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Chipata rail ready by June

Economy Chipata rail ready by June

The construction of the Chipata-Mchinji Railway line in Eastern Province is likely to be completed before June.
Eastern Province Minister, Charles Shawa said government has released K10 billion towards the construction of the railway line.
Mr. Shawa explained that the project, which was supposed to be completed this month, was delayed due to the power outages and the shortage of cement.
The Minister was speaking in an interview with ZNBC news.
Once completed, the railway line will promote trade between Zambia and Malawi and ease transportation of goods and services.
The Chipata-Mchinji Railway line was intially started in 1982 but later abandoned in 1992 and only revived in 2006.
The railway line is touted as an important alternative link to the Nacala sea port in Mozambique and will later be linked to the Tazara Railway line


  1. This shows the kind of leadership we have.LPM has brought development to all places in zambia.Chilubaism and thuggery left destruction and paralysed many parts of our mother Zambia.Viva LPM!if chiluba had finished this rail line,there would have been alot of jobs and business created in Eastern province.

  2. this is clearly just a publicity stunt. I’ll believe it when i see it. Thats all you hear nowadays, “we are extending the runway in Ndola so cargo planes can land, we are building an airport in solwezi, we want to make the airstrip in Kasama into an international airport, we are going to put up a railway line from zambia to angola, powerplant, railway,railway, airport,airport”. These are all just lies so MMD can sweet talk itself into power. Show us the things you’re talking about then we’ll believe you because constantly its just a publicity stunt so you can have something to write in the times or dailymail newspaper. Really, come on.

  3. It has taken long to finish the Chipata-Mchinji Railway line. I will wait for June because I saw the beginning of the railway line construction at Lutembwe in 1982.

  4. # 1 from all your comments i have read.. you are a blind supporter of LPM. #2 is right seeing is believing!! lets look at facts and the actual results and not the statements some individuals are making as campaign strategy for the upcoming by-elections in the milanzi constituency.

  5. And what the Dag Stadium in Ndola tali LPM they will start constructing last year what has happened and they even quiet.

  6. And what about the Dag Stadium in Ndola tali LPM said they will start constructing last year what has happened and they are quiet.

  7. I was in chipata recently after 6 years abroad and myself having born and bred in chipata i can vouch for anyone that the railway line is almost complete.

    Shortage of cement hasnt made things easier plus funds being relased so slow. Construction of road network to the railway station is also almost complete which is being given to Sable Construction.

    Once this network is complete it will be much easier importing goods and using the ports of Beira and Dar-es-salaam will be more beneficial than durban.

  8. Railway tracks, fine. But what about the carriages? Are we going to turn to donors? I can see a rail line without trains for years to come.

  9. Tiyende Pamodzi, the trains will be there as long as there is cargo to be carried. So make sure you provide that cargo.

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