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“Twalya again”- Milanzi

Headlines "Twalya again"- Milanzi

The People of Milanzi have been receiving free bags of mealie meal and other food substances in an effort by the MMD to win their votes.United Party for National Development (UPND) has therefore accused the ruling MMD of vote buying in a bid to win the forthcoming Milanzi by election set for 26th June this year.

UPND Party President Hakainde Hichilema says the his party has received reports that the MMD is allegedly engaging in electoral malpractices by distributing mealie meal and other food stuffs in exchange for votes.

Speaking during a media briefing at the party headquarters in Lusaka today, Mr. Hichilema charged that the ruling party has taken advantage of the high poverty levels among people in Milanzi to extort votes in a bid to win the election.

He added that the poverty is being deliberately being perpetuated by the MMD due to the government’s poor agriculture policy.

Mr. Hichilema wondered why the government is allegedly spending a lot of resources during the election period when civil servants and UNZA students are demanding for improved salaries and meal allowances respectively.

And the UPND President says his party has welcomed the recent reconciliation between Patriotic Front President Michael Sata and President Mwanawasa.

Mr. Hichilema said the reconciliation which has been received with mixed feeling is in line with the party’s position to promote issue based politics.

He however said that the party will not be further dragged into debating over the reconciliation issue which he described as a dead issue.

Mr. Hichilema has also challenged Information and Broadcasting Services Minister and Defense Minister George Mpombo to stop defending the reconciliation between Mr. Sata and Dr. Mwanawasa.

He said the two Ministers should instead answer to queries from the recent Auditor General’s report were misapplication of funds have been reported in some government departments and other challenges such as the rising food prices among others.

Mr. Hichilema has also called on Zambians to unite under the party’s theme dubbed unity of purpose in order to achieve economic and social independence.

He said disclosed that the party leadership has so far embarked on touring different parts of the country to promote and strengthen the party.

Meanwhile former MMD Member of Parliament for Liuwa constituency Western Province Nabiwa Imekendu has resigned from the ruling party to join the UPND.

Mr. Imekendu said he has resigned to join the opposition UPND with over 1000 former MMD party members in the province including former Kalabo United Liberal Party district deputy chairperson for elections Captain Lawrence Nyambe.

Mr. Imekendu who also presented hundreds of MMD membership cards believed to have been surrendered by former MMD and ULP members said the number of cards surrendered is evidence of people’s diminishing confidence in the ruling party in the province.

And Captain Nyambe said he had decided to come back to the UPND from the splinter ULP because he has now realized that Party President Hakainde Hichilema has a heart for poor and marginalized Zambians.


  1. Until you learn to share your 23b then I will vote for you. For now mmd continue what you know best – dishing to us foods, afterrole poverty knows no issues. TWALYA AGAIN we the Milanzians.

  2. GRZ & MMD when will you learn to hold free & fair elections?To you its like you have to win an election by all means posible! Come on,this is the 21 century were you ought to throw away those stone age political strategies & embrace clean & fair ones. It’s sad that each time there is an election in Africa,it’s almost oblivous that the party in government will carry the day.Manipulation & all the monkey tricks in the book are used, please, lets move forward!!!

  3. Such issues as vote buying just take us years back… Learn to really convince on developmental projects and then implement.

    Its a shame to see leaders just counting each other in parliament… lets forget about who has the greatest number of seats in parliament but bring out tentative issues.

    If one is concerned about development it does not matter which party they belong to but how they shall deliver!!!

  4. Democracy is just a system. Any system can be abused by the people.

    We just have to set what we stand for. Development or Stealing. Democracy existed before we knew about the word. The splitting of the Ngonis in Northern or Tanzania before settling in different places is an example! People chose who they wanted as leader.

    The dirty ones are the ones not ready for democracy. They are just ready to milk innocent souls’ money (GRZ)

  5. # 1 .i find your comment to be so childish.Nobody z stopping anybody to accumulate wealth.Petty jealous NYANDULE IWE.
    Whats the difference between Levy & Mugabe? Levy is even busy throwing wild tantrums against his friend when they are using the same practice book,shame

  6. Zed politics will never change!!!!Twalya again…Eat the food and guzzle the tobwa and demand for more …potential dispute …lawyers will also eat…but vote wisely

  7. #1. Milanzi benefictor

    Thats a poor attitude. Why must he share something that he worked so hard by himself to achieve. Why are you insisting to free-load on this educated economist. Leave the man be. Work for your own 23 billion.

    HH 2011

  8. Hakainde Hichilema has got my vote.

    I mostly like this man because he is an economist and no fake economists are going to lie to him about monetary and fiscal policy and about communism (govt controlled) vs capitalism (free market).

    I surely hope This man becomes president 2011. It’s time young people ruled this country. We are young and we are ready to rule. Thank you for winning our independence and bringing us this far. But i think it’s time you retired and let us (the youth) rule.

    HH 2011.





  11. HH takayimone 2011 olo milanzi he is accusing mmd of vote buying when he himself is sponsoring students from unza in an effort to steal the youth vote, mind u this guy who ppl think is an angel (hh) cant go to luanshya and certain parts of the copperbelt….. dont think as though his billions were earned on a silver plate he is not the man ppl think he is

  12. #1 leave levy out of it, he earned what he has as assets, that is why you are waiting for handouts ku milanzi uko, anyway the major issue where I agree with #4 is Africa is not ready for western type democracy because even if we set standards, what guarantee is there that we are going to abide by them, if a ‘reconciliation’ between LPM and MCS can make George Mpombo change his mind a constitutional amendment, then what about democratic principles that are not enshrined in law. So #5 since the dirty ones are the ones in the majority at the moment? does that then make the zambia ready for democracy.

  13. #13 who is he? Let us know so that for us who are still searching for a candidate for 2011 know what is coming our way

  14. twalimwishiba kale a very colourful CV looks very nice, hehehe!! tulepembela akole umwela then we will pop him like balloons @ a five year olds party… ati ba dala ba president…iye!

  15. #16. pankoloko

    Please explain to some of us who want to give HH our vote what exactly is wrong with him. What proposals dont you like that he has made. What has he done for him not to be a suitable candidate for 2011.

  16. Do i sense some tribal sentiments in your contributions Mr/Mrs #16, if that is the case I am out of a discussion with you, I thought you were trying be factual, but it looks like you are part of the old politics of smeering one another with faeces. too bad. Just be open and tell us what you know about HH not being devious and trying to make him look bad.

  17. cont…

    “he is not the man ppl think he is”

    Then what sort of man is he.

    “dont think as though his billions were earned on a silver ”

    Then how where his billions earned because from what i know, he worked hard to earn those billions.

    “when he himself is sponsoring students from unza in an effort to steal the youth vote”

    So sponsoring students is a crime now.

    Can you actually back up your claims on HH. Can you provide hard evidence of the acusations you’re making. I’m sensing jealousy.

  18. #13 “dont think as though his billions were earned on a silver ” Indeed I would not want to earn my money on a silver platter, I might as well work hard for it. So if he did not earn his money on a silver platter good for him, he worked hard for it.

