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Tourism records a 6 percent growth


Zambia’s tourism sector has continued to record significant growth.

Tourism, Environment and Natural Recourses Minister Michael Kaingu announced in Lusaka today that the sector has since recorded a 6 percent growth.

Mr. Kaingu said this translates into a 3 percent contribution to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

He explained that the three percent may just be a small margin of the actual contribution tourism has made the GDP.

Mr. Kaingu said tourism is not only part of the social sector but plays an important role the economic sector as well.

Mr. Kaingu further called for the revision of the brand “Zambia the real Africa” so that it could highlight what tourists can enjoy when they come to visit Zambia.

He pointed out that the current the brand gives the impression that Africa is one country, an impression which he said must be corrected.


  1. I’m willing to offer creative marketing services to mr kaingu so we can double the contribution to GDP.

    Working in the overseas tourism sector has been such a valuable experience.

  2. Guys, please don’t bash me for my statement in #3. I’m simply trying to awaken your conscience to reality. I’m not to blame for the problems in my country, which I love much more than the tourists who only come to have a nice time and don’t really care about us.

  3. Mr. Kaingu should leave the tourism moto alone, I don’t think there is anything wrong with it and it does not give the impression that Africa is one country. In fact if the moto gives that impression then we should promote it even more not changing it. Africans and Africa need to unite so anything that gives that impression of unity should be encouraged.

    I love Zambia the Real Africa!!

  4. How about “Zambia the unrealisticly high priced holiday destination”?…£8000 to bring my wife and i back home to game parks for 2 weeks??..£8000..One wonders how much of that money will go to indigenous Zambians

  5. Mr. Kaingu, you’re a bad example of a tourism minister. Food at your lodge KOZO in Choma is extremely expensive. How do you attract local tourists. Its too much. Do something and you will see all Marco Polos snacking at your place. otherwise the place is good man. Also give yourself a loan from the tourism development fund to finish up that place.

  6. Number 8 if u dont understand the safari industry then i suggest you keep quiet. safari is not for everyone…….if u really wnt to see animals i suggest you go to Kenya or Tanzania for their wildlife estates are like zoos and cheap. if u wnt to feel the real africa it comes at a cost hence the high prices. zambia is trying to go the Botswana route low Volume High Quality clients. that is the best way to go. adding value to our tourism industry…..zambia makes more money while keep the environment safe and keeping the masses at bay. whats the point in opening up the industry at next to nothing prices???

  7. also please do understand the fact that safari is very seasonal it only last for 6 to 7 months and so the safari operators have to make the most during these times to off-set loss of revenue during the wet season.

  8. Pointer…have you listened to the crap thats coming out of your gob???..Let me make it simpler for you…K53,600,00.00 for 2 weeks!!..try and justify that before telling others to keep quiet!!!!!YAH*****!!!


  10. #13 hahahaha that is funny. Well some tour operators charges different prices for locals and foreigners. If Mr. Kaingu is charging high prices for local Zambians at his lodge then he should be sacked.

  11. …Yah Zambia is too expensive as a tourist destination when the infrastructures like roads and airport are not even up to international standards. Please fix them and stop the embarrassment. Tourists always complain. However the news is good and you guys along with everybody else in the Zambian tourism sector can do even far better…

  12. #13 whatalife…you are very funny, but very right. Maybe they should be singing and dancing for you…You really made me laugh!

  13. When the Deputy Minister of Tourism was in Germany for the ITB sometime early this year,some Zambians asked him why Zambia was such an expensive tourist desitnation, he said pls come back home set up safari lodges and charge low prices so every Zambian can have a chance to enjoy the seasonal game-watching which #10 is talking about. This challenge has been thrown to all Zambians. As for Mr. Kaingu, recently he announced reductions of charges at his lodges, he may yet reduce the food prices if his attention is drawn to the high prices, the guy is not so bad!!!

  14. #13 on a serious not, please help us understand this by breaking it down for us as follows:
    -cost of your fares
    -cost of your accommodation (and where you stayed)
    -cost of your safari excursions if it was separate from accommodation
    I have an interest in understanding where we are going with tourism in Zambia so feedback from visitors like you is helpful, especially the prevailing cost structure

  15. whatalife it just is out of your pocket……..why would you ant to do somthing you cant afford. i suggest you just keep feeding your family Nshima and beans. i too would love to go on an exclusive safari but until i can have enuf green bank it will always be a dream. there are alot of other things i want…. like a commercial farm somwhere near Choma. but my brother money is a problem. lets do this…….lets vote Sata in to power next time……. we kick all the investors out that way you can have a lodge in Luangwa for free and i will have a farm. lets be freinds and work to a common solution.

  16. Iwe chi # 20 Pointer

    Thats xenophobia you *****. You are no better than illiterate South Africans.

    I say leave the investors be. No one stopped you from having a business in Zambia. That’s just jealousy of Someone else’s hard work. This attitude needs to stop. Instead of grabbing someone else’s work, you work hard and start your own lodge or commercial farm. No one is stopping you.

  17. Yes #21, tell them! Those that attack foreign investors are the laziest and most dangerous parasites of all.

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