Pay back debts, Cifire urges youths


Sport and Child Development deputy minister, Angela Cifire has called on people that have an opportunity to access government empowerment funds to develop the culture of paying back the money so that other people can benefit also.

Ms Chifire said the culture of paying back borrowed money has the potential to foster development in the country.

The Deputy Minister made the remarks today in Matero when she officiated at the Provincial Youth Easter Conference organised by the Hill Top light House Global Ministries.

Ms. Cifire said government has a way of empowering youths as seen by the creation of the Youth Empowerment Fund whose administration has now been moved to the Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC).

Ms Cifire added that government has put in place instruments in form of policy framework and a chapter on youth and children in the Fifth National Development Plan whose strategies provide direct interventions for the challenges faced by the youth.

She said the ministry was running programmes such as the Zambia National Service camps for girls and Chiwoko for boys aimed at rehabilitating young people from the streets and equipping them with livelihood skills.

Ms Cifire added that the ministry has provided youth training in productivity and life long skills in 16 youth resource centres to improve young people’s levels of employment especially in the informal sector.

She noted that the government policy was to establish youth centres in each of the 72 districts in the country to ensure that most of the youths are empowered.

Ms Cifire appealed to the youths to take advantage of the opportunities offered by government adding that they need to change their attitude towards life.

She further said that the government doors were open for consultations or information aimed at benefiting the young people.


  1. Yes, the culture of paying back should be developed in Zambia.I totally agree with Honorable Chifire on this one.But as you will also agree with me leaders should led exemplary lives or led by examples,I say please let the same culture firt be practiced by our MPs. It was reported several formr MPs have not finnished paying back Loans.

    let the current crop of MPS learn from the mistakes of their predecesors and repay the loans in time and thus set the trend for the said culture.

  2. Indeed the culture of payback of loans has a multiplier effect on national development. Sad to mention that the culplits in most cases of these loans have been those connected with MMD and its Govt. It is these people who have had ease access to these loans. I would like to see transparency in its true sense exercised in the administration of these loans. We also need to aceess these funds for development.

  3. But the issue is that all the borrowers are MMD cadres and the Ministers or their relatives. So, instead of telling the wrong crowd in Matero, tell your friends at Parliament and Cabinet. Ask Cifire how much loans she has and when she last made a payment on those loans. Come on people. Who is fooling who?

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