Friday, May 24, 2024

Levy Media Reports are Malicious-Mulongoti


International reports suggesting that President Mwanawasa had died are only malicious and untrue.

Chief government spokesperson, Mike Mulongoti said the President who is admitted to a French Hospital is still in a stable condition.

Mr. Mulongoti who is also Information Minister said this in a national address on ZNBC Television.

He said doctors attending to the President are happy with the progress made so far and his condition remains stable.

Mr. Mulongoti said D. Mwanawasa has continued to recieve treatment for hypertension in the intensive care unit at Percy Military Hospital in Paris, France.

The Chief government spokesperson said the President spent a satisfactory night at the hospital and there were no new developments.

The First Lady and family members are at his bedside.

He said the nation will be kept informed on the Presidents condition regularly.

The BBC, Reuters and Sky news had earlier carried reports that President Mwanawasa had died.

President Mwanawsa suffered stroke in Egypt where he had gone to attend an African Union Summit.

He was first hospitalised there before being moved to the French Hospital.


  1. Well Mike, why don’t you tell us what has transpired exactly. You haven’t mentioned surgery in Eygpt. It is very odd for a surgeon that has just operated on a patient’s brain to allow that pt to be transported on some long journey, more so that any transportation results in major physiological instability, resulting in reduced blood flow to a brain that is trying to heal. can you shed light on the rational for having done so, because Egypt has medical facilities rivaling western countries.

  2. Blame it on Malone Zaza, typical Lozi. How can someone announce something like that with out confirming things? Malone Zaza should be arrested and jailed for alarming the nation.

    Get will soon LPM. With people wishing dead, they are just giving him blessings.

    Counter sources including the french ministry are saying the President is ALIVE but not well.

  3. Mulongoti you are lying, something big must have happened to the president why should he be operated for hypertension and why should they risk his life to fly him in a plane with hypertension,lets wait and see, looks like a sad day for us as Zambians.

  4. It is good noting that President LP Mwanawasa is still alive.

    Thus, I am wishing him the dear President LP Mwanawasa, SC
    , quick recurperation.

    To the nation and his family, our God, the Creator and Owner of everything, answers prayer and His (the good Lord God) Will be done.

  5. Mulongoti iwe kana!!tell us the truth…if it’s true he has died,we shall stone you!we deserve to know the truth…

  6. #3 they have done such before, i would’nt be suprised if they did not get their facts right, but the way George Antelop (Mpombo) and RP weeped in front of the media raises a lot of quaestions than answers, but let us stay focused and hope for the best despite our varied political afiliations.

  7. are rubbish at your job!!!..such a big story and you keep quiet??…NO Information Minister should be your job title!!!!!Rumours spread when people dont have info

  8. Who is Malone Zaza? How can a diplomat be so incompetent? This thing of appointing relatives to diplomatic postings is starting to backfire.

  9. Good news from Mulongoti, we hope that Mulongoti is speaking the truth this time cause he is one a guy who would also be misleading the nation in the name of politicking.

    We pray that its true and the president is fine. We still need him really conidering the good job he is doing.

  10. So much speculation! Let us not wish anyone dead. It is better to follow an official statement from the Government, rather than third party sources which may not even be credible. God bless Zambia!

  11. Longlive Mwanawasa,let those BBC, Reuters and Sky news go to hell.I just cannot understand why media reports are so enthusiastic about LPM’s death, shame on them.They want to kill somebody who is alive.Atleast my heart is a bit at rest as I continue praying for my president.

  12. This is what I refered to as Official channel. Again and again..if you don’t have facts, all that you have is personal opnion.

    You can say what you want, Mr Mulongoti is the official GRZ spokesperson.

    As for me, I will wait for GRZ to inform the nation and the world on status of our Presido. Dipolmatically, only GRZ will first give official status on LPM. Not US, france, Britain,RSA not even Reuters.

  13. #2 Its all about money, stories like this generate money for media outlets, that’s what its all about, money.

  14. Now we are all condemning the “International Media” same way that the Zimbabweans have done. These people thrive on gabbage.

    LPM, get well soon. When you get home, tell your wife to take a good care of you and not meddle in politics as this stresses you too much.

  15. According to the Egyptian Dr who attended to him; the man had a brain haemorhage brought about by hypertension. They succesfully stopped the bleeding. He was in a semi-coma when he was flown to France. It is not clear whether the semi-coma was medically induced or not. We should hold our breaths and pray that he makes a full recovery. But honestly the chances are 50-50. Brain haemorhages usually end up with death or severe neuro impairement. Everything is in the hands of God now!

