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Mugabe Blames Zambia’s ‘Lack of Urgency’ for Hunger

Headlines Mugabe Blames Zambia's 'Lack of Urgency' for Hunger

President Robert Mugabe on Wednesday said his government had paid for more than 400 tonnes of maize from Zambia and Malawi but blamed Lusaka’s “lack of urgency” for slowing down efforts to fight off hunger.

Addressing a campaign rally of about 6 000 supporters at Mahusekwa rural business centre, about 90km south-east of Harare, Mugabe said his government would dispatch a team of officials to Zambia to assist authorities there to speed up delivery of maize. “We are trying (to provide food) but our maize is still across the Zambezi (river between Zambia and Zimbabwe),” Mugabe said. “It seems they have no sense of urgency. They are working as if everything is normal.

We have talked to the Zambian government and they have agreed to be assisted so we are sending our team there. We have set up an emergency team because of the high level of hunger,” he said. Mugabe – who urged the villagers not to vote for former finance minister Simba Makoni because he was a “man of no principles” – said the government paid for 150 000 tonnes of maize from Zambia, 300 000 tonnes from Malawi and a “few thousand” tonnes from South Africa.

Zimbabwe, also in the grip of its worst ever economic crisis, has battled severe food shortages for the past eight years after Mugabe’s controversial land reforms displaced established white commercial farmers and replaced them with either incompetent or inadequately funded black peasant farmers.

A joint crop assessment report by the agriculture ministry and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) released this week says Zimbabwe could face another grain shortfall this year because if a shortage of seed and fertilizers that affected the cropping season. International relief agencies say up to four million Zimbabweans or a quarter of the country’s 12 million people require food aid between now and the next harvest in about a month’s time.

Mugabe said his government sympathised with the people’s worsening plight telling the rural voters who have been loyal to his party not to be swayed by Makoni, who rebelled to challenge the veteran leader in the March 29 presidential poll. “If you vote for him (Makoni) you are lost, this is the truth. You do not have to join a man of no principles,” said Mugabe, who mocked his challenger as a dreamer who thinks he could just wake up as the new president of the country.

Mugabe, who could clock more than three decades in office if he is re-elected for another five-year term, denied responsibility for Zimbabwe’s economic crisis and instead blamed a profiteering business community of unjustifiably hiking prices to worsen the misery of consumers.

Zimbabwe is in the grip of an acute economic recession critics blame on mismanagement by Mugabe and seen in the world’s highest inflation rate of more than 100 000 percent, 80 percent unemployment and shortages of food, fuel and foreign currency. However, analysts say an unfair playing field guarantees Mugabe victory at the polls. The 84-year old Mugabe has promised a landslide victory against Makoni and main opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

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  1. Who is President Robert Mugabe? Is he the 10th President of Zimbabwe from that country’s independence in 1980? Sorry, I’m only asking because I don’t know him!!!!

  2. these are typical of the politics of NOAH here in zambia,blaming people at rallies the difference is that one in power and the other opposition.
    we sympathiese with ur zimbabwean commrades,pliz vote wisely in your elections…..the power to change zimbabwe lies with u.
    may the good lord redeem zimbabwe.

  3. so now its our fault ??? we sympathize with Zim but that should not be taken for granted………we are not the ones who grabbed farms and gave them to cadres resulting in widespread hunger!!! Bob…be careful….you need all the friends you can get!

  4. Iwe Ka Mugabe dont blame Zambia for Zim’s problems. Zimbabwe yalubana kale. Infact you are the architect of Zim’s problems. Just campaign wisely and stop blaming Zambia.

  5. Comrades in Zimbabwe,it’s high time you woke up from the slumber. Haven’t you heard enough lies and seen no change.It’s either now or never will you come out the mess you are in.The omly people who can change things in Zimbabwe are it’s people. We had the same, close to same situation until 1991 when we (Zambians) made a change.Here we are, the future for mother Zambian looks very promising. Your excellence Dr Mwanawasa could you please respond to this Dictator across. When he asked for the help (To buy maize at short notice)He wants to use the so called delay in the delivering of maize as a campaigning tool.Tell him not to talk too much or you withdraw the deal.

  6. Britain, EU, US, Europe, Australia ………and now Zambia.Did even pay for the maize and power.Otherwise cut the supply for eveything.

  7. AZambia ‘chifundo chidapha nkhwale’. Next thing you will be accused for human theft, Chase those illegal Zim migrants. Let them go and feel the pinch then vote wisely.

  8. That’s a very silly and stupid excuse by Mugabe.aren’t they an independent nation on their own?they are supplyinf prostitutes to zambia…to hell with the old man!he has outlived his usefulness..

