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Govt gives K2.4 billion to light up Sinazongwe villages

General News Govt gives K2.4 billion to light up Sinazongwe villages

Sinazongwe District Commissioner (DC) Laiven Apuleni has disclosed that government has released K2.4 billion for Rural Electrification Programme (REP) to light up villages

Mr. Apuleni expressed happiness that government has remained committed to fulfill promises that the valley people have been appealing for to have electricity in their homes.

He said the K2.4 billion that government has released through the Rural Electricity Authority (REA) would be invested in Ngoma in chief Sinazongwe area.

The DC has urged people to make use of the investment that government has brought to them through setting up business ventures.

He said the development was cheering because people were beginning to realize that government meant well.
Mr. Apuleni said the rural electrification programme has helped to have the entire Chiefs palace in the valley to be electrified.

REA project engineer Francis Mulenga said at meeting in Ngoma that the money would be used to bring power over a distance of 15 km.

Mr. Mulenga said the project was expected to finish within six months though it was delayed as a result of heavy rain that the district received.

He noted that the project was being carried out by the British Engineering Service which is working in partnership with the Zambia Company.

REA Community mobilization Specialist Naomi Sidono told Ngoma people to engage themselves into productive ventures for them to improve their living standards since they would soon be connected to power.

Ms. Sidono pointed out that power would help to ensure that teachers at Ngoma basic School do not run away.

Ngoma Basic School Manager Stanley Cheelo said the project of installing power at the School was a “dream come” true because ten years ago Ngoma area was bushy with nothing on it.

He said teachers run away from rural areas because of the lack of power adding that the problem would be addressed once power was installed at the School.

“There would be no need for teachers to run away from Schools, there is plenty of water since the School is only 500 meters away from Lake Kariba and we will make use of power to pump water for our School production unit,” Mr Cheelo said.

Headman Sikaneka thanked government for bringing power to villages to reduce on people migrating to urban areas.

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  1. it has taken the zambian government 44 years to finally intiate this project…wow…only in zambia. it is too late as MMD is the late..gone…..? new generation is in the house now.

  2. Well done Levy!!!
    Don’t forget Luapula province as well.Let people have electricity in their homes like here in europe!!!
    Phone,TV,plus many other services must be provided to local people across the country.You know, it pains me here seeing villagers enjoying all these services at a give away cost because their Governments do so as one way of appreciating voters and supporting citizens with low incomes!!
    Levy,somehow you’re doing the right job than ” ka Kafupi” did!!! Hope this won’t end up by just making headlines in local newspapers!!

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