  19. i have to knock off but here is a ka dyonko: all i know is that when government was liquidating certain mining companies in luanshya his own company was the chief liquidator and these companies were undervalued when sold and lots of people lost jobs and their pensions because the value of the companies were falsely represented….to be continued. my wife has just called me!

  20. Good this is getting exciting, buche bwangu bane, all the best with your wife, knowing how wives are, I hear you my brother, tomorrow we continue, I like the thread you have introduced here about the ZPA saga.

  21. LPM is blind and deaf when corruption benefits him. Politically he is a corrupt man and to me he is just the same as ka Chiluba. The same tactics which ka chiluba and chi sata were using during their time are still used by MMD today.

  22. Even in lusaka drainage clean up was meant to corrupt people. It is only good that in lusaka people cannot be cheated anymore. HH may just be the one to help develop the country economically

  23. What’s new? Buying votes is practised by all democracies all over the world. How is it different from a government giving the people tax breaks in election year?
    In India a mother complained to the government because a politician gave out so much free booze and hash that her son died from an overdose.

  24. Appease foreign powers, forefeit all your national assets and wealth to them, you will be a hero with applause as an icon of democracy and member of the free world.Stand up to empower your people and cut on the economic injustices and imbalances in the land, you will be a demonic dictator.Give your people shima in the election week you be a progressive.Good luck zambians.Talk is cheap a fact MMD knows very well about zambians.No wonder they don’t even come closer to challenging anyone in these talking shops they believe are lifeless.

  25. here we go again, hakaivotela hachilema never ceases to amaze me here he is making a fool of himself again, by insinuating that we are vote buying, i mean thats what elections are about marketing ur credentials and buying the popular vote, he has not said anything about what UPND will bring to the table once elected to milanzi, no policies to address the plight of the people nothing! but instead he is complaining about us feeding the voters, and this spent force imekendu they give him money for opani and already he is acting like a fly swat for the litunga.

  26. #27. HH has already launched the UPNDs 2011 Campaign. IT was officially done in Ndola some few days ago.

    As for the old stone age way of doing politics, let us reject this sort of doing things by exposing the calprits. Remember we can send i-report using our camera equipped cell-phones.

  27. #30,its clear you have not been exposed to what is called civilisation.so you think feeding people in election week is ok?will you continue to feed them after you win,or will all the food go towards fattening your newly elected MP?MMD’s time is up!come 2011 HH is winning,regardless were he comes from.In south africa you have xenophobia,europe and america racism,and zambia tribalism.We need to wake up

  28. #32 i never said feeding ppl during elections was okay my assertions were such that appeasement during election time is condoned be it africa or the west and as such it is u who hasn’t been exposed to civilisation there is no way Hakaivotela Hachilema will win the elections in 2011 MMD is just too strong its only u tuma internet voters that think he has a chance the mmd machinery is in full swing not aka muntu he goes to release his manifesto in a ghost town, if he is that popular why didnt he go kuli bashi mine where we know that the voters are in abundance? Levy was not that popular in CB but he had the balls 2 see bashi mine.

  29. let them eat, they have no jobs, no money, no clothes, no water, no homes and the only time they see nshima is during election time and at funerals.

  30. I am impressed by a few guys that discuss issues here.Though i dont know HH that much i think he is an honorable person form what i have ready about him and what he says.I would hate to see someone turning the discussion to tribal rumblings.We are all Zambians and i would vote for anyone with substance to lead the country.Tribal politics died a long time ago.I have bussineses in the copperbelt, Luapula and Lusaka and all these places are my home.I feel at home in all of them.Mybrother is settled in Southern province.Zambia anywhere is home.So forget tribalism guys we have moved on unless you want to remain behind

  31. MMD is the most irritating political party. I now believe that LPM is corrupt too. Every bye election the party is spending a lot of public funds. They bribe people. No woner late Anderson Mazoka had resorted to violence. Look at the cost of fertilisers, K200,000 per 50kg. They have failed to refinance NCZ so that we can only import raw materials and make cheaper fetiliser in Z.Any day Mugabe will be stop ruling in Zim, Zambians will start begging again from Zimbabweans. Zambians is ruled by *****s, no long term policies to solve outstanding problems. very soon it will cholera. Oh my country! our we cursed? The Kwacha is gaining against major currencies but things are becoming more expensive

  32. I wish to correct a misconception about HH and his role in the receivership of Ramcoz. Firstly he was not liquidator of the company but receiver. The two words are different.HH was receiver not Liquidator.
    Secondly, as Receiver, HH had his men who where Receiving managers in the name of Chris Mulenga and Kalaluka. After Chris and Kalaluka left the assignment because of political involvement by Kafupi, Macheleta took over the Receivership process.
    Thirdly, Ramcoz was placed under receivership by ZNCB and other creditors and these are the people who pay the receiver.
    After the receivership shares changed hands and became Luanshya Copper mines (LCM)

  33. cont…Normally in a Liquidation assets are revalued upwards. This gives the liquidator a due advantage because his fees( minimum 10%) are paid first and based on the value of the assets to be disposed off.
    Did HH liquidate Ramcoz?

  34. Why squabble over Hichilema when occasionally he blogs himself with you here? HH is no Presidential material to occupy your time. Policy debate will make sense. MMD is here to reign beyond 2011 until our team under assembly is fully fledged for the task to harness the gains the News Deal has selflessly put in place. HH is no politician but a calculator mate when it comes to the number crunching circles. Just look at his gaffe on Sata. Mazoka and Rev.Matandiko must be turning their graves. Opposition to saving life only exposes him as a merchant of death.

  35. some disgruntled UPND supporters are getting upset here because they assume i am being tribalistic when i say Hakaivotela Hachilema wont win the elections, this is unfortunate because that name has come to stay and it just sounds nice so take it with a pinch of salt mwilafulwa te tribalism, lets argue about his policies and what makes him worthless not mulebepa ati we need someone young, i have a brother in southern province, he was a liquidator or lusaka’s drain pipes shani shani nikuma shanty ukwaba those drainpipe problems thats why its called kuma kolingo because u dont care 4 ur own environment.

  36. HH reactions attest to the notion that he wished Sata dead without GRZ support. I guess that was his inner prayer too on Mazoka considering GRZ dispatched in funds Andy’s last trip and return of the casket from SA. What do you think Zambians take of such flip flopping reckless talk shows? Mute on Andy but incensed on Sata .GRZ has an obligation on all citizens. If doctors recommend, who is HH to resent GRZ’s human response? If anything Sata has done more to the country than what HH can document as nation value.

  37. Yes Mazoka and Rev.Matandiko his late SDA Pastor must be turning in their graves.That is not a heart of the SDA i know of.I love him as my fellow economist but his school yard politics of reacting against life servers is distasteful and not of this generation of coexistence.We are suppose to be brother’s keepers than being merchants of death.Who are his advisers?