  16. I think the death story is fake and BBC, Reuters & Sky News missed it. I wonder why CNN did not cover it and now Reuters says VP is saying LPM is alive.

    I really blame the Govt for not communicating well and abusing the word stable. This is what you get. You are helping fuel rumours and I hope you now communicate more


    Zambian president, Levy Mwanawasa, a stern critic of Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, died in a Paris hospital today after suffering a stroke earlier this week.

    A Zambian high commission spokesman said the 59-year-old died in the early hours of the morning after being rushed to hospital in Egypt on Sunday ahead of the African Union Summit earlier this week. He had complained of sharp chest pains.

  18. Too much excitement for rumours and too many itching ears in Zambia. First thing H.E. should do when he returns (GOD WILLING), is to sort out this bunch of loose-tongued rumour-mongers like Zaza, who have misled so many people today!

  19. LUSAKA (Reuters) – Zambian Vice President Rupiah Banda on Thursday denied media reports that President Levy Mwanawasa had died.
    “The news reports… are not true,” Banda said in a statement, adding that Mwanawasa’s condition remained stable and he was continuing to receive treatment for hypertension.

    (Reporting by Shapi Shacanda)

  20. If it was reported on BBC,Sky news and other major channels, i honestly believe it’s true for these news channels are always there as news breaks and always verify there sources. It’s now a mist we don’t know who is telling the truth. On the other hand, Mulongoti as is always with politicians will deny first and then accept later. God bless Zambia and Zambians!

  21. Chibale you comment as if I know you. Anyway you might be right because this kind of situation also happened in 2005 when yasser Arafat had died long before the media disclosed his death.I hope Mulongoti is being realistic in his message that he has given to us.

  22. I can’t trust mulogoti!
    I’ve also just heard from france24 that our president is dead!
    please!!let the Govt tell us the truth!

  23. ….people please don’t play with our minds and emotions and provide us with accurate information. PLEASE!!!!

  24. The Germans say “Todgesagte leben länger” meaning “Those believed dead live the longest”. God bless LPM.

  25. If it is true that LPM is no more, then whether we like it or not, only an official Government source can confirm this news. I agree Zambians need to be kept informed, but only through an official channel to avoid being misled. Let us pray for Zambia.

  26. By Marius Bosch

    JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) – Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa died in a Paris military hospital on Thursday after suffering a stroke earlier this week, South Africa’s Talk Radio 702 reported, quoting a Zambian High Commission spokesman.

    Officials in Lusaka had no immediate comment.

    Mwanawasa, 59, an outspoken critic of Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, was rushed to hospital on Sunday in the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh after suffering a stroke just before an African Union summit.

    He was later transferred to Paris for treatment.

    “He passed on this morning,” Malone Zaza, identified as the high commission spokesman, told the radio.

    In Paris, a spokesman for the Armed

  27. Oh! that’s a good strategy for the media to make their monies. Even lawyers create confusion to make money because they know they’ll be paid to interpret the law.

    May GOD Bless our PRESIDENT


  28. Whats all this fuss about? If the man is no more too bad, if he is alive well tough lack for all the haters. Whatever!!!

  29. Time will reveal all. My wife and I have spent the last hour scouring the web for news. We pray for this excellency’s health. The death of any Zambian is a severe loss. Hang on LPM. We have never lost a sitting president. As for the media reports, I think they have been withdrawn on major networks because they haven’t been verified. There’ nothing malicious about reporting potential news, Ba Mike. Let’s just be believed the man is alive.

  30. In Paris, a spokesman for the Armed Forces Health Service declined to comment. “We do not ever confirm or deny the presence of a patient in a military hospital,” he said.

    A spokesman for the Percy Military Hospital also declined to comment.

  31. Well!! Good to hear that he is still alive. But again lets think twice…. second stroke, operated on, intensive care coupled with the very main CABBAGE status, one begins to ask!! WILL HE BE CAPABLE TO RULE AGAIN.

    Its ultimately clear that he should always avoid fatigue.

  32. the times online

    Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa has died and is likely to be buried within five days, a Zambian government official has told The Times Online.
    The official said vice president Rupia Banda, who was acting president while Levy was in Egypt, would act as president until an election was held.

