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Zambia Police dismisses brutality claims

General News Zambia Police dismisses brutality claims

The Zambia Police Service has refuted media reports that Chawama police officers brutally assaulted Maxwell Mambwe.

In a Press Statement to ZANIS today Commissioner of Police Francis Kabonde said the service high command is appalled with the Monitor and Digest Newspaper’s latest edition’s lead story of Tuesday June 3 reading, “Police officers cripple suspect.”

Mr. Kabonde said Mambwe sustained the injuries at the hands of a mob justice after he and another man allegedly stole a car.

He explained that the suspect was only rescued by police officers who later took him to the University Teaching Hospital for treatment but later arrested and charged him with aggravated robbery which is not a bondable offence.

Mr. Kabonde said the matter is before the high court and any further discussion on the issue has potential to raise issues of contempt of court as the photos shown are part of court proceedings.

He wondered whose interest the paper is serving because such evidence should just be produced during the accussed’s defence when court resumes.

On June 3, 2008 the Monitor and Digest Newspaper carried a story saying police brutality has left the 23 year crippled.

Meanwhile, Police in Livingstone last Sunday arrested three dangerous criminals, three Zambians and a Zimbabwean national and recovered three AK 47 riffles with 47 rounds of ammunition.

Mr. Kabonde said the three named Zambians and their Zimbabwean counterpart have been linked to other serious offences in Livingstone and Kazungula area and will soon appear in court.

And three other dangerous bandits have been arrested by Police in Lusaka for different aggravated robbery cases committed in George and Chazanga compounds recently.

Mr. Kabonda said the Police service has intensified the motorised and foot patrols in residential areas in a quest to restore law and order.

Mr. Kabonde also disclosed that Police have in the last seven days realised K71.2 million from fines paid as admission of guilt with traffic highway patrol team leading with K18 million followed by Chilenje Police who raised K12.8 million.


  1. Some police officers act very irresponsibly. They often behave like they are the law and yet they are simple tools of the law. I have witnessed how they behave including how they can put a false charge on you. Their is need for them to reform and stop the brutality they subject suspects to. The human rights reports are a very good source of some of their brutality and unprofessionalism. We have had reports of people that have been killed whilst in custody, a NAPSA basketball coach that was shot and killed in 2003 (and the case has been dismissed by the courts) and UTH doctors that were arrested last year and falsely charged until intervention from the high command. LPM do something

  2. Court calls for a retrial
    The Supreme Court has ordered a retrial in the case where a 72 year old Luanshya man on the copperbelt was convicted and condemned to 20 years for defiling his step daughter in May 2005.

    The Court set aside the conviction and 20 year sentenced slapped on Goliath Chilekwa on grounds that his conviction was highly irregular.

    The Supreme Court Judges, Dennis Chirwa, Sandson Silomba and Christopher Mushabati have quashed the judgment on grounds that Luanshya magistrate Muishu akende had taken over cross examining of Chilekwa when his step daughter was testifying during the defilement case.

  3. “Meanwhile, Police in Livingstone last Sunday arrested three dangerous criminals, three Zambians and a Zimbabwean national and recovered three AK 47 riffles with 47 rounds of ammunition.”

    What is source of the AK 47 riffles. Surely they must have serial numbers and the like?

    Otherwise, good work Zambia Police and keep it up. Let us not let robbers have it easy.

  4. Yes my big bro # 4. I hope you’re good in Kosovo.

    Well, you see the problem pa Zed, basilikali olo basebenza bwino, muntu satasha. Even when ka bwalala Maxwell Mambwe is pounched on by an irate mob, the blame is shifted to cops. Manje musilikali azasebenza bwanji? Am only happy that the Deputy Police Chief took time to clear the bad picture of the good police.

    Thats why like my bro #4, we’re in the mission area, where the UN appreciates the services of a cop. VIVA bwana ba Kabonde.

  5. Viva Compol job well done you are a powerfull comander.4 u chawama and the rest continue installing discipline to lazy pipo like maxwell.Does he know how much the car cost that he could have just sold may b at 1.500 mambara ulimbe. infact he must thank God that he missed the chance to meet big bandits who have already been condemed by the society waiting 4 final trial from the almight.

  6. Ba Koshet ask the victims of aggravated robbery how maxwell and his friends perfomes when he is control of the situation during a robery.Big pipo like Saki and others can tell u not what u read on papers.They have no mercy and respect for mankind imagin putting 4 pipo in a corolla boot after beating and somestimes undressing them.Z police are very professional bcoz they apply the force according to the crime.Aggravated roberes is who sees the other first with the cop.appreciate the cops one day u b a victim

  7. It is common knowledge that policemen in most African countries r yet to be reoriented from the manners of the bully colonial police man towards native people to a modern law enforcer. All individuals r to be presumed innocent until proven guity! It takes both wisdom and education to ask intelligent questions to make a quity person submit to un offence and get charged. But alas, our officers were once upon a time grade 7 failures, then form 3 drop outs, then form 5 drop outs, then currently senior ranks are being manned by graduates. When need to make law enforcers proud of their job, motivate them thru trainging and good salaries, they wil stop bullying us! They wil become our true partners

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