ zambians who now want to see ‘benefits’ without putting in our fair share of work and sweat are in for a very long wait..wake up Zambians,calling for mealie meal to start costing a dollar and somehow hoping bana kambole will receive manna from somewhere just aint happening- start small businesses,form coorperatives,learn a trade and begin some venture – hell do whatever can to create wealth – JUST DO SOMETHING! complaining about levy, FTJ,politicians your neigbour and who knows who else does not create wealth!! Just work as you do abroad man

  39. As an economics scholar, i would have to agree with #7. Things dont change overnight. There are so many multiplier effects that occur when an economy is on the upswing, patience pays indeed. So, rather than complaining and yapping, use this time to try and take advantage of the economic boom comming up, by 2020-2040 it maybe nearing its peak. If you’ll still be alive, mark my words.

  40. GDP is essentially the sum of value added. Every evening, when you get back home and look yourself in the mirror while brushing your teeth to prepare for your 6-8 hour sleep, what you need to ask yourself is: What did I do today to add value to the economy of my country?

  41. Spot on analyst,i bet you those who shout loudest about what government is not doing are unlikely to be active participants in value addition

  42. because copper is our main $ earner, the gov should insist on adding value to those copper bars. Do we make copper cables in zambia ?. i don’t know but in these times of growth, making copper cables and pipes for export is a good start.

  43. It seems to me that when Zambia is reported to be the most imroved economy in the world, some people are mistaking it tomean “Zambia is the besteconoy in the world.” When they say “most improved”, they are talking about the rate of growth within a given period of time. So its possible to be the improved yet stil the worst.

  44. Everyday of the week, the Zambian mid and upwards earner is forced to work for a foreign owned firm, buy foods from shoprite (a south african chain store), watch DSTv (a south african tv provider) enjoy beers (from a south african owned brewer) drive a south african made vehicle, use south african made tooth paste, and then look in the mirror before sleeping, wondering the value they have added to the Zambian economy. Ironic, isn’t it?

  45. Through the years, I have learnt at least one lesson on economics. And that lsson is that no president no matter how good will improve your personal economic situation. Even in countries like America there are people poorer than me – people living in the streets (literally). Some people have left Zambia for US or Europe thinking they will automatically make it there and they have ended up worse than when they here. We must all learn to use our oppotunities wisely, They only come once sometimes.

  46. #4 DM-U started with calling your friends-*****s n then u turn around and say use proper language-check yourself first.

  47. PLM menu when on working hoilday at mfuwe, Breakfast-3 ducks, 1 worthog. Lunch-1 baffallo. Dinner -Too full too eat, can’t move.
    Go on a diet PLM.

  48. Congrats to LPM and company. You have done your best but you have been failed by the calibre of your ministers and key officers as can be seen by AG’s reports. Zambians, its hight time we punished MPs & Government officers for failing to deliver. Its unfortunate to note that despite the amount of money gvt is pumping into development projects,, the majority of Zambians are still living in pathetic conditions. My heart bleeds for my country but my hands are bound in serving other people in foreign lands. Yashupa mwe!!

  49. The Fact is Zambia is suffering from a SKILL shortage. This is because most people (like myself) have left Zambia to go look for greener fields. We as Zambians should learn that anyone can be in Government and so everyone has a different agenda in Government. Since we are abroad and have been exposed to different projects here abroad. Why not use some of these skills and exposure which we have acquired to build our nation. You don’t have to live there if you don’t want to. I plan, after i get some money to start a “Macdonalds” and “KFC” in zambia. Its not much but hey, you have to start somewhere right.

  50. I do not plan to live in Zambia but that does not mean i can’t have investments there. Atleast i would have given something back to my country. Many of us that are abroad have acquired different skills while here. I’m sure there are some people that know how to turn cotton seeds into string and cloth. That could help the Agricultural cotton sector in the Eastern Province. They are some people that know how to cure tobacco which is also a growing industry in Zambia and also they are some people who know how to make torches or helmets which can be used in the mining industry in Zambia.

  51. They are also people who know about fish and they could start an industry that could help the fishing industry. My point here is it takes all of us to build a nation. Rome wasn’t built in a day but I’m sure it also wasn’t built by one man. It’s high time we remove this “wait for things to happen” attitude and develop a more “make things happen” attitude. Lets not depend on the government. Lets all put our skills and develop our nation. We all have different skills that can be used in different industries in the economy of Zambia. Just letting you know.

