Namugala launches Eco-Village model project


Community Development and Social Services Minister, Catherine Namugala today launched the first ever Eco-Village model project in Zambia, an initiative of the Network for Environmental Concerns and Solutions (NECOS).

The initiative aims at transforming Madiba compound of Matero, from a peri-urban settlement into an Eco-Village Model.

Speaking at the launch at Diana Kaimba Basic School in Lusaka, Ms Namugala said every nation aspires to have socio-economic development saying Zambians should strive to pursue developmental activities that will have minimum negative impact on the environment.

She said studies and experiences have shown that where the community improves its water and sanitation, the quality of health also improves.

Ms Namugala said the upgrading of informal settlements in peri-urban areas will play an important role in improving living standards for the residents.

She further said sustainable development can only be guaranteed when community involvement is encouraged and supported by all.

Speaking at the same function, Finish Ambassador to Zambia Sinikka Antila said the project was founded by Finish Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) and other NGOs from other co-operating partners.

She said Finland and Zambia have been collaborating in areas like environment, health and private sector development.

Ms Antila said Finland will to continue increase its aid to the Zambian government in order to improve the living standards for its citizens.

And NECOS President Obed Kawanga said NECOS is a community based non governmental organization which was founded in 2004 to address community problems of Madiba compound like the cholera outbreak which claimed many lives.

He said environmental and social-economic concerns should be handled together with all concerned residents and stakeholders.

Meanwhile the Global Dry Toilet Association Project says sanitation is a big problem that kills about 1.5 million children every year globally.

Project Coordinator,Sari Huuhtanen said most children die from simple diarrhoea diseases, a problem which she said can easily be prevented with proper toilets and hygiene.


  1. That’s the problem, the only time some people talk is when they read a speech. They are incapable of initiating anything and working towards resolving it. Matero is potentially prime land and instead of upgrading the place, they should look to relocate the people particularly the unemeployed who should be sent to villages or expanded ZNS camps to farm. They might be more productive there than being unemployed in towns. People should not be encouraged to live in compounds but instead helped in relocating to less populated areas where they could potentially have a meaningful and decent living.

  2. Thats what we call ‘briliant idea’.People in communities need ideas like this one and i would like to commend the initiators of this project and the sponsors as well coz its meant to improve the livelihood of that community and obviously the number of deaths due to watrer related diseases will definitely go down no doubt obout that.Keep up the good work,Obed and the group and i hope others will emurate the idea or still you same guys extending to other areas.Stay Blessed.

  3. As Zambia strives to reduce the hardships of the common person in our communities, issues of sanitation, environmental protection, and better living conditions can not go without mentioned. Solutions have to be found. Such initiatives, like the one that Obed Kawanga is involved in can not go without being commended. As we aim to attain the millenium development goals (MDGs), we should work as part of a global network with one goal, and that is to create a better world (or to leave the world better than we found it….). More to say, a lot of people will benefit from this project, an impact will be created, and in overall a decline in mortality rates should be translated.

  4. That is very innovetive ideal brought on board. Please implement these ideas for the betterment of the citizens of zambia. Those donated moneys shouldn`t just end up in the pockets of individuals, no! Look to it that it is done rather than it being an article heading in newspapers. The other thing is showing inttelligence during the campaigning peiod.Why? Zambians will obviously perceive it as a campaign gimmick. Ndetwishika naine. I hope it`s not. Please go ahead.Thanks to the initiators of the same project.

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