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Herve Makes Shock Drops

Sports Herve Makes Shock Drops

Herve Renard this afternoon in Kitwe made two shock omissions when he named his 18-man Zambia squad for Saturday’s 2010 World/Africa Cup Group 11 qualifier against Swaziland at Konkola Stadium in Chililabombwe.

Zesco United’s promising utility wingback William Chinyama has been dropped for the first time since making his debut last year against Congo-Brazzaville on June 2 in a 3-0 over the latter at the same venue.

Also dropped is Lusaka Dynamos defender Hichani Himoonde who is now looking like a non-Renard favorite after also missing out on Zambia’s two opening Group 11 games against Togo and Swaziland away on May 31 and June 15 respectively.

However, Zesco midfielder Rainford Kalaba who leaves for Portuguese side Sporting Braga after Saturday’s game is in the team after he was dropped for last weekend’s first leg match away to Swaziland that ended 0-0.

Kalaba is one of 6 players listed as home-based to make the team for the match against Swaziland.

Others are Zesco defender Nyambe Mulenga and Power Dynamos midfielder Francis Kasonde who returns after recovering from injury.

Kabwe Warriors striker Emmanuel Mayuka, Zanaco forward Roger Kola including his club mate and midfielder Stophira Sunzu complete the list of home-based players in the team.

Overall, Renard has kept faith in all his foreign-based players who have served him in the last two Group 11 games.

Renard meanwhile welcomes back midfielder Isaac Chansa of Helsingborg in Sweden who returns after serving a one-match suspension after he was red-carded in Zambia’s 1-0 loss away to Togo on May 31 in Accra, Ghana.

And this weekend’s match will mark Renards first home game in charge after two successive away games inwhich Zambia have managed only a point on the road.

The Frenchman is also in search of his first Group 11 victory as the pressure mounts on him to win his last two Group 11 games or Zambia’s interest in the qualifiers will come to an end.

Zambia are bottom of Group 11 with 1 point from two games played in their pool while Togo are second on 3 points and Swaziland leads on 4 points.

Kickoff for this weekend’s game will be at 14:00 hrs.


Goalkeeper: Kennedy Mweene (Free State Stars, South Africa), Kalililo Kakonje (Amazulu, South Africa)

Defenders: Kampamba Chintu (Free State Stars, South Africa), Nyambe Mulenga (Zesco United), Billy Mwanza, Joseph Musonda (Both Lamontville Golden Arrows, South Africa)

Midfielders: Isaac Chansa (Helsingborg, Sweden), Rainford Kalaba (Zesco United), Moses Felix Katongo (Stade Rennes, France), Francis Kasonde (Power Dynamos), Stophira Sunzu (Zanaco), Clifford Mulenga (Bivest Wits, South Africa)

Strikers: James Chamanga (Dalian Haichang, China), Christopher Katongo (Brondby, Denmark), Roger Kola (Zanaco), Felix Sunzu (Avenir de La Marsa, Tunisia), Emmanuel Mayuka (Kabwe Warriors), Jacob Mulenga (Racing Strasbourg, France)

2010 World/Africa Cup Group 11 Qualifier


Konkola Stadium, Chililabombwe

Kickoff: 14:00

Zambia- Swaziland

Faz Premier League


Week 13

Zesco United- Nkwazi

City of Lusaka – Nchanga Rangers

Konkola Blades- Zanaco

Lusaka Dynamos- Roan United

Green Buffaloes- Red Arrows

Young Arrows- Chambishi

Kabwe Warriors- Nkana

Power Dynamos- Green Eagles


  1. a win is a must at this point as there will be no more excuses if we get hammered by Swaziland.

  2. football aside, the holy spirit settled in zambia in february this year if you doubt you will be cast out, tomorrow we will win

  3. Croatia 0 Turkey 0, just kikcked off the second half, else where Both Algeria and Libya are leading by a goal to nil in AFCON/SA2010 qualifiers

  4. Strong midfield, but only 4 defenders? What if there is an injury? There doesnt seam to be wing players but strikers of the same nature or I’m I missing the point? Maybe I dont know the players enough (too much kuchona). Please comment.

  5. Do not worry boss. there is Clifford and Kalaba the best choice so far. Just hope that nne gets injured. let me do it the Nigerian way.
    ” Not one will get injured in JESUS NAME ! “….Amen

    Mailo ni lekaleka!

  6. Thanx #8 for reassurance. The team has changed so much that I’ve failed to keep track. Best wishes for 2moro, but why is Faz saying only 17thousand will be allowed in stadium?

  7. Thanx #8 for reassurance. The team has changed so much that I’ve failed to keep track. Best wishes for 2moro, but why is Faz saying only 17thousand will be allowed in stadium? We need more chimwela guys who in zed.

  8. Faz should have made it at least 25 thousand to enter. Anyway am just counting down the hours before we drill serious holes in the swazi shields. Let us unite in this time zambians, viva chipolopolo!!!

  9. Go warriors go,teach kalampa that their still a division one caliber team.though far away, u still ma team.u represent kabwe big time.shout out to all kabwe warriors soccer fans ku bwacha,mukos,wire,katondo,chimanimani,highridge,polen,chowa,lwangwa,lukanga,dallas,chindwin,pcc aka ncmds aka mulungushi university,

  10. why drop william chinyama? Renard is gambling,why not drop one striker and keep at least 5 defenders.Having 4 defenders is like not having a stand in goalkeeper.
    Am sure not all the six strikers will even step on the field of play.
    Swazi might even just injury one defender knowing that there is no substitute for him.
    He would have dropped chamanga or F.sunzu instead, Chinyama has been impressive so far.
    “All the best Boys”

  11. Lwandamina, advise ur friend properly. Chinyama is a gud defender Y droping him. Guys if we lose ninshi naimwe mwaluza ncito. no more stories we need a WIN 2day nating elos.bbasopo!!!

  12. All the best swazi let the m worke hard for there place to africa o possibky wold cup.They always depend on mathematical qualifications.ALL THE BEST BOYS

  13. Just got up had a nice sleep. This place is so beatiful. I was worried about the heat since the game is gonna be played at 2pm but the weather looks alrite for the game. I am just enjoying ma breakfast now…it’s gonna be a tough game but if they cn give some space in the 18 area and have a sniff at Mweene, Chipolopolo will out….What i need is just 1 chnce and the work will be done..i will be home and dry

  14. all of you who are worried about zed having only four defenders just rest assureed that francis kasonde is also comfortable at the back!

