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Biclycle accident leaves one dead

General News Biclycle accident leaves one dead

A 20-year-old man has died in a road accident in which two bicycles collided in Mumbwa’s Nalubunda area.

Central Province Police Commanding officer Brenda Muntemba confirmed the incidence to ZANIS, and said that the accident occurred 45 kilometres south of Mumbwa boma.

Ms. Muntemba said two cyclists involved in the collision were coming from opposite directions,when they hit into each other leaving one of them dead after being pierced by bicycle metal parts.

The deceased has been identified as Hastings Lutonga, 20, of Kakuwa village in Chief Moono’s Domain, whilst the surviving cyclist has been identified as Joseph Musefu, 21,of Shindango village in the same Chiefdom.

The surviving cyclist sustained minor injuries in the mishap, and is currently helping police with further investigations.

Bicycle accidents are not uncommon in the district and have occurred regularly in the peri-urban areras over the past few months.

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  1. dats bad for the guy loosing his life but what can we do when time has come lets keep on praying to God and may his soul rest in peace….and may his family stay strong in this time of sorrow..it happens.

  2. Something should be done about it. We overlook bicycle regulations – if one is cycling at night, reflectors and a torch mounted at the handlebars is mandatory. Other than that relax, Jehovah is in control.

  3. Ba Sad (4) Bwaana:Osati kuboiler boiler.Kulibe noize pa computer chakuti banzako bazinkala chabe just keep quiet.Munyamata Muntuza (3) adabwa chabe kuti bicycle yacita RTA ndipo afunsa funso.Bushe High Way Code ilinama lamulo ya bicycle olo nima motoka chabe. Sad indeed for the deceased.MHSRIP

  4. 7, what have you found that you are doing? This blog is both for the astute and infirm in intellect. Many who claim to be astute cant even digest simple humour. Ok, we will leave you alone and contribute when you go on ‘leave’. Pls let us know when that will be.

  5. It would be disrespectful to laugh, but what are the chances of dying when involved in a bicycle accident unless your moving at 60kms an hour?

  6. This and other past news items related to cycle accidents should be an eye openner as regards redesigning our roads to accomodate cyclists and pedestralian. In the near future I see use of bicycles being handy as the convenient means of transport even in big cities to be such as Lusaka, Ndola, Kitwe, Livingstone, etc. This is a reality. It is happening in Copenhagen (Denmark), London (England), Tokyo (Japan), Stockholm (Sweden), etc. The new city or town roads need to start accommodating cycling.

  7. mmm sori banensu but ichinga…for one to die then there was impact maybe the fellas were cycling at 120 per hour huh we need cycle rules seriousily.

  8. Iye ubulanda, imagine this guy was a bread winner, losing both his life and most valuable asset of the family. Rest in Peace

  9. We should take responsibility as cyclists by driving cautiously. There are ” traffic rules’ to be followed when using foot paths in the villages. Such as honking when approaching a blind corner to alert other people for example.

    Some basic ground rules for cyclist in rural paths thru the support of the local authourites/traditonal rulers may avert incidences such as these in future.

    Sorry to all families involved . We can only learn from this.

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