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Levy Directs MMD NEC to Discipline Shakafuswa

Headlines Levy Directs MMD NEC to Discipline Shakafuswa

President Levy Mwanawasa has directed the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) to put up stern action against Finance Deputy Minister Jonas Shakafuswa for his misconduct.

MMD National Secretary, Jeff Kande said at a press briefing in Lusaka today that the President was only waiting for National assembly to do their work on the matter adding that Dr. Mwanawasa did not want to prejudice the case.

Mr. Kande said the deputy Minister of Finance’s time for discipline will soon come saying that the matter is in parliament and that if it was outside the National Assembly, the NEC would have taken action a long time ago.

He added that NEC was just waiting for parliament to do its work and then it will take action.

Meanwhile, NEC has suspended Christine Moonga, a nominated committee member for accusing President Mwanawasa of being a tribalist.

The suspension is with immediate effect.

Mr. Kanda said the MMD does not condone indiscipline from anybody in the party adding that this will not be entertained at all costs.

He said what Mrs. Moonga said in the Post of April 2, 2008 was senseless and malicious.

He further said to accuse the President that he practices tribalism was very much unfair.

Mr. Kanda said Mrs. Moonga has been given ten days to exculpate herself failure to which her case will be taken to NEC.

He added that Mrs. Moonga brought the MMD into ridicule, and contempt.


  1. This is not enough, why pass the buck to NEC, Mr presido. Is it becuase ni ba nephew? That is why you should not appoint relatives to vital position without merit, they will let you down. First, fire him as a Deputy Minister and then let NEC get courage from that action and expell him from the MMD party and lets have a bye election in his constituency. No need to take prisoners here. They cost to maintain. MMD should do it PF style when somebody violets party conduct

  2. I feel it for Mrs Moonga coz she was only trying to exercise thefreedom of speech taht ever Zambia citizen shud enjoy. Why being so fast to taken action on her by NEC? Unless u tell me taht it is one or the procedures u use in mmd But mind u? Shaka is also mmd.Shaka shame upon u. Wasebanya ba mbbuya banga in yo Katuba constituency. They used to trust u no wonder they stopped now coz of yo behavior.

  3. NEC can you just follow your president’s directive!! What investigations when you know that will take ages. You are so quick at disciplining Mrs. Moonga.

  4. Of Uncles and Nephews! However, I beg to differ as there are 3 issues here.1- This guy was probably expressing his opinion. I mean, guys, how many of you have not indulged in commercial fornication? 2- It draws me to issues that are tabled in parliament. Is it a case of, if I can’t do it, then let all be affected. 3- Is the Mwanawasa clan the only capable to rule in Zambia?

  5. indeed!!! so quick to dicsipline Mrs Moonga and yet Shakaf****er is pending to be delt with.Shame on you MMD nec.just because shaka is the prez’s nephew and are afraid to touch him. Mrs Moonga was just telling the truth.Levy is indeed a tribalsit and he practices nepotism, shaka is a perfect example.



  7. The minister has also brought the MMD, the presdo and the entire parly membership into ridicule, and contempt. NEC deal with this guy fast and quick please.

  8. Ubuwelewele mu MMD!
    Talk about double standards
    Why should it take ages for the NEC to act on Shakaf****r yet only take hours to decide on Mtonga who actually had a valid point to make?

  9. they said Sata was a dictator when he suspended his MPs. Arent they being dictators by suspending Mrs Moonga, shame on them.

  10. Mrs Moonga you are brave woman I salute you! All those men in MMD are cowards they are mute when it concerns Chuchu, the cabbage. BRAVO! WOMAN POWER IYI CHE!

  11. Hopeless MMD cadres quick to act on a woman of substance & fail to deal with Shakaslaughter.
    Levy shud seek early retirement coz he’s getting too drunk with power b4 he blacks out with it.Lately he’s been uttering very hopeless statements,take leave.

  12. How sacred is this demagogue and minion called Shakafuswa?Levy didn`t hesitate to dissolve the entire Eastern Provincial exec. but has grown cold feet on taming his relative.
    Congrats to Mrs Moonga for speaking out against Levy`s entrenchment in TRIBALISM and NEPOTISM which independent minds on this blog have already elluded.
    Bloggers will remember how Levy was only FORCED to act against his other relative CHITOBA despite significant evidence available against him.