  38. I think Hakainde Hichilema now has a better chance of winning unless some other candidate comes up to take the cake.

    Hakainde Hichilema is an intelligent man. He has seen that now Micheal Sata is in LPM’s hands. He has been crippled that he is no longer heard of. I don’t even hear any of Micheal Sata’s arguments anymore. Hakainde being the intelligent man that he is is capitalising on this and trying to strengthen (excuse spelling) his party. With the PF out of the way, voters will be left with two choices, either vote to eat now during election time (MMD) or vote to eat now and in the future (UPND). I most definitely have faith HH will win and maybe someone can explain to me why he

  39. cannot win. Is it because of his policies???

    If so then please bring them on the table and lets discuss them.

    Is it because of his heard earned billions that everyone is jealous of????

    Is it because of his credentials???

    Well i would think thats a good thing since everyone has been crying for intelligent competent leaders and the UPND is not lacking in that field.

    Or maybe it is because he is Tonga???

    I mostly place my bet on this one since most of you guys have a certain misconcemption about Tongas that comes from nothing but stereotyping.

    I have faith HH will win 2011. You guys think he will not because it is 2008 but you cannot predict the future.

  40. Oh dear so even HH has now lost the appeal.Guys please come up with some gifted Zambian before Levy fingerpoints Shikasomething to be our next president.
    I quite like Prof Chirwa’s vision for the future of Zambia.He is still on high demand in the UK and US but I guess the locals have their own doubts.

  41. sentence correction: “Is it because of his hard earned billions that everyone is jealous of????”

  42. 46 the problem is that HH will have to convince some narrow minded people that UNDP is not only for Tongas.Some shallow people still view it as a Tonga party which will always be led by a Tonga president.

  43. HH is a God appointed man to save Zambia. You can argue but come 2011, the man is rulling period. Forgive me, i did not do political science but i can predict trends.

  44. It is shameful and painful at heart to see people being used and bought with food by elderly people who a supposed to be their parents just for the sake of a vote.Every one has s right to food so as to live.Some ones diginity must not be lowered to a state of begging for food so as to give a vote.These politicians who do this are villains and habours no mercy.They make their own people look foolish in their eyes and in the face of the world.For all that matters,for all good that can be found in someones heart,president Mwanawasa should not allow such a degradation of his people.God have mercy for us.

  45. Am really very angry that sata has joined MMD leaving us with only one serious opposition party UPND. I have no option left but to work with UPND. This Sata cannot see the corruption in Milanzi practiced by MMD because he now drinks mineral water together with LPM at state house

  46. Just look at the picture again, as long as poverty levels will be high, rural zambians will be a target by corrupt politicians. Profound poverty is a fundamental obstacle to the dreams and aspirations of many people in Zambia. Poverty makes people to think using their stomaches not the brains. Poverty makes people lack capabilities that enable them to live lives they value. We cannot afford to have a situation where people are bought over a pot of nshima. It is really shamefull

  47. Come 2011, Sata will be the next president. HH is no match to the old man. Let these two debate live and you will all agree with that HH is no match to this old man. Sata is very intelligent. Have you seen what he has done? He is now frequenting State House. And Levy is very comfortable to hand over power to Michael.
    Do you how HH acquired the 23billion?
    Answer: It was thru ZPA.
    The house he stays in belonged to Lima Bank. All this information is well documented and evidence is there. I will resurface one day, period.

  48. Forget!Zambia will never be saved or is it served,because the ghost has deficated in zambia.

  49. Hakaivotela Himwine (HH in short) is not a politian PLEEZI, for God’s sake. You can just see in his eyes that he is forcing himself to be one bcoz of the prestige which goes with the presidency. Come 2011 when he loses he will definitely quit politics. Sorry pipo but he is not talent to be a politian and its not even in his blood! Pls spare him. PERIOD.

    As for milanzi seat the one who will stretch out his hand will carry the day bcoz we hungry.

  50. i promised u that i would be back: hakayivotela as ba bigben(#38-39) would have us believe was a receiver okay, if that be the case his position becomes even more precarious because the balance of power in such an acquisition shifts to the receiver so if anything he was more in control of how to severe ties with the ex RAMCOZ workers and ensure that their best interests were looked after but he neglected to do that instead he was more concerned with his own package as partner in grant thornton, the package which could arguably be a chunk of his wealth, thats blood money right their….

  51. cont… some of u here are saying he will rule after 2011 because of god, how many times have i heard that bull…. u used to say the same about mazoka, and May His Soul Rise If Possible(MHSRIP), man kicked the bucket before this became true, others will argue that i cant predict the future and they can predict trends suggesting Hakayivotela will become president, well by that same token, what gives u the right to suggest he is next in line? even nostradamus aint got nothing on 2011 elections, and u also google #60 u are also an ***** its spelt ridiculous go to the parly web and read page 2 of 15/11/07 debates.

  52. the problem with some *****s on this site is that they want to just follow blindly even when something is wrong. if it was sata who had metioned these things all these bembas would have been supporting but just because its a non bemba these thieves now start cricising. what type of monkeys are bembas kanshi. i fail to understand their IQ. no wonder they are crooks

  53. learn to respect national leaders regardless of where they hail from. zambia is one country and so shall be. it will not help the debates on this forum if people resort to name calling like moderate is doing as people will now divert from the topic and get personal. we all agree that HH may not be your choice just like others may not be other people’s choices but such is the nature of life. we have to agree to disagree without hating as it breeds anger in people’s hearts. like ive always said the best weapon you have is to use is reason in championing your case. beleive me like it happened 2006 your prefered candidate will not and REPEAT will not be at plot 1 without support of other regions

  54. #62 its un African to mock the dead. do not debate like that. you will make the people angry and mind you technology has a way of tracking abusers like you. remember that pastor in the Rwanda genocide. it is the mails he was sending under some pseudoname to the effect that cocroaches (hutus) should be slaughtered that gave him away and now he is at the hague. so careful my mate with your newly found freedom of speeech (mouth diarroea). some of us are ICT specialists.

  55. #63 MUSULA OBE! What have got against bembas kanshi? Here pipo are debating real issues not tribe. Its seems you can’t just blog your a$$ without mentioning bembas. Out of 73 tribes you only concern are bembas just bcoz UMUSULA OBE is of maggots!!

  56. #63 u are also a fontini how can u tell who is bemba and who isnt im assuming u are a upnd cadre which just goes to show how tribalistic u people are and how blindly U follow ur leaders there has been no negative comment about any tribe but U a upnd supporter has castigated and insulted bembas without cassus belli and u say upnd will form government in 2011, with such an attitude u guys are headed for extinction, ba hakayivotela ba dala ba president….iye… tukamona! pankoloko 2011 Icho Icho Icho.

  57. 66 what is that. kindly translate that in some civilised language . if you want to blog in that unknown language please try KASAMA DOT COM.

  58. #65 go and instill fear in those that are prepared to put their tails inbetween their legs because me i prefer to wag mine i have every right to say what i like this is not ur father’s bedroom where it is prohibited for outsiders to enter if u are so angry why dont u put ur ICT skills to good use and block my comments then? dick head!

