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Govt to Amend Census and Statistics Act-Shakafuswa

General News Govt to Amend Census and Statistics Act-Shakafuswa

Government says it will soon review and revise the current Census and Statistics Act to enhance statistical development in the country.

Finance and National Planning Deputy Minister Jonas Shakafuswa says government will also restructure the Central Statistical Office and increase funding towards the operations of the office.

Mr. Shakafuswa said this when he officiated at a workshop on the compilation of an improved Gross Domestic Product time series for the period 2003 to 2007 in Lusaka today.

Mr. Shakafuswa said statistics play a pivotal role in policy formulation, decision making and evaluation of government programmes and other projects.

He said African governments need timely data for them to plan and monitor economic growth, reduce poverty and improve the living standards of all citizens.

And speaking earlier, African Development Bank Country Manager Vivienne Apopo said her bank is in the process of formulating a statistics support programme that will soon be tabled before the Bank’s Board of Directors.

Ms. Apopo also reiterated the need to integrate the break down of GDP into the routine activities of national accounts in African countries.


  1. Chuchu’s nephew just shup your dirty mouth! The more you open your filthy and rotten mouth the more you disgrace your uncle.

  2. Howz about including a statistical trend of how many prostitutes our politicians shag when away from home?

  3. I attended the meeting this morning. The minister looked so sheepish and generally felt out f place. He couldnt even look in the eyes of the women nor did he even realise what he was reading. I wonder when this will be over. God forgive him but he should be fired for the sake of an upright moral society.

  4. How about increase funding towards the operations of the slaughter motel for potted belly politicians.

  5. #6 Why cant he resign to save himself of the pain! Otherwise he will be tormented to death! Pipo are bad ka?

  6. It is interesting there are many brothels in Lusaka. One of them is Namakondondo along great South road where big bosses take their secretaries and girlfriends to have “fun” during lunch hour. Watch out if your wife is a secretary and does not come for lunch. Probe.

  7. Zambia needs an Equal Opportunities Act. This act should stipulate the balance of tribes in any formal set up. In addition, Zambia needs a Tribal Discrimination Act, which should ensure no one is sidelined on the basis of his or her origin. If these tribal issues aren’t checked, they will cause another Kenya or Rwanda.

    Our colleagues in West Africa, Nigeria in particular, learnt from the civil war in the sixty’s. So they have a special form of national service which focuses on breaking internal social barriers. I don’t mean ZNS, no.

    Zambia is brewing an ethnic conflict and GOD forbid.

    One Zambia One Nation. Zambia is for every Zambian.

  8. It looks like a new trend where Zambian men have no chest but bellys which start just after the Esophagus

  9. #6 I like your fair contibution as a witness to the aftermath of Shaka’s endless saga. He is trying to continue from where he left in the hope that people will stop crying for his head.
    Why doesn’t he start with addressing AIDS statistics in Zambia as part of the census exercise in Zambia. He is better off keeping quiet that making public speeches because it is annoying and a reminder to how our Government and President can easily ignore sensitive issues.


  11. what is chu chus cousin still doing over there he even has the gutts to be addressing the Press!!!
    chuchu pliz sack that guy!!!

  12. What has this got to do with what Shaka did at the motel, I thought he was carrying out his duties as Minister, did you even hear what he said or your judgement was clouded. Personally as a user of CSO statistics, this thing is long overdue, it is a straightjacket act which needs revisiting to make information and statistics more available for citizens, but who cares about statitics anyway, we would rather listen to politicians parrot lies than use statistics to make them accountable. I am surprised people are shocked over the 200 million CDF chavuma funds, why? were you all in coma? READ guys instead of parroting insults here!

  13. John 8:7 So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them,

    “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

  14. #20 hehe….. we are not casting a stone at anybody, but politician were elected by us the electorate and so they are accountable us. LET THEM PULL UP THEIR SOCKS AND WORK NOT JUST SLAUGHTERING WOMEN AT BOTHEL MOTEL!

  15. The issue is the improvement of GDP compilation which i think is long overdue since it is grossly underestimated, in my opinion. Just because the Deputy Minister screwed up in private does not mean he should not perform his public duties. I hope that workshop addresses the demand-side of GDP by disaggregating the expenditures rather than the way it is currently reported by CSO. We do not even have details about the all-important consumer spending, which is lumped up in some statistical national accounting jargon called private final consumption expenditure!

  16. # 19 & 20, bravo to you guys. If everyone was more like you on earth, life would have been sweeter. The fact that you do not reason like pharisees makes you very good candidates of heaven. I want to think your contributions have added a smile to the face of Jesus. May God blot out ALL your sins, let me hear you say amen!!!

  17. #24. Amen.

    As for Shaka’s case, i do not support what he did at the Motel at anyone time. However, I feel he has learnt his lesson and let us give him a chance to prove why he is a cabinet DMinister.

    May God help Shakafuswa to confess his sins and to seek forgiveness from the Almighty Himself.

    On the current topic, I surely think he has done well to bring this whole think about especially this time around.

  18. There is another brothel on the copperbelt, ” The Baluba River Motel” just check and see what happens there, most of this HIV you are seeing now originated from there, ata! not sure if the owner realises that. Innocent Zambians please keep away.

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