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Chingola cops nab man over incest

General News Chingola cops nab man over incest

POLICE in Chingola have arrested a 63-year-old man of Nchanga North for allegedly having sex with his 20-year-old biological daughter for the past three years.

Copperbelt police chief, Antoneill Mutentwa, confirmed the arrest of the man, who had been having sex with the daughter since 2005 with her consent. The man will appear in court today.

The mother of the daughter left home three years ago because she was embarrassed about the incest, which had been going on for a long time.

Mr Mutentwa said the man, who is an ex-miner, had allegedly been sleeping with his biological daughter while another one left after he made sexual advances.

Some non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as the Young Women Christian Association (YWCA) had been impressing upon police to arrest the man for some time, but the daughter and some family members had not been cooperating.

Police and other organisations had been facing difficulties to handle the matter because the girl was protecting her father as the sexual encounters were with her full consent.

Mr Mutentwa said the girl, who is a Grade 12 school pupil, had since been forced to leave the family home to live with relatives who were concerned about the incest.

He said he directed officers at Chingola Central police station where the assailant had been detained not to release him on police bond.

Mr Mutentwa said although the accused was entitled to police bond, he did not want the old man to be released, as he would interfere with investigations.

He called on the YWCA and members of the public to quickly inform police where such vices were detected.

“Police cannot guess. We, therefore, need the help of the community. Often times close relatives tend to withdraw charges in cases of incest and defilement because of the repercussions, but we all need to be safe.

‘‘Police would ensure that one’s home is the safest place to live in by arresting all perpetrators of sexual crimes,” Mr Mutentwa said.

And Chingola YWCA chairperson, Gertrude Mudenda, said in fact the old man had initially made advances towards another daughter who refused and left home immediately.

Mrs Mudende said her organisation had faced problems in handling the matter because relatives had not been cooperating.

Neighbours and other people became suspicious when the man’s wife left him and another daughter, who had refused several advances, also left to live with relatives.

The man and his daughter then remained in the house where they were co-habiting until people got suspicious and reported the matter to the YWCA.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Arrest both of them, GIRL & FATHER. 20 yrs is mature enough to know what what is bad/good. She gave consent to father thats why she remained behind when the mother and her sister left the home. NI MPULUMUSHI SHONSE SHIBILI.

  2. It’s official, government starts issuing new passports from monday next. You are all expected to turn in your current passports for the new ones. Expiry dates don’t matter. Have a great day!

  3. Hwta the hell is going on in Zed?this man has to be brought to book immediately and serve his sentence.I hope incest is against our law in Zambia!

  4. I’m worried when I was in Zed until 97, I had not heard of this.Now I read it like almost every month on the paper. Can the new law put 30 yrs min sentence to this.As contitutes to statory rape.

  5. Amazing uh!Zed- I wonder where we are hearding to. 3 years is a long spell of time. And you, the mother, you just left without reporting the case…or chali shani?

  6. Don’t accuse dogs because they also behave themselves. Both the daughter and her father should face the law. The daughter was protecting the father and sin too. But the Bible is very vivid when it says that your sin will find you out. Praise the Lord there is no sin too big for God to forgive as long as you confess. He who conceals his/her sins shall not prosper.

  7. #7 Miyoba. These immoral acts having been going on for along time. The reason why they seem to be on the increase is because of the change in social-cultural attitudes. The society is now more open in confronting these ills. Children and women are now more aware of their rights. Hence where as in the past defilement, rape, incest would be hushed up nowadays children and women seek justice when they have been violated. It is a very welcome environment and I would want to urge all *****ic men not to go to bed with underage children or force themselves on women. If you want sex, ASK a grown up woman. And if it is a No..It is NO!

  8. Why should the old guy face the law. All what he did was biblical “bone of my flesh and flesh of my bone”. He brought that girl in the world any way.

  9. Where are we hearding to. If some people can even take off their pants over thier own daughters. Take both of them to face justice. 20 years she is matured.Both of them deserve a place in jail.

  10. What is love? does people suppose to choose who you should love? biologically is their anything wrong to be attracted to a young girl with pointed breast nice to search on them without any payment, if the payment is there then it benefits both in the home.Imagine we never had these social norm and beliefs how many would have done the same?
    Anyway this is against our zambian law and violates our social norms and beliefs so let both be guity of the case then throw them into jail, but why arresting only the man when sex is btn 2 pipo and they had an arrangement?

  11. Honestly what kind of sex can you enjoy knowing the man sleeping with me sleeps with my mother.They are sick people both of them possesed by demons cause believe me demons are the only ones that have weird desires hence you find them sleeping with animals even chickens for crying out loud. where are we heading to for sure.

