New UNZA Hostels reach slab level


The construction of students hostels at the University of Zambia (UNZA) Great East Road campus in Lusaka have reached slab level.

UNZA Acting Public Relations Manager, Stanslous Chewe says the project is on schedule.

Once completed the hostels will accommodate two hundred and forty students at the institution.

Mr. Chewe said rehabilitation of the already existing hostels is also progressing well.

The shortage of accommodation at the highest learning institution in the Southern African nation prompted government to begin construction of new hostels to house the increasing number of students being enrolled.

Government and cooperating partners are funding the construction of the students hostels.


  1. Just as much as the item posted on the blog has some importance, it is not worthy to be itemised as news. There are a lot of important national issues worthy discussing on this media. As LT, consider digging deeper for items worthy news.

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  3. There is much to discuss. Why are our anti investors group not complaining that “our partners” are involved in building hotels for UNZA. Our partners means foreign doners. UNZA has not had new hostels since 1975 ! If we cannot afford to build hostels how can we build a power station. Investors are crucual to Zambia’s development.

  4. It seems Zambians are sleeping as always. WAKE UP. Instead of having an over crowded monopolistic university, why cant they build other universities to cater for the growing population. Students need there space and that teacher student contact. Anywayz, until Zambians start to act and wake up, nothing will happen in this nation.

  5. Typical Zed:

    The Univestity of Zambia is a small college by world standards The average University in the US is 20,000 students. UNZA has less than 5,000.

    What has Zamtel, ZESCO got to do with the issue. We are waiting for you Typical Zed to start a University. After all some of the best universities in the world are private and you keep talking about how Zambians can go to a Bank and get millions to start a business.

  6. Why is it that whenever the govt does something good. Zambians always complain. If you want to cry and whine, you might as well go to OPRAH because had you been in the same position, you would have probably done the same thing. CHEESE and TYPICAL ZED are both ignorant twits who think they know anything but yet they are proving there ignorance on this blog. If you think you can do better, campaign, win and prove to us that you’re doing a good job because had you been in the same position, you would do the same thing the govt is doing. Zambians should shut up and let the govt do its job. They campaigned and won because the majority as faith in them so let them do there job.

  7. The hostel project was started in Spetember last year, and the ka-Chinese constructor said it will take 18 month to complete,but it is surprising that someone is still talking of slab level. how many months have past? The same happened with the UNZA foot bridge which shoot beyond the time frame and more funds were spent than the budgeted of about a billion to K2.9 billion, and the same may happen to hostels. they constructor will be lazying around to buy both time at the expense of our economy. Why can’t these constructors made to pay for thier enefficency and laziness before sub-constructing? We losing alot of money to this industry which will become so bogus if not disciplined on time.pliz

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  16. The construction of New hostels at UNZA is a welcome developement but quite overdue. It is no exageration to say there has been total neglegience of student hostels at UNZA, no increase in units on the other hand, enrolment is soaring like no man’s business.Worst still Governemnt has dicided to split resources by opening what i will call freely, unshamelessly and confidently here unnecessary universities such as the Mulungushi one in Kabwe. Why more when standrds are low at the old ones.Quality not Qualtity.Clean unza first then open Mulungushi, also create more jobs for graduates.

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  18. its disappointing to learn that Zambians or should i say politicians still think that UNZA is the highest learning institution in southern Africa of which it doesn’t even working prototypes that we can proudly say that it comes from our institution of higher learning, what a shame.

  19. #17 this is not a place to insult as i will believe that real graduates dont talk nonsense but sense which is a very good example that yo got all those qualifications from some chibuku places somewhere in kalingalinga or kaunda square. show us your postgraduate theses we scrutinize it if you dare defer us 🙂 get real dude

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  23. Ba Cheese, you cannot compare a uni in the US to one in Zed. The US is union of 50+ ‘countries’. You are talking about a huge population and powerful economies there. Compare Zed with Malawi, Zim, Mozambique, Bots etc; and the US with the EU or Russian Federation.

  24. Anonymous then compare UNZA to CAPE town university or even university of Namibia….or that of Zim, how came we are still lagging behind……dont talk about number of states in the US.We just cant compare with our own. One advantage however is we produce cream even with the lowest of standards.

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