  33. mulongoti is hiding smth! why should the reuters, bbc and sky news lie at the same time? what a coinidence! my countrymates, we should get prepared for the worst….if the president is in a stable condition then whats he doing in the intesive care unit??hmmmm

  34. I think the best way to clear this situation would be to air maureen Mwanawasa or someone on the bedside.
    i think these are the only reliable sources we can trust with information concering our Presedent.

    BUT still more!! Reuters,BBc,Sky cannot cheat.

    LPM please dont die!! we really need you,we dont want the situation in Zimbabwe to be in Zambia.

    Zambia is a peaceful nation and a funeral at state house can really compromise the peace we are enjoing.


  35. Imwe bantu, Mwanawasa is dead and thats the truth. All this denying is just to buy time on the part of gvt to put in place all necessary security measures so that when they offcially announce, the country doesn’t plunge into turmoil. France 24 has just confirmed.

  36. This is a classic example of how the media can be unreliable. One rumor, one source by Malone Zaza has deceived all the major news outlets in the world.


  37. Bane, no amount of bickering will reverse that fact that late LPM is no more. From my little world I’ll remember him for having taken time to reconcile with Mr. Sata. I believe that was an invaluable lesson for all Zambians that you don’t take differences to the grave. M.H.S.R.I.P.

  38. France 24 reports he is dead, Mulongoti reports he is still alive, Rupiah Banda and George Mpombo were crying during the prayer’s yesterday as captured in the post, am I missing something??? And #44 why should the country be in turmoil?

  39. French Ministry Says Zambia President Being Treated in Hospital

    By Nasreen Seria

    July 3 (Bloomberg) — The French Foreign Ministry said Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa was being treated at a hospital outside Paris, countering a report on South Africa’s 702 radio that he had died after suffering a stroke.

    The ministry declined to comment on the state of his health, according to an electronic briefing on its Web site today. A spokesman for the Percy military hospital refused to comment, referring all questions to the foreign ministry.

    It’s up to Zambian authorities to comment on the state of Mwanawasa’s health, the French ministry said.

  40. Whether LPM our president is dead or Alive, with us he’s alive. For once let us be patriotic assume that Mwanawasa is alive.

  41. Whether it’s France 24 talking or BBC their source seems to be the same…Reuters South Africa – Radio 702 – Malone Zaza. A friend at the French embassy in Brussels says LPM is still alive, and that Mulongoti’s infor is true to the core.

  42. Emwe it is true.the man is dead.lets put one and one together!i have inside info from someone close to him.kaleza.they should be preparing to fly bak to arrange for burrial.blur…..!mulongoti is just trying to calm the situ.wait till …n u will tell me.its bad news i tell u.

  43. # 47, The country can be plunged into turmoil if those who aspire for the presidency mess up. Mind you, this is a sudden occurence, our country has never been in a crisis before, all political parties are not ready at this moment with anybody suitable for the presidency. All these facts point to a possibility of confusions in the run up to an election within 90 days as per consititution. I hope you get my point.

  44. BBC is deafeningly quiet as I am watching now!!! CNN is also very quiet, I would imagine they thought LPM was their voice in SADC and if it is true he is dead, then it is equally their loss and it would have been headline news, now I am beginning to believe that this story is false, he might just be in a critical condition. What does Mulongoti mean when he says he is stable? By the way ladies and gentlemen what happened to Yasser Arafat who am told was treated in the same hospital. While we are at it, where is Ariel Sharon and how is he doing because the Israel Government kept on saying that his condition is stable, STABLE, what does that mean, Simon Miti please say something, I am anxious.

  45. Ok Why all of the sudden Mulongoti is the one making the statement on the President’s health when all through out this it has been the Veep???

    Is it confirmation that the old man is unable to talk as he has been overcome by emotions?? They need to tell us the truth becoz within their circles others are saying the man has died. Notice also how Mulongoti couldn’t look up and be his normal confident self and how he just looked like a mourner in that jersey and jacket.

    i pray for strength for all of us coz it is a long road we are going into

  46. #52 thanks for the clarification, I was looking at a crisis of catastrophic proportions, that is the last thing we need in this country, I agree with you fully on your observations.

  47. Breaking News …………
    Our headman has jsut been called to an urgent cabinet meeting and with instructions to e prepared to travel to France. Lets wait and see.

  48. A source at French embassy in Lusaka, says LPM is still alive and most foreign embassies know so. But they cannot comment about his present condition.