  13. Whats so special about Shakafukwa?Why should Levy give so many lame excusses for not taking action? Why should he even beat about the bush and wrongly bring in MMD NEC in a matter that occured at Parliamentary Motel? It is an disputable fact that Shakafukwa did not committed any crime against the MMD as party us the people of Zambia who voted for you though in minority hence our calling upon you to serve us.For sure levy your a tribalist, Mrs Moonga just hit the nail on the neck, and please hands off that wise lady-she has read b/n the lines. Shaka is your Nephew hence your shameless shielding of that notorius lumpen.But you are assured of pressure on this issue, we wil not relent.CONT..

  14. Why is your dispensation of justice so selective?
    Even as people declare to succed you, we see segreagation along tribal lines. Though kinsmen of your have without problems and raising any eyebrows been linked to the MMD presidency in 2011, including your respectable wife(madame maureen), until last month when she cleared the Air. but the moment people from certain areas decalre interest, you will be shaken and threat to take action in the name of preserving party unity. Be careful Bwana, otherwise you will be a very lonely man after 2011. ASK CHILUBA and KK.

  15. Meanwhile, it’s official, government starts issuing new passports from monday next. You are all expected to turn in your current passports for the new ones. Expiry dates don’t matter.

  16. i dont know why chuchu likes hiding behind law.before law there was morality. chuchu should learn to separate profession from moral issues…when is chuchus term coming to an end?

  17. No need to insullt LPM,he’s just done the right thing.what law did Shaka break?it was at some social gathering not official duties!as women,if we avail for slaughter,just kill men !!let parliamnet finish probing.NEC will take it up not LPM.

  18. Mrs. Moonga, I personally salute you for standing for what is right. Let justice prevail. Praying for your success in other endeavors

  19. 20. Sara
    The incident occured ap Parly motel. Have you not read the Parliamentary code of conduct? I suppose not, no wonder you say it was a social gathering. NEC does not need LPM’s directive to deal with Mtonga. But LPM’s to deal with Shaka. Nepotism

  20. I think it was a social gathering. Let us allow reason and LAW to prevail.

  21. Bushe njipusheko, is it NEC that appointed Shakafuswa as Deputy Minister or its LPM ? i thought the one who appointed him is the one who should remove him ? if NEC discipline Shaka will he be considered dismissed from his position as Deputy Minister as well ? What is LPM waiting for ?

  22. #20 are you truly a woman, if you are a woman then you are not married or you have children without a husband.grow up woman,take it tha Shaka said those words to you, how would you feel(sorry i forgot you are not woman enough, grow up lady. shaka must go and indeed he will go. power to the women.

  23. 24. Prof Mutengo Waminga
    Please read the Parliamentary code of conduct.
    This is worse than tribalism, because tribalism encludes your whole tribe. this is nepotism, and it only limits to your family

  24. The Shaka NEC commitee will be more of a family discusion than a party one, they are the same people, ha ha ah.

  25. i agree with King David #20, it just like the uncle reffering his troublesome nephew to brothers or cousins to CHAT with him. this is just a family issue. utochibona

  26. I can assure you the members of the NEC ll be afraid of taking action against shaka because they know how protective their boss is of his family tree!

  27. Lets not use our hearts to crucify the man. Let us wait for investigations to be concluded.

  28. #31. I totally agree with you.More reason why Mrs.Monga was eliminated from NEC;for fear that she would frantically stand for justice in the whole case.Those that have links with LPM are likely to shield shaka. Lets wait and see.

  29. Moonga is just a Katele and Mabenga’s front. read between the lines pliz. she deserves the boot!

  30. There has been no single report on the investigation. Come on LPM. WE are not kids and demand action now! Let the speaker say what they have found out so far!!!

  31. The position and stance taken by a good number of you, advocating for Shaka’s blood, reflects limited knowledge of the Zambian judicial system, simply put ‘ innocent until proven guilty’.Let wait the respective factions carry out their investigation as the rule of law applies.It will not do us any good shouting from hill tops encouraging Levy to break the law by hijacking the proceedings underway!This is really revolting behavior!.Let the system work.I thought we a democratic country who respect the rule of law, mwebantu shani kanshi!