  52. Kulibonesha, in the US, Canada, Uk etc, people who dont work are on a social security fund. they get paid monthly. Where does the money come from? mind you joblessness is not a trade yet these loafers get paid. What we are asking for is that if hte economy has imporoved, why spend $ 6 billion on a hospi(s) outside Zambia yet B ward at UTH has rats in the martenity wing. What i want is the money to be real and not just the figure to be mentioned that we are headed for an economic boom. Yes things take time to grow but there is a limit in EVERY THING. 9 months for a pregnant woman to give birth, more than that begin to worry as you cant have this person carrying the pregnancy for more than a

  53. Baisically the only growth in the economy is the divide between the rich and the poor, there is no longer middle class, no infrustructure has been built to satisfy the growing population. Look at lusaka for example, you can have a tour of the city in 20 minutes, the structures in town look deverstated. Where are the profits going?????

  54. year. So is our economy. The fact is we had a starting point or bench mark where we would say, our economy is powerful than Koreas, infact is was 1:1 with the pound long before some of you were born. What i meant about mealie meal prices coming down is that this is the staple food. In all these countries which have strong economies, common food is very cheap and affordable even if you dont earn a salary but live on a daily wage. People should stop thinking about where the next meal will come from but should concentrate on how to improve their lives and that of the firm they are working for, then we will say indeed the economy is fine. The other thing is for Manufacturing and processing indus

  55. stries to grow. I personally dont support the issue of a company say Albidon to take the Nickel concentrate all the way to australia. A processing plant need to be built right beside he production plant so that we sell the finished or partially finished nickel metal. If what is happening rite now in this company is economic boom, well lets forget about the whole issue and just call this the “TRICKLE DOWN EFFECT” until your great grand children die of poverty meaning you will have died of the same disease may be even before you see your children.
    The other point is government should stop UNECESSARY SPENDING

  56. Why do MP’s insist on their emoluments before they even discuss the countries affairs? Greed. Its these fellas who swindle zed out of its revenues. e.g. this MP goes to parley asks for a 500 million kwacha loan, mwanamwambwa agrees, he gets the money, goes and buy a brand new PAJERO and after 5 years, he only pays back 20 million since he will be allowed to buy the PAJERO he bought under the loan but at a highly discounted price. U see, let the culprits be booked for stealing from zed and economic boom where the auditor generals report is full of irregularities will lead us no where.

  57. Zambia was destroyed beyond repair during the reign of Kaunda.I would like to congratulate Chiluba for initiating most of the policies which Zambia is enjoying now.Mwanawasa is just a lucky chap and a finisher and he does not deserve any praise.I remember in one of Chiluba’s speech he said that he was sowing the seeds of economic emancipation in Zambia and a day of reaping would come.Mwanawasa is lucky that he is the one who is reaping the benefits of what Chiluba had sown.

  58. #64 I do not agree with you.At FTJ’s rate all these benefits Ur talking about would not be realised without LPM’s vision.FTJ would not have developed Zed even given 50 yrs period.You do not attract investment n donors then steal the money.You do not talk economic freedom if you cannot feed yourself.FTJ has no regard fro Agric issues, zero.Everything was going to be imported.FTJ actually sow corruption, bribery, theft and tribalistic culture in Zed.

  59. A point of note Education mininster bemoans reading culture in Zed, for ur sake, how can pipo read when govt has demostrated desire like libraries,investing publishing, etc.

    Another one Masebo asks for investment in fire fighting, who will do this.Is not Local govt’s job to do this for each city.Is ist a case of someone transferring responsibility.Let pu a tender for the supply of equipment and she should buy thats investment.

  60. Good to be back, so many new funny names e.g # 28 impu#% isu?$. I will contribute later, keep the fire burning.

  61. In Zimbabwe, many blacks who are in the rural areas say that they wish the white government would come back. They say that even though the white government was oppressive, atleast they had food on the table, they could afford to buy bathing soap and had a job. Some blacks in the new South Africa are saying the same thing as many whites pack up and leave due to poor economic and political policies and are not investing in the communities that helped them get into power. That says a lot to me. It tells me that African countries got independence too early and where not ready to govern themselves and have left us the youth of today to try and piece together the broken puzzle.

  62. But what is done is already done. Its high time we tried to tackle this corruption problem and the only way i see how is by atleast voting for people who have even atleast half a brain cell functioning even at its minimum capacity. And the only type of people i think we should vote for is someone who atleast holds a College Degree because atleast they could show that they have a functioning Brain Cell. This is not the country my four fathers died for. This is the country that could have my four fathers turning in their graves as they regret putting our country in this trap of poverty.