  59. Mr Pankoloko. i now feel i cannot debate with you sir. my advise was to just let u know that its taboo to mock the dead but you chose to insult me instead. anyway since you want to champion insults here all i can wish you is good luck and i hope your conscious is clear over some issues you are raising here. GOD BLESS YOU.

  60. My own opinions, in 1996, as Zambia we lost an opportunity in Dean Mung’omba who I think had a better vision for this country than Chiluba, we let him lose and dismissed him on a few shake shake and chibuku packs from you know who. In 2001, we lost yet another opportunity when Mazoka was dribbled clean by the one and only VJ and FTJ. 2006, I cannot say much because I think LPM had started instiliing a sense of discipline in the civil service and people like HH were still new to the political scene as such I doubt he would have made a big different. Coe 2011, we are likely to have another opportunity to install and credible figure in state house and I for one think at that time HH would…

  61. Cont’d 71
    have matured enough to have known how to manage zambian politics where things like eloquence, telling lies mud slinging has become an acceptable nom. I should say, I do not agree entirely with what HH says sometimes and I think commenting on LPM/Sata ‘reconciliation’ he went overboard, and quite rightly so some people think he was wishing Sata dead. That I even commented that he should have been properly advised on how to tackle that issue. However, I have a question, why did Simon Miti seek clearance from Mwanawasa for Sata to be evacuated. My son was once evacuated and I do not remember a call to the President. Anyway I will not duel on that. As to the strong words that have…

  62. Cont’d 72
    been exchanged on this forum, I think Pankoloko, Crazy_Zambian and I, had a very interesting discussion yesterday and what we started off with was a debate based on fact. Now I am not a card carrying members because I do not see the need of doing so, and I think it has helped me analyse issues objectively, my appeal is, guys you might not know who is reading these things that we post here, my humble request is that let us have an issue based discussion. Regarding the liquidation of RAMCOZ, I have no facts and I am not qualified to comment on that, but if indeed it is true that HH benefitted greatly, then that is very unfortunate because I was beginning to think that guys would…

  63. cont’d 74
    would make a good president for this country. One thing which has dissappointed me is that he is going back on his promise of issue based politics and attacking individuals. That I think he should be advised to refrain from. Much as it is difficult sometimes to avoid attacking an individual I think it is important to stick to the issue. I mean Clinton at some point became personal and attacked Obama and Obama would also hit back, and this is called an advanced democracy. What about Zambia’s democracy which is barely crawling. I rest my case, I hope I did not offend someone because this forum is become deadly.

  64. #59, what are some of the responsibilities of a receiver? I need to be educated here? I thought some of the responsibilities were to dispose of assets that belonged to the company under receivership and document all the encumberances and see if the assets would cover the encumberances. Where does this responsibility end. If I have an auditing firm and then I am given a tender which is costed by the hiring firm what should I do to ensure that my recommendations are implementted? Should I surrender part of what is due to me if I find that the company has made a loss and cannot therefore pay its workers. I think let us seperate a pure business transaction with politics. What shall we say…

  65. Cont’d 76
    of Deloitte and Touche who were liquidating UBZ. Should the partners enter politics, hold him accountable for the plight of the UBZ workers when he had terms of reference to carryout for a fee?

  66. #77 Your Hakaivotela Himwine(HH in short) has got short hand that why he cant get this milanzi seat. Tell him to strech out his hand a little bit longer in milanzi, he should not just condemn mmd, who dishing out food for us to eat, bcoz we are in poverty and in need of food now not tomorrow. Tomorrow will take care of itself. COME 2011 DARKNESS FOR Mr Hakaivotela Himwine.

  67. #79, what are you saying? It is really funny to make fun of someone’s name isn’t it. Anyway I prefer to use HH if I cannot procounce, let alone spell, his name properly. Looks like you prefer fish than being taught the trade. What put you people in Milanzi in this situation of lack of food. I believe you are intelligent people who know what they want in Milanzi, but if food handouts is among your priorities, then you have a long way to go my brother’s and sister’s im Milanzi.

  68. #76 sorry 4 my indescretions earlier on, with certain bloggers, however let us get back to sanity on the RAMCOZ debacle.
    Now, there is no code of conduct cast in stone which imposes responsibility on the receiver but the issue of Hachilema exposes serious conflicts of interest on the receiver or liquidator, it is understood that his boys were the liquidators who paid govt. (creditors)the asking price at an evaluation carried out by grant thornton of which Hachilema is a managing partner. Now before the receivers ssumed ownership Hachilema’s boys (liquidators) were the legal owners of ramcoz and when he …

  69. cont…. and his cronies were about to be embarrassed by the parliamentary select committee on mines he suggested that he was involved and stopped short of defining his role in the whole transaction, if it was not for some corrupt members of the select committee he would have also been on corruption charges because this quagmire of a transaction would have been best understood if the courts lifted the veil of incorporation of the receiving party.

  70. #81 come again, if I understand you, Hichilema and his group were appointed liquidators of a company which his ‘boys’ owned as receivers’ just clarify this issue a little bit.

  71. Pankoloko, so what you are saying is, this guy incorporated a company to act as receivers of RAMCOZ, execuse my ignorance I really cannot tell the difference between being received and being liquidated. Is what you are saying that Hichilema and his cronies as you prefer to call them, incorporated a company which was receiving RAMCOZ and then Hichilema also acted as liquidator for the same RAMCOZ and tempered with the value of the company. To whose benefit was the valuation of the company accruing, did Hichilema want to but RAMCOZ at a give away price?

  72. #86 thanks on behalf of my fellow brothers you left out HONEST, telling it as it is, ever wondered why Magande is not very popular, nail on the head!

  73. No no no #92, you see these are questions that HH needs to clarify, let us get as much information as possible so that he is given an opportunity to clear his name. So its okey, its fine let the critics bring it on.

  74. thats why i mentioned a conflict of interest because he had influence on both sides. i cant say he wanted to buy it at a give away price but on a balance of probabilities the evidence suggests that he wanted RAMCOZ sold at a give away price, call it shrewd business but i call it exploitation of natural resources at the expense of national development.

  75. #86 google that comment doesnt help what we need is for all zambians to be hard working not just a preferred few from southern province.

  76. Yes bring everything including food and money, but voting is secret. I know whom I shall vote for on that day. MMD just feed us. Thank you for your generosity which only comes during elections so that we vote for you. Only gullible voters will be bought. Wake up those that are still sleeping. I like the Chinese saying that teach someone how to fish than how to eat fish. MMD is determining your hunger, hence will be responsible for providing you with food all the time. But this is not possible. MMD should have taught people how to grow maize plus other crops by supplying people with subsidised inputs. After the bye-election that will be the end of free food.

  77. #79. Milanzi benefictor

    So tell me. Which one is better, give a man a fish and you feed him for a day or teach a man to fish and he feeds himself for a lifetime.

    I leave the answer to you sir.