  9. That is the same type of language we expect to be getting from Sata once he is voted into power. It will be insults and blaming others all the way. Make same mistake you Zambians of voting Sata you will start supplying prostitues as well to all neighbouring countries. If mugabe paid for the maize then we must give him what belongs to him. The man is hungry he will say anything. Zambian govt has a tendency of getting things without paying for them. Our farmers have not yet paid last year’s produce.Now they owe Mugabe some money and they think they can get away with it.

  10. This old man is really mad. The only thing i don’t understand is how the masses are letting him continue to rule. Anyone have an answer to that?

  11. I feel for the ordinary Zimbabwean people. The time for liberation struggle heros to lead is gone. They got us Independence and did their part, now is time for then to concentrate on issues like AIDS and wars in Africa instead of holding campaign rallies and blaming everybody else but themselves. Zimbabweans need to bring to an end this madness. Zambia or the rest of the world can’t help them with that.

  12. While I do not agree with the manner in which Pres. Mugabe has done and is doing things, I feel he has touched a serious point regarding our government – “It seems they have no sense of urgency. They are working as if everything is normal”.
    Last year in about September I CID sent a letter to CID to request for the procedure I could use to get a Police Clearance Certificate while I was out of the country so that I could submit it here to renew my Study Permit. Two weeks or so later My friend from Zimbabwe, both wrote to our respective CID Hqs regarding the same issue and to my surprise my Zim friend received a reply from CID Zim with all the details while I havent received any correspondence

  13. Its interesting how things turn around. Before 1991, Zimbabweans used to kick us around and treat us like criminals when we cross over to buy basics. Now its on them. Look at the way they have flooded our country and we don’t have beef with their presence as long as they don’t steal. So as the good people that we are let Mugabe not embarrass us by saying we owe him. Its like borrowing money from a disadvantaged person and failing to pay when you are supposed to. So LPM and who FRA give them their maize!!!

  14. #13 continued!!!!!!!!!

    …todate. Thank God, I manged to go home in December last year and personally got the Clearance from Police Hq in lusaka sometime in January before I came back here.

    And so, I really need to improve as Zambia and Zambians in service delivery. It is a shame that we even have to be assisted by Mugabe’s people according to the news above.

  15. #15 “And so, I really need to improve as Zambia and Zambians in service delivery. It is a shame that we even have to be assisted by Mugabe’s people according to the news above.” ….must read as …And so, I must write that we really need to improve as Zambia and Zambians in service delivery. It is a shame that we even have to be assisted by Mugabe’s people according to the news above.

  16. Mr Mugabe passed this comment about Zambia, one of his few remaining partners. There are obviously some logistical problems causing the slow delivery. But it’s not Zambia causing the hunger in Zimbabwe. It’s 84 year old Robert, with a US dollar going at 25 000 000 Zimdollars and still proud.

  17. Positive critisms from Mugabe, Zambia’s service delivery system is terrible. Most Zambians are slow at executing tasks.

  18. On behalf of my beloved country Zambia…(THE JEWS OF AFRICA).
    I believe we as Zambians are people who deliver. So if Mr Mugabe truly paid for 150 000 tonnes of maize, then we will deliver 150 000 tonnes, not more and not less. Maybe the finance Minister was having problems converting the Zim dollar to kwacha or maybe it could be the heavy rains that have slowed down the convoy currying the maize. What ever the cause, we are true to our word and our word is our bond.

  19. Tough luck for our neighbors. Some data to share. A Zim prostitute in Livingstone (2006 rates) starts at K1500 while a Zambian one starts at a minimum of K15,000. So you can imagine the comperative advantage. For white tourists its $10 minimum for both the zim ones or zed ones. They (zim) also do blow jobs while zed ones refuse. Competition is really bad for our zed sisters. Recent trends though show that zed ones have regrouped and are working with immigration and police to kick them out. so, we hope our sisters of the night will rightfully reclaim the streets.

  20. Wat a desperate man Bob has become? Let him first treat Zimbabwe sichu with his “urgency”
    Bamudala ba kota chabe.Mugabe ZWAAA!!!!!

  21. this guy has lost his bloody marbles we sold him our maize at a lower price than that of what our own agriculture traders receive for their crop, and then he is now demanding that we use our resources to deliver the maize, accuses us of aggravating the hunger problems in zimbabwe, what next? are we going to be the ones to blame if he loses elections? i’m sick and tired of Zambia being used as a scapegoat just so that we protect Robert Mugabe “THE FREEDOM FIGHTER” its nonsense those days are gone man.

