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KK discharged From UTH

General News KK discharged From UTH

First Republican President, Kenneth Kaunda has been discharged from the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) where he was admitted.

Dr. Kaunda was discharged -Saturday.

UTH Public Relations Officer, Kennedy Makukula confirmed the development to ZNBC news.

The former President was admitted to the hospital – Thursday.


  1. Good to hear. Thanks to KK for his faith in our UTH system. He didn’t have to go to morning side clinic in SA and waste tax payers money. Wish you many more years KK and I invite myself and my kids to your 100th year birthday bash.

  2. The only reason Chiluba or Mwanawasa cannot be treated at UTH is that their HIV status is undesirable. We know KK’ HIV status since he made it public. The other two presidents have never taken the test in public. Their diseases of high blood pressure or heart disease can easily be treated here in Zambia. They fear that when they are treated here in Zambia, their HIV status can be known as local technicians will do the test. It is unfortunate because now the status of HIV is no longer fearful as drugs are there even here in Zambia and two presidents are not leading by example.

  3. I think they do not fear their HIV status is made public, but if they dont already have it they fear they may get in the Zambian hospital

  4. Long Live Ba Kaunda, you’re a true legend! One Zambia One Nation One Nation One Leader That Leader Dr Kaunda Wa Muyayaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I will always remember your strong handshake,thankyou for standing up to me you are a true gentleman.

  5. #6 The distinguished ministers do not use Zambian hospitals because of the danger that they might catch aids in the hospital if they have not already caught it.

  6. For sure, Zambian Hospitals are not safe. however, going to foreign lands for treatment is not a solution. by spending huge sums of money in foreign lands, we are only making our country even poorer that in the next thirty years or so, after the chinese finnish all our speciouse metals, Zambia will be so broke that GRZ won’t be able to import condoms to supply to even it’s sex-crazed MPs.

  7. Chiuta wakhonono, taonga a gogo a KK bafuma muchipatala! Zambia continues to sell an icon to the world about his lengendary deeds! Even our very own young Zambians do not have the chance to watch KK’s documentary on ZNBC! The govt will make an impromptu one probably during his funeral. Whats wrong with us, r still afraid oh KKs political come back and continue to black list him? Please make a proper documentary for television not only in Zambia but the rest of africa. KK’s legacy is such a good story to tell the world. Long live KK, I luv you and thanx for handing me a degree in 1990. Your govt did pay attention to good quality universal education which even saw poor people like me get MSc.

  8. Ex-Zambian you are then one who even tell you grandies that they are irrelevant since they already rised you parent. Be realist dude, libange upepele?
    Super Ken wish you more days to come:)))))

  9. may god be with you KK, you are indeed my hero.
    you came and you build Zambia for zambians, the times changed and you were disposed. They accused you of stealing yet scotland yard could not find 1 ingwee. You were thrown injail, but you kept your head high. You are now getting your fair dues, lets hope our country looks after you well.

  10. #16 good that you’re an ex Zambian, so your comments will be treated accordingly – a foreigner’s silly remarks. And if anyone is irrelevant not only on this site, but also in Zambia today, dear ex Zambian, then who is it?
    #1 Wusakile-Chamboli has already said the most important words.

  11. #5 you are right, the old man has got HIV/AIDS thats why he can’t go out of the country. He is afraid they media in those countries he will go to, will disclose his status. This is the reason he had to remain in E21. The man is now like Mugabe……… let him die he is old. Made our parents not educated……

  12. I said KK was irrelevant “as a politician”. “As a man”, he deserves respect. When our time comes to pass our footprints will be blown away in weeks or months. When KK passes, his footprints will remain on the earth for a long time to come. Few men on this earth will , longachieve that in their lifetime

  13. #22 are you saying that KK is better than you as a human being? help us mudala we cant get what you are saying>>>>>>>

  14. Once Zambians shouted “kumulu Lesa, panshi Kaunda” which meant ” In heaven is Almighty God and on earth is Kaunda.” Furthermore there was a well known slogan “KK wamuyaya” which meant “KK forever.”

    I wish KK many more healthy & happy years so that he can the witness atleast Zambia’s 4th Repulican President into State House. Were the above slogans blasphem?