  63. Our three presidents have done nothing but undermine the people of Zambia. If you go into a shop in Lusaka and find that man who was watching your car and protecting it from robbers and only asks for any spare change, That has to tell you that Zambians are willing and able but yet the government does not want to give them the means which they can use to do what they can do. I’m sure they are many Zambians who know how to build houses, Farm, etc and yet we have to rely on foreigners or Zimbabwean exiled white farmers to invest in the industries which our own people are capable of doing. Im not sayin foreign investment is bad but it should be encouraged where its needed

  64. The best economies to analyze are the Asian economies of Thailand, Singapore, South Korea, etc which where extremely poor but yet today are one of the most best performing economies in the world. All they invested in was education and the manufacturing industries which proved to be a good investment. Angola which was recently in a civil war is one of the fastest growing economy in Africa and the World. If the government does not put its people first, Zambia will surely remain behind and become the embarrassment of Southern Africa. But wait, seeing that South Africa is following the path of Zimbabwe, Zambia could maybe be second last…

  65. Actaully #71 zed is on the upward route as we speak.You say africans got independence early, that does not apply to all ur examples SA and Zim.They were the last countries to be liberated.So, no matter how long it takes to liberate ourselves we still fail.As for SA, I live in SA by the way, its matter of managing expectations pipo had here.They feel the govt could have build almost 30 million homes in 14 yrs, which is impossible.More than 3 million yes.SA has strong instituitions for democracy, if not strongest on the continent, so lawlessness in zim will not come in this centuary.Well, I hope.

  66. Yes political will to defeat corruption and a committment to better the lives of people have made it possible to appropriate resouces and channel them to where they are due.Zambia will get better and the economy will continue improving

  67. Zed is developing no doubt about that but we need to do more especially structure wise and food wise to the ordinary person out there. Let us be critical with our views and not insulting one another. Anyone who can read the above article is an adult and deserve the respect.

  68. #64, #65 is right.
    All chiluba did was sell off all council and parastatel properties and build manda hill. The air port to munali rd was built with borrowed money. Everything else was build by KK.
    FJT only build manda hill. Period. He introduced press freedom i’ll give him that. Can you compare what KK build with what FJT
    build ?, You must be joking.

  69. PLEASE people don`t accept all this is Bullshit,Basic things peop le need are not there.Health care,schools and food.don`t forget that UTH is a training school,we need four more hospitals in lusaka,iam talking about Big Hospitals.please don`t bring some cheap ASS news to us because we have been around the world

  70. Lets compare the basic items prices in our country to other countries. From the border town of Chipata ordinary people have stopped buying fuel from filling stations in town like BP, Total or Caltex for a simple reason – Prices are high and they prefer to cross the border.
    The Economic Association of Zambia should not have supported this claim but should have conducted a survey to ascertain the stus of the economy.
    Stop mocking us!!!

  71. I would like to agree with fellow Zambians who are seeing the positive growth in our economy.Just look at lodges,hotels,houses,nursary schools coming up almost all over Zambia,its encouraging!!!!and most of these are run and owned by Zambians hence the increase in cement sales becoz of the demand.Look at the number of vehicles in the country,all these are good indicators.These signs are to be commended.
    Even in America now they are experiancing an economic recession so let us do what we can do legally to make Zambia a better place.There is no politician on earth who shall put money in your pocket unless you work for it,so let us work hard in order for the poor man to get the benefit as well

  72. Lets find ways of ensuring that these economics gains benefits the poor on the ground.As it is now no one can see these economic gains.we have a government which can afford to leave 90billion kwacha idol in tha bank when pipo in misisi compound are sleeping on empty stomach.

    Do our leaders really think?

  73. I would appreciate if someone could eleborate how these economists come up with these figures because the majority would appreciate improvement of the economy when it tricles down to the common man.

  74. which economy has improved? can the plz stop this joke!if it has improved in their houses they should just shout up and stop making this useless noise.

  75. I would like to thank President Chiluba and his team. Their policies are now bearing fruit. Well done Fred. Your predecessor knows nothing but dictatorship.

  76. GIVE CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE…….GOOD WORK NEW DEAL………IF you are complaining about how it has only improved for the upper class….well then workharder and try and be in the upperclass…. It amazes me how someone can be complaining how he didnt sell more than 4 packets of kapenta today……instead he should be thinking of how to save that money…so that he doesnt sell kapenta himself, but has employees to sell……….RAISE YOUR LEVEL OF STANDARDS…..You cant be a marketer, the whole of your life, thats not a job..but a step somewhere !!!!

  77. levy and your boys its like the economic statistics of zambia is determined by your persoal pocket value since u run government machine.shame since u have turned your back even against your little voters. How dare u tell the nation that the economy is doing good when energy costs have gone up ,no employment, no medicine in hospitals,lecturers and teachers are striking yet billiongs of tax payers money is misused, dont forget “lesa ni malyotola” and u think we will like maureen to rule us(another *****).JUST wait 4 PF,akafwa kwati ni koswe alya poison, you unfertelised cabbage.

  78. Gentlemen and ladies, do you know that african leaders are failing to intervene in zimbabwe because even they are products of the same misdemeanours occuring in zimbabwe. Please comment.


    ACCOUNT NUMBER : 3001/2/250/1377

    mobile phone : 0098 – 9133158683
    email address : [email protected]

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