  49. someone i know says they just spoke to Maureen elo ati balifye..
    lets all just keep LPM in our prayers. iv never been so proud to be Zambian as i feel seeing the turn out for the prayers mu Lusaka mailio and the messages im reading.. viva LPM.. viva Mother Zambia

  50. Levy has been in comatose since Sunday. I may not be a professional health expert, but certainly I wouldn’t doubt this sad news making the round. GRZ must have been caught unprepared for such a monumental challenge hence in a crash power transfer ops of repositioning while pacifying the masses. If wrong, then Levy must be in some serious pausing coma deep in the ICU. No shame to break the news. Thus far RB has done a Great job but denial and twists could water his merits away.

  51. Mulongoti is a liar. How can he lie like this to the nation. Something is not right. Where is the VP now?

  52. Our prayers are with our leader,his family and our country.
    With regards to the rumours, there is no news on France 24,BBC or CNN as reported by many.
    Only Reuters have said otherwise.

  53. France 24 is a channel on Sky TV in the UK. I rashed home at lunch time to catch the news, and they confirmed LPM had passed away on France 24.

  54. My young man Mwiinga #54..i like your postings! pliz ask Pankoloko to shed us with more light..we are all in this situation.

  55. #57 I am at home watching this on TV about the link I have no idea what their website is! But the report sounds like the one that has already been discredited posted by Shapi Shacinda on Reuters.

  56. Ba Mulongoti wesu, nobody wishes Mwanawasa dead. Even his political opponents were saddened to hear of his second stroke, which is usually fatal, if I may state the fact! So, the reports that he is dead are not made out of malice! And when you refute something so big and close to the heart of evey Zambian, don’t use hard words because they will be extremely hard for you to swallow later.

    Just give us some intelligent update…not ati ‘ali fye bwino alelya no bwali ku Paris’!

  57. Rupiah Banda must demonstrate leadership qualities as we navigate through such uncharted waters.Mulongoti has just calmed the nation down but the VP must step up and guide the nation through the inevitable.Shikapwashya and Mpombo should also show alot of courage and strength as they cordinate with central command on how to guide our beloved nation during such a transition.
    May Mwanawasa`s soul rest in eternal peace.

  58. I have put every word Mulongoti said under a microscope;

    1.Malicious – this is very strong word meaning -hateful,nasty,cruel, wicked for who ever is spreading the rumuors
    2.Untrue – fictious,imaginary, wrong…

    Mulongoti even said “Doctors attending to LPM are happy with his Progress.

    Well I suppose GRZ choice of words and expression was meant to convey the right message. That the Presido is still alive. we await for another update

  59. Please people hold your cool, there will be an official update on LPM’s condition at 18hours this evening. Hopefully then the truth will be laid bare. But the word going round now is that he is alive but has moved from semi-coma to coma state

  60. i just feel LPM is in heaven right now…. the media cant just say something like that. hope everything goes well

  61. Mwanawasa is alive , am just coming from the hospital, please Zambians stop rumors and try to do something instead of gossips. Ciao God bless….

  62. I am indeed shock that Govt. especially Mulongoti’s statement, but also that Mulongoti is very useless Information Minister who does not know his job description, i mean he should have continuosly informed the nation on what transpire in egypt and also the crying on VP,GM and even family members during the prayer service at the Cathedral yesterday, must be explained by Mulongoti. I want to believe that Mr. Zaza too was being since and he is a spokesperson and Mulongoti has not responded to Zaza’s comments. Friends lets not demonise the media because somebody did give them information. There is nothing we can do if God has allowed it to happen let him rest in peace.

  63. #70 that is true, #68 thanks and this character Pankoloko today choses to be offline when we need inside information, I have no idea where he is.

  64. Just chill people! I gave just spoken to the journalist at 702 radio to whom all this hoax is being attributed and he has in turn said someone gave him the hoax in by the name of the now famous Malone Zaza, who does not exist. He has apologized for the stress this may have caused to me. Lawyer wa ba Lawyer.

  65. Ok can someone please tell us whats going on ku ZEDI coz we are stressed and confused with these conflicting media reports. Abyei is burning (sudan)

  66. May our good Lord Almighty guide us as we pray for the first family as peace loving Zamians.As a citizen i pray that the President is healed in the quickest posible time.We stil need his services,We Love him and may again the good Lord bless him and the First Lady Maureen.

    God help us we seek your healing miracle i pray in the precious name of our Saviour Jesus Christ,AMEN!