  32. Hog wash! That is what it is. Mrs Moonga is true to the word; she has been suspended for telling the President what he needs to hear. It’s unfortunate that Mwanawasa is heading the same direction as KK and FTJ, quite often the truth is viewed as insults and disrespect while flattering lies from cadres, relatives and friends are gold. I would expect Mwanawasa to be more intelligent especially that this is a re-run episode from KK and FTJ we have seen it all. After State house you are always alone, but I guess it’s true when they say power intoxicates.
    Coming to Shaka, it’s disappointing that some individuals are adamant to excuse this disgraceful knuckle head by saying that it was a “S

  33. Coming to Shaka, it’s disappointing that some individuals are adamant to excuse this disgraceful knuckle head by saying that it was a “Social gathering”, “All men fornicate”, “Women want to be slaughtered”, blah, blah, blah.
    1. None of you need to be told about the harsh realities of AIDs in Zambia. I would expect more from a leader. Surprisingly our Leaders with climb a tree (like a chimp) and clap for themselves for encouraging prostitution “vehicle for AIDs” and a danger to the moral fiber of our society.
    2. Tax payers maintain and run the National Assembly Motel; the fact that our Leaders are going to use our tax money to engage in prostitution and subsequently spread AIDs from hard e

  34. 3. Shaka is mediocre in every way; People drink and misbehave, but for him to use it as an excuse or that he could not remember what happened because he was so drunk is a reason for itself to get him fired without hesitation. Some people will disagree with me but the truth is that a leader who drinks senseless is a danger and cannot be relied upon 24/7. The other fear is; what will he do next when he is in his drunken spree especially that he has power and influence? A combination of power and uncontrolled drinking is dangerously explosive. All those who drink eventually come to know that you NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use drinking as an excuse for scandalous behavior; you always say you knew what

  35. 4. Some men will attest that they have fornicated but I guess we are different in how we handle our shameful escapades. I wonder what kind of a person finds such pride in sleeping with prostitutes and claims victory. Most men I know would keep that to themselves or close associates only. Only a fool would ululates his prostitution victories let alone in a public place. In my books just this proclaimed victory would get him fired because he is a ticking boom.
    Shaka my A$$; conquering whores from Misis?? Damn stupid

  36. #41 We are saying why should it take forever to even come up with a statement of how far the investigation have gone? Te speaker should address the nation and say these are the evidences against Shaka and we are proceeding to find out more. Don’t just keep quite cause the implies that you are doing nada about it.

  37. Profiler be breif and straight to the point. short statements like a woman’s skirt. short enough to real most issues but long enough to hide the necessesities!

  38. . I am just wondering if he is a novice in drinking and that would explain a lot of things or perhaps he just graduated from Mosi to Liquor or Spirits as known in Zambia; that would equally answer a lot of questions. If that’s the case, Shaka stay away from liquor and stick to the Mosi you used to know.

  39. Who wants to stand for public office and solve this mess. WE NEED GOOD MORALS FROM OUR LEADERS!!!

  40. #41 CHIPIMPI
    No one is calling for Shakafuswa to jailed but fired.You`ll need to realise that Shakafuswa is still getting paid by the same tax payers he`s been insulting.There`s also a reason why you`re not adressed as HONOURABLE but Shakafuswa is and that`s the reason Zambians want to withdraw such a tag from someone who doesn`t deserve it.

  41. Fofobongo we may be hypocrites but we are not in Public Office. On the flip side you’re a disgrace because you can stand for such nonsense and try to play the guilt card by asking us to seach our souls.
    A wrong is a wrong and what he did was wrong. Our wrongs have nothing to do with what he did. Be wise and open your eyes unless you have other personal reasons to stand by his side.

  42. fools will always be fools Levi is one and he remain one guess thats why he can not discipline his nephew

  43. Mrs Moonga is gone!!. You well informed guys is this what you call democracy and freedom of speech?

  44. Emperor Mwanawasa does it again. How dare this woman who is just supposed to be slaughtered brings out Levy’s family empire. This is democracy at its best. When you give power to a group of people who are supposed to be led, this is what you get. Mrs Moonga should have known. Jullian Chisupa said the exact words about 5 years ago, where is she? Mwanawasa is one useless scam of the earth that even you guys who support him should look in your mirrors and say to the reflection, “F you, how come you support this scam, are you another scam?”