  22. I hope those that support the likes of Sata and populist and igorant policies against investors are learning their lessons. Zimbabweans are now eating each other. He has managed to get rid of investors. He has Zimabweans without skills and without capital running industries. Mugabe in a typical African fashion blames everybody else except himself. It always those foreigners fault just as his country men run to foreign countries

  23. These are incidents that i look forward to with glee. Mugabe should realize that LPM has a loose mouth like his.

  24. while mugabe is right in demanding for the maize he bought, he has no right to question Chuchu & Co.’s lack of urgency. Export for a large amount of agricultural produce is a like that is logistical challenge and involves more than 10 ministries. I have never been a fan of Chuchu & co. but we can’t automatically blame them coz they are slow. When did the finalize the financial transactions (which are just a minute component of the whole process). You don’t expect anything sensible from someone who calls people who see things differently from him prostitutes. #19 is the way to go

  25. If a commodity is paid for per signed contract of sale, the seller must observe his obligation of availing the bought commodity to the seller. Zimbabwe paid for the maize and Zambia pledged to give Zimbabwe the maize. As a principle of good business practice, Zambia must play it part.

  26. well pipo Zambia must fullfil its agreement. its pointless saying mugabe this and that we have our own important problems as well. The fact is that when it comes to delivering services, zambia is poor. so it should improve on that. stop blaming mugabe


  28. I think Zambia is a useless country. This is not like you are doing us a favour. We paid for that Maize and it should have been delivered. This is a business transaction and should be honoured professionally. It is a shame that our president has to send our people to your so called prosperous country to help you deliver the goods we paid for in full. Shame on you guys and stop picking on our president just because you have bought into the western propaganda. Mugabe was duly elected and he is not a dictator. Shame on you zambians

  29. No.33 zim boy, this is a patriotic issue u dont just waltz onto this forum and call us useless, i mean dude who is asking who for help? who is going to rallies before elections failing to tell his own people why inflation has spiralled to triple digits? who has the shame of accusing his neighbouring country and probably his last line of defence as the cause of your hunger problems? tell me who, who? This trade agreement was special only for ur incomprehensible problems this transaction was a fraction of a percent of relief aid u seek and yet u pile all ur problems on us? how dare you!

  30. Leave Zimbabwe alone. “Icili pamunobe ecili napaliwe.” Zimbabwe “exported” these same farmers although circumstances induced this export. That your fellow Africans have been squeezed for standing firm to external pressure should not make us give them a blanket condemnation but a sympathetic attitude. Remember at one time we flocked down south although their attitude was not good to us we should not retaliate, they are our brothers. Please let us help and not antagonise each other, for we are all Africans. Zambia has in the past taken care of other nations and we should continue to shine as always. Come on Zambia, mother to all Africa!

  31. Zim Boy. I really feel sorry for you and your poverty stricken relatives. Bob has told you lies for so long you believe are true. Go blog on zim blogs were you share such nonsense, this is not for starving clowns of your kind

  32. ZIM BOY #33 – With due respect, it was undiplomatic for Mugabe to talk about MY president at a Zim elections rally. No Zambian president has ever stooped that low about Zim, even when you have been ridiculous. We always help you each time you run into trouble, starting from even the time before your independence in 1980, BUT you always too quickly forget that immediately the sun starts shining on your side. It is Zimbabweans like YOU who are causing misery for the rest of suffering innocent Zimbabwean citizens because of your MYOPIC, DAFT, NARROW-MINDED, BLINKERED support for a guy who is long beyond his ‘sell-by’ or ‘use-by’ date. Go on, continue wallowing in your own national mediocrity.

  33. Remember if someone were not to have said the Zambezi River was going to demarcate Rhodesia, we could have continued to intermarry and Zimbabwe would have been Zambia and Zambia, Zimbabwe!

  34. #33 to begin with you are discussing my nation in negatives tones as if we Zims have no brains so I have the right to respond on this blog site. Secondly Zambia & Malawi had surplus maize to sell and because of bad weather in Zim we wanted to import to meet the shortfall . This is normal trade and it happens everywhere. You don’t really know the price we paid and you do not have facts except western propaganda that everybody is doing us a favour. We paid for the Maize, just deliver and don’t insult us please. One day we shall solve our problems ..every nation has it own problems

  35. I don’t think people around the world understand the issues in Zim except the propaganda they read. To the West fair Elections means Mugabe getting out of power which is myopic. The opposition in Zim have always won the urban vote and lost the rural vote which is the majority and that is what keeps Mugabe in power. Don’t tell us we don’t what is happening. ZIM problems are directly due to sanctions by the West. The West need to understand that democracy in developing countries does put bad leaders in power, e.g Hamas, Iran, Hugo Chavez, and you don’t impose sanctions just because of that. Lift sanctions and give us the credit facility ZIM will be fixed.

