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Zambia growing too much ‘daga’

Headlines Zambia growing too much 'daga'

The International Narcotic Control Board annual report for last year has cited Zambia as one of the largest producer of Cannabis in Southern Africa.

Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) Acting Commissioner, Peter Chingaipe has disclosed.

Mr. Chingaipe said South Africa, Botwana and Swaziland are some of the countries found to be producing canabis at a large scale.

The DEC chief was speaking at the launch of international narcotic control board report for 2007 in Lusaka.

United Nations Systems Zambia Information Officer Mikie Mwamba was concerned at the misuse of phamaceutical products which contain Narcotic and psychotropic drug substances.

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  1. Provide people with jobs and a decent way to earn a living and they will not have to grow the herb to get by.

  2. balelima, ifwe twakulalibaila fye bakaamba!basic economics-law of supply and demand.herb is medicine.na minister na shimapepo alabaila ilyakufisama.

  3. Dagga has been in our midst time immemorial. Produce it,and will smoke it. We need more,imfact there is a shortage. DEC just came in existence some few years back unlike DOBO that has been there in the garden of eden. Concentrate on money laundering.

  4. Guys legalise and export it to the rest of the world. We will earn more than we can ever earn from the entire mining industry. Copper and other minerals can run out but BODO kaamba will never run out. Zambian weed is in high demand because of it’s outstanding quality. Legalise it and create some jobs and earn some much needed forex. BODO is used for medical reasons so we can be number in supplying this renewable product. the herb must be legalised and DEC must focus on currupt politicians and other shady charactors. DEC has been filling prisons with suppliers and what they are doing is just taking innocent herb growers into hardcore criminals by mixing them with known criminals.

  5. The problem withi dagga is. Weni u teki it, yuu feel hunger and foodu in Ocean Basket is not cheap. So, governiment shouldu put a policy thati meks dagga growers pay some mani for their contribution to the hunger in Zambia. This police will even help the policy to work better wheni we put some mani in the Constable’s pockets.

  6. Gosh!

    Its funny how we as humans can succumb to control. God created us to be free moral agents, we rely on our God-Given ability to do things.

    I see some people, for instance can’t live without the ‘dobo’ or the cigerate. Little do they realsie that they are under bondage, captivity- they are controlled by those substances.

    They lose their freedom, they become slaves.

    Desist from substances that take way your freedom!

  7. legalise possesion and use of regulated quantities of “blow” and we will,like the Scandinavian countries, KILL the market for it!!
    93% of the worlds heroin originates from Afghanistan.90% of heroin in the UK comes from there……that is why the British are risking their troops there…in the hope of stemming the flow!!

  8. Zambia needs more and more education given the amount of hopelessness exhibited by the majority of citizens. It is quite clear that the grz is not right in its their policies. Parliament is useless given its toothless boneheads in the house.

  9. #15, your opinion of our govt. describes almost every govt. on the planet!!! could you relate your generalisation to what obtains in zambia specifically!! in the absence of specifics your contribution lacks the “final punch” effect i’m sure you were hoping for !!!

  10. Can we communicate in the official language please.Some people have the habit of imposing their language on others.At independence,we adopted English as our official language.Until such a time that we change otherwise!!

  11. Dagga farming has always existed in Africa since time immemorial.We just have to accept that improved means of communication and collection of statistics appears to aggravate the situation and yet this has remained relatively constant compared to population growth.

  12. get revenue in form of tax from sales of ibange thats why batwikatila.Naimwe ba makweti,makweti ndiwe muzungu wakuti?Feel free to communicate in local languages.Blogging is not an official duty.If you do not understand ask and we will translate for you.dont be bitter or feel left out.VIVA IBANGE!!!

  13. lusaka times mwatuchinga ,you are not showing the first part of my post.don’t discriminate against hebalists.there are no cusswords. so why?

  14. smoke wisely, thought i advise against it. Tina vileka dobo kuma 2005. Mingeli Palata, timuziba, ndiwe DJ Crunch wa kuQ fm, umaliza 22-02 Monday to Friday.

    Guys, weed should be illegal.