  12. Vya kulola sile, this man needs Jesus in his life, some body should preach to him, meanwhile the law should take its course, if he has a psychiatric problem, most likely he has, he needs counselling too. I thought at that age one should be cooling off from sex, i mean if he is pressed up why not get one of his age in his town or turn to a second young wife who will suck his pension. Don’t know why we should seek so low.

  13. Vya kulola sile, this man needs Jesus in his life, some body should preach to him, meanwhile the law should take its course, if he has a psychiatric problem, most likely he has, he needs counselling too. I thought at that age one should be cooling off from sex, i mean if he is pressed up why not get one of his age in his town or turn to a second young wife who will suck his pension. Don’t know why we should sink so low.


  15. I believe the DONOR COMMUNITY will donate more money to YMCA .emo balila bamayo twalibeshiba.

    bt if its true then pipo can talk…..

  16. If this sex issue began in 2005, then the girl was by then 16yrs old. I totally disagree with those who want the girl to be arrested as well cause she is 20. When it all began she was only 16. and all of you who know sex, you know very well that its something difficult to stop.

    The man must be grilled, the young girl needs reconstruction.

  17. shame on them,


  18. # 11, you seem to be a damn person who can probably commit the same kind of sin given a chance. “AND PLEASE DO NOT PLAY WITH THE WORD OF GOD”. Joke with something else, not using the Bible.

  19. Here is Leviticus 18:6-17 For you # 11

    6 ” ‘No one is to approach any close relative to have sexual relations. I am the LORD. 7 ” ‘Do not dishonor your father by having sexual relations with your mother. She is your mother; do not have relations with her. 8 ” ‘Do not have sexual relations with your father’s wife; that would dishonor your father. 9 ” ‘Do not have sexual relations with your sister, either your father’s daughter or your mother’s daughter, whether she was born in the same home or elsewhere. 10 ” ‘Do not have sexual relations with your son’s daughter or your daughter’s daughter; that would dishonor you. 11 ” ‘Do not have sexual relations with the daughter of your father’s w

  20. 11 ” ‘Do not have sexual relations with the daughter of your father’s wife, born to your father; she is your sister. 12 ” ‘Do not have sexual relations with your father’s sister; she is your father’s close relative. 13 ” ‘Do not have sexual relations with your mother’s sister, because she is your mother’s close relative. 14 ” ‘Do not dishonor your father’s brother by approaching his wife to have sexual relations; she is your aunt. 15 ” ‘Do not have sexual relations with your daughter-in-law. She is your son’s wife; do not have relations with her. 16 ” ‘Do not have sexual relations with your brother’s wife; that would dishonor your brother. 17 ” ‘Do not have sexual relations with both a

  21. 17 ” ‘Do not have sexual relations with both a woman and her daughter. Do not have sexual relations with either her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter; they are her close relatives. That is wickedness.

  22. The same bible says do not judge your friend, this guy is not guilty yet but you have already nailed him on the cross, pliz god forgive them all they dont know what they are doing amen.

  23. We can’t develop as a nation with people having sex with their kids,believe me, change has to start from our homes

  24. Hey!! #33 I don`t know if I was Judging this guy or not.I was just explaining what the Bible says about the all issue. I do not know what your point is. You seem to have some inferiority complex, wanting people to know you can also say or write something. There is no point of bringing arguments here. You can read “Proverbs 26:4” thats just for you.

    Thank you…

  25. This is a sick man,any way maybe the young girl has nice pussy lets not judge the old man.But he really needs Gods help and the law to punish him,before he extends his dik to other kids not related to him.

  26. What is the evidence? All criminal cases are about evidence or the lack of it. The police can let out the old ‘horny’ boy on bail and give him conditions to abide by.He is already arrested and the next course of action must be for the accused to appear in court.Remember he is innocent until proven otherwise.

  27. why you people are trying to show that the bible contradicts itself, the only thing that contradicts itself is yourself in your head. the bible does not say what to do and what not to do what the bible only says and tells are guidelines that should be guided by our conscious based on the fact that we are made in Gods image for example the bible does not say that do not have sexual relations with your relatives but it does say that do not commit adultery and fornication etc….

  28. Lady L 20; it’s not ‘the man sleeping with me sleeps with my mother’: it’s ‘the man sleeping with me is my FATHER’, if at all this is what happened.About demons and fcuking or getting fcuked by dogs, horses etc,there is I believe a perceived benefit (money, drugs etc), otherwise why would anyone do it.Do’nt forget fantansies can also be some strong force and cause guys to try it out, but no to say it’s ok.

  29. Wow!!! Communist!!! I don`t know what kind of Bible you read and I do not know how many times you have gone through your Bible. But according to the Bible I read they are rules that I should follow as a true believer of the Bible. e.g.the bible says;( 1 corinthians 6:19-20) “do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body[c] and in your spirit, which are God’s.” (John 4:24)”God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

  30. #29 bro35d The real christian doesnt sound like you, many pipo interpret the bible differently thus many churches so dont mislead others with your poor understanding of the bible. Mind you not all are christians. Look at many scandinavian countries they dont go to church coz pastors like you are misleading with your wrong thinkig.