  36. no.40 like u said zim boy every nation has its problems stop making ur problems ours by insinuating that we are causing the hunger u mention the weather as reasonsfor your predicament, again thats nonsense we are ur neighbours the tropics are the same same and the metrological reports are consistent. You say i dont know exactly the price of the maize? again bullshit, unlike zim, zambia has HANSARD which is open to the public so we know what parliament and govt are debating about 2, we also have the government gazette which tabulates government transactions we have transparency what do u have? torture when you question Mugabe? get outta here!

  37. Bad weather you say zim boy! It is *****s like you who refuse to see the writing on the wall that have destroyed zimbabwe. Tell me what excuse are you going to come up with this year, that rats eat all your maize? Grow up zim boy! Get rid of that mad man you called mugabe and start rebuilding your country. Stop this nonsense before you all die of hunger. Shame on you!

  38. ZIM BOY – What is this western propaganda you keep referring to? Do I need overseas media whom Mugabe has even banned from entering your country to see what the situation really is? And don’t talk about Zim problems as if they only started last season due to bad weather as you put it. We all know where and when it all started. Just stop feeling sorry for yourself and kick Mugabe out, then you will start solving your own problems. This is not rocket science, it is straight-forward politics. In fact I’m beginning to suspect that YOU may be the actual President Mugabe yourself! Aren’t you? Just come out! Because we have Zim friends who are suffering there and we need answers to some questions!

  39. Hey what happened to common sense. We worked hard, raised the little forex we could, went on the market, bought maize and the supplier promised to deliver and failed to do so and we make a follow up and you define that as making our problem your problem. Is that how things work in Zambia. Is this what 10 years of trade union leadership can do to a nation? God bless Africa.

  40. abdulaziz u are back to make fun at black people again by indirectly calling us apes if i ever catch u i will hang u by the cloth that ties your turbine, wont give you the chance to pray to allah and watch while u foam by the mouth before your neck snaps u infidel go bend over to the east

  41. ZIM is a democracy, we just can’t kick out anybody. The people will decide who they want. I wish we could, but no ..let the people decide. That is democracy

  42. 41, Zim boy, you can not stoop so low so as to insult zambians. Do you know that zambians died for zimbabwe to be where it is now? Do you know how much zambia has sacirficed for Mozambiques, Angola, Zimbabwe, south Africa, no wonder zambia is caleed the “Mother of Africa”. Problems in Zim are due to your own making, do not blame the west, neither should you blame zambia for the hunger. just remove the old man like we did with KK.

  43. As long as there are who people think like you zimbabwe will continue to suffer. Change your thinking shamwali and stop blaming bush and brown for your failures.

  44. ZIM BOY – In democracies you kick the leader’s butt using the ballot, unless you want to re-define ‘democracy’. And even the way you are talking, it’s as if you are talking about a country not in a crisis. Since when did Mugabe ever actually let the people decide? All he knows is cracking the whip, intimidating everybody and molesting the very few political opposition leaders who might pluck up a little courage to stand up to him. The rest of guys like YOU are too scared or too fat to even raise a quiet finger. We all know that! Where are you writing from anyway? Never mind, it is a rhetorical question, you don’t have to answer it.

  45. no. 45 ZIM Boy, i am looking at mugabe’s remarks im looking at the grand scheme, when speaking to uneducated voters at a rally in rural Zim he attributed the current hunger problems to zambias inefficiency, now be objective if you were a zambian wouldn’t you think that those remarks were rather trivial and nefarious, especially seeing we had a flood disaster and were meant to only export a fraction of your needs?

  46. Zim Boy…Mugabe is our foe not zambia. you must be shona? mukomana wa zinzwa heeree…! allocating maize to the hungry won’t change anything….mugabe’s time is over? twenty eight years in power?

  47. Ok nice blogging with you ..am out. Looks like all the Zambians have ganged up on me and failed to see my points. Will be back once I show this blog to my fellow Zims.Hopefully we can come back as a force. Good day to you all. Sorry for calling your country useless and please stop insulting us as well over Mugabe. We shall solve this problem. Bye. Pass my regards to Kenneth Kaunda, a true Grand Dad of Southern Africa.

  48. Zim boy bring all you felleow zims if you want bring mugabe himself but the fact is that your country is lost with mugabe at the helm!