  78. TO ALL BLOGGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am ashamed to be Zambian/African at the moment. When will you ever learn. I am disgusted that right now i cannot even chew my food. YOU GUYS ARE F-U-C-K-E-D UP (Excuse the language).



    Why must you involve tribalism here. No one should care if someone is Lozi, Tonga or Bemba. I am angry at the tribalist comments i have seen about Tongas/Bembas.

    You guys think you know the way Tongas or Bembas behave when in fact all people are different. It’s time you grew the F-U-C-K up (excuse the language).

  79. cont…

    Some of you guys have children and is this what you want to teach them. Are you guys so blind. Have you seen what Tribalism has done in Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, South Africa, etc.

    If a white person had to make statements like “Blacks are genetically less intelligent than whites” all hell would break loose and yet here you are making statements like “Bembas are crooks”.


    GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Moving on.

    #94. pankoloko

    I think you are mixing up a business transaction with politics which should not be the case. If i understand correctly (correct me if im wrong), HH was basically a middle man, meaning there was a buyer and a seller. In a business transaction like that one, the buyer and the seller have to some to a compromise.

    Now imagine yourself as a business man who wants to buy a company that has been making losses since i dont know in a failing economy. What price would you offer????

    Would you offer a fair price or choose to take advantage of the situation.

    I believe HH was put in a corner and had no choice but to carry out the transaction. And if im right, it was also

  81. cont…

    the sellers fault for accepting the offered amount. To me, it was a genuine business transaction.

    Now i’ll say it again. I don’t know the whole deal so im just speculating from what i can try to understand from your post. So correct me if im wrong.

    Also, what does this have to do with HH attempts to become president. Why is this important??????

  82. crazy-zambian dont vent ur anger towards me for the unfortunate tribal remarks a tonga chap provoked me on my comments my mother is mambwe and father lamba so u can see why i retaliated like that but dont utter insults and then address me directly after that because that only suggests u were insulting me indirectly and if thats how u want to debate i wil treat u the same but i will give u the benefit of the doubt. Back 2 RAMCOZ, the transaction was a genuine piece of shrewd business however the cost benefit analysis was not on balance because the people involved did not care for the workers predicament thats why Hachilema cant go to luanshya they want his blood…

  83. #104. pankoloko

    The comment was not directed to you. What are you basing that on.

    It was directed to everyone making tribalistic comments. If you did make a tribalist comment, then yes it was also directed to you and any other person making tribalistic comments.

    Now on the RAMCOZ issue. OK. So the people in Luanshya want his blood. But why is it his fault. Excuse my ignorance, im not very familiar with this scenario. From what i understand, HH did not buy the company nor sell it. He was basically a middle man (correct me if im wrong) So why is he on trial.

  84. cont…. he undertook a national decision and threw away his business ethics together with the kitchen sink, no morals in his code of conduct, this goes to show that he would rather enrich himself than the people that mine our natural resources, now call me hater or whateva but i would rather have someone take a wrong decision and admit his failures to be president than have a person who wants to be seen as white linen come rain or sunshine to be my president.

  85. watching the proceedings quietly. should need arise i will intervene again but for now kindly blog peacefully as we continue with work.

  86. AL QUAIDA 66#Buju has been poisoning a few good bloggers with his vernom.
    I would urge you to go and address your clan and tell them that tribal politics has no room in the 21st Century.You really need a brain transplant my brother as you cannot see beyond your ethnic group.No one chooses where or how they are born.The bottom line is we are all Zambians.I don’t know what you have been teaching your children(if you have any) but one wonders how they will view other people.
    Those suicide bombers aren’t different from you.They feel they are a special race and anyone different is an embecile-and they are willing to kill for what they believe.
    Stop inciting innocent bloggers with your junk.

  87. Pankoloko, thanks to you and the Crazy_zambian who I have always insisted should change his blogging name to something else, because he is far from Crazy. Anyhow thanks for keeping it going, parental responsibilities made me jump ship a bit. Let me just take you on one point “i cant say he wanted to buy it at a give away price but on a balance of probabilities the evidence suggests that he wanted RAMCOZ sold at a give away price”. This is the point you raised i think kuma 80’s uku. This statement to me looks like it is very speculative. Now one thing we need to understand is that HH first and foremost is a businessman and I am sure he was fully aware of the implications of his involvement…

  88. hola thats extreme. alqaeda has no place in zambia. what we need to understand from you is (and no malice)to answer these questions honestly
    1)what is tribalism
    2) what are the signs of tribalism
    3) what should be done by intellectuals to discourage tribal tendencies
    4) are some political parties tribal. if so what are their characteristics.

  89. ctd 110
    … and this is just one transaction that HH has done but there are other major transactions that HH has done, how did he fair on that one. Without being political, in the 90’s ba Sata was found to have been corrupt in the tendering procedures of the Merzaf flats and he paid 50 kwacha admission of guilt then, so tell me should we crucif him for just that one incident?

  90. #98 We in milanzi will creat another by-elections so that mmd continue dishing food to us. I will rather one gives a fish for me to eat than teach me to fish for hime and he feds himself for a lifetime.

    #99-103 Ba crazy much as I join to condemn this so angry BUJU who introduced tribelism on this topic, but in your anger to condemn tribalism pls use a sober language this blog is read by children as well.

  91. mwebo ba Mwiinga u will get me fired ka…lol.. im enjoying this debate instead of finishing our company’s SWOT analysis i’m debating with u, i have nothing against HH doing his business coz everyone needs to earn a living, what i am against is his failure to take up responsibility for previous decisions how can i trust a man like that, if he can admit his failures maybe i will defect coz by him doing so it proves he is a man’s man but when he is inundated with controversial issues he goes hiding teshi busankwa beshi.

  92. #111 answer yourself in your own heart bcoz you are the one who brought TRIBALISM. READ BETWEEN THE LINES PIPO HERE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR QUESTIONS. PERIOD

  93. #114, I think let us work first, ha ha ha ha I hear you we can continue this later, now I have a full picture and I will raise it with him, believe me I will, he was on radio on Friday last week and I am sure he will be on Muvi TV not long from now and I will raise it with him. Otherwise have a good day and please do not get fired we still need you, what a combination, (lamba/mambwe LOL) anyway I feel for my children, one is Mwiinga Mutale another is Mwizukanji Miyanda yaba!

  94. I just love those names.One funny thing is that all my colleagues are married to people from different provinces.It just shows how we have moved in time as Zambians.

    I have no one left in terms of grand parents so even if I wanted to go to the ‘village’ in Luapula I wouldn’t find anyone there.I was born on the Copperbelt so as far my place of origin is concerned it will always be Chingola Zambia.Tuli kulabile ki Lamba mwebo.

  95. NO.64 Mwana mubotu: i was minding my own business and then from nowhere u attacked me for expressing my freedom of speech u are a hypocritical imbicile who should be wiped off the face of this earth, what gives u the right, u in your capacity as a cattle rustler from ngombe ilede, to call me out on what i can and cant say on this blog i’m not a tribalist but its people like u that make me continue referring to HH as Hakaivotela Himwine Hachilema before u even know whether he is president u are already acting as though all roads lead to chief mukuni, That’s why when ur chief went bungi jumping at victoria falls he shut in his pants.