  15. Chinyama is more experienced than Francis Kasonde, what will happen if a defender gets a red card?
    We can hope Renard knows what he is doing and wish the boys all the Luck.

  16. Why drop William Chinyama and only remain with 4 defenders?This Coach looks confused!!He has to be guided!!We need a very strong Zanbian assistant coach not Lwandamina to help this physical trainer otherwise we will go no where as time for experiemnts is up!Kalu has to look into this seriously because they are playing with fire!

  17. I know Billie Billie, Chintu & Musonda from the SA league. Ia prepared to get into their nerves so that they get sent off. Marco Materrazi had Zidane sent off in a world cup final and I might jes try those tricks so that we salvage something out of this game. I know they don’t have a natural defender on the bench……

  18. two hrs 55 mins to go…….looking forward to getting good results as getting beaten in our own backyard would be a great let down.Even a 1 : 0 result i favour of Zed would be something to sing about loooking back at the peformance of our national team. The guys should have a fighting spirit cos good results won´t just come our way cos we playing home.Let us wait and see…..You got all my support though

  19. I do not expect Zambia to win when we have not done our best to grow a national soccer team. Where are the kids that went to Canada and became 4th in the world? Why did FAZ not grrom them to become our giants of today? The trouble with all soccer issues in Zed is that like in all other institutions, there is too much tribalism and appointments are NOT on merit but on affiliations!

    Unless Zambians see a greater picture of our nation, we will not develop. A NAtional Soccer Team must represent the BEST of Zambia’s soccer players, and not the best from selected particular tribes.

  20. I hope Chansa and Nyambe Mulenga Behave not ama red card lelo iyo. About defenders, well maybe Lwandamina is assistant player coach, anyway there is Kasonde, that makes them 5, Chansa can play in defence as well.

  21. Lineup for Zambia (3-5-2 formation


    Billy Mwanza Chintu K Musonda

    Kalaba Chansa Kasonde Mulenga C

    Felix Katongo

    Chris Katongo Jacob Mulenga

  22. #26….totally agree with you.Looking forward to that day when players will be picked on merit and not names and all that.We could win todays game but it is moutain to climb,Swaziland din´t come to be an easy push over.Today we will see what our physical trainer whom Kalu and and few know about is made of.Talk is cheap…we want results.

  23. It is all good!The author of the artical above might tame it ‘shocking’ but I think the ball is in the coache’s hands.Let him drop and hire players that can produce results.After all what we want is a win!!

  24. #32 3-5-2 is a formation wehere you have 3 defenders 5 players in medfiled og 2 upfront, one of the midfield players in this case Felix Katongo will play right behind the 2 strikers. Swaziland are coming to defend, and I am sure they will play with one striker. There best hope is to get a point. That is what they are coming for, we should therefore pin them in their own goal mouth so we can score 5 goals in the first half and maybe 3 in the second half

  25. i give Swaziland 1…thank u for comming and Zed 4.High time these guys knew who Zed is.

  26. This are times i miss home, i would loved to listen to what D.J DAZZLE has to say about the game.
    Wire them,hammer them, demolish them …etc, LETS BANG IT!!

  27. The most likely line -up for today.
    1.Kennedy Mweene
    2.Nyambe Mulenga
    3.Joseph Musonda
    4.Billy Mwanza
    5.Chintu Kampamba
    6.Francis Kasonde
    7.Felix Katongo
    8.Isacc Chansa
    9.Jacob Mulenga (the only player with the correct age, lol)
    10.Chris Katongo
    11.Clifford Mulenga

    Subs: K.Kakonje, R.Kalaba, E. Mayuka, R. kola, F. Sunzu Jr, S. Sunzu & J.Chamanga

  28. Zambia 3 Swazi 0 = whether you concur with me or not! If we start rating Swazi like this, what more when we take on Egypt? Cowards! I like the enthusiats in Chingola right now - it's All Chipolopolo.

    Ba Moze, Chingola.

  29. I would have liked the Stadium to be a bit full.17,000 fans for a stadium that can get in 30,000.I know the are security reasons.At least 25,000 is better.Any visiting team which enters a stadium and finds it half empty will get encouraged.The fans just need to be managed once inside the stadium.Faz says the need support from the fans there is nothing more intimidating than a packed stadium for a visiting team.I maybe wrong kaya!

  30. Real believers in the names being put forward as our national team exhibit their inability to understand that soccer is no longer a game like insolo or drinking beer. The names of the players selected are NOT the best that Zambia is capable of producing if we had a real leadership in Lusaka. We have names representing tribes as seen by those in FAZ and the GRZ. All these entities are a major letdown. They have NOT invested in soccer on a scale that our nation ought to have done given our amssive natural resources. The sad part is that the leadership in Lusaka has brainwashed our citizens to accept incompetence, poor performance, theft of resources, unaccountable conduct of public affairs etc

  31. as being okay. No one has a stick to wield against bad practices in our national life. All systems are so corrupted that we need to start a new liberation struggle to get rid of this stupid culture that glorifies incompetents in all public offices, from State House to FAZ, to Local government. Zambians must understand that each one of us has got only one life, and we must make it mandatory that that aspire for public office must be achievement oriented for the public in all aspects where their work needs them to be accountable.

  32. All is set with an hour to go. Renard has announced his starting 11; 1. K mweene 2. M Nyambe 3. J musonda 4. C kampamba 5. B mwanza 6. S sunzu 7. C katongo 8. I chansa 9. R kola 10. J mulenga 11. F katongo

  33. I find it wrong for all the garbage I see in our towns and expect us to be winners elswhere. Winning must be approached from the point ot whole nation development and not Masebo this, Masebo that, ACC this, ACC that! We have massive problems as a nation because of the poor policies on public education. Education is the key to a better nation. The problem is that LPM, although educated at UNZA, has become the first one to break the ladder from those in need of a good UNZA by denying UNZA the possibility of becoming our national centre for excellence in all types of nationa development and research.
    Soccer must be seen as a public show of how well or poorly we are organized as a nation.

  34. What is happening? Am told the coach has made another shocking move; dropped Clifford Mulenga.Lets wait and see. Though am on Planet Mars, am in Zambian attire trying to support our team. Am on Planet Mars just to greet my ancestors otherwise am a Zedian and hoping for a win in today’s match. Please, Ba Mwiinga and the rest , get us posted.