  49. “Zino presa shamwari”


  50. hear, hear, hear it was a sane blog we will be waiting for u Zim boy remember we do get ur point but its good to exchange views thats why we blog te ifyo fine Mob Justice my blog nemesis……..ba guy imwe tamufwa lol………

  51. People like Zimboy need to be reminded that Zambia would have ended up where Zimbabwe is but we decided that much as Kenneth Kaunda had been a wise leader he had overstayed. This overstaying was causing us shortages of all commodities, corrupting the leadership and forcing us to smuggle even bread from Zimbabwe. So we looked around for a popular trade unionist to front our battle and removed KK. What this taught us was the invaluable realisation that noone comes to State House annointed by God. Whoever is in State House can be removed. This is a mindset that Zimbabweans dont seem to have. For them Mugabe wamuyayaya. Wake up this is the 21st century!

  52. Such an easy lesson yet Zimbabweans dont want to learn it not only from Zambia but Malawi too. In Democracies opposition leaders are not beaten up by cops!

  53. Guys tearing one another is not good. Only one person benefits: the divider! He enjoys to see us go at each other’s throat. On your way up remember the person who helped you. You may need him on your way down. Please stop the rot of tearing one another. One Zambia, One Nation. One Zimbabwe, One Nation. I urge you to think of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland and not of the pain our friends have found themselves in because of fate. Come on friends, please be reasonable.

  54. Thats what you get when you chase the white man who fed you. Us black people need to realise that our African monkeys cant rule. Lets find a way in which we can bring back the white man who is in the best position to rule back to rule Northern and Southern Rhodesia. Mugabe is just another KK. Another terrorist who has seen that he has messed up everything the white man brought him. Chase all the Chinese and bring in the British. Viva Northern Rhodesia.

  55. not until people ,like zim boy, realise that the root of all this is their leader- zim will not change.what a beautiful country gone to waste.just like kenya-and u call it democracy.
    Its not about Zim boy coming with your friends to blog-we have a lot of zim friends and you seem to be in a diffrent zim.they are among the suffering majority

  56. #61. you are obviously some white loser. you are not nothern rhodesian. shut up or you will burn. I suggest you evaluate what your gona say before you say it. your comment is pure hatered, AND VERY NARROW. WHITE MEN ARE NOT SUPERIOR. INFACT THEY ARENT INTELLIGENT AT ALL!

  57. #64
    You clearly dont see that African leaders have done more harm to this continent than good. You tell me one black run successful country and i’ll tell you 50 black run countries in extreme poverty and corruption.

  58. Remember when the thankless Zimbabweans (not all of them) introduced and perfected the art of Car theft? Engine ya Benz ndi Landrover zvinopindurana. Mugabe is about to proclaim that ‘Government ya Zambia ndiya Zimbabwe zvinopindurana!’
    Watch out bana ba Zambia before we fall prey yet again to the thankless Robert. Or is it Robber?

  59. 65 and 66, you are failures. Try to be more critical when looking at issues. For you, all problems are as a result of colour, you seriously need to avoid being too simplistic……

  60. Where there is Abdullaziz there’s stink.Trash bags #65,66,67 are therefore being packaged in one bag marked ‘Makaka’ to be flushed in Roy Welensky’s toilet!

  61. he is one of the greatest sons of africa this mugabe, i think he is in the line of the like of madela, he should be given another chance to govern this country.
    we are all(zambians) behind you, keep it up.

  62. You Zambians dont realize that theres a reason i say this. You dont know the first thing about development and creating employment becuase constantly you’re looking for someone to blame. If its not the Whites, its the Chinese and Indians, if its not them then its the gov’t. Have you ever thought maybe its you. If i had to ask how many of you would proudly buy a “ZAMPEN”. Most people would start criticizing it and dissing it not realizing that that industry probably puts 200 people in employment and is counting on you to support it. Whenever some has “made in Zambia” written on it, you automatically assume the quality is low, the product is crap, etc. Im sure most of you would rather spend…

  63. [cont]
    K500,000 on brand new NIKE sneakers but if they where Zambian made sneakers, you would assume the worst of it without realizing how many people the same company employs. I bet even this monkey (Robert Mugabe) spends thousands of dollars on Italian made suites and does not even bother to go to the local teller to buy a new suite. And then you wonder why unemployment is so high. If i had a company and wanted to advertise, then i choose a Zambian tv show (Kabanana) to advertise my show on, i dont think i would get any consumers because no one watches Kabanana because they think the worst of it, they say…

  64. #61 You Cowardly Fascist, imperialist buffoons, stop trying to ressurect your Nazi ideology of hate and killing in our beloved Zambia.Get your Janjaweed out of durfour,Stop wiping each other in the middle east and ask yourselves why there is so much ethnic and religious cleansing in ‘Civilized’ Europe before you bring your nonsense here.There is no Rhodesia and Nyasaland and never will be, like or not assholes!