  45. Hey # 62
    I know it is frustrating but, keep it clean please. LEVY, WE ASK YOU TO UPHOLD DEMOCRACY NOT NEPOTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. #47, 49 & 50…..ba professor please check your spellings!! It’s not breif it’s BRIEF. Did you go to through the same courses as ba “Legal Expert” (article on Dora Siliya)?????

    Here’s my advice SIR: ‘i’ comes before ‘e’ except after ‘c’

    By the way goole and spell-check come in very handy!



  48. #53 ,
    I definitely DO know why he is addressed that way and that he is fully paid(better paid) by( than) the tax payers themselves, a thing which most politician alas take for granted, therefore its necessary that he is held liable to ALL his words and I believe that is what the Speaker is doing.My point is that, why can’t we let the democratic system work? Unlike calling Levy names when its not him delaying the proceedings, Yes he has his own faults, but direct your guns on the right target.Just because its obvious does not mean that Levy should jump on it and act.Lets follow protocol..thats the nature of democracy–Rule of Law, …Innocent Until proven Guilty!

  49. #69 ,
    You should care what happens to Shaka because such events tests the working of the Zambian Democracy and builds it.This is abuse of position and degrading of humans.If the system handles this appropriately then will know that it can hold accountable all the Nawakwis and Mathanis of this world.Let US Care!

  50. We can argue about how far LPM has to stick his head into the Shaka issue. While some people strongly believe that this issue should take its course through the rule of Law. My bone of contention is that; as some legalities may be considered before any action is taken against Shaka, morality should be paramount and action should be taken at once. We do not need to debate the fact that this knuckle head lacks moral fiber.

  51. In the same way LPM took into consideration that his boyi had the necessary morals to uphold such an office when he appointed him, the same yard stick should be used to judge him now. Unfortunately, his nephew lacks the basic requirements of a national leader as revealed by his actions. LPM must remove this fellow from public office at once while they decide as a party how they will further deal with him. I am sure he did not consult with NEC when he appointed him but surprisingly NEC is called upon to conveniently clean up LPM’s mess.

  52. I normally wouldn’t post on this forum as I like to read evrybody’s comments which are often great. I had to add my voice today because for the first time since I started feeling that Zambian governance had become more patriarchal and dictatorial,the case of Madam Moonga has laid it bare. She is being sidelined on the basis of her gender and for speaking out against tribalism. What sort of mad nation are we going to be if we can’t allo a platform for the voice of reason? It’s so retrogressive to shut people up when they express their democratic right of speech and opinion. Frankly, the lady spoke on behalf of most of us. She simply expressed what we have observed but have been afraid to say

  53. the nation has become less patriotic and less of a “one Zambia one Nation” state. It’s disgusting and terribly annoying. Lets tally all the strategic and influential positions held by the government and not suprisingly, the results will scream “Mwanawasa” clan member! For crying out loud, we do not come from a monarchy. It’s alright for us to resent such practice and express our sentiments. Do not intimidate us, MMD or you won’t know what hit you when the cats come out to play!

  54. And what’s the nonsense about Fred Mmembe being taken to court? Just bollocks!!! Can we not express our sentiments any longer? If the media is not allowed to speak for the people then who will? Chiluba should hung his socks dry and suck a lemon whilst waiting for his corruption case to be resolved

  55. Read Fofobongo’s message again; WE ARE ALL HYPOCRITES!! Makes no difference whether in or out of public office. A man is just a man. He will do what he has to do when opportunity presents itself. Let us STOP getting emotional and just forgive Shakafuswa.

  56. I think most people are upset because we do not want to see a repeat of this nosense. Deal with Shaka accordingly and we do not have to worry about future blunders like this.

  57. shaka sahme on you! you are just a balm that should not be in government.And you fat uncle chuchu, you have just shown your true colors of how u are such a tribilist. if it was a bemba man who had done whatyour stupid nephew did, chuchu would have never waited for the so called investigations. wait chuchu, you days are numbered. its 2011 and we are waiting for you. all the others people are closely watching how you are over protecting and favouring your family tree.enjoy now because afer you term is over. your fat self and your family should be investigated just as much as you have done to other people most espicailly bemba people.

