Police launch investigations on 42 construction companies


Police has launched investigations into the case where 42 construction companies have been cited for alleged shoddy works and barred from government tenders.

Inspector General of Police Ephraim Mateyo says two teams headed by two assistant Commissioners of Police Maxwell Nzoe and Lubinda Situmbeko have since been constituted to head the investigating teams.

This follows President Mwanawasa’s directive that no contracts should be awarded to the 42 construction firms whose names were submitted to the law enforcement agencies for investigations for alleged shoddy work on government contracts early this month.

Mr. Mateyo revealed this during a press briefing in Lusaka today.

He added that the police teams will work in collaboration with other security wings such as the Anti-Corruption Commission and the Drug Enforcement Commission during the investigations.

Mr.Mateyo said the two groups will be dispatched to various parts of the country to investigate the allegations and submit a report to government.

And in his Easter message, Mr Mateyo has called on the public to play an integral part in enhancing compliance of the road traffic to reduce road carnage.

He said police presence will be increased during the holidays as people tend to drink more and travel a lot.

Mr. Mateyo has however acknowledged that the crime rate in Zambia has dropped to considerable rates.


  1. launching an investigation on 42 construction companies doing shoddy jobs is too good to be true, bravo LPM

  2. most of these contractors are one man show,what they do is that they use the certificates and qualifications of people who are not even part of that company just to help them prove some competence,they pose to have engineers.And most of these contractors are managed and controlled by people who are void of engineering,too bad the govt has realized when its too late and funds have aleady been squandered

  3. The so called invesitigation is a share wasteof time and money,moreover they are sending some illiterates to go and investigate,its seems there is still some money to be squandered, then they might as well let the contractors share in the mis-use

  4. May be the police will put their newly aquired bullet proof vests to good use in investigate these 42 construction campanies.
    Wish you all the best cops, with your new equipment.

  5. I just hope and trust that our officers going to investigate these un named 42companies, are experts and have the experience in contracts law, engineering etc! considering the poor truck records of our police investions technics!
    Our officers aren’t good in this work but good in harrassments and torture- extracting information from suspect by force or under duress!I personally know them well.
    My appeal to the I.G Mr Mateyo is that,send our officers to school abroad in specilized fields or do exchange programmes with other Police department say USA, Canada,Europe just to mention a few,so that they are exposed to technology and modern investigation menthods bearing in mind Human Rights.

  6. Its high time we embraced technology! I am glad to hear that now our officers will be atleast be protected in cross fire with criminal by wearing bullet proof! bravo to the intiator!thats the spirit,we need dyivers too,helicopters,good foresic department. House our officer and increase their pay too. This will detter them from corruption and other unlawful activities. Police have a vast land where you can build nice houses,they derseve to live better just like other wings.
    Infact our police are protecting our lives, why can’t we support them and give them reasonable living standard.
    Our officers are frastrated enough hence the torture and criminal actvties,Ba I.G.do somthing pliz,tell LPM.

  7. Drug enforcement ? seems they were smoking the whole day instead of building roads. PLM just form a tusk force with relevent expertice to investigate and scrutinse past and future works.

  8. This is the height of Madness. What on earth are policemen doing investigating Construction Contracts. Some one has jumped the gun. Sheer waste of time. They have no capacity whatsoever to find out what has happened. This is symptomatic of zambias’ problems. WHAT MADNESS IS THIS!

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