  65. [cont]
    “oh they are trying to be americans, they are wannabe’s”. If as a company owner advertising on that show hears such negativity, i would pull out from that show and advertise on the stuff you like which is not Zambian. The network seeing it is not getting any advertisers for that show will be forced to cancel the show therefore causing more unemployment and then you begin to complain, its the chinese, its the gov’t. Its stupid you!!! The reason i say “bring back the white man” is because you trust his quality so much that if he had to come back and rule and set up these industries, no one would question the quality. [done]

  66. Am shocked that Zambia has the capacity to export all that grain mentioned by Mugabe. Or did we recieve the money from ZIM on false pretence. If Zimbambwe paid Zambia how come we are failing to pay maize supliers in Southern Province, Is it the same grain earmarked for Zimbambwe. Did we manage to collect grain from rural areas, Does Zambia have surplus grain.
    I cant seem to understand this transaction. It does not make sense. Does Zambia expect Zimbabwe to cancell debt like the donors we owed. This grain business will turn into an international debt. We dont have sufficient grain to export to Zimbabwe.

  67. I have to agree wiv Rhodesian. There is no black led country that is on track. corruption, nepotism, underhand deals, laziness, no system, no trust and no cooperation. These are just a few things in these countries. we black africans need to ask outselves these question. y is the rest of the world forging ahead and the black african countries lacking behind. its not a racist comment by any way……… wat u see is wat u get. These are real question? some1 answer p………lea…zzzze.!!!

  68. Moreover…..Southafrica is wat it is because of whites in that country. same holds true with Namibia and that was true for Zimbabwe until they got displaced by a Black African.

    i tot all just add this before some pointed to Southafrica!

    by the way i dont lick white ass……. i see development in another place called Malaysia. and if my Histrory serves me right Zambia, Malaysia, Thialand and other asian countries had similar wealth in 1964. Today, look at Zambia (so poor) with so much resources and look at Malaysia- an island so far ahead. Again wat u see is wat u get!!!

  69. You are one of the greatest leaders Africa has ever produced. You are a man! We sympathise with you for what you have been subjected to and your people to endure. At least you are one of the few African leaders who has a backbone.

  70. Zambian, spot on. Countries that had resources in their own hands at about the same time as Zambia have made progress. Vipuba! When are we going to identify policies and not personalities? Wake up…

  71. Bottom line is Mugabe still cant blame zambia for its current hunger situation. The buck stops with him.
    As for blacks failing to rule themselves, it is partly true but i prefer to be optimistic… Zambia seems to be leading a good example… We’ll be voting for our 4th president in a couple of years…
    Rome wasn’t built in a day… yes we are screwing up along the way but the general trend is we are getting better.

  72. #82, your thoughts are refreshing. LPM doesn’t buck-pass as much as his predecessor. I mean, the guy – for all his weaknesses –appears to take a stand on some issues. We’re not doing too badly and it’s the Zimbabweans in Zambia that complain about the economy here yet it takes a wheelbarrow full of Zim dollar to buy a friggin cigarette. This Mugabe chap and his citizens have already forgotten what Zambia means to them. Fools.

  73. Iwe Mugabe we shall pay u back ur money , dont you know we have floods. Govt please do me a favour , give Robert his money……………………….will see who will cry more.

  74. Mugabe, you are accusing Zambia of lacking urgency? Where is your sense of urgency in allowing your country’s inflation rate to reach 100,000%? Is that normal?

    Should such a leader even have the guts to accuse Zambia of lacking urgency? He probably just ordered the maize at the last minute due to the forthcomming elections. Give him the maize and let him import from Brazil next time!

  75. Its amazing that 6,000 supporters turned up at Mugabe’s rally. That’s why Zimbabweans are suffering. They still rally behind this man who has cheated and oppressed them. If they are going to vote for him again, they should not even think of migrating.

    Given another four years, Zimbabwe’s inflation rate could even rise to 1,000,000%!

  76. To the Zim boy, how you describe 90% food deficit in Zimbabwe as a ‘short-fall’? Come on my boy accept that you have a big problems and requires sane Zimbabweans to stand up to the BoB nonsence. Let Makoni try guys.