  15. As far as i am concerned Weed is a very low priority issue in a country like ours.In fact i do not see it as a problem compared to other narcotic trade trafficking. I do not smoke it,and never will and i just think we have more pressing issues to address.Even in the western countries upon whom this report is obviously laid against, Pot is not where they expend their resources in the war against drugs, its coke and heroine. So it is my hope that the govt does not spend unnecessary time and money fighting a worthless war

  16. blunt,joint,weed,blue carpet,blue berry,leaf,splif,wiki- wiki,pot,dutch,budah,dobo,munati,kachwani,ichamba,ib’angi,kansimbi, is bad for you.If you have been addicted before like I was, you will agree with me that it helps you concentrate more on what you are focused on,and at the same time help you lose your memory, that is if you are in academic circles.your performance greatly improves if you stop smoking,be natural,why pollute your body,you are the temple of the holy ghost.By the way I was prayed for to come out of the addiction.you too can come out of it

  17. Thats good news please send some down here twanaka namaleka kuno ku states. Please just tell CASTRO that we are happy with his food. ULENYA ULESHIPULA NGAWABAILA

  18. Thats good news please send some down here twanaka namaleka kuno ku states. Please just tell CASTRO that we are happy with his food. ULENYA ULESHIPULA NGAWABAILA

  19. Thats good news please send some down here twanaka namaleka kuno ku states. Please just tell CASTRO that we are happy with his food. ULENYA ULESHIPULA NGAWABAILA

  20. Provide people with employement then they will find another way of entertaining themselves apart from chamba.
    Jst be careful you guyz who are supporting it. Coz if your brain is not strong you might start picking papers from rubbish pits. crazy I tell you!

  21. tobacco is more harmful to the human body than weed….medical fact! the only reason its illegal is bcoz it started in brown/black countries…..had it been a white man that started it, those that like it would be buying from shoprite!!! weed colonises the mind, the same way christianity/religion does….results in a person having hallucinations, illusions, irrational thinking and dry mouth(weed).

  22. well done people.it pays to grow dagga cause farmers are not paid for their toiling.better still, our tonga brothers and ngonis need it urgent so that they are able to cultivate their land.

  23. #26 is correct, ther is no need wasting money fighting weed, it is not as bad as hard drugs. What we need more is education about the dangers of smoking dagger right at primary school level. Imagine there is no subject addressing this issue from primary to secondary, all what you get is don’t smoke or you run mad! Teach children the scientific details understandable at their level to appreciate the consequences. You chaps especially on the Copper Belt treat it as a right passage to adulthood! About exporting it, no God will not bless this country for spoiling soals anywhere in the world!

  24. skank is the BIGGEST FOOL that i have ever come across how can chamba be yo god for me my GOD is in heaven the creator of all …. so those of u that worship chamba are fools legalise legalise it vi cha dont you know that pipo go crazy ne fyamba lwenu i’ve come across a few guys whu’v gone craz coz of dobo lwenu muka pena we’ll b pempulaling at chainama hospital go ahead

  25. I truly love weed even though i dont smoke it.I have this drinking buddy of mine who craves weed 24/7.So me, him and his very gorgeous girl drink and he keeps puffing on his blow until he passes out or goes out to look for more. I could’nt ask for a better and more rewarding arrangement! Grow more weed, more potent ganja and we’ll all be happy!

  26. number 35 dont compare weed to christianity.christianity does not colonise your mind it brings life to your soul that is dead in your tresspasses.see what happens to you when you die,dont joke with christ,you might go early to prove yourself wrong.confess

  27. How would you ever trust someone you have never even met?God made grass and man made booze…..whho you trust?Weed is the only healing of the nation.

  28. How would you ever trust someone you have never even met?God made grass and man made booze…..whho you trust?Weed is the only healing of the nation.

  29. I have coem across people who went nuts coz of church…..is it wrong for man to do what he wanna do?You seem to know wat happens after death…….are you a ghost or mary chibanda?

  30. Dobo smoke at your own risk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Get civilized and use the “little “poor English your dull teacher taught you in Maiteneke or is it Kwa Nakadoli or Na Bwalya.

    Who ever misled you that using that vernacular is being clever or wise must be dead by now.Because it reflects your late coming into the real world.Those who are real owners of that language do not use it for insults.

    Can someone do us a favour and do away with blogs who lack in terms of morality and maturity on Lusakatimes.

    If you have nothing to contribute just greet someone.

    Be wise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. #44 you have gone over the line. How can you blasphem like that? You have to confess your sin and repent. You are treading on dangerous ground. Why should you lose your hapiness and your soul just for dagga? The world is about to end and very soon you will have to face the creator whom you are insulting. Grow up, repent of your sins and stop smoking. Don’t say you were never warned.

  32. Herb is useful in so many ways, not just smoking. Eat (spice), drink, or just look at it and give thanks to the one who let it grow, and grow and grow…
    I for one am proud to belong to the world’s largest cultivator after Jamaica island. The scent of the weed will make Babylon them panic and vomit! Bomboh Klaaat!!!