  67. his gone………bet we can only hope for the best in the coming elections!!!!!its all in Gods hands….may the deserving political party win…….to the o the zambians…….BE PEACEFULL!!!!

  68. I don’t trust Mike Mulongoti, they should have given someone else to tell us besides him. He is so unreliable

  69. #75 I am watching press TV right now and nothing of the sort has been mentioned, and who are they quoting, if it is the same reuters story, that has already been discredited.

  70. Please fellow Zambians, let us not get stressed. Let us wait for an official statement and not rely on third party sources.

  71. abena zed.. I have taken time to read on Hemorrhagic stroke and happens when a blood vessel burst inside the brain..This type of a stroke is most rare, but most fatal. survival rate is about 20%. Dead or alive right now, our LPM will never ever be the same man.Almost certain that if he survives, he will have major disabilities to perform his functions. As a nation we need to be prudent and start thinking ahead i.e.start the process for LPM replacement.

  72. I really hope LPM is alive..can you imagine Rupiah Banda running the country..even if it is for only 90 days!!!!!


  74. Xtine #84, who told you or are you a family spokesperson? or……………………………..just tell us the truth

  75. While while ,i am tryn hard to compose my self but the little appeal i have 4 mike is atlast ask maureen to make a comment …pleases lte the wife say something rit away

  76. Mwiinga, since you are in Zambia, what are you hearing? I got a message from my most reliable friend there confirming that it is true bo Mwanawasa is gone.

  77. BJ10, why is still the France24 TV carrying this as a top stories, that LPM has died at 59. Which hospital are you from and which intensive care unit allows visitors? mind you this is a military hospital, with all this confucion my dear they dont allow civilians to visit. Tell us who are BJ10?

  78. #88, some will call you names about that submission, but like Sata who was given time to reflect in a sober manner, this accassion has just given a new dimension to the way we handle our politics and succession issues in Zambia. I am also pessimistics as to whether HE will perform his stressful duties well after this second incident, maybe you are right we should reflect on this issue of succession seriously. I think you are a realist, LPM is mortal like you and me and is not excepted from these things.

  79. I’ve just checked the Press TV website. It’s also refering to the reuters report which was originated by this malone zaza. I think Levy’s condition is quite critical. Let us just pray for him.

  80. #3 Whoever you are please stop using bad language. You are so primitive. This is our Head of State you are insulting. Grow up and be more mature than that.

    All the best Mr President and May the good Lord bless you.

  81. what in the world is going on???? can some1 whos relaible give us some relaiable info!!!!!!! God bless Zambia! Long live Levy!!!

  82. I have spoken to BBC African service and they too have unconfirmed reports. They attribute the source of the death information to the South African channel..702 or what ever.The number you can call is +4402072403456 ask for African service-politics. God bless us all.

  83. God help LPM. levy has improved zambia’s economy and we wish him all good health and that he must succeed his economic vision. God bless Mwanawasa.

  84. #90 Mu Soli Mutanshi
    We`re all in a state of shock and emotionally broken but we need to be strong and pray for God`s strength and guidance.Nobody wishes anyone dead but when such trepidation befalls,then we`ve got to face it with courage.

  85. “Zambian Government denies Mwanawasa is dead” – Press TV; what does this mean?

  86. Long live kateka. Levy will die one day but not today. I watched this movie. Its based on a true story. He will die of old age when he is over 80. For all you uneducated fellas, stable means not improving and not deteriorating either. It doesn’t mean he is well. All the word means is that his condition hasn’t improved and it hasn’t deteriorated either. Boost your vocabulary now, you will thank me latter.

  87. Reuters have withdrawn their story which they attributed to radio 702 of RSA. The announcer at 702 has confirmed that he got the news from a spokesman at the zambian embassy in RSA. How could an embassy spokesman have started a rumour? It is posiible that LPM is no more but govt/cabinet is trying to buy time by denying the death so that they can put their act together. I have a feeling that the much awaited update at 18hours will be a confirmation of the death. I hope not.

  88. I urge all of you to reliably rely on me when I say the unreliable sources in South Africa can not be relied upon. Am reliably informed that the only reliable information is that which came from unreliable Mulongoti. No love for the haters.

  89. If you noticed BBC is no longer carrying that story simply showing that there is no truth to it. Nonetheless, I’m apalled by the nasty comments that I have read on this site concerning LPM. I for one have not been a supporter of some of his policies but I need to separate his person from his job. It’s never a good thing whenever someone dies regardless of how unimportant they are in life but we all need to show some decency in the way we address such incidents. Love him or hate him, LPM deserves some respect from all of us as citizens of Zambia and as human beings. By the way Malone Zaza is not a spokesperson for the embassy. Get well soon El Presidente.