  77. #88, lack of exposure is what costs most of us. Someone, in the above, mentioned that people in rural areas are the ones who voted for Mugabe and this explains quite much why he is still in power. The situation is similar to ours – just look at the 2006 elections. Although, I, personally, was happy that Sata did not make it to state house for fear of what could have become of Zambia, I think that people with little or no education at all vote terribly.

    Just a 1h 45m travel from Lusaka to Jo’burg shows one a glimpse of how far-behind we are as Zed. We need to teach our relatives in the villages to vote wisely!

  78. THIS THANKLESS ROBBER!! After suffering, killed and lamed on the expense of this thankless Robber, this is what we get! WHAT A WORLD?

  79. ‘Chiluba sold us to Levy’
    By Concerned Citizen
    Friday March 07, 2008 Print Article Email Article
    Allow me to air my views on the stance that Sata has taken when he argues that Chiluba sold us to Levy.Which is better between being sold to your local or to the foreigners? It is very fearful that this man whom so many Zambians trust will turn the clock anti-clockwise.I hope Sata has learnt from his past experience because in many ways, while he worked with Chiluba, he too contributed to the selling of many Zambians together with their properties, either by being active or passively involved.How can Sata prove that he might not do the same to us?I have come to realise…The Post

  80. what Zimbabwe is experiencing is not an internal problem but external. if you dont critically look at political and national issues then you will think Mugabe is the worst but i can assure you that he is a proud African President ready to die for what is right and belongs to his country. problem imwe ma Zambians momona kwati fitu filibweno na floods in the middle of your capital city Kanyama to be precise.you cant even manufacture a match box shame.Mugambe has every right to caution us we lack the urgence.Sata i for one needs him to be president so we can be shaken abit too much of soft presidents has done us no good at all.government workers report for work late and knock of early.

  81. nancy subulwa unza……….you seem to be the grand son of Mr Sata. let me tell you your grand papa is a thud. i hope he dies b4 the nxt election. Viva Zambia!!!

  82. #93 nancy subulwa, I very much respect your opinion: “Sata i for one needs him to be president so we can be shaken abit too much of soft presidents has done us no good at all.government workers report for work late and knock of early.”

    But hold on a second, if you want shaking and discipline maybe try Brig. Gen. Godfrey Miyanda. He is more trustworthy than Sata. Lies coming from Sata’s mouth, his praises for Mugabe, his racist remarks on your brothers the Chinese and his terrible character are not going to help Zambia.

  83. #96 cont’d.

    I have asked the following question before, but for the sake of those who did not see it I will put it forth again: why did Chiluba not entrust Sata to lead Zambia in 2001? Let of those who support the Sata behaviour tell us what they think about this. As a matter of fact, Former Pres. Chiluba himself can save us the trouble by telling us himself!

  84. Sata is racist, rude, shabby, uneducated, old and ohh….ugly yob. There is nothing right about the chap. I think if he were to come to power he would be worse than Idi Amin and Mugabe put together. Basically his a ready made recipe for disaster!!!

  85. #86
    made me really laugh. i kind of agree with you though. we are expecting food shartages following the floods. selling maize seems unrealistic to me.

  86. Nancy Subulwa is living in cuckoo-land! Are you really at UNZA, or is it a reflection of the low quality at the institution! If you want Sata to rule, then invite him to your own home to be head of your household. Please don’t force him on the rest of us Zambians. Sata is a tired and finished politician, a desperate tribalist who could do anything to destroy the country because he has little to lose due to his age. Somebody said that people in our rural areas are the daft ones at elections because they always vote the other way. WRONG! People in rural areas have been voting wisely; it’s the so-called urban educated guys who vote myopically without any sense of wisdom at all. Disgraceful!

  87. Iwe ka mugabe dont blame zambia for nothing do your compaigns wisely. you are going no where. let other person rule zimbabwe you are gone mwana. please dont give maize. eeeee zim yiu were rich but why now. you grabbled farms from whites where are you ka mugabe.

  88. #93 NANCY SUBULWA, Could you kindly take time to elaborate what you mean by ‘What Zimbabwe is experiencing is not an internal problem but external,’and how it relates to Zambia and the floods in kanyama.Perhaps i missed something fundamental in this UNZA-based thought process.

  89. Mugabe is right, if they have paid for the maize they must have it ASAP. It’s like Zambia paying for fuel and not receiving it in good time. As Zambians we should be the last ones t laugh at our Zimbabwean brothers because we saw what happened to them laughing us whenever we crossed over to buy bread and butter.

    Please LPM deliver the maize to the milling plants of harare and mutare.