  96. Mr Moderate calm down and just be harsh on the issue and soft on a person.Kindly leave our chiefs out of this blog.They deserve every Zambian’s respect regardless of where they are from.Don’t you think you are going to far?

  97. its unfair to say i’ve gone too far i was minding my own business and then all of a sudden this guy mwana mubiji #64 singles me out on a trivial comment which was meant to be taken lightly. He singled me out when other bloggers aired their opinions without being persecuted by this goat rapist.

  98. Pankoloko #59,104 & 107- I’m asking you to stop misleading people on issues you have no knowledge about and do not even understand the basic mechanics of receivership, liquidation, acquisitions and how accounting firms operate.

  99. #122 you are a tweet. Don’t you have elders where you come from?? What has the chief got to do with your stupid debate. It show how shallow you are. HH will also be what he is whether you like it or not and since you are too intelligent to be ruled by a Tonga the start hatching a plan ‘B’ before its too late. Did you know that your current President is from the Bantu-botatwe or you have no idea what that is. Those three tribes are just dialects of the same language and are basically one.So just be mature and put a leader who will develop our country Zambia.

  100. #122 you are a tweet. Don’t you have elders where you come from?? What has the chief got to do with your stupid debate. It shows how shallow you are. HH will always be what he is whether you like it or not and since you are too intelligent to be ruled by a Tonga then start hatching a plan ‘B’ before its too late. Did you know that your current President is from the Bantu-botatwe or you have no idea what that is. Those three tribes are just dialects of the same language and are basically one.So just be mature and put a leader who will develop our country Zambia.

  101. he has been struggling to make people understand his stupid points, but he is mistaken. not all people are childish bane. keep your foolishness to yourself

  102. #127, your justification for your behaviour in #122 lacks merit. For you to start attacking a chief for no good reason at all makes sad reading. Grow up you *****

  103. #122 moerate you are such a shallow minded creature i have never come across in this world.How can you insult the rayol highness like that?please stop blogging if you don’t know where your brain is hanging.Good advise okay batata.

  104. #122 moderate you are such a shallow minded creature i have never come across in this world.How can you insult the rayol highness like that? keep them out of this your stupid debate .please stop blogging if you don’t know where your brain is hanging.You need to have your head examined definately you have gone round the bend.

  105. #129, I find your comments misplaced, please just join in the discussion and put your points across, as far as I know we have had a mature discussion with Pankoloko, so just join in and counter his views if you like, the more the merrier my brother/sister. Thdere is no point in accusing someone of misleading the other if you are not going to offer facts to correct the impressiomn, otherwise we are happy misleading each other in the absence of another fact.

  106. #122 how bad can it get, and is it a fact that Mukuni soiled himself? And what has that got to do with HH, and the whole issue of handouts in Milanzi. ma, guys mwalikwata nsele!

  107. #122 I am sure even your own dear mother is a victim of your insults guaging by how easily you lash them out even on people you have never encountered and will never encounter. What more on your mum who tries to pump some sense in you. She must be a sorry sight.

    I even wonder who gave you access to the net coz I doubt your sanity.

  108. Just work at personal development and stop politiking. There are plenty of opportunities around. That is why others are coming from other lands to exploit them while we are busy attacking each other

  109. some very sad developments so far this chap moderate has gone over the line whilst i have been a victim of tribal slurrs i do not condone the actions of either party regardless of who started it. However let me address Bigben #129 i am not an accountant but when i did my BA, business law was one of my modules and my understanding of the RAMCOZ fiasco correlates to the tenets and principles of liquidation, i am looking at the evidence on a balance of probabilities so as to get the reasons for these occurrences where by uncle small ben u want closure by using archemedic methods.

  110. Dear bloggers please don’t be bothered by some of these *****s who don’t have respect for elders.This practically intails how someone was brought up don’t mind #122.

  111. HH has the vote for all who love Zambia.I will definetely vote for him come 2011,even when am bemba.PF is just for bembas but I don’t see any reasonable person to lead the country.
    HH you are our young and promising political father.

  112. HH should not cry foul here, he can also buy the votes by giving people meals as they campaign. He has been doing it in all previous elections he has participated in starting from the convention where food and chitenge material could only be given to his would be voters and not to Saki’s. He should just test his own medicine which he is very good at.

    That said, there is need to change the way politics are done in our country. Currently there is no known leader in Zambia who embodies the democratic hopes of a Zambian. We need more people to offer themselves for service so that we have a wider catchement to chose from.

  113. 148 I am hearing that for the first time from you. Is there truth in that??? Give more information on vote buying by HH. Were you part of the machinery he used to buy voters??? Just wondering!!!! As for now he has my vote unless someone convices me otherwise.

  114. moderate. you are lucky you stupid son of an embecile. i didnt see your posting until now. i would have have dissected your ugly body and hang your intestines on an electrical powerline to just roast a bit before feeding your carcass to dogs. you are from a broken family and thats why you dont have any manners. you should look for your real father as that man you call father may not be the real one. ask your mother properly. you must be from burundi or rwanda the land of triblaists.

  115. 152 politics is a game of numbers, where else do you want pipo to base such a claim. Every decent Zambian knows deep down their hearts that HH is no march to any of those parading themseles especially the vernomous cobra. Zimbabwe is right now battling with a retrogrssive leader and you want to intall another in Zambia in the likes of Sata.CAN SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE JUST 5 POINTS THAT DIFFERENTIATES SATA FROM ROBERT.

  116. #155 Lady Sue
    You`re 100% right that politics is a game of numbers but have you bothered to check how HH has faired in any bye- elections that have taken place so far.HH has even failed to expand the support base that Mazoka left UPND yet people are claiming that he`ll be the next president.We need to differentiate between fantacy and reality.
    I `ve always supported fresh blood and not tired and recycled politicians leading our nation.Fresh blood like HH need to learn how to build grassroot support if such a dream of him beibg republican president is to be realised.

  117. Simple questions requiring a simple answers: How many of us here think HH is Presidential Material? And what are we basing the presidential material determinants on?

  118. #148. VC

    Can you prove that claim with facts. If so, then present them.

    I am guessing that is just your opinion.

  119. #158, the more I read the allegations on HH, the more I grow inclined to believe that we are blinded by loyalties. I think good people when we put a point across let us cite an incident, I am beginning to think this guy HH might just get my vote unless someone else springs up with his kind of credentials. There is an editorial in the post today about Saki and HHs reconciliation, I have not read it yet, but I know Mmembe has an issue with HH because of shareholding in the Post.

  120. #156. Chapi

    The only time people heard of HH was during the elections in 2006. He was still young back then but now he is getting more popularity.

    This is just 2008. You cannot say HH wont have support by 2011 due to todays figures. You also cannot say that HH will have support due to the fact that this is only 2008.