  35. hoping zed have already scored by now,what are they scores?Would be better if we had some early goals and late ones from our team.
    Any news……..????????????

  36. I believe right now, players are having a photo session on our substandard stadium, 6 minutes before kick off time. We are anxious.

  37. Am trying also on “zambianfootball.co.cc”, when I click, nothing happens and am frustrated. Am the page has been downloading for more than 5 hours now. Imagine! Technology is supposed to make things easier.

  38. planet clik on the headline and commentaries will show up kip clicking for updates let me know about the progress.

  39. sibs something is happenin on zambianfootball. though they are slow in updating.click on the headline. its not the voice but just the written update

  40. Zambia 0 Swaz 0. Zambia in Green shirt/white shorts and Swazi all in white. Zambia had corner in about 2nd Minute, according to updates

  41. Kemps it was nice talking to you on phone.Man i am also busy trying sources mudala on how to catch the game.

  42. Felix is darling on the left wing argaubly Zambia’s main man so far. Isaac Chansa is failing to detect play in midfield. FReekick to Zambia. Bad job by felix and Swaizi threaten through Masinga

    Swazi threatens but intercepted..

  43. Mbaneni thanks i am following them updates on Zambiafootball though very slow updates .Better than nuthin at all.

  44. Thanks guys for the comments keep them rolling..some of us have no access to the match. I will be refreshing

  45. # 70 have u tried the zambianfootball.co.cc…ba LT take advantage of this and go online with live radio commentary……ba LT

  46. 23” Chris does a good job on the right wing and his pin point cross is met by Jacob. Jacob’s over head kick goes over the bar.

  47. Chris does a good job on the right wing and his pin point cross is met by Jacob. Jacob’s over head kick goes over the bar.

  48. Zambia is playing 4 4 2 with Kalaba & Felix on the wings while Chris and Jacob upfront.

    Chansa & Stophira Sunzu in the engine room

  49. 26” Felix beats four defenders but Sunzu misplaces his one-two pass….fans are wondering.

    27′ Zambia are pressurising but again poor cross from Kalaba

  50. 26” Felix beats four defenders but Sunzu misplaces his one-two pass….fans are wondering.

    27′ Zambia are pressurising but again poor cross from Kalaba

  51. ka pressure kanjikata big time. hope the boys will do something. Angola nimupepi sana tukaya nabo ama boys

  52. 31” Felix crosses from the left flank and Jacob ‘s header is acrobatically saved by the Swazi goalkeper.
    Still 0-0

  53. The Swazi keeper is good but the boys will definately put one in.He has just made an acrobatis save from a Jacob header

  54. 35” Zambia’s best chance so far. throw in by Joseph Musonda, plick on by Jacob but Kalaba fails to put the ball into the net. surely what a chance…..

  55. 33′ Zambia is pressurising but it looks the Swazi are playing an 8-1-1 formation.

    35” Zambia’s best chance so far. throw in by Joseph Musonda, plick on by Jacob but Kalaba fails to put the ball into the net. surely what a chance…..

  56. 41′ Felix and Kalaba have intercarged wings. cORNER to Zambia are Isaac Chansa connects with a thunder bolt like the paul scholes. The goalkeeper palms ut but recovers to grab it

  57. Ninani walatulubula kanshi. But elyo tupwile. strugglling to beat perrenial underdogs like swaziland

  58. Swaziland deserves to go to the Africa Cup…These are days I miss Ben Bamfuchile. Even PP is better than this F’ckn physical education teacher.

  59. The Swazis are a man down-red card following professional foul on Jacob on the edge of the area. This could even make the game more difficult for us

  60. 43′ free kick to Swazi on the edge of the penalty but it goes wide over the bar.

    44′ Red card to Swaziland after a proffesional foul on Jacob Mulenga on the edge of the penalty box

    45+ Kalaba’s freekick came off the wall for a corner.

    Swazi goalkeeper has been outstanding

    Half Time

  61. Zambia is done and guys i know everyone is watching or following up with updates. Zambia now is on life support in the second half. They need to score or make good changes at half time. Good lucky, Go ZED

  62. Nomba this french is going to kill us. The blood pressure is steadily rising and threatening.

    We should wake up otherwise we are doomed.

    Bring in the scorers

    Ba Justice mudala what do you think about the current state of affairs

  63. Lets PRAY for mother Zambia guys. I know they will make it. I know the boys. They like to score when under pressure. We have 45 minutes to decide our destiny.

  64. We have more number on the pitch now.. Let us see what the second half bring. Hope we are not be assisted by our ZIMBO ref. He wants asylum after the match

  65. Nomba elyolwanya. What is the problem with Konkola stadium. Remember the chad game that we drew?. I we do not see a repeat here. God forbid

  66. #136 Kemps I am so worried, things do not look bright at all, but let us wait and see, at least we should win lelo and sort matters before the Togo game

  67. One man advantage, let’s attack the rest of the game, can someone score or creat a penalty kick? Zambia let’s go boys we’re behind you guys.

  68. Clifford should come in we need balls from the left wing, my opnion is to get Jacob out, Mayukwa in and drop one midfielder most likely Sunzu for Clifford. Otherwise the guys are putting pressure and with time and we a red card om Swaziland we arwe hopeful

  69. #152 Chansa has been in training the past week, so as coach he should seen if he was off form

  70. we surely need ‘real’ strikers. Oh how i miss those days we sould shout out loud ‘kalu…kalu’.Seems those days are gone.

  71. 9” kAlaba -Clifford are doing the damage in the middle of the pack. Clifford beats two men tries a long range shot into the palms of the goalkeeper.

    11′ Zambia is dominating in the swazi half.

    Sub: Kola in for Nyambe Mulenga

    13” Kola is fouled and freekick to Zambia

    14” Clifford’s inswinger is palmed out by the goalkeper.

    Kalaba is outstanding and his shot is deflected

  72. My GOD, that is all I can say, this swazi goal keeper is going places. I am expecting a goal very soon.

  73. Zambia are now playing a 3-5-2 formantion.

    Billy…, Chintu….Joseph..

    Felix….Chris… sUNZU…kAlaba… Clifford


  74. Kemps.hahahahahaha—- Tusha. bola Panshi, Kale twatampa Ukulusa.Yu cant just collect some boys and tell them to start kicking the football in all direction and expect to win. Those are the same players we had at AFCON, and they had no problem scoring..Conceding YES.
    Bring Chamanga in and we are likely to NET one. Jacob is not a natural striker.. Chris Katongo need diagonal passes not direct passes.

