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Activists to walk from Kitwe to Lusaka

General News Activists to walk from Kitwe to Lusaka

Two Lusaka-based anti corruption activists are next week expected to undertake a 15 days sponsored walk from Kitwe to Lusaka dubbed “save Zambia from corruption” to cover about 358 kilometers.

Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) president Reuben Lifuka made the announcement today at a media briefing in Lusaka.

Mr. Lifuka said the main objective of the walk against corruption campaign is to draw public support in the fight against corruption.

He added that the walk is also aimed at urging Zambians to take an active individual role against the scourge.

Mr. Lifuka said while the government should provide leadership Zambians should also play a meaningful role to create the environment for national development.

He said corruption in Zambia and many developing countries is becoming endemic especially in the public service sector impacting negatively on the economy.

Mr. Lifuka said TIZ is concerned about recent corruption perception index which have notably indicated a negative trend in the manner Zambia is performing in addressing corruption.

He said the walk against corruption campaign has drawn support and sponsorship from about 14 organisations at a cost of over K100 million to cover all logistical and financial needs.

Mr. Lifuka has since called upon other companies and stakeholders to support the initiative.

And one of the participants in the walk against corruption campaign participants, Ms. Wendy Mwachilenga said the walk is also targeted at distributing anti corruption printed messages to road users and traffic police officers.

Ms. Mwachilenga added that walking is an instrument that is of human interest and can be used for attracting attention from road users and people in settlements along the way.

She has since challenged Zambians to embark on various individual initiatives aimed at fighting corruption in the country in order to compliment government’s efforts in fighting the scourge.

The two participants Wendy Mwachilenga and Richard Mwanza are expected to walk from Kitwe to Lusaka from the 15th to 30th of this month.

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  1. 100 million for “logistics and financial” needs to enable two chaps to walk 358km’s??? AND Reuben, you want some more ??? Come on guys lets be serious !!

  2. what a load of rubbish there are over a hundred people in zambia who can walk for under a 100million and this guy (lifuka) is asking for more money, this suggests that the walk itself is a corrupt crusade what do u need more money for? ati logistics! are u having a laugh what logistics logistics to line your pockets lifuka? besides its one man and a woman hopefully after the walk we shall hear that wendy is pregnant…..i cant believe these monkeys take us for fool. if they want to walk let them walk just give them food and water after all jesus never ate or drank for 40 days and 40 nights neither did he have a woman with him!

  3. Wendy cannot from town to Chelstone and yet this Reuben GUY wants us to believe she can walk from from Kitwe to Lusaka. This Rueben guy must attempt to walk I can assure he will collapse even before reaching Kamfinsa Turn off.Maybe this is the only way he can lose his excessive weight.

  4. Eeye you can match but corruption will not end. Get rid os sin and the devil then you are home and dry. There is alot to be done in winning the war against corruption. The WORD OF GOD IS THE SOLUTION.

  5. #6 Hima
    What the match will do is to bring awareness about the evils of corruption.Have you ever heard of being a DOER of the word and not just a HEARER?
    Just join in the match and if someone asks you why you`re involved,then share the WORD.

  6. Pliz pliz 100 million for these 2 guys to have a walk , actually to start with this is another corrupt practice already which is fighting other forms of corruption. Imagine a civil servant who works for 55 years gets 50 million but you lucky guys you get it in days you can count? which criteria did they use to come up with you guys? pliz anti corruption probe more.

  7. Why are people only focused on the amount of money involved in organising such a mammoth task than the intended purpose of the match?Logistics involve media coverage and all the necessary tools to deserminate such information against corruption.Let`s try to be logical in the way we tackle issues.

  8. #11 Chapi. Come one

    No doubt very good intetions. This can be done with more people and at a much lower cost. Two people for 100 mil is crazy if 100 people can do it for 10 mil if that.

  9. #12 Real Zambian
    My focus is on the good intentions and how best we can do to fight corruption.The attention such a match will draw would definately help in this fight against corruption.
    We need to realise that ZNBC coverage costs money and the entourage that will accompany the matchers will need to be taken care of.Basically,there`s alot involved in organising such an event.
    It does NOT simply mean that the two people that will match will be paid 50 million each.

  10. Chapi, Listen

    ZNBC will not show a fifteen day documentary. They can have footage of the fisrt few KM’s and the last few kiometers. They say they will be handing out fliers along the way and that is no jop to have a professinal camera man on site. I SAY GO AHEAD WITH THE MATCH BUT INVOLVE MORE PEOPLE AND DO NOT SPEND ALL THAT MONEY!

  11. Stop the BIG JOKE Lifuka. If Levy has been singing against corruption from the time he took office and people have ears and still cant hear, have eyes but cant see, WHAT WILL MARY RUNNER and JOHN WALKER DO TO IMPACT POSITIVELY. Be serious, just work on conditions of service for the police, ACC, and every worker, then you will kill corruption. Just APPEAL TO LEVY TO START FIRING CORRUPT LEADERS AND THE IMPACT WILL BE BIGGER THAN A WALKING FUN FOR TWO ADULTS OF OPPOSITE SEX WHO ARE LIKELY TO START A SEX AFFAIR WITH THE K100m SUPPORT FROM THE DONORS UNDER LIFUKA’S PATRONAGE.

  12. Fyabupuba …that’s a loss of 15X24X60X60 seconds of productive work time. What the hell are they up to?

    Let them join Bikeloni and Difficult if the want to know which way to go in Seing Mwanawasa.

    We are in Zambia bane …

  13. now this is seriously follishness at its best!!! how does this Rueben chap allow 100 million to be spent on two chaps who will probably not make that distance? and people in Kanyama are still battling with floods and all that? people lets be alittle compationate.. 100 million patupuba tubili utukafwila panshila?? tulekwata amano bane..

  14. Let teh chaps walk, for all I care girls and boys in rural Zambia walk that distance to school and back in less than 15 days. Stupid *****s, get a life!

  15. Lifuka, what is your cut in the 100 grudas. No wonder now you can’t even sit properly (Overweight) because of corruption. I remember you from ‘Vatican’ at CBU you were excessively thin, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw you on tele. Bonse twalina, ifyakulya efichepafye. Give chance to us also, tukankaleko namikoshi.

  16. having conducted a cost benefit analysis on this initiative, i feel it would have been better if a concert was held by inviting all our national leaders, opposition and government, so that they could educate us, the youth on why corruption is destroying our country. They could have had musicians and a sketch also produced by roy clarke……….. nomba a walk for two people? katwishi mwe for me this is not effective for TIZ

  17. I didn’t know Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) president Reuben Lifuka is also a joker how in a poor Zambia can someone spend such money on walking where pipo will walk for a KM JUMP into a car. And drive slow.
    Zambian we have not reached at the stage of understanding such things like a walk for ACC.


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