  31. By the way, Mr Sad, I was n`t interpreting the bible in my own words to mislead others. I was taking the exactly words from the bible. I wrote the scriptures, please take your bible read them, see if I added any thing. It is not my thinking, it is what is written in the bible. If you say I am wrong, then you are simply saying the bible is wrong, cos I didn`t add anything!!!!


  32. chipuba sana mudala,alelanga umwana utumatako utwaba wrinkled,and the poor girl gets attracted,but to sexy,awe mwe

  33. Bro#5d quotes Leviticus;Sad and Communist are missing the point.Bro 35d has not invented what he has put forward:it is simply what the Bilble sats about the subject of morality as regards sexual relationships.If either of you is a Muslim you can as well put forth what the Quoran says.If you’ve got nothing, spare us the rhetoric.Nevertheless,Bro 35d needs to note that the man for all the has been said is still innocent until tried and proven otherwise in a court of law.

  34. # 38, there are several scriptures, hundreds if not thousands in the Bible that say, “Thou shall or thou shall not!” Even the 10 commandments tell you what you shouldn’t do and Jesus told us also what we should do. Please do not mislead people by saying that the Bible does not say what not and what to do. The Bible is man’s manual to life from God, read it to be wise and it will instruct you in righteousness and holiness.

  35. There is no misleading here. But this has to do with the back ground of somebody. some people are Pentecostals, Catholics, Baptists e.t.c.And the measure of understanding the word of God is different. some people react because they may find themselves in the same situation or may be lack of understanding what the scriptures is saying. We are not there to compromise the word of God. I am not here to attack anybody. #45 thanks for the good word!!!!

  36. People, if you read Bro35d’s posts #29 and #30, you will see that the Leviticus passage he quoted was not for the purpose of Judging the accused man but a response to #11 (Mugabe) who claims the Bible allows incest. And its good that Bro35d responded to that coz #11’s post is capable of misleading some people into thinking Christianity supports incest. Some people
    seem to have scripture phobia. Each time it is quoted they immediately begin to defend themselves by wanting to make the person who has brought the scripture to light, look bad. We are in the last days, people. We will do well to take heed.

  37. Kennedy #36, your choice of language in your post is disturbing to say the least.
    “..maybe the young girl has nice pussy lets not judge the old man”. Sounds more like a person who would eagerly partake in the pussy party regardless of the moral and legal consequences. May be you mean well, but you better watch your choice of words so as not to sound as if you are getting aroused by the story!

  38. We realise that society is comprised of households. From these households, comes families. If what comes of these families is corrupt, the society we live in will be corrupt and so will be the whole community.This man, if it’s true, he doesn’t know the damage he has done.He has violated the civil and moral law.If indeed this is true, this man need to be condemned.It is from the home were morals are to be taught if we are to have(now & a future)a sober minded generation.Bro35d, thank you for the input. May God continue to make you wise. Christ should be uplifted in our nation and the world at large

  39. religion doesn’t doesn’t even come into play with this case.both father and daughter need psychological examination and a thorough interview.The interview results will probably astound ALL of us commenting on this topic!!!the two culprits are obviously non-believers so all the religious chants on this blog are useless.it wouldn’t surprise me if a witchdoctor/traditional healer prescribed a “few rounds” with his daughter to create or maintain wealth!!!

  40. #36. pls. choose your words. Bantu bosiyana ba belenga. We must try and display that zambians are not foul mouthed. Some of us like to read good comments.#51 pls. talk to some of these chaps.

  41. my sister’s husband used to wake up at night to molest me.each time i screamed she would wake up and did nothing.instead she developed hatred towards me.oneday when i went to school,she was not home.the pedophile(her husband) didnt tel me anything.she neva came back and her husband raped me.i was 15 yrs.my sister told his mother that he was in love with me and that she didnt want me staying with her.her mother in law went and discussed issues with my mother.i dont knw wat she told her.the next thing was my mother telling me that i wanted to destroy my sister’s marriage.my mum told me that i was weak ,a prostitute and that i should have found my own man.didnt give me chance to explain.

  42. i was blamed by the entire family.there after i was not even allowed to leave home because according to them i was loose.i was not even allowed to talk to male neibours.they really tortured me.until about when i turned 20yrs i left home and i have neva gone back.i hate my mother,sister and her husband all who were supported their side of the story.i dont know if i wiil ever want to be with them again.am now 24 and there is nothing i can do about it.i cant open charges against him because there is no medical evidence.i have just decided to disworn them.i want nothing to do with them.

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