  75. This is when you need a striker that can dribble his way through the defence, I am not sure who that will be but we might just have a goal in the not too distant future. One – twos are likely to work, I am worried the coach is introduce mayuka which might expose us at the back for Counter attacks

  76. Is it true that a Swazi player has had a red card in the 44′ and we are still struggling to score?

  77. The coach is paniking, The first thing he should have done would to change the game and maybe bring them into the game and attack when they are exposed. These subs wont help us much if we keep using the same system. Go Zambia Go Zambia Go. Lelo tulewina bola?

  78. Mwiinga, dribling is not the solution here. What we need is play of purpose. Kalaba, Clifford and Felix has been dribling all day..But they are failing to put a pass to katongo to finish it..instead they are shooting at will. This is failure to read the match.. The golkeepr is good and going through the middle wont work and long range efforts are 1% lucky to go in in this match. They need to take the ball to the near line and pass it inside to increase scoring options..You build an attch with precision bass instead of holding on to the ball till Sawzi closes them out

  79. My God Goalkeeper beaten, Kola fails to score Jacob Mulenga could not connect, ushe muti uyu

  80. Honestly we can’t fail to beat Swaziland have the packed their defence or what.Mwinga who looks like is going to score for us 12 mins to go!!

  81. The coach is to blame, no faz, but the players?? The coach is to blame if we dont win this game. Swaziland sure? Can he call Patrick Phiri for consultations on how to dismantal the swaziz defence.

  82. I fancy ka draw but what about sazi 1 – 0 Zambia. That can just add salt to injury. Eyes on the ball ba Kalu.

  83. Is chris Katongo playing. What a captain? Failing to rise to the occassion. This is where men are separated from boys

  84. We can still qualify if Togo beat Swazi one nil and then we beat togo two zero. Yes typical kind of Zambian.

  85. Why should we give him a chance. he is a wrong chap to coach on Chipolopolo. I would rather we gave a chance to PP. We dont qualify to Africa and WC..then why keep him for the rest of the two years.

  86. I AM VERY HAPPY TODAY. GIVE RENARD ANOTHER CHANCE. 8 minutes to go still 0-0.
    This Renard guy has never won anything in his entire career, he has just brought bad luck to our country,

  87. 31”Oh God, Chamanga first and Kola then miskick from a Kalaba square pass….oh Whats happening Mbesuma could have burried those chances

    Zambia 1 Swazi 0

  88. If we do not win this game then this coach has to leave and FAZ have to resign, chapwa. Govt should forthwith stop funding FAZ pantu apa chapwa fwe.

  89. thanks mwiinga for giving us live radio comentaries you are a friend of all weather…not hot season.
    Go Zambia Go…

  90. 201 true! pressure pressure, we need to sort out our frontline, the backline has been above average

  91. 42′ Chamanga created the penalty and again doing the dribble\ing on the right wing.

    Chamanga crosse but Jacob fails to connect-Jacob and Katongo has been poor

  92. HK Chamanga has beeb starting all the games how can you say the coach does not like him? Some comments.The guy had a quiet game last week maybe this was a wake up call for him to work hard like hes done.

  93. i was telling Kemp… it is chamanga who can only thrive in this kind of game..and shud the coach has paid attention to how our strikers play..Chamanga would have scored and created more chances for Chris.. Next time you should listen to the FANS

  94. Thanks guys for the timely updates.Zambia ngalibele nga nshasumuka!!!What a game and a positive result.Destiny is in our hands.

  95. Good Job Chamanga .. I hope the coach learns that you are the only natural striker in absence of mbesuma. Chris thrives better if he has a complimetary striker, who can allow him to move up down the flanks as well. Thats Jocob Mulenga is not a striker. Someone should try him as a midfielder or Defender.

  96. Mwabombeni ba Zambia!! Cine-cine muli Fipolopolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You just gave us what we needed, a win. But you still have to work had and improve your performance. Coach needs to be careful how he does his experiments though.

  97. El classico. This is a classic and will go down as one of zambia’s sweetest victories ever. We were almost going out of the qualifiers.

  98. Ba Zulu its better than “if Togo win Swazi then we, so that,. but we have a lot to do against Togo.
    Congrates Guys
    Ba Zulu we have to accept this, it is what we have now

  99. Thanks to all you guys for your comments and rallying behind our team when we needed a win. Mwiinga, Sibs,Muchende, Anonymous, Moderate, and the rest of the guys, you’re all true Zambians and im’ pround we have come together for the love of our COUNTRY. GO ZAMBIA, WE STILL HAVE TOGO AT HOME AND I KNOW THE COACH HAS ALOT OF HOME WORK TO DO WITH OUR FRONT LINE. GOOD DEFENCE TODAY BUT WE WILL BE TESTED BY TOGO, SO LETS BE READY AND PREPARE FOR THEM. BIG UPLIFT TODAY. AGAIN GUYS THANKS FOR YOUR COMMENTS AND CONTRIBUTIONS ON THIS BLOG.

  100. The Angola tornament is the one we cant afford to miss because it’s almost a home tornament, Iwe french bread if you fu*k up, we are going to bruise you beyond recognition my friend.

  101. People, the coach should use local players we beat the same team 3-0 wit U 23 and Botswana also. IF they play like this, they won’t beat Togo. But anyway Swaziland came to defend, which makes things tough. Thats football sometimes you need luck and home ground advantage. Togo and Swaziland should draw so that when Togo comes to Zed, they have to play for a win, which will make the game open. By the way God is not Zambian he loves all of creation but I think he has a special heart for Zambia.

  102. lets not follow these chaps from the post newspaper who wants to finish this young talented boy Mbesuma.zambians lets be serious if we are to beat Togo let this P E coach do his job to make him fit.His body is geniticaly like the father Francis Kagiya who was more fat than him.

  103. i smell a rat zimbabwean referees could have favoured their neighbours. they made swaziland play with 10 players for 50 minutes and with only 5 minutes to go they awarded a penalty to zambia. It is interesting though that the “might” chipolopolo played 3 games without scoring a goal during the run of play except through a humanitarian gesture or rather charity case from their sympathetic neighbour referees

  104. its good if neighbours started working together,we have to bring back the old days when we used to eat food together with our neighbours. viva ref,

  105. Thanks for the Guys that made the Results to be possible on this blog, We enjoyed your commentry ,keep it up GUYS.

  106. Great game ba Zed
    Swazi is not of our level.
    Thanks Rad(Nyambe Mulenga)for making it in the squad. Finally your dream has come true.
    I remember when we were in camp at high school,at inter provincial games in Mongu, he broke the silence in the dome by stating that he will make it one day in the nation team.Instead of backing him every one started laughing at him.
    Keep on dreaming RAD, will always be behind you!