  15. Get well soon big man … Zed still needs u with all the crap leadership we have these days.Its good LPM listens to you.

  16. 21. Anonymous
    You stop smoking what ever you smoke. Show some respect. Thats why you don’t even identify your self you paranoid schichzophrenic.

  17. #23, #27. When you become Mudala, you realize that all your efforts and all your achievements and opinions,will be blown away from the earth within weeks or months of passing, It is only very few who are rememmbered for a long time after they are gone

  18. Dear LT administrator,

    Firstly, I commend you for a great job in availing Zambians, Lusaka residents in particular, a forum of expression. As for those of us who are far away from home, this site puts us in tune with events back home and makes us feel at home again.
    However, there are only 2 things that I feel are missing:

    1. Kindly cite the origin of your reports.

    2. The following set of rules are unfortunately not observed:

    No obscene, racist, sexist, or profane language.
    No spamming, advertising, or duplicating posts.
    No personal attacks against other users.
    Nothing in violation of Zambian law.

  19. # 28 kebe baweso wechipuba iwe. You are the same people who think like Kaunda you think you own everything in Zambia. Wechipuba iwe grow up. Kaunda used to make our parents dance for him at airports leaving their work to do that for him fool. You think everyone is happy in Zambia for what he did. He is the Saddam and the Bush of today and what am simply saying is let him rot in UTH like our brothers and sisters there!!!!

  20. #16 do u mean what you have written? did u learn Jelita and Mulenga? do you know that Zambia is a peacful nation bcoz of One Zambia One Nation? come back to your senses yound man. You will die and KK will live longer than you xpect him.

  21. 37. Anonymous
    If it wasent for kaunda you would probably be eating your cousins in congo. KK is the founding father of zambia, 90% of infrastructure in zambia including the scholl you went to was built by KK.

  22. #39 you don’t even know what you are talking about. i went to a catholic school fool. Did KK build any catholic school? do you really know what you are talking about??? do you know what 90% is? KK was busy building tunnels what are you talking about you fool. What founding father he failed to even build Lusaka look how Lusaka is during the rainy season and compare it with Bulawayo which is not even a capital city. That old man wants attention let him go to hell…………………he destroyed thats enough let go of him…..

  23. I cant believe how disrespectiful some people are to others. Blogging is a good way to communicate and share ideas and not insulting or degrading others. Where has such mentallity come from as potrayed by Anonymous. Please my dear bothers and sisters, let us respect each other. These articles are read all over the glob. I am contributing from far away from Zambia and if this is how Zambians blog then you are a disgrace to society. Please grow up and get civil.

  24. This Anonymous is actually wishing KK dead. That catholic school he went to must have been a binladin hate school.

  25. Shame upon all you who are disrespecting the patriarch and Godfather of our nation Dr. Kenneth Kaunda! You are blinded by hate! It is easy to hate but love calls for sacrifice.
    Kaunda is for Zambians what Mandela is for South Africa, Marcus Garvey for Jamaicans, Martin Luther King for Americans and Ghandi for Indians. GREAT IS GREAT, YOU CAN’T UNDERRATE!
    If you do not know how to hail national heroes who fought for the liberation of I and I, just stop and listen, stand and watch! Selah!

  26. It is sad that Dr. K.K was taken to UTH, when he should have been flown even to South Africa. Levy, look after the old man properly or else you will be taken to Libala clinic when you leave office.

  27. KK tatooted himself with the powder of crocodile skin no wonder he wont die easily or soon. UBULOSHI MUDALA TALEKA!!! His handikechief is powdered with indian medicine.

  28. #42 and 43 stop dreaming you are the only ones in the world who compares KK to those great men. If he was one why didnt he get the Noble peace prize???? your fool KK a few months ago was supporting his fellow fool Mugabe. Now look at what Mugabe is doing….let go of him

  29. 47. Chibwe
    Does anyone ask you to let go of your insperations ? KK is not the only one who supported Mugabe, the whole of african leaders supported mugabe. You are serverly missinformed, who told you all the names in #43’s post won noble prices ?. He is the founding father of Zambia wether you like it or not. And for me it is the free education i and many many more recived under his rule that makes me thankfull

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