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Mines to be restructured

Economy Mines to be restructured

The government intends to restructure the Ministry of Mines this year.

Mines Minister, Kalombo Mwansa said this will be done to respond to the needs of the mining industry.

Dr. Mwansa said his office will carry forward the work started in 2007.

He said last year, the Ministry completed the performance audit of the Ministry as a first step to updating the strategic plan and restructuring process.

Dr. Mwansa said the restructuring of the ministry will see the creation of a planning and information department to collect and analyse statistics about the mining industry.

And Dr. Mwansa also announced that government has proposed a K200 million in this years budget to forumlate a policy on safety, health and environment so as to address safety in the mines.



  1. thats great and let the minister get rid of that director of mines who dosent seem to understand the operations of the department he is tasked to manage. he was removed from mine safety because of his incompetence and what the hell went into the heads of the authorities to send him to such a sensitive department. please get rid of that scum bag.

  2. Can the Minister of Mines remember to include in the budget an activity to sensitize or train the Chinese on mine safety as well. It is not enough to just be throwing Mining Acts or legislation to these investors and one reason may be that they can’t read English properly, let alone understand it thoroughly!

  3. Once these investors are already on the ground, announcing budgets to formulate safety policy may be a worst of time. A prerequisite to grant them the right to mine in Zambia should include appropriate qualifications, able to communicate in English, otherwise training them on mine safety will be there just to satisfy our ego. The painful reality is that the one with the money calls the shots.

  4. I am very sad to see how our government exploit its own people through the investors from China! One of my chinese friends sent me untold stories about these investors from China! Brothers and sisters if you had an opportunity to look at it, you will bear with me and act immediatly!
    Our government allows these chinese to employ underaged and inexperienced men to operate dangerous machines without safety precautions and safty clothes further under paid!
    Our gvt allows these investor to use old mining skills without embrasing new technology.
    They allow them to bring their own people to earn a living while qualified Zambians walk the street aimlessly! I wish I could apload this documentary.

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