  58. Do not take zambians for grated Mr. President.It is very clear what you trying to do that.Remember can fool some people but you can not all the people all the time. Much more it is impossible to fool the almight. This is what kapuli kakwe kafupi failed to realise during his tensure. A very stain warning ba presido, you will be very disgraceful remembered if you continue going down the road you taking on this shakaf*****r issue.

  59. He who is not guilty of any sin…let him cast the first stone. MPs are human too. there is nothing wrong with having a bit of fun at the national assembly motel.


  61. zambian politics its like lil kids playing kalambe. tribalism,nepotism,uhule,bribery the list is endless everything wraped together when are things gonna be taken seriously coz i believe all these m#***%ers are grown ups and they know what to and not to do,so there is no excuse for the shaka chap he must be disciplined immediately if the presidito is no biased there is no way they can dis ma sis mrs moonga for trying to exercise her freedom of speech no dats unacceptable action is what is needed and equality of action must prevail in every situation….do some man presidito aight!!!!am out…

  62. Blatter Backs Zambia’s Kalusha
    The newly appointed president of the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ), Kalusha Bwalya, has been congratulated by World Soccer Governing body (FIFA) boss Sepp Blatter.

    The Swiss assured the African Legend of FIFA’s support in his new role as head of Zambian football.

    According to reports from kickoff.com, Sepp Blatter in a congratulatory letter challenged the former African Footballer of the Year award recipient to fully utilize his vast experience as player, coach and administrator in lifting Zambian football, and said he was looking forward to discussing relevant development projects with Kalusha and his new Executive grouping soon.

    Blatter also

  63. Can somehow please tell me, Who is MMD NEC National Secretary, Katele or Kaande? If its Kaande what has happened to ‘Super’ Katele, court or presdo ambitions?

  64. #NO.26 please take note No. 20 is right, if you avail yourself to be slaugthered, you have to take all that comes with it. Women please, respect yourselves first. Every action has an opposite and corresponding reaction. Why parage yourself at the motel. As for Moonga, well!!! Is she an angel in white?

  65. The language on this fora leaves a lot to be desired. Guys and gals please, what’s so different between you and Shaka?

  66. I keep wondering why Investigations results are never released. Up to now we dont even have the report on the 2 days black outs???

  67. A lot of people have commented about LPM’s nepotism and the family. Unfortunately many of us have not been able to see the family tree in black and white. Can anyone who has got it please make it available to us on LT so that some of, doubting Thomases, can be convinced that the family exists and it is not mere malicious talk.

    The turn of events regarding Shakafuswa’s case is unbelievable!!

  68. I fully support the president’s stance. Why should he get embroiled in a parliamentary matter just because Jonas is his nephew? I am fully confident that when parliament have done their investigations, Jonas will be dealt with accordingly.

    I am also fully confident that when MMD NEC acts, Jonas will be expelled from the party and I am also confident that MMD will win the seat in a by-election. No Zambian should take their political positions as personal to holder and act with malicious and reckless abandon.

  69. And now mrs moonga has been fired .Thats the rule of law isnt.ooo by the way mrs moonga make sure yu dont go close to SHAKAF”””. NOW THAT YU DONT HAVE A JOB

  70. Mrs Moonga is not smart enough for the dirty business of politics. Did she ever get slaugtered at NAM? Don’t despair Mrs Moonga, every dog has it`s day.

  71. Hey guys,
    here in the UK,he is addressed as “Mr.Shakafuswa,Katuba MP” and in Zambia he is addressed as “Honorable Shakafuswa,Katuba MP” can someone help me understand chizungu as I am not confortable calling them HONORABLE.

  72. #70 CHIPIMPI
    I wish to inform you that what`s at play is political triagulation and not democracy.Levy said that he`ll wait for the outcome of the investigations committee of privileges and sevrvices.This committee comprises 7 total members,4 from MMD(Nalumango,Mulongoti,G.Nyirongo & George Kunda),1 ULP(SAKI),1 PF(E.Mwansa) & 1 UPND(E.Kasoko).Basically the MMD forms a simple majority.
    What Levy is doing is buying time,hoping some other news cycle would overlap Shakafuswa`s scandal.If Zambians continue turning on the heat,Levy will finally throw his nephew under the bus.