    What i am basing my assumption on is that Micheal Sata is practically out of politics. I am not sure on that claim but recently he is quiet. (If he was still around, he would have taken this vote buying thing and run with it). Urban Lusaka and CB don’t like MMD (basing this on 2006 elections). It is sad that politics is still tribal in some provinces so he pretty much has

  121. cont…

    the Southern Province vote.

    Now with Micheal Sata out of politics (again, this is not proven. Im just assuming) and people’s wariness with MMD, who do you think they’ll turn to???

    This is what am basing it on. I could be wrong.

  122. #148 I thot Saki was beaten by a margin like 76%, which should be voters (delegates) from 8 provinces, as for Saki I dismissed him a long time ago as credible politician, he is nothing much more than an opportunist, did he want to have title of President so bad that he even had to go into an arrangement with Sata? Guys let us not speculate. But I agree with your second point though.

  123. Also, one side note.

    If HH had not exposed the MMD’s deeds in Milanzi, would you have known about it.

    HH has got the money, he could also fight fire with fire but instead he stood his ground, stayed cautious and exposed the acts of the MMD.

    Instead of attacking him, you should be praising him that he didn’t do the same but instead exposed the plot of the other party.

    Where are your priorities people. I thought you where all for fighting corruption.

  124. If truth be told, have you wondered why a whiteman would always be more comfortable to do business with a fellow whiteman, it is because they know each other as brothers. The fact that Saki did not get a single MP where he comes from, that tells a lot about him, and let us face it guys you walk into an office you find a fellow tribesman, if you are really a realist, you are more comfortable dealing with that person that someone else. This is a fact and I have experienced it because I speak multiple zambian languages and I have put this theory to the tes most of the time before I say mentione my name to whoever I am engaging with. So when SP votes HH, that does not mean that they are…

  125. … they are tribalists, from my view they are trying to help a brother. This is true even for you guys in the Diaspora, the first thing you want to find out when you meet a fellow african is to find out where they come from, and the moment you hear you hail from the same place, chances are you will go into Nyanja first and the moment you find out they are Tonga you slide further down and speak Tonga, deny this fact!

  126. Just found this debate going and I thought of commenting on 161. Sata is most likely out of contention yes. Now with the urban population still having issues with the MMD it comes down to wether we can have a completely fresh political movement. Because without that none of the political parties currently on the landscape can unseat the MMD, its wishful thinking.

  127. My dear Mwinga, yu are 100% right. The truth is that Saki blundered when he reacted the way he did after loosing to HH. I must admit I liked him in his position as the number two man. Some positions are good for some pipo while others are not just meant for them. I hope Saki will realise this sooner than later and go back to his roots. You guys who have access to HH, pls encourage him to focus on issues and not to be distructed by disgruntled rattling. As things are he seems to be the only credible candidate. We need to move forward as a nation.

  128. Thats a good argument U crazy_zambian but assumptions are the mother of all mishaps those are inconclusive remarks u cant say people are wary of MMD and u know very well that we are all anticipating what sort of candidate they intend to field, what if MMD fields a wiser man with the same amount of money and a richer CV than HH like Peter Magande do u still think he (HH) will carry the southern vote? careful how u answer that question coz the ‘T’word will come back to haunt UPND?

  129. Lady Sue, spot on, I already made a commitment with Pankoloko on this forum to raise the issue of The RAMCOZ deal with him and the issue of Tribalism which some people like Saki are parroting all the time without credible evidence. From what I know, Mwanajiti and Madyenkunku who are no longer in UPND were the chaps that said something like “only a tonga can succeed Mazoka” and they have since been sidelined because of that and this was during a meeting at ZAMCOM where Saki was present, what is he trying to tell us now? One thing is clear HH was popular at that time and not SAKI period.

  130. Interesting analysis Pankoloko, this could be a real test eh! I did not think about it! Magande hhmmm

  131. #168. pankoloko

    Maybe i should restate my claim. Urban Lusaka and CB are wary of the MMD and i base this on the previous election.

    On the MMD candidate. OK you are right. The MMD can come up with a better candidate. But that is still a WHAT IF. as of now, there is no candidate with a better CV than HH. Maybe in wiseness and words and experience yes. But HH credentials are flawless that instead of discussing his policies or stuff he has said or plans to do. People will dig up his business transactions just to smear him with dirt.

  132. i would also like to agree with the wise words from wesu. i am loyal 2 my party and i think we hold the cards right now and we have not played any one of them, however my loyalty will be tested when i find out who we choose to do battle with the ‘HH’ enigma.

  133. 2006 presidential results

    Levy 1,177,846
    Sata 804,748
    HH 693,772

    does this say something about the distribution of power in the country?

  134. cont…

    On the part about the SP vote. I am basing this on the previous election.

    Excluding Lusaka and CB provinces, you just have to look at which province was rooting for which candidate the most. Who was NP rooting for. I just didn’t make a blind claim. I am basing this on the previous election. MMD failed to scoop the Lusaka and CB votes.

  135. #173. Mwiinga (Lusaka, Zambia)

    Possible 2011

    Levy 1,177,846

    HH (693,772 + 804748) = 1,498,520

    The question is, if Sata does get out of the way, where are the PF voters most likely to go.

    One could say, they’ll go with UPND since they don’t like MMD.

    But another could say they’ll go with MMD since Sata has sort of formed a truce with LPM.

    Is there a political analysis on this blog to tell us what is likely to happen???

  136. sentence correction: “Is there a political analysist on this blog to tell us what is likely to happen???….”

  137. With the result such as shown by Mwiinga at 173, who can brash aside HH. Remember he managed that result within a very short period of time. So be realistic, there is so much ranting about him because he is a force to reckon with. He is surely no push over.

  138. #178. Lady Sue

    You have a point.

    When did people know about HH. Most people only heard about him during the election period.

    He managed to get that many votes during a short period of time.

    Now that there is more time on his hands, lets see what happens and lets see the dirt that’ll be dug on him.

  139. statistically as an element under observation and allowing for variable change, then yes he stands a chance but might i remind u that we have the element of surprise which u cant contend with, this is a fact and the reality is we hold the cards at the table u will need to trump our jack and ace of spades to remove MMD its not easy ka 4 elections and counting.

  140. Yes it is not easy to unseat the MMD just like it was not easy to remove UNIP. But Fact is it’ll happen one day.

    Nothing lasts forever.

  141. But HH is not as Popular now as MMd was against UNIP 3 years before elections, those days we had coups, riots, protests, industrial go slow issues, food shortages and the like nothing compared to what’s going on now.

  142. if MMD is to be removed you will have to match the discontent zambia had in the late 80s the people themselves must want MMD removed not a political Party or a rich man but the people when us guys won in 1991 we had a landslide of victory of 80+% that both rural areas and urban areas we massacred overwhelmingly but like this with 10 presidential aspirants u really have to be a crazy_zambian to believe HH can unseat the ruling party, because thats what UPND is now just HH his MPs are quite like church mice there is no one to defend him when he makes gaffes like what happened on the sata mwanawasa reconciliation fiasco he doesn’t have that gravitas yet.

