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New Siansowa Township development Approved

Economy New Siansowa Township development Approved

Sinazongwe District Council Secretary has disclosed that the Ministry of Lands has approved the layout plan for the new Siansowa Township.
Mr. Oliver Muuka said the next step was for the Surveyors to beckon the plots which the Local Authority has already paid for the work to be done.

He said the Council would commence to service the township by providing streets, refuse collection, dumping sites, and facilitate water provision soon after the survey works was completed.
Mr Muuka said the other stage would include advertising of the plots, conducting plot interviews, and allocating it to the developers.

The Council Secretary says the Ministry of Lands was paid K21million for plot numbering.
He says Maaze Holding Ltd, a local investor in the district, had promised to build a clinic at the New Township but the Company could not go ahead because the survey works has not been done.
Sinazongwe District Council has also completed the surveying of plots for both Sinazongwe Township and Sinazeze which are also growing areas in the district.

Sinazongwe District Planning Officer Syamwiinga Syabbalo disclosed that 150 plots have been surveyed in Sinazongwe Township.

He says the streets have been opened for both Sinazongwe and Sinazeze Townships at a cost of more than K100 million.


Mr. Syabbalo noted that the roads were opened up to ensure that would be developers have access to their plots.

He says the other role was to turn them into better living places by building good standard houses approved by both the Council and Country planning department under the Southern Province Planning Authority.


  1. ba councl! za dywe wa futi, follw it up next time there will be no plots marked, no roads and pipo will be self allocating plots, houses wont be in the same line of facing same direction coz ayo mahafu ba za dya.

  2. Good development #1 I grew up there. I would love to see proper housing, things we take for granted, in other areas of our country they are luxuries.I mean it.

  3. Twalumba bana Siansowa. You not doing badly. Please keep it up. We surely need development also in the valley. We have lacked behind for a long time, but we do not white elephant projects like the Gwembe Tonga Development Project which has left scars all over in the valley. Kamuyuma basa.

  4. Please get rid of all shanties and re plan our townships. Our townships are pathetic and unsightly.

  5. Well,that’s what we call development but please make sure that all the necessities are put in place b4 pipo start building.proper roads,leave some way for sewerage.

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