  73. Yes Levy is a pure tribalist.A few days ago he said he will not suspend his nephew.Today a different story after people have reacted.Shame upon you LPM!!

    God gonna punish you!!

  74. 4. Old Munshumfwa says: Apr 3rd, 2008 at 2:06 pm

    Of Uncles and Nephews! However, I beg to differ as there are 3 issues here.1- This guy was probably expressing his opinion. I mean, guys, how many of you have not indulged in commercial fornication?


    You peeps are telling the world you have tasted Tasinta? You really have balls to say that…Zambians you still dont realise HIV exists? Or maybe you accept that? You have tasted Malilo, Mulata,ahule?

  75. Friends, there is nothing to investigate please. Shakas apologized for his wrong did. His wife and son also asked Zedians to forgive him. so what is there to investigate. The slaughterer is guilty, so punishment should follow.
    LPM is just playing hide and seek, cant you see that guys?

  76. Since there are many experts here, I would like some advice. I have just left school and am starting in the game. I charge $3 (ONLY US$)for dog style and missionary style with condom and only $2 for saxophone lessons. My friends say that I am selling too cheap. They say it should not be cheaper than a hamburger.What do you think?

  77. Uncle Chuchu are you surely not going to fire Shaka please do it and now.he is a disgrass do not be like him.Comeon.

  78. It’s unfair to have swiftly fired Chitala for his personal opinion of African learders reluctance to act on the formation of the United States of Africa. It was also inappropriate and unacceptable to discipline Mrs. Christine Mtooga over what she felt was pure tribalism. I am not a Tonga but I support her and feel that we are one and need to put this filthy animal called TRIBALISM away and look at each other as one people. I know that the Lozi’s are the most tribalistic in Zambia but we know that these tribal tendencies started emerging and showing their ugly face during “thief-man Chiluba’s reign.” Levy is clearly enhancing it but we can not allow it to continue. All deserve equality.

  79. Tribalism destroys the main fabric that society is made of. Double standards when dealing with relatives put in political positions are symbolic of tribalism. This is an inescapable truth and when one is leader one ought to apply fairness across the board. If your relative contravenes Party rules and policy you have to fire him or her just as you dispense of those that not your kinsmen. We have to try to build a society of upright men, men who will operate on the basis of their values and respect for the rule of law and respect for the Zambian who put them in power.

  80. You people who keep defending Shakafuswa by asking which law he broke (thereby claiming he didn’t break any law), Can you confidently stand up and say “assault” is not against the law? Shakafuswa threatened his fellow MP with Violence for what he (the other MP) had said in parliament during debate! Imagine a Minister saying “we will be beating you up if you continue to bebate like that.” Threating Violence is against the law and ethics in almost all workplaces Yet a minister is there threating fellow MPs with Violence. Let him fight Chingangu in the ring if he wants to box someone without breaking the law.
    Action must be taken against Shaka, period.

  81. I’m very disappointed on the developments and the progress this case has taken.You realise that the President has an influence over this issue. I agree with the mass that he(Dr Mwanawasa) is “buying” time. This man (Shakafuswa) doesn’t deserve to be a public figure.The President heard of this fracas before he left for Botswana.Being a leader means alot, he (Mwanawasa) shouldn’t be biased,we aren’t kids, we are seeing on how he’s treating everyone.I hope he acts soon

  82. The best leader in Africa is the current President Dr, Lev,Mwanawasa Iurge you all Zambian to fully respect him thats my piece of advise.

  83. # 113 i guess mwanawasa is your dad, right?
    if not that, then you are one of the people that are benefiting from our money..
    i agree with #114, you need 2 grow up..Alaginzi can do for you…

  84. Mwanawasa should by now know that time flies like lighting and soon he will be out of office and he will be faced by the same law which he brags to know more than we the zedians. By the way, what type of law has he studied?
    May be under his law firm, morals are never considered a factor in appointing people to top leadership.
    Time will catch up with you just like it dawned on Castro Chiluba when he woke up one day to find the police body guards are no more and his father being persecuited.

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