Residents against the burial of suspected serial killer in the area


Munyumbwe residents have threatened violence if the body of alleged serial killer locally known as Ngangula who was beaten to death by a mob, is buried in Gwembe.

And Gwembe District Council has allegedly declined to offer space at Gwembe Cemetery.

In an interview with ZANIS this afternoon, Ngangula’ s grandfather Dominic Siakaputa who has appealed to Government to assist the family buy a coffin said the family was making arrangements to burry the body in Monze.

He disclosed that the residents in Munyumbwe do not want Ngangula buried in Gwembe adding that the Council has also declined to offer the family burial space at the cemetery.

He said the local People here have threatened to break the coffin and wreck the grave of hid grandson if he is buried in Gwembe.

Mr. Siakaputa has also appealed to the Police to tighten security during the burial of Ngangula, in order to ensure that he has a dignified burial.

‘We are asking the Police to assist us during the burial, by providing transport and security during the burial, because the matter is in their hands, and beyond our means,’ Mr. Siakaputa said.

And when contacted for comment, Acting Council Secretary Peter Madubeko declined ever having been approached by Ngangula’s family members.

‘We as Council have not been approached by Ngangula’s relatives concerning burial space,’ Mr. Madubeko explained.

‘We are actually afraid that if we issue a burial space for Ngangula at our cemetery, residents of Gwembe could run amok and stone Council property, so it is best that the Police are involved in providing security,’ he added.

Meanwhile, a Police source has said Police in Gwembe have opened an inquiry file and have indicated that they are still investigating the matter.

The source further indicated that no arrests in connection have been made so far.

Last week , Fanwell Kalivungwe aka Ngangula , suspected serial killer was allegedly murdered by a mob in Gwembe.

Ngangula 27, suspect who was on the wanted list of the police for over six months .



  1. The result of inadequate police resources is that people will now take the law into their own hands to met out instant justice.
    This is the norm in N.g.ria where police corruption and inaction has led to people forming their own vigilante groups.
    Moreover,my Tonga brothers are known for their use of axes and blades to resolve disputes instantly.

  2. Very funny story indeed.To start with,was this guy convicted in the court or what.I can assume that he was merely a suspect.Therefore,as long as he was not convicted he is presumed o be innocent and the people who killed him should be brought to justice.Let us not promote anarchy in this country just by relying on rumours.If anything the council have no right to deny the burial permit for he deceased.Where do they want the guy o be buried……his is unfair.The onus is now on the police to provide security to the deceased family to ensure that the guy is buried in dignity.Let us respect th dead.

  3. Lets have respect for the dead regardless of the character when he was living.May his soul rest in peace he was innocent.

  4. # 2 nad 3 i agree with you guys.let us respect the dead.The police shuld identify ring leaders and brought to justice.Any person is innocent until convicted by the courts of law.What those people commited was murder and am sure the police know who the culprits are. If he was a well known serial killer then why did the police arrest him and take him to court.

  5. You know what happens when people are tired of a system that fails to protect them? keep in mind, even dead victims have got rights……? viva Mob Justice…..? if ngangula was guilty then he deserved the Mob Justice, if he was not then my sincere appologies to his family? viva mob justice?

  6. As a man sow, so shall he reap.De Bible says ” not even a dog shall piss on the walls of Babylon”. Seen?

  7. The man is dead already. No matter how dangerous he could have been, he does not possess any ability to harm anyone. Neither does he know that his body has been rejected. They are just wasting their time.

  8. You people who support mob justice shall face it one day and see just how unjust it is…especially you living in foreign lands where everything wrong is blamed on the foreigner. You will cry for the police to come and protect you forgetting that you promote mob justice.

    A cousin was almost lynched at UNZA when he just there went to confront some student chap who had been making passes at his fiance. The UNZA guy just shouted ‘kabolala’ and hell broke loose for my cousin. They surely would have beaten him to death had it not been for one brave UNZA blue.

  9. MHSRIP.The best serial killer is the dead one.The police could not find him,he was in hiding,locals caught him and killed him.Now they don’t want to bury him in the village, let them burn him to ashes.

  10. Why not take his body to a crimator and crimate the body and bury his ashes in Chiluba’s yard since most criminals are an off-shoot of his kleptomaniac regime.

  11. Gwembe District Council why are you denying your own pipo their birth rights. We have seen pipo being rushed to their home district for burial after dying in somewhere else, whether hanged or killed by police bcoz robbery.

  12. #10 Chiluba is still inocent dont get the man involved in this.Just blog your nonsense.

  13. #16 Chiluba maybe out of power, but the effects of his kleptomaniac regime are evident in the rising criminal activities in the country. That short man is not innocent and I bet will be placed in the same phylum with Mugabe, Mobutu, Amin, Hitler and Sadam in the books of history. These men should never have been allowed to rule. They’re a curse to humanity.

  14. For your own information the Bible at Ecclesiates 9:5,10 clearly shows rhe condition of a dead person.If you knew of this no one will be worried about this killer.

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