  143. What people need to realise is the demographic electrorial inclinations practised in Zambia.HH is an intellect and can gain alot of support among the educated but unfortunately this group only makes up less than 10% of the electorate.Loyal voters are people in our compounds and villages and whoever wins that block carries the elections.It`s not for fun that we`re seeing developmental projects implemented by the the MMD govt everywhere.They are trying to undercut any platform the opposition might try to build.Magande,Prof Chirwa,Dr Fundanga,Mwanakatwe to mention but a few have better resumes than HH.With the current political climate,it will be very difficult to unseat the MMD from power.

  144. #160 Crazy_Zambian
    I started closely monitoring HH to see if he was making any political inroads.
    Nchanga bye election for example
    PF = 8201
    MMD = 2139
    APC =587
    UPND =532
    INDP =110
    FDD =103
    Kanyama,Mufulira and any other bye elections have been just the same.I can bet you that it will be the same in the Milanzi bye elections.Otherwise,Zambian politics need pragmatic application in order to carry the day.

  145. #182, you may be right that it will difficult to remove MMD from power because we dont have problems you have mentioned above. However, if you check the 2001 election Mazoka is believed to have won those election even if we had no riots and other problems you have mentioned. The same happened in 2006 where sata almost won. So MMD can still lose even without wars, riots etc you have put across. It is a pity that strong parties like PF are now systematically being swallowed by MMD, Otherwise we dont need to have wars and riots for MMD to lose.

  146. #184, my friend, politics are dynamic. One cannot lose or win all the time. It depends on party organisations and people’s mood at that particular time. For example like put by #186, in 2001 Lusaka was swept by UPND, 2006 by PF, 2011 it may be MMD or any other party. I support HH now because he seems to be the best candidate at the moment to me. If better candidates will be floated i may consider another choice. The list of good men you have listed have not even been adopted by any party, so it is difficult to consider then at the moment. We will analyze as soon as they will be floated. By the way, what formula are you using to conclude that they are better than HH?

  147. dont use petty arguments it was proved in the courts that levy won the elections lawfully so unles u are putting our judicial system in question, our judicial system which doesnt like levy at all going by the number of convictions they have failed to secure in the war on corruption, then maybe yes mazoka won but that is too remote u cant even talk about sata almost winning he was beaten fair and square H.E has turned the fortunes of MMD around and i didnt say they cant lose without wars etc i said the discontent must atleast mirror or even eclipse that which we witnessed in the 80’s so far there is nothing and like chapi #184 said we only make up 10% of the popular vote in urban areas…….

  148. cont… of which only a few pockets back HH. That being said he carries Southern Province but in CB he has little to no influence at all which should be of some concern to him if he says he is that popular.

  149. It is interesting how HH has occupied your desperate minds. It only proves he is a heavy weight. You see my dear friends the pipo if Zambia are getting more and more enlightened and should not be taken for granted. It is only those from Milanzi whocan think beyond their stomachs and I am sorry to say. However, you can excuse them because it is their nature which they inherited from their forefathers. They thrive on pamelas which they obtain thru bootlicking the mwenyes. Just take a census at Kamwala, you will findthem in numbers as workers in Mwenyes shops and busy running around. they do not know what self reliance is all about. So MMD is heaven for them as long as it gives them nsima

  150. cont…..for now they don’t care about tomorrow. Even domestic workers are mostly frpm eastern province. I am married from there and am sure my husband will divorce me for this but sorry darling am only stating a fact, I will make up to you. Wake up easterners and have some pride.

  151. LADY SUE dont contradict urself if people want to blog on this article leave them after all u have more than 5 comments on ur own, we are not denying it he is a heavyweight and like in boxing to bring down a heavyweight u have to pick the weak spots, exploit them and wear him down politics is not for the faint hearted levy to be where he is has gone through 3 assassination attempts one under KK tho not conclusive, one under chiluba and one as President, so dont think as though we are doing this for fun he has to be prepared for tough times u dont become president just because u blog with voters on the internet even ur husband who is a domestic worker will tell u

  152. Really, if all is equal, MMD can lose an election. MMD is a very corrupt party and they have heavily depended on public resorces to corrupt voters. Relief food is given out when there is a by – election, roads are worked on when there is an election…..drainage systems, fertilizer, etc; even the so called LPM bridge (chembe)is a campaign bill board for MMD. For the villagers, they think the money is coming from LPM’s pockets, and definately will vote for him. Look at the chiefs and their so called loans, which may not even be paid back ,all seem to be pointing to corruption.without such thieving and corrupt practices MM can lose an election even today.

  153. nobody said mmd wasn’t corrupt, infact all parties have corrupt elements in them and we know that they can lose an election, only if they became complacent otherwise it will be tough everyone knows that

  154. Ladies and gentlemen, fellow countrymen, let me remind you that politics is an integral part of the game of power. Power is essentially amoral and one of the key skills to master is the ability to see circumstances rather than good or bad. Power is attained by being subtle without being seen to be subtle. For a man who tries to be good all the time is bound to ruin among the many who are not good. A kateka who wants to keep his authority will acquire the skills of not to be good and learn how to use them or refrain from using them as situations demand.

    I will continue tomorrow. I gata go into the mugodi and drill the wealth outa ma country.

  155. I tend to agree with # 195 Anonymous. You see left to our own devices we human beings are inherently corrupt. If we go out there to look for a ‘clean’ party we would be searching forever. What needs to be done is to strenghthen the institutional capacity to root out these corrupt elements, prevent them from holding sway in public office. Besides the political culture here in Zambia tends to support these criminal elements. For instance how do u expect political parties to obtain legitimate funding in this environment?

  156. #193 well he is from eastern province and so anything is possible. And so what are u????? You must be one of the big GMs like HH, hehehe…..you wish. Debate on my dear.


  158. #199 PF is too mature to be CONCERN with likes of you and Hakaivotele Himwine Hichilema and HIS TRIBAL PARTY!!!

  159. I can smell some one…….anonymous. The teibalism is with bembas whether you like it or not you will never never never rule again. Just be content with being ruled. We no longer want thieves and kaponyaS to rule ever again.

  160. #205 continue burrying your head in the sand. Us with heads up and brains in proper places are able to tell that PF has been swallowed by MMD. For the love of money the old snake has sold the party.
    PF must go for a convention and elect a president for the party to move on. We need PF as an oposition party.

  161. # 208 according to today’s post PF will go for a convention in september or october this year where there will be more that 6000 attendies. I just hope the conservation will take off this time. Sata has been lying about holding the same for years now.

  162. Zambia is full of smart people and we all know what we want and what we need but we would rather not get involved. We would rather just do our thing and make a life for ourselves and family….
    Guys we need change…. MMD has been in rule too long.. its all about staying in power for the party than “the people”.
    Sometimes change is a good thing and maybe that is what we need. Lets give HH the chair for 2011 and anyway i really don’t see a stronger candidate for the job in any other party. Do you ? !!!!

Comments are closed.

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