  90. Take note of the point made by #96. If you want the status quo of business as usual,then go get your Satas etc. However if you want the nation’s economy and government to jump start with institutional and individual discipline and operate with efficiency, try Gen. Godfrey Miyanda.There is no nepotism or corruption in this man.Just ask those who worked with him when he was appointed to overhaul and run an anaemic M.S.B.in the 80’s.Service of govt vehicles was reorganized to first come, first serve and priority basis.Some spoilt govt functionaries such as ministers never liked that! A disciplinarian and institutionalist, it was his opposition to military politicization that got him KK’s wrawth

  91. (cont’d) That was the period when the Octopus-ish grip of UNIP was spreading its tentacles into every institution from schools to the military via Party branches at places of work. He felt the military was one of the institutions that ought to be devoid of politicization. Besides, this is a man who fought to prove his innocence in the infamous so called Coup attempt of 1980 by succesfully representing himself as his own consul in the treason trial.Suffice to ask, with such a background what kind of challenges at national level would be insummountable? You want shake up? You have shake up!

  92. #93: “i can assure you that he is a proud African President ready to die for what is right and belongs to his country.”

    i can assure you that he is an African President ready to let people die…

  93. People just deliver the goods, this is business. If you pay for something, I’m sure you will expect your goods to be delivered to you. Zim (the Customer) is complaining to the seller (Zambia) for poor customer service, this is normal. Take the politics out of this and you will notice that the problem is with Zambia because of poor transport network and poor business practices. This is an opportunity to develop Zambian agri. business, get more people employed, increase tax base for the gov’t, we have plenty of customers in both domestic and regional markets. Also more roads, railway lines should be built so that we can deliver on time and within budget while remaining competitive.

  94. u see what chifundo does.we are trying to feed the scumbag and his cronies,now look what he goes and says!!tsk tsk..give him his tu milisi and thats it!

  95. and u no.110 if its just business,why did he have to bring it out at a political rally?u dont get it do u?business my foot!
    the problem is with zimbabwe and their sick leader.
    They still think its 1980.
    they dont know wat time it is.they just dont know my friend.

  96. #111 TO 113

    Go to hell foolish boyz from Kanyama and MISISI,zim is being painted black by the west and i cant believe our own brothers from Zambia cannot read anything.DONE

  97. Brother & Sisters

    Those of us that lived thru the 80’s should know what shortages and queuing meant in those days which is now happening in Zim (probably a little worse). We should look at the wider picture – yes Mugabe has let his people down and NO he is standing up to what is right. Those that have read ANIMAL FARM is what Mugabe is defying. I can go on and on but it is sanctions that have killed Zimbabwe. Am just appalled at the language that is used on this forum and guaranteed it is coming from the male species. The people on this forum are educated but still lack self respect with their tongues. Has this forum got a Moderator? Nothing short of watching a blue movie of words.

  98. Where there is Abdullaziz there’s mass killing of people senselessly.Where there is Abdullaziz there’s people blow themselves up in the name of allah…come wherever you are called you are so shallow minded you believe in white man as if he’s the saviour for mankinds problems can’t u see that,the white man is the source of the evil problems Africa is undergoing..Look at what they are doing to iraq and afghanistan do you call that development???Shame on you abdullaziz even allah is indeed ashamed of you for being a disgrace for believing in the white man!!!

  99. For those of you calling for the delivery of maize,to zim we will deliver.In business the supplier qoutes the time frame in which he will deliver and am sure the time frame hasn’t elapsed,its just that bob no longer thinks straight…yeah he thinks he it’s still 1980,hehehehehehehehehe…shame on bob i liked you but you have overstayed

  100. Etiquette is right on #115 we are educated but we won’t allow someone to insult us in our country.If they talk rubbish about us and our country can we just sit behind and watch the because we educated.Education is standing for what is right and we right by standing up to defend our beloved ZAMBIA from people like bob and his croonies insulting us.Come on Etiquette what happened to PATRIOTISM.WE LOVE YOU AND ZAMBIA,the land of peace and joy, not !!!!

  101. zambian , rhodisian what ever you call your self. what give you the odacity to talk about black people like that? how many white people in the world are doing all sorts to survive? look at earopean countries how many are rich? i know for a fact even britains economy is shit now. believe me white man is corrupt too. the only people i ad mire are the japanese. indian man love money too much. the white man thinks himself too suprerior. naimwebene black people quit the muzungu anikonde attitude. white people are pink hairy monkeys. and dont let them make you think otherwise. and for the record personally i apreciate what my people have to offer and support them.

  102. sometimes i dont blame the nigerians for ripping off all those old british people off the riches they made from exploiting us. IM DEFINATELY VOTING FOR SATA. CHUCK THE GREEDY MONKEYS OUT!

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