  33. I am Ngoni and as a tribe we have smoked “‘Fwaka ya chi Ngoni” since time immemorial. It made our men more brave and fiarce in battle and after change of the old order it made our men stronger during farming activities resulting in the eastern province always having excess produce.It has also increased our sexual potency and edirance such that a ngoni man is a very sort after commodity by women. In bibilical times it was referred to as the” Holy Herb” or ‘”Wisdom Weed”.

  34. Ibange talipaya. Cigarettes kills even innocent non smokers. Second Smoke. Which one is more dangerous? There is no nicotine in fwaka ya panga. Just because umusungu says don’t smoke, you guys ban it. How about banning Peter, Guards, Rothmans, Malboro and alcohol? Do you guys look at how many people perish each year because of drunk driving?

  35. Dear Zambia… If you only knew how much tourism the decriminalisation of herbs like Marihuana brings to Holland, you would probably choose to legalize it as well…

    You see.. the smart dutch people never talk about this part of famous Coffe Shops business.

    All kind of global companies chooses Amsterdam to have conferences, courses etc. And the reason you can hardly get a hotel room in Amsterdam… Is the Coffe Shops.

    If Zambia made a similar law, they would not only leave the police with more time and money, but also become the most popular tourist target in Africa.

    such a move would make thousends of new jobs in tourist area and make business grow really fast, just due to tourism

  36. that’s very fresh mr european man.
    but what happens when a nation preferes to have its’ citizens in their right minds, not in a weed induced haze?

  37. Agains… look to Amsterdam… I have been there several times and there is no such thing as a “nation” in “haze”…

    Dont tell me that Dutch people are not effective in work and so forth.
    They most certainly are. And they enjoy their marihuana in a legal way. So does the millions of visiters to the country

    If they are not in their right mind, how come Amsterdam is such a well working city? Its a created problem based on lack of knowledge.

    Decriminalisation of Marihuana only brings benefits to Zambia.
    Thoose who wants “Daga” will get it anyway. Get real. Become the paradise of Africa and earn good money. Daga is here to stay anyway.

    Daga is the future and the past…

  38. There are many claims that Holland does not work etc. And of course… they support thoose claims. Is a business secret. The decriminalisation of Marihuana IS the main reason why Amsterdam is going so well. Forget the RedLight District…

    Most people in the world would like to have the freedom to enjoy Marihuana as a medicine or simply recreational. But the corrupt US gouverment made it a “bad thing” during the 1930 due to hemp being a seriuos material for cloths and so forth. Also the mighty pharmaceutical industry wants all “free growing medications” illegal or under some sort of control.

    So one can choose to break out of the sheep heard as Holland did or still be naiv and poor.

  39. This European Man is talking sensi. I hope some Zambian politician reads between the lines and learns from the Dutch experience. I would love to retire as a weed farmer in Zambia.

  40. marihuana? before you go on any further about how weed doesn’t compromise a person’s work abilities and reasoning, you do me a favour and learn how to spell marijuana.

  41. The majority of Zambians appreciate the herb, especially de grannies dem. But just because the white governments (except Dutch)fight marijuana and legalise alcohol, we now have a nation of drunkards! But you nuh see seh alcohol makes you miserable but weed makes you humble??? Stop fighting the herb!

  42. as a former employee of dec in zambia i cant support the legalisation of cannabis because doing so will compromise national security,most of the criminals take drugs before committing crimes,the government should just employ more dec officers and send them to remote areas were cultivation is done,and also sensitise villagers on the effects of drugs on an individual and the economy

  43. If its illegal with links included in the posts, as there is support for, I would not mind being told that or warned, instead of having post removed.

    Most of my answers are removed and its a waste of time for me to bring facts on the table here i can see.

    I always feel sorry for thoose living under such a regime, taking goods place and determing what opinion people should have.

    This is a dark sign that reminds me of the happenings in the 1930’s in Germany. Offensiv mind control…

    May good bless the people of Zambia

  44. reading from amerika- what stands out to me in this thread is:
    Lukasa Times is now my favorite paper!
    liking the discussion between you all

    personally i don’t enjoy being around people who are high on a combination of sugar, alcohol, caffeine, tobacco and meat…so i left university and became a gardener!

    that said–in the usa there’s a fascination in business-gov with testing and monitoring employees’ body chemistry to see what substances they may be ingesting… laws are constantly being passed making multitudes of innocuous activities illegal or regulated

    it’s time to start conserving liberty like other natural resources! even for activities we may not personally care for or about

  45. mary j……………whenever one has it evry man in town wanna dual that guy´s number.You can now even have her in your own backyard and have a good medetation.Home grown

  46. Let every man decide his own actions, we all know what is right n wrong, don’t murder or steel but come on, how come the possesion and use of such a magnificent plant is wrong.

    Legalise, we are adults being treated like children by our own government.

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