  90. Koma mu Chalo muli bakaswili ba rumour mongering, I am telling today I cried so much for our presdo that the day he will actual die I will have not tears left. I have already mourned him in advance.

  91. I can see a situation were some media outlet will one day come up with a story like “Jesus Christ has come back, you can watch him live on BBC, CNN, NBC, Reuters, News 24” etc. Most likely a lot of people will believe that lie.

  92. iwe mulongoti
    if what you are telling us is not truth then we will burry you alive.
    and tomake the matters worse you are one of the gorvenment workers in zambia and if you cant read us by an example then we shall burry you alive .

  93. #104, you might as well be the uneducated fella here, because your ego tells you that you have monopoly of knowledge in my line of work we avoid words with more than one meaning so get educated as well my friend for some of us speaking good english does not mean being educated because even uneducated english and non english natives can still speak english very well, I hope you see my line of argument, so what stability is this, brain dead, still in coma, stopped talking, is in the gym, is on his way back home I mean what is stable Easy E?

  94. #88 you are talking sense. I dont think even if sc is alive he will perform the duties of a president ever again, mind u, this is the second time he is having the attach, so chances are that he will never be the same stake again.
    Lets move forward!!!!

  95. May the holy spirit fall on #3 now untill he repents his hard heart. Even if you don’t like the man sure is this how you can react?

  96. #93 I think this is just what it is – A RUMOUR, nothing more we shal hear what Mulongoti will tell us at 18:00 hours

  97. if LPM wasnt dead why would mulongoti be wasting his time on tv talking to the people. Ussually if the president is dead they dont officially announce it withing 3 days, and why would his whole family be doing at the bed side if he wasnt dead?

  98. People of Zambia, I am writing from the UK and right now listening to France 24. This is French media where our president was being treated and his remains are still there. They are running the item as a headline and quoting no third source meaning they are using their own sources. They are saying “Zambian Pres. Levy Mwanawasa has died in hospital near the French capital Paris.” The Gvt. is just buying time coz all those incompetent pipo from VP downwards have no idea how to handle the issue. He is no more period. MHSRIEP

  99. #111 I aggree with you. Except to add that only Mulongoti will say its not true Jesus has not come yet.

  100. Mike cant be trusted from the reputation that he has made for himself so can we please have someone we can trust to brief the nation; and that is with the truth about the whole senario including all that has transpired from the time he was admitted in Egypt.

  101. mulongoti kana
    we hope what you are telling us is true. if you know that mwanawasa is dead and you are just keeping quite, the country will skin you you better tell us the truth so that the nation can know the condition for our president.

  102. some normality slowing coming and the ‘sources’ of infor are reducing…and finally we only wait and hear from GRZ.

    I have said before and I will say it again; If you don’t have factual, reliable and credible information, all that you have is a personal opnion.

    I treat any infor from any blogger same as the one I get from my neighborhood pub…killing time or bedtime story.

  103. Zambians are in denial that is why mulongoti is misinforming the nation that lPM has hypertension when he has a severe stroke as opposed to mild stroke in 2006. Let as prepare a place for the burial not teka farm

  104. LPM is either gone or incapacitated.No credible news agency has confirmed his death. He may not be dead but will be unable to continue as president either for quite a while or EVER..hence the continued panic!!May i suggest RB steps up to Plot1 until 2011. During this time, MMD can find a suitable candidate to field against the other contenders.The current circumstances should not excite the opposition as MMD will NOT hand over power to another party.There is no backdoor entrance into Plot1!!With or without LPM, MMD will prevail and continue to rule..this is Africa remember!!!

  105. Ok LPM is well, thank God. However, lets explore possible replacements in the event we end up like Israel

  106. 120. Use common sense.. why wuold we be talking about a bedside if he was dead. And where did you get this nonsense about moting annoucindg a president’s death within 3 days. Don’t come out here with bogus facts.

  107. BBC fears no one when they their story is credible. BBC also repeats “big news” many times in a day. So their silence suggests that its true LPM is alive.

  108. Mulongoti too sleepy sure news started coming in as early as 06hrs that our Prez is dead and kept the nation in the Dark for several hours. Let GRZ be proactive. You guys if LEVY DIED ARE YOU GOING TO RULE US WITH YOUR CURRRENT CROPE OF LEADERS IN PLACE

  109. A contentious issue is of course that RB is a nominated MP.Is it in order to hand an elective office to a nominee??This is why the VP must be an elected position to ensure a seamless transition should death or incapacitation afflict the incumbent president!I see nothing wrong in RB continuing the work of LPM until the next election.Our international credibility and current level of investor/donor support is at risk if we fluff this up in true African style!I join the level headed group that awaits credible confirmation of LPM’s condition…or lack of!!!

  110. Mwiinga & 104, Please shut the hell up, this is not the time for your F#*%! Nonesense.Both of you still need education, now please quiet!!

  111. The bbc world service online withdrew the story at 1100hrs because what they reported was unconfirmed and relied on radio 702 in RSA. It is no longer on any of their news items on any channel. No govt official from any foreign mission has confirmed the story. So far radio 702 reported a rumour. If it turns out it is true then we indeed have a leadership vaccum.

  112. 127 You are a danger to our democracy. Constitution says 90 days. Don’ t go into panic mode. Your party has no VP, just call on the General to take over

  113. #136…i’m tickled as your comment shows the true African style i referred to in #132!!!As i understand it, a party VP is not considered when talking about the Republican presidency!!the VP we’re talking about is the Republican one!!

  114. It is so sad to see that most of our country men and women are in denial. Anyway keep waiting. How can the French Media keep lying up to now? cause by nw they would have withdrawn the story. Other media have withdrawn only at the request of the GRZ so they can put things in place before it is finally announced. Well if you can keep yourself hanging on for a few more hours, then suit yourselves but I reiterate that MHSRIP

  115. I wish the president get well soon. It’s very hard for the GVT to tell the nation what’s going on, But we should just wait and pray for our leader and his family through this time.

  116. South African President Thabo Mbeki told reporters he had been informed by the executive secretary of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) that Mwanawasa had died.

    Mbeki called for a minute’s silence while attending a remembrance ceremony in Pretoria for victims of a recent wave of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

    “The executive secretary of SADC called me to say the president of Zambia, Levy Mwanawasa, had passed away this morning,” he said.
    End quote.

    Update by Reuters

  117. i still doubt Mulongoti and will do so until Levy himself surfaces and addresses the nation. Until then LPM is not in charge of the country. He either is in a coma or has indeed passed away. I wonder if we have any legislation to slap Mulongoti with should it turn out that he lied to the nation.

  118. 138/127 You said MMD can not handover to another party and that RB should step into plot 1. You are truly African. Just find a credible person to run in order to keep on LMP’s good work

  119. We should not rejoice that LPM is still alive , i dont think he will be the same after this. He will either give up power, or he is incapacitated.Which ever way we need to look for a leader. LPM wont rule us again.

  120. uncle Levy is not died. but the will never wrk again. so we still need to find a replacement. so we will have elections with 3mnths. but having sata who we knw is also abt to die, with old age not even his heart problem. we need a young and a health man. not to waste election moni.

  121. Imwe abena Zed. Death is not something you play with.We need to pray for our country and president and his family.

  122. guys let us wait for 18hrs,
    for CNN, France 24 and the rest of the world to ananounce, they ahve to get authorization from let us not strain ours elves further.
    On the other hand, let us pray fro maureen that God may give her the strength to go thru this and all of us as a nation.

  123. #145 should mind the words you use in such a trying moment. Let us hope for the best for our president and country. Although Politicians are not to be trusted. For now I’ll trust ba mulongoti and pray that ba levy is still alive and improving.

    LT-I’m also having trouble posting saying I’m posting too fast.

  124. CNN has withdrawn “the breaking news”, claiming the President is well and alive. They quoted Mr Mbeki who also claims he was informed by SADC secretariat office. There was a minute of silence in South Africa (Union building) in honor of the late President. The source of info in RSA was SADC secretariat. Mr Mbeki fueld the rumor (or is it the truth?)

    For now, CNN has stopped running the script. They are busy with the “release of hostages” in colombia.

  125. This is not the time to talk about succession plan.
    Please people CALM down. Lets not get imaginative and creative stimulating future scenarios…in case ‘A’ happens ..B should kick in..

    The inputs to LPM status discussion must only come from GRZ. And I you agree that GRZ is our national management platform, they choice how (tone) and when they issue a press statement.

    As of now, I take Mulongoti statement as absolute truth.

  126. Imwe, Mulongoti wabufi sana!!! he has misled the nation before so i wouldnt put it passed him to do it again. and why was almost in tears when he made that press statement? elo RB and George Antelope were crying like children!! especially RB who didnt even cry that much for his mother!!

  127. I hope that will help you to rest the case: The President is alive and well, still receiving treatment.

  128. The last time, I was this confused was after Gabon 93, when a friend told me in Njanja: Ba Zambia Bafa. I had no internet and email that time. This time with email and internet, I am confussed, I don’t know what to believe.

  129. When i tell you that our leaders from Veep downwards cannot handle a crisis mulakana,teapa nomba,there is nobody to guide the nation at this point of a major crisis.When JFK was shot by Lee Oswald Harvey,Lyndon Johnson did not deligate the updating of the nation to a misguided,incompetent minister but he kept informing the nation( USA) himself on the president’s condition.Whether or not Ba Zebigge is dead,Rupiah should address and calm the nation,osathi kungolila.wE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW AS CITIZENS.This is not former Soviet Union,were a death of a president was a state secret for 3 months.

  130. I agree with you #152 on one fact that lpm, will naver work again.but hey let us give chnace to sata.death has nothing to do with ones age or even health at times.there are such thing like aciidents in life. wat if that young man you are talking about dies in an accident?
    wat we need is a man who has a vision for the nation my dearest zambians.that man is sata at the moment.
    quick recovery to lpm

  131. Chibale you haven’t offended me at all its only that I thought its the Chibale that I know.I am sorry for having made you to overthink. Its no big deal any way and there is nothing else. peace be with you.

  132. I love our president too, too much. I hope he is not dead. Mwanawasa please get well soon. Zambia still needs you. You are the only president who has made too much sense to me. Chi Sata teti!!! I will cease to be Zambian the moment Sata rules Zambia!!!

  133. # 158 The time for succession is now if not too late already. That is why Africans lack in Progress because we dont plan. We always think it is taboo to think ahead especially when death is involved. Brother dont be in denial, LPM wont be the same after this. What will you do if the time he comes back and he throws in the towel? We need to find a succeessor now so that continuity is there.

  134. Pipo Sata just had a heart attack, why should he risk his life may HH or Chirwa or Magande, who evet has intergrity

  135. Mama heya!!! Sata! my foot, we have better people than that recycled crook friend of Mugabe. The moment you give him the throne he is life President. Is he you father, uncle, brother or something. I think we are now pondering on the issue of Levy and when the dust settles we shall look around for credible leaders and Sata is far from it, atase.

  136. Wikipedia have retracted a statement on LPM’s profile regarding his death. This is the original quote form the Website as at 15:15 GMT.
    Quote “On July 3, 2008 news outlets began reporting that Mwanawasa had died after suffering a stroke in a Paris hospital. The story originated in the Johannesburg-based 702 Talk Radio, which cited Malone Zaza, the head of protocol at Zambia’s High Commission in Pretoria, South Africa; however the commission denied having someone employed at the embassy with that name”. The Zambian government’s spokesperson, Mike Mulongoti, said the news of his death were “false.”

  137. Ba Levy is still alive. This man survived a fatal accident and survived when it was almost impossible for him. I believe his condition is just critical and his veep and ministers are just being cautious in the event that ba levy completely recovers like before in 1991. So, long live ba Levy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  138. #133 you might as well have just kept quiet, however, bane anyone with latest information please? Or should we just wait for Mulongoti?

  139. Guys i WAS just listening to a Radio clip where Mbeki this morning asked for a minute of silence in honour or the late Zambian President who passed away this morning in Paris.Mbeki was speaking at meeting in honour of those who died during the recent Xenophobic attacks in S.A. Mbeki says he got a call from the Secretary of SADC. Mbeki called LPM a true son of Africa.
    The Pres.of South Africa also was misinformed? One other school of thought is that it is true LPM is dead and the Govt of Zed is “managing the situation” for security reasons.Some friend of mine who works for the Pan African Parliament in S.A,says all Zambians were asked to take a day off cos of the sad news.

  140. I have nursed people in critical care(ICU).We sometimes describe patients as stable when they are on breathing machines as long as their vital signs are stable. So when the VP and Mulongoti says he is stable, let them explain fully as people deserve to know.

  141. The Western Media is at it again! Trying to jeorpadise the peace that we have in the motherland without confirming their sources. I cnt believe tht