  107. Tizibane Zambia tizibane X2
    Nalemba nkalata tizibane X2
    Ololilo Zambia ololilo X2
    Tizibane Zambia tizibane X2

  108. Gud result.but we need sinkala and mbesuma against togo. Guys let this PE Teacher make a program 4 mbesuma to make him fit. Otherwise he must maintain this team 4 togo but sinkala and mbesuma its a must inclusion.

  109. Guys i think lets rehabilitate mbesuma. we realy need him coz he is a natural goal scorer. We missed his prowess today. I wish renard could now put his expertise to use since we ve about two three lMonths before our next game. Otherwise congrats to the lads.

  110. I think Swaziland have improved..they could get a draw in Togo(Ghana). I think things have really changed ..the Xeno boys have just been held at home 0-0. It could have been us. Congrats boys

  111. #255 I admire your sense of maturity. Soccer is a funny old game. you can’t guarantee anything before the game. Bafana Bafana are really struggling and Nigeria is cruising along unchallenged leaving Siera leone, Equ. Quinea and SA to scramble for crumbs. Congrtulations Chipolopolo!

  112. This was always going to be a tough match. A draw for the Swazis was good enough so their game plan must have been to defend and try to get a goal on the counter. This always makes a game difficult. Turkey beat the Croates last night using that tactic. They defended for 75 muntes and then changed formation with 15 minutes to go-it almost worked as well. The Swazi’s loss of a player just made the game all the more difficult because now all they were playing for was a draw. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, trying to get past nine men is not an easy task. The natural inclination is to go all out attack but you run the risk of exposing yourselves.

  113. I personally think the coach made the correct decisions at key moments of the game. Playing 4-4-2 at the start and changing it to 3-5-2 but with more attack minded midfielders. He also brought in width by introducing Clifford for Isaac-the idea being to attack from the flanks with pace. And then later on further consolidate the attacking force. I don’t fancy Jacob for a striker but he causes enough problems for defenders with his physical presence thereby creating chances for his colleagues. In a game where your opponents are to defensive, the flanks and route one tactics are usually the key since pebetration is difficult. As for Mbesuma,…continued

  114. The Xene boys have got a draw , who are they going to burn next? they are doomed hosting the world cup without going to the AFCN.

  115. it’s not about what the coach can do for him, it’s about what he (Mbesuma) wants to achieve. How many clubs have had an issue with his weight? Do you mean to tell me that those clubs don’t have the resources to ensure he gets to his ideal shape? I personally think he has a serious attitude problem and unless he deals with that, no one will ever help him. Talent, indeed he has, but talent is just part of the package in the game. If talent is all that mattered, Africa would rule the football world. He needs to be professional enough and realise what is good for him. Another thing, if he was overweight but still had the pace, that would not be an issue-look at Yakubu at Man City. The..

  116. Praise be. I only have one thing to say and that is – Believe!

    Believe in our couch, in our players, in everyone. Let’s go Zambia, let’s do our best and go as far as we can.

  117. chap is probably bigger than Mbesuma but man does he have pace. On the other hand, Huddlestone at Spurs had to shade his weight because it was a hindrance to his game. Mbesuma would do well to learn from such. I rest my case.

    Good result for Zed!!!

  118. Guys let us not rejoice with this victory.The ref favoured Zambia big time.How do you explain a red card and a penalty before 5 minutes to full time!!!!!!!. Great Kalu bribed the reference.I hope Kalu will also bribe the ref in the game betwen zambia and Togo otherwise Togo will massacre us.

  119. I friend from home who watched the game says the boys missed chances & he wouldn’t fault the caoch.Things have changed in football the minors are doing well & giving stronger teams tough times.Like Damwinger says when a team is down to 10 men it makes it even difficult to break them.The actually double their sfforts as a team knowing the are a man down.When things are tough the worst you can do is just get a goal.Thats what we did though not pretty but we got three points thats what matters.
    A fit Collins can definately make a difference cos the boy knows the goal.We have created chances but failed to convert them to goals.

  120. Game over no more postings please you are creating congestion on the network.Thanks so much to all of you for the tremendous postings on this site.

  121. I’m happy with everybody on this site. You are all truly Zambian though you have incorporated God as a Zambian. I was given ZESCO blackout on Planet Mars at half time but I have managed to follow the Game one hour after it had ended through your nice commentaries. Keep it up. We need you guys. Here, we rarely have blackouts but today it happened and I thought it was a curse.
    CONGRATS TO THE BOYS, but the Coach should pull out his socks.

  122. Yes we have won 1 – 0 period. Zambia scored, for now we dont care how they scored. Whether penalt or using hands.

  123. Munyumbwe residents have threatened violence if the body of alleged serial killer locally known as Ngangula who was beaten to death by a mob, is buried in Gwembe.

    And Gwembe District Council has allegedly declined to offer space at Gwembe Cemetery.

    In an interview with ZANIS this afternoon, Ngangula’ s grandfather Dominic Siakaputa who has appealed to Government to assist the family buy a coffin said the family was making arrangements to burry the body in Monze.

    He disclosed that the residents in Munyumbwe do not want Ngangula buried in Gwembe adding that the Council has also declined to offer the family burial space at the cemetery.

    He said the local People here have threatened

  124. Yes! I have now broken my silence. Hey Chaisa (#275), Zambia beat the Swazis. What do you expect in fight between bullets and shields. And they truly lived to their “Shields” name coz they were just defending.

    Viva Chipolpolo!

  125. People,e.g. #264 it’s no good saying the ref favoured zed. Di u watch the game for u 2 pass such remarks? Other nationals reading this blog may believe it u douting Thomases! If a player is brought down when he is straight on goal & is denied a scoring opportunity- it is a red card. A handball in the 18 area is a penalty fullstop. The pressure was just 2 much for them. It was bound to happen. U cannot defend 4 90mins and camp in ur half. All teams know that towards the end u get tired and u will make a mistake. It was a tough game, Swazis defended well & we could have scored 10 goals with real strikers.1st time swazis have got less than 3 goals in zed.

  126. Abantu Baya the Xeno boys are going nowhere with 2 English Premier Players in their line up the failed to break the Sierra Leon at home.Their next game is Nigeria then away to E.Guinea

  127. Whilst i am happy that we have won iam worried we have gone backwards a bit in hiring this coach.This is the same team we clobbered 3-0 a few weeks ago.I have no confidence in the new coach,certainly he is no better than Phiri.An expatriate coach should be worth such a name this one doesnt deserve this because he has nop credentials to show, am i mistaken?

    Can i also pint out that am failing to understand some guys who are always offside on this topic.Whys is development specialist attacking LPM on a soccer topic.While am not against attacking wrong doing lets apply it appropriately.We can be blaming the president even for losing a football game.If anything LPM has tried to use the courts

  128. Yes now I am at easy. good we got 3 points, I have just reflected on European soccer, these small teams when they pack themselvs in defence they can be a nightmare for any team.
    South Africa drew 0-0 Vs S. Leone, Cameroon only managed to beat Tazania 2-1, yesterday Algeria beat Gambia by only 1-0, and right now Burkina Faso are having problems Vs another small nation, Morocco are only leading 1-0 Vs Rwanda, bane things have changed, I have now realised this. The good thing is we have 4 points now and a game at home. I think we shall progress, my only worry is the coach and his style, he grown big cause support from people like Namulambe, minister ukulanda sana,while abantu bali nensala

  129. Disgusted Spectator thanks for the clarity.Was the stadium full and who was your Man of the Match?? The Swazis defended for the whole game.The chaps came for looking for a draw.

  130. Boss how are you?Am not happy with the coach.We needed plan B after realising the swazis came here to defend.That was their game plan and it nearly worked.We scored through a penalty in dying minutes.Tghis can cause a heart attack.With Phiri we could have won big as we have done before.Now we have Togo, do we have a chace?I doubt

  131. Before we meet Togo all players should be given a chance in friendly games this should inlcude those local this guy has not seen, Mbesuma, Sinkala, Mweetwa, Edwin Phiri, Chivuta, Kunda, mwila Boyd and Charles Musonda’ s son, Charlie was only 17 when he played for Zed, elyo naine na lu uma comeback (joke)

  132. I’ve followed swazi futbo for many years, I know their style. I watched them frustrate Zoom, Alex Chola and Chitalu coached team in Mbabaene and the team that perished in Gabon a a month or so before the disaster. The only missing players at that time were Kalu, Charles and Johnstone. They are excellent at defending but once they conceed they fall 2 pieces. Had we scored shortly after the red card, we could have scored a basket full of goals. My man of the match is their goalkeeper. Our goal keeper could even have gone home to have a mosi. He had nothing 2 do. There were no favours, both the red card & penalty were deserved.


    This is what I think we should do before Togo, first play as many friendlies as possible, build a player(s) who can have good aerial power I have in mind the likes of Francis kajiya or Miroslav Klose of Germany, we need this at all costs and Rodger Kola or Stoppira would be right for this, they have the height. Secondly let us build one or two strikers that think, I have in mind Kalusha Bwalya type, in 1993 we were playing mauritius away, Kalu in his usual style scored a go which I always think is still one of the best goals in Zambian football. Third, we need a psychologist or motivational speaker to tell the boys what confidence means in front of goal. Fourth if at all that is…

  134. … we need a serious programme of shooting at goal, we should coach our players on the dimensions of the goal and how to know where the goal is approximately without looking up when shooting, this is what the germans do, just by using the lines on the pitch. The issue of long range shots should be addressed, Sneijder of Holland scored a cracker against France from outside the 18. Fifth, fire power, heading the ball with all you might (Johnson Bwalya/Ashos Melu style) that way you are assured of follow-up balls once the keeper fails to handle. These are my initial thoughts.

  135. Finally: Genuine Red Card and handling the ball in the D-zone is punishable by a penalty and that was a genuine penalty for me I have no apologies to make bacause in 2002/2006 the world cup was won through penalties I did not make the rules of the game, I saw it because I was 30 centimeters from the TV screen, point of correction I was not in the terraces, Mbabeni was just throwing a prank.

  136. may somebody who recorded the game post it on youtube so that some of as far away may see how the boyz played ,thanks

  137. Twawinina muchoolwe we. Anyhow, sound results but we need goals, coach. It is not safe for us to depend on penalties.

  138. #295 Mwiinga man i agree with you. Zambia need good front line players who can score from any angle, players who are creative and smart with the ball, players who can deliver when we need a goal, the go to player. I read so many comments from the boys on this blog and there are positive contributions towards our country success. Some people are saying the new coach wasn’t doing his job well, we need to give him time and support. He just been with the team less than 3 months, so it’s just a matter of time things will work out. I think when he took over the job, our defence was very poor and he has worked with the defensive players and we look in defence. So let him work on the forwards.

  139. Russia is beating Holland 2-1 extra time. Who will think Russia can cause this.Soccer has changed all over the World guys, no underdogs in soccer.

  140. Similarity between Zambia in today’s game and Russia is that both teams applied pressure until their opponents broke. The difference between Netherlands and Swaziland (the vanquished) Netherlands were playing an open and tactical game, yet Swaziland played a body based game (very archaic), the more bodies you pack in defence the higher the CHANCE of the ball hitting a defender and not heading towards goal in the end, they conceded a penalty because of that. Holland have spoiled my day, I was supporting them, till next time good nite guys for those that are still awake or good evening if you are in US.

  141. The team that qualifies is the team that takes care of its home games and either wins or forces a draw or wins away from home.
    Thus far only zambia has drawn away from home.Yes it wanst petty but we’ll take it.Of course all teams have won at home.
    We can take care of business against Togo at home then we are through to the next round.
    Its not the first time Zambia has had a tough match at home.Remember the Zambia-Angola game?It had to take Kalu-charlie combination of a set piece to score late in the game.
    Keep believing,we can overcome.

  142. Russia just took it to Holland 3-1.now how disappointing is that for the dutch.The Dutch did not only lose but were outplayed by a classy Russian team with a Dutch coach.

  143. #302, guys ndekeni ndale please, very true 5 minutes to go 1989, free kick, Kalu takes it, Charlie kool heads home, you are a soccer follower chachine. Now to tulo twapwa.

  144. Some coments r so stupid. how can a grown up person say the ref favourd zam by gvin red card later on penalty? this site is read by many. why hav a running mouth like this? careful u r the persons that diss ur nation when abroad. we hav betean swazi take it or leave it. angola here we come.

  145. We need Tana to help contain Adebayor at the back becuase of his earial presence at the back.
    Herve,this man that am talking about is the most experienced Zambian defender period.
    Call him right away.

  146. Yes guys, now that we are done with the zed swazi game, whats the status quo in boxing between our own Joseph “no pressure” Chingangu & the Xeno boy?

  147. #294 Mwiinga, I saw that Kalu goal in the flesh, i can’t remember what the score was at the time, maybe 1-0 to Mauritius, maybe 1-1 with 15 minutes to go, not a good game, very broken up, Kalu hits it from 45 yards out, top right corner, final score 3-1, i think.

    The finishing will come, as long as we are doing everything else right.

  148. It was not a legitimate penalty. There is a dfference between handball and ball to hand. That was ball to hand. If the zambian guy was brought down in the 18 yard area I was not going to argue but the thing the ball went to straight to the poor swazi boys hand and he was wrongly judged to have advertently handled it. POOR REFEREEING IN AFRICA IS THE ORDER OF THE DAY. THE UNDERDOGS ARE ALWAYS AT THE RECEIVING END. IF YOU ARE AN AFRICAN YOU SHOULD KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT

  149. #312 Kasuba the point is Zambia has 4 points, it dosen’t matter how the goal was scored, if you have a problem with that, go and cry it over to Fifa. It’s in the record book ZAMBIA 1 SWAZI 0. Looking from all your comments on this blog, you’re a very under archiver person in life, very negative with your life. I think you’re a BIG LOSER. We don’t need your shallow comments any more bro. GO ZAMBIA, ONE ZAMBIA ONE SOLID NATION.

  150. It paid 2hve an expatriet coci. Removing a defender 4 a striker that was gud tactical substitute. Include mbesuma and sinkala against togo.

  151. #312 in any sport the referee has discreation to make a decision based on what he thinks is right. Remember Diramba. If you watch European soccer all most 90% are disputed. These are supposedly good referees going by your word that African refeering is poor. All refs are certified by fifa.

    Get over the complex of everything African is behind !

    Just enjoy the win and stop whinning . Your interpretation of hand ball leaves alot to be desired.!!

  152. While the Chipolopolo were (was) struglling to beat Swaziland in Chililabombwe, the Rugby counterparts were getting a thorough beating at the hands of Kenya at the Safari Village in the ongoing 2008 IRB Tusker Safari Sevens. The Zambians were given an embarrassing 43-0 by the hosts……

  153. Lwandamina should advise the muzungu since he knows the players better with Patrick Phiri.some of them are dependables.

  154. For the person disputing the penalty, hand to ball is still a penalty. I remember when Portugal lost to France in Euro 2000 semi finals…Xavier was actually trying to pull his hand away from the ball, but it still hit. Thats the rules.

    I heard CAF have revised the points system to calculate the 2nd placed team. This will be fairer for our group, but I am hoping Zambia don’t rely and 2nd place and go for a win against Togo.

  155. Guys we have one zambia which is ours and should be behind the team lose or win it shouldnt matter.Look at English fans.England has never won any major tournament apart from 1966 world cup but they have the most noisy supporters in the world.Always behind their team.We need someone to scrutise this coach though.He is the only one who is not Zambian and we dont know much abouthim.Can an insider tell us his tactics,committment,training (coaching)skills, reading games,preparation for games and psychogical skills on our players etc tec

  156. Kasuba,

    What is your problem with zambia. Whether the referee favoured us or not is not our problem. For us we did what needed to be done and is what is important.

    I join my fellow zambians in celebrating this deserved victory.

    If it hurts you so much Kasuba just do yourself a favour by dying.

    Why do you want us to believe that nothing good comes out of Zambia mwana.

    Ala baZambia fipolopolo

  157. No 321 i agree with you, some people dont even know what is good for them.Penalty they argue,no penalty they argue.We beat Swazi so lets move on and think about what we should do to beat Togo.It will be a more difficuilt team but we have no choice but to beat them and i very well know we can do it.

  158. Mwiinga (My namesake by the way) I agree with you on what needs to be done before the Togo game but I think this is what the coaches at club level should be doing, don’t you agree? The national team coach doesn’t spend as much time with these boys so he can only do so much. In any case, it’s a player’s performance at club level that determines his selection to the national team.

  159. #312 kasuba- tell us where you did ur refeering or coaching course. Are you not the same chap who claimed the the swazis were beaten 3-0 in the lusaka a few weeks ago because 1. they were mistreated, 2. they were starved, 3. they were accomodated in a hostel with mosquitoes? Now that they have been beaten via a penalty u claim it wasn’t a penalty! If u watched the games didnt u c that in all the games they were outplayed? If u watch futbo on the global scale then u will learn that the ref makes a judgement on penalty. Did u watch Man-u Vs Arsenal where Gallas’s lower arm in trying to get it out of the way was just brushed by the ball and it was penalty to man-u? Keep ur ignorance 2 urself.

  160. cont..
    Dont mislead the swazis. Swaziland didnt deserve anything in this game cos they didn’t even try to play. U can’t defend 4 90mins. Tuckey how to dismantle teams that want to defend a lead or that play 4 a draw.
    Besides, the futbo u c in swazi has been improved by input from zedian. The likes of Jani Simulambo, Buthcher Mwanza, manfred Chabinga, Jim Mwale, Texan Phiri, Dan Kabwe, Happy Simfukwe, Ben Bamfuchile (MHSRIP), Francis Banda, Chola Mulundu(MHSRIP) have taught the Swazis the futbo u c today. They’ve been our pupils for years. They owe us a great deal of gratitude and not insults from your like. If you want clips of handball rule on the world stage be my guest.

  161. – I meant ask Turkey how to dismanttle a team that wants to depend on defending in order to get a draw or protect a narrow lead. In the Chilis game everyone knows, even a genuine swazi player will tell u that they are lucky to have conceed only 1 goal. It should have been 4 to 6 goals. I rest my case.

  162. #324, #325 #326. U have earned ma respect. That’s what a man is made up of. U are bold and u state facts not insults. Happy for Chipolopolo and all Zedians…I can tell that u are not a high school drop out… u are very smart

  163. #327 u r welcome. Due to free KK education, I’m proud to state that I’m well schooled and well travelled my man. I love chipolopolo and followed their progress round the globe for tens of years. That’s why I encourage other bloggers to state their facts after a thorough research on the subject and avoid insulting language. This is our best way to get in touch with each other even though we do not know each other. God bless.

  164. 1 goal in 3 matches nayo penalty its not a good sign and if zambia dont improve i doubt if they will qualify to the next round. We should not celebrate now we still have an uphill battle.


  165. Don’t worry guys, we will thump the Togolese. Infact Togo risks a draw against Swaziland. Swaziland will most likely lay ‘negative’ foot which consisists nothing except defending.


  166. Correction: What I meant to was “Swaziland will most likely play ‘negative’ football…”

    As for the Togo game preparations, I’m sure Kalu will organise a number of friendlies.


  167. Ba koswe imwe, problem mutamba Euro 2008 ati Zambia can play like that. Ba ngwele, mwanya muzadabwa Togo abwela kuku nyelani pa komo panu.

    Let’s wait and see.

  168. Some Zed pipo waste time watching and supporting Euro soccer. U know all the players’s names and jersy numbers yet some of U cant even recite a bible verse. U r busy supporting bazungu and yet balemitana aba visa and U sit and wonder “look at Euro stadiums, training kits etc” and yet its all the Euros, dollars, pounds you spend on authentic jerseys and other accesories. Shame on you these bazungus still think africa is a country and they dont give a hoot about you.

    At least support your local teams!

  169. # 333, Ule land bwino. And the top part is for entering/writing your name and not the comment. You are embarasing us – uletusebanya.

  170. # 333, Ule landa bwino. And the top part is for entering/writing your name and not the comment. Just the sizes of the two boxes make it obvious. You are embarasing us – uletusebanya.

  171. Just like i have said in the past we a midfeilder with very high work rate to supply balls to strikers like Chris Katongo and others Stippira Sunzu is very slow and easly loses balls why not try Jack Chileshe – ZANACO.What he lacks in height he has in those magic feet watch him when Zanaco is playing.Besides Jack,there is Judge Mkandawire young striker playing for young Arrows.He has pace and can take on defenders unlike Roger Kola infact his correct name should be Roger Kola because thats what he showed us that he really a kula.Its very exciting to watch Judge Mkandawire in action.Another influencial player to consider in the Togo game is Kennedy Mudenda – Power Dynamos

  172. Just like i have said in the past we a midfeilder with very high work rate to supply balls to strikers like Chris Katongo and others Stippira Sunzu is very slow and easly loses balls why not try Jack Chileshe – ZANACO.What he lacks in height he has in those magic feet watch him when Zanaco is playing.Besides Jack,there is Judge Mkandawire young striker playing for young Arrows.He has pace and can take on defenders unlike Roger Kola infact his correct name should be Roger Kula because thats what he showed us that he really a kula.Its very exciting to watch Judge Mkandawire in action.Another influencial player to consider in the Togo game is Kennedy Mudenda – Power Dynamos

  173. #339 Chizungu civuta ai? Write in the language you know best Ken, no offence, your contribution is difficult to extract sense out of it? Was it direct translation from which local language blogger?

  174. Guys, I am impressed with some of you. Thanks for the updates, its like some of you sleep in front of the PC. Guys even Cameroun had to score a last minute goal to beat Tanzania in Yaonde. Lets stop leaving in the past, there no more small teams in Africa even Nigeria struggled to beat Siarre Leone. We need a lot of friendries before we met Togo. We can play Angola, Kenya is in form and Nigeria on their way to South Africa. We can also play teams in South Africa that are playing Lesotho who are playing games in SA.

  175. haha Ba #339…:))

    #342 i second that…:))

    like #343 Lets Hope for some Higher Profile friendlies this

    time..there is plenty of time before the Togo game..as the

    Zambian league is in full swing..all the players abroad whose

    leagues are in recess should start featuring as guest players in

    the local league..there is no reason why we can work hard till

    the Togo game and kick the crap out of them..

  176. 339 i like your suggestions and analysis which if its true i am sure we can only improve.As i said before if plan A doesnt work we need plan B which we can unleash at any point of need.If our midfield is a problem then we can work on that with the kind of players you suggested.EG in the England squad the coach should know when to use Crouch. He is certainly not every game plan player same goes for Defoe/Owen.As for Rooney he is able to adapt and that is why he can play every game.Owen can not adapt.
    So we need a game plan for Togo game consiering they have Adebayo.Someone suggested Tana.Whatever works for us please lets do it as long as we have the required result

  177. Thanks, I searched Swazi papers , all they say is we bribed the zim ref. Pathetic, when have they ever beaten us.They come all the way for a draw. Do u really have to sink that lwo #347? Do u think every1 writes about zed? Go to all zed papers all they talk is a win and nothing more … thanks anyway.

  178. Ba koswe imwe, problem mutamba Euro 2008 ati Zambia can play like that. Ba ngwele, mwanya muzadabwa Togo abwela kuku nyelani pa komo panu.

    Imbeciles, that’s how i can insult you lot without censorship.

    Zibazako – yaba.

  179. 351 i think you are not Zambian or you are a brain washed hybrid.Kindly leave the site those that know the frequency to operate from and for whom.U seem to be an outcast on this site.If you support Togo look for their site and see how they welcome you.As for this site you have abused your welcome and we are glad to see your back

  180. By the way boss i like your analysis please continue.Jani Simulambo was one of the first Zambian coaches in Swazi followed by Clement Soweto Banda. I have lost touch with Chris Boaz Simulambo who has been in swazi for a while too.So you are right we taught these guys soccer

  181. Good job boys!But don’t get carried away with that win.Work hard,if not harder for the remaining games.let us not rely on mathematics(Sembe)

  182. Yamuyazi #355 Apparently we dont need mathematics any longer. CAF has introduced a new rule that will make Group 11 also have a second team at the finals. All games against fourth placed teams in other groups wont count for the purposes of deciding the eight best runners up. However, Zambia should not play for the runners up position but should just beat Togo by a good margin.

  183. I’m in SA #354.But the only way I could info on the match was to search for swazi papers.Which like I said, were only complaints.Anyway, how do you know chris? I was at school (Pemba) with him, and know his elder bro (Victor) was in Maamba.The swazis got excited after beating Togo, rightly so. We need to work extra hard for the Togo game.These guys are no push-overs anymore.I guess our coach still has to work on a formula, goals are not yet coming. A fully fit and disciplined Mbesuma would have helped. Rumor is SA, is hes coming to SA for Sundowns or Kaizer chiefs.

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