Britain introduces new migrant scrutiny system


The British government has introduced a new system for assessing highly skilled migrants wanting to work in the United Kingdom (UK).

The new system, which will come into effect on June 30th, 2008, is one of the new Australian style points based system (PBS).

According to press statement released to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Lusaka by the press and public affairs section of the British High Commission, the introduction of the PBS follows the tightening of the British border security arrangements.

The statement indicates that the new system is far easier for applicants to use and is aimed at attracting those who have the highest skills and those who wish to invest in the UK.

It states that further tiers relating to students, workers with a job offer and temporal workers would be rolled out over the next 12months.

UK’s Boarder and Immigration Minister, Liam Byrne noted that the PSB had worked well in Australia, adding that he was confident it would work well for the UK as well.

“UK is a fantastic place to work and develop for those with the skills we need. A points system has worked well in Australia and I think it will work well for Britain. This is a key part of the huge shake-up to our boarder security this year” Mr. Byrne said.

He said all Visa applicants would now have to submit their fingerprints for checking against government database before Visas were approved.

He explained that those who use false documents would face a ban of up to ten years from the UK.

In addition, severe penalties have been introduced for employers of illegal workers in the UK and a new unified border force has been established.


  1. We definitely need to, although somebody will say “we stand more to lose than them” but do we really??? If you really go back in history until now, we have gained nothing but major problems and now they are moving from not only importation of natural resources but skilled human too….lets look at it this way, we are Educating people with our own resources for them to go work and develop other countries. Good for them (Developed countries and skilled humans) but bad for us undeveloped countries. Major problem!!!!

  2. Recently when Visa fees were hiked by GRZ to reciprocate those charged by UK and US,there was a large outcry about reduced number of Tourists to Zed.On the contrary,on my recent trip,the flight was actually overbooked mainly with tourists heeding to various parts of our beautiful country.
    For those of you who have nice jobs Home and you want to move to England or Europe,think twice.The grass always looks greener on the other side.
    Lets also tighten our immigration laws now!

  3. I was at one UK embassy recently and someone likened the UK visa process to entry into heaven.He got no visa although his wife is in that country and was upset as can be. On the contrary, any European for that matter entering Zambia or another neighboring country walks in and out like Kings and Queens-doing nothing about immigration controls on the part of Zambia is tantamount to perpetuating colonial legacies and inferiorism as Africans in general-do not get me wrong, Iam not advocating for a word of high walls and immobility-that is certainly retrogressive But I guess you get my point. Lets make our home a better and prosperous place to live.

  4. #6 i agree on the point about making zambia a better place.Please we all know that we may not have the best schools in the world but after you go abroad for studies never forget were you come from and what you can do for your country.its bad enough seeing Indians,Lebanese and chinese doing business we can do on our own and it hurts.For everyone in the uk at this time you know that its not what it was 10 years ago.instead of suffering night shifts lets go back home to improve ourselves.lets not leave it for all these bogus investors you read about in the papers recently,they just want money!Zambians Lets Wake Up!

  5. The rhetoric surrounding the U.K. creates illusions in the minds of people who have never set a foot in the U.K. The place is just as cold as the people on the little island.

    Besides these guys prefer employing people from the East(Eastern Europe and Asia) to AFRICANS. They claim to offer equal opportunities but it’s just a trick to musk there hatred. Even if you had exceptional skills your skins doesn’t qualify you to get an office job. You’ll be in the streets sweeping or cleaning the old woman’s ***.

    Zambians stay where you are and don’t fall for cheap rhetoric. They give you with one hand and take away from you with the other hand. Zambia is the best.

  6. Immigration is big business in the UK! Do you know how much these people make from application fees alone. Last time I checked couples were paying £500+ for renewing their visas. It doesn’t matter if you come from a poor country like Zambia. In fact the whole system is set up to keep poor people out. That is the reason that they have started this whole thing about a ‘points system’. They’ll start making money off you before you even leave your country and entry into UK is not even guaranteed. UK is not a fantastic place to work for Africans no matter how it looks like on TV. I think African governments should do the same to UK immigrants. We have nothing to gain from their backpackers.

  7. guys lets not get away from the basics….. people only move to UK and other laces like that is a better standard of living. now wat ever you tell me that is the fact. UK is fight a battle against immigration……….just see go to London and see how dieseased the place is with eliens…. altho they do bring in alot of benefits to the economy at the expense of the native Brits. to protect this they have to be seen to be doing somthing. Now, in my view when Zambia receiprocates by hiking the VISA’s for Brits visiting the country is totally childish and stupid decision. No wonder Africa lacks behind in development. am ass licking the Brits but common, who on earth thinks the tourist went to..

  8. stay over as eliens in Zambia. u kw wat these people (decision makers) havent got a clue to how things work…. i bet they dont kw wat day it is half the time they wake up…. pathetic to say the list. just imagine a 240 pounds multi-entry visa….stupid o wat. give a break…. GOD ICAN RUN AFRICA WITH THE GRADE !@ EDUCATION I GOT!!!

  9. #11 £240 is nothing compared to what the brits have access to when they get into Zambia. Don’t forget that most have access to their government support plus british banks also give them access to finances. This makes it easy for them to get into any business that an ordinary Zambian can not because of not having access to the above mentioned resources. The GRZ should have even increased the visa fee to at least £500 for multi-entry visa for brits.

  10. I read a story about a Brit guy & his girlfriend who came to Zambia with no capital to start a game ranch. They raised the money by grabbing contracts for the delivery of soft drinks from local businesses. They had access to better vehicles and since they are ‘Brits’ they had an advantage over the locals. Now these guys are bringing nothing to our country. They have started a business by killing local businesses. To start a business in the UK you need to show immigration that you have at least £250,000. Let Zambia set some respectable standards on these things. How can a foreign company start operating without being required to pay tax for 7 years. Local businesses don’t get that.

  11. stop getting the two mixed up…… people cant even see the diffrence between investors and tourist. this visa thing can be justified for people wanting to set up business…. but remeber most Brits who come to Zambia are not business people but travelers. So plz can you get the facts right.

  12. the african thinks so shallow that they willl even kill the goose that lays golden eggs just to eat the meat for one day. Zimbabwe is a sitting example….. need a radicle change in how africans think. GOD!!!

  13. It’s just a simple way to brain drain the nation. but hopefully the brains come back one day and change the nation with their new learned skills, we need you. screw the gov one day someone who knows how the people feel will be in power.

  14. The unfortunate thing is the people in government do not want people in the diaspora to come back. Remember what LPM said about Prof Chirwa. He forgot that ‘umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya”. The policies back home do not favor Zambians coming back home to invest but favors foreigners.

  15. I have lost track now.What was it again we were discussing??Tourism,Immigration,Visa fees or Brain drain??

  16. #15 pointer is an asshole!and certainly not want to tell us UK makes us survive and we should be licking their boots for centuries to come? you retarded *****!

  17. The UK is simply responding to the overwhelming of demand for entry visas. I get the feeling readers don’t quite appreciate how many applications these guys get! The high fees are partly aimed at trying to reduce demand to manageable levels and they are not just aimed at Zambians. Zambia or the other hand does not have the same level of demand for visas as the UK, therefore pegging our visas to the UK rates does not make sense to me. We need to independently set the fee to whatever the market of visas can sustain and ensure that we do not price ourselves out of the tourism market. Our visas should be as high as the market can sustain and not just set in retaliation to UK visa increments.

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