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Robbers slay Lusaka’s Chawama businessman


Barely a day after Chawama Member of Parliament expressed concern at the increasing rate of crime in Misisi compound, armed robbers have shot dead a Lusaka businessman, Wilson Mwanza, of Willie Investment in the same area.

Brother to the deceased Dickson Daka confirmed the development to ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka today.

Mr Daka said the deceased was shot last night around 21: 30 hours while he was closing his shop.

He said the deceased was shot three times – twice in the chest and once in the stomach .

Mr Daka said the deceased died at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where he was rushed after being shot.

Mr Daka said the seven armed robbers were dressed in police uniform.

Mr. Daka said after shooting the deceased, the badndits dragged him to his home were they later demanded for money from his wife.

Mr. Daka said after the deceased was shot he hit one of the robbers with a stone who fainted and it was at this point that they escaped, carrying their injured colleague on the shoulders as they did not have a vehicle.

He however said the robbers only got away with a cell phone and the keys to the shop.

The deceased is survived by a wife and two children.

Meanwhile, UTH spokesperson Pauline Mbangweta confirmed the development to ZANIS in an interview today.

Mrs Mbangweta said the deceased died in the emergency room of the hospital while being attended to by doctors.

She also revealed that the hospital received two dead bodies whom they suspect to be the armed robbers that attacked the business man.

She said the robbers are believed to have died after the mob in the township descended on them.

And residents of Chawama compound have accused the police of not responding on time saying they would have arrested the robbers if they came on time.

A resident talked to Jane Phiri, said police only came to the scene after 30 minutes and they had no weapons to fight the robbers.

Police spokesperson Bonny kapeso could not be reached for comment.

Meanwhile, thieves have broken into Intermarket securities in Lusaka and stolen nine computer monitors worth millions of Kwacha.

Intermarket Securities Managing Director, Mabvuto chipata confirmed the incident.

Intermarket securities is a subsidiary company of Intermarket Banking Corporation.

It is located on Central Park or Farmers House in the central business district.

Meanwhile, armed robbers went away with K10.7 million from Ramica Investments on Chandwe Musonda road.

Police Spokesperson, Bony Kapeso said five bandits armed with pistols and an AK 47 RIFLE attacked a lady accountant at the company.

Mr. Kapeso said Police suspect it is an inside job and investigations have been launched.


  1. Were did they get the police uniforms? Or was it ZP who turned their arms on a bizzman in order to get some extra ngwees, very sleazy!

  2. Too sad indeed.Mr.Mateyo do smth to protect citizens.Yr men mostly are the ones behind many shootings across Zambia.Levy must also improve policemen working conditions for them to refrain from crimes or honestly fight crimes.Zambia is slowly becoming like Brazil or South Africa as far as crime and deadly shootings are concerned.It’s damn hell.
    And you thieves, always remember that there is no secret on the earth.You’re happy today,but t.row the blood of a person you killed gonna hunt you,this is 100% true!!!! YOU GONNA CRY TILL DEATH,SO REFRAIN FROM ILL BUSINESS.GOD PUNISHES!!
    May the soul of this businessman rest in peace.

  3. Its sad indeed!!!Now with the coming of the bullet proofs how are we going to kill these thieves.Instead of the police using bullet proofs they will be giving them to the thieves.The truth will come out let the police identify those two bodies that where killed by the mob…It really hurts when an innocent patriotic life of an emerging entrepreneur is killed….I have vowed ukwipaya fikabolala and i have no mercy because of what they did to me…ya chilankalipa sana…KILL FIKABOLALA on sight!!!
    May they soul of the businessman rest in peace.

  4. Could the ZP please identify the deceased robbers they could be truly police officers, then I dont know how Mateyo is going to defend their acts.

  5. Thugs are evil!! To make Zambia a safe and happy place to live, every Zambian should be involved in the fight against criminals. We need police posts on every two square kilometre in Lusaka so that thieves have no breathing space.

    It hurts when thieves end lives of hardworking people like this.
    The policemen are on holiday!! Why cant they declare war against criminals. I think they have the capacity to win it!

  6. Its no wonder why these thugs are brutally murdered like what happened yesterday in Misis compound where tow thieves were stoned to death without mercy it was very sad to see that on TV because witnessing someones death is a very sad situation, I really feel bad on this killing thing thats happening in our country and Zambia being a Christian nation paints a very bad Image to the world around us!!!!!

  7. Todays thieves are sponsored by the police no doubt,you heard about the kitwe incident.Ephraim has to work extra hard to find ways of disciplining his officers.He knows it and at the same time wants to purchase them bullet vests so that they can steal and kill at peace ,shame on you buju.Our hope is in GOD alone no man can save us.

  8. We need to expand our police service in order for them to adequately provide safety and security. Our army needs to also be engaged as they have more resources and most importantly are better disciplined to curb the incidences of armed robbery. Military intelligence can fishout the theives in Chawama and missisi where they thrieve as most agencies including the police and DEC are often afraid to go.

  9. It’s sad that every time we hear of a person killed my thives, if the law can allow killing a thief found in the house before they kill you it will help reduce the cases of house and shop owners who die coz they fear to kill these criminals at hand because the law will visit them.

  10. The conduct of some of our police offices is really worrying, i don’t know wheather the govnt funds the police adquetly or may be they luck managerial skills those put as incharges of these posts, you go and report the case when the criminal is still within reach you are told to buy your own fuel,in the way they also request if you can buy them a drink this adds up on your loss and people now believe that reporting to the police is just for formality coz they are paid by the same thieves to ignore some cases they are birds of the same feathers.

  11. Even if you know that your car is in good condition you tend to ran away from them because they suck the little you have in the pocket kept for the food at home, they will try to delay you looking for faughts until you give them money, i was taken to the police for what he said i refused to obey his commands but when we reached there he charged me for careless driving, i tried to refuse but it was just delaying me even more so i was forced to give him his pocket money and left because i didn’t have a witness.

  12. The real robbers who killed thE businessman are still on the run. Innocent pass by are killed like stray dogs. Where are we heading to Lord? God have mercy on this cruel country. I DONT WANT TO BE PART OF THIS CRUEL AND MERCYLESS WORLD OF THE DEVIL!

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