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K200m CDF Lies Idle in Chavuma, Projects Suffer

Headlines K200m CDF Lies Idle in Chavuma, Projects Suffer

About K200 million 2007 Constituency Development Fund (CDF) in Chavuma district in Northwestern province is still lying idle in the bank.

Chavuma District Commissioner, Frobisher Fulayi, and Council Secretary Bryson Kanchingu confirmed the development to North western Province minister Kenneth Chipungu when he visited the district recently.

Mr. Fulayi said CDF for Chavuma has not yet been utilised because the ministry of Local Government and Housing has not yet approved the committee to administer the funds.

He said applications for projects from various groups have received and approved but authorities could not release the CDF because of the delay in approving of committee members.

Meanwhile, Mr. Fulayi disclosed that 21 schools and several teachers’ houses that were made out of mud and pole structures in Chavuma district collapsed during heavy rains this season.

And Mr. Chipungu said it was unfortunate that the CDF for last year for Chavuma has remained unutilised when there were many projects that required funding in the area.

Mr. Chipungu said there was no need to politicise the CDF because it was meant for development and uplifting living standard of people in a particular constituency.


  1. The people of Chavuma are their own enemies and they should not blame the GRZ for lack of development. Does it take the whole year to form a committee? These jokers are at it again!! During the UNIP days money meant for development projects in North-Westen Province was always returned to the central government intact. They thought that was the way to win favours from KK and his cronies. When will these people wake up?

  2. You are not helping the situation by hindering development. Come on people this in unacceptable!!!!!!

  3. Who is responsible for CDF, the same political leaders who are domant. Area councelors & the DC what are those meetings at council offices for? is to plan for development in our local wards, the issue still comes to people we vote into power who can’t plan at community level, they are used of being planned for and told to impliment things they dont understand shame.

  4. thats its , i always know that people in GRZ are either over utilize the money or never use its at all sometime si wonder what kind of educational level these people are qualified for, the fact of the matter ios that at the end of the fiscal year theyll say theyve use so much ofm the money of which no physical evidence will be shown to prove the usage of such funds….period

  5. This is one of the most useless funds because normally this money goes to wrong people.I feel this money should only be relaesed to the constituencies after the plans have been approaved by the MP and the Department responsile for Development.In most cases i think this money ends up in fuel and maybe allowances which should not be the case


  7. Yet chavuma will be hot to gas and oil drilling activities, we need to see developments taking shape, wake Luba-Lundas.

  8. Guys, let’s not get carried away. This is just a propaganda story. There are two things to point out here. Firstly, K200 million is just about $54,000 US. This is a third of Mwanawasa’s annual salary, and yet it is meant for the whole province. Secondly, the head line is catchy and tries to place blame on local people. The truth is that government has starved local councils of funds and they are no longer able to run projects properly. So the government tries to give money directly to ‘local people’ who have no experience of running projects. These sort of funds are often used to buy votes, especially in rural areas. The government should give money to local councils instead!

  9. Hie guys, it is not only Chavuma, Magande returned to the treasurey about 900 billion kwacha, saying there were no project to use the money for. Yet we only have one big hospital, two big university (the lowest number of universities the whole world), roads in Lusaka and elsewhere have big pot holes which look like swimming pools, schools and houses have collapsed due to heavy rains, electricity crisis etc. Please guys, the problem is not about resouces but management, there is leadership crisis. I wonder if there is serious planning in our country to say, this year we will do such and such projects. i feel leaders do very little apart from drinking minearal water in their meeting.

  10. Ba Ka Labale indeed! Mud and pole houses for your teachers and 50,000 USD lies idle in the bank.This is a problem of civil servants jobs not being tied to specific out puts otherwise the axe should have fallen.And the people of Chavuma said….?Mbo #10 I agree with you.Zed needs to develop capacity to spend with value for money. Money is not the problem but how to spend it.

  11. so sad indeed, money is there yet not used. why not just say this year the money goes to build the teachers houses rather than wait for the formation of no workable committees? come chavuma residents, dont allow the luvale dormancy cripple development

  12. but zoona when they say pumpkins grow in areas were pipo do not have pots its true olo chiwaya chipezeka munyumba mwamene muli nkote na biliva lelo.
    baka lubale baka lunda do u have perfect roads? but are we on the some pace with these pipo. we need infrastructure in the area.

  13. Too much mukanda and makishi dancing!Thinking about how to utilise 200m ZMK is too much work for my mbuyas. Also too much kachasu.Remember that is where the HQ of the brewery is. Seriously, a committee not appointed is the reason for stifling development. The problem id that they can talk about the problems they face and when you give them the solution, they want you to do everything for them. Bukalubale mbulwashi!

  14. Some ***** must be benefiting from all this idiocy. How do you return k200 million CDF and claim there is no committee to administer the funds.MPs and provicial minister must be doing their work- this just shows how incompetent they are. Don’t blame the people of the area who probably don’t even know there is such amounts lying idle. Thanks to new deal, at least people are able to know their money is accumulating dust. This never happened in the previous regime. NW- sleeping giant has emerged and never like before. Mother f**kers should stop blaming the lundas and luvales. If you want to fight, we will give you war.

  15. Lunda King #16.Lets not talk of the beef btwn Lundas and Luvales.And do’nt talk of war: fight who? You know that you will never fight again after you know what. The common denominator btwn you guys is Kachasu. Again seriously, yes I agree with you in years gone by you would never have known that money was unspent.Some wise guy would have found aternative use.

  16. shame! how many villagers knows abt CDF? and how it’s channelled? let the gvt train the councillors who are community members how to use these monies,who inturn carry out workshops to sensitize the communities how to plan, impliment and ensure sustainability in their projects. We have pipo out there in our communities but we hide information from them so that we can redirect these monies to other things, actually MPs, DCs and in some cases a few councillors pocket this money and retire it in form of receipt as used for youth activities like football. When they fail to find means of stealling it’s taken back coz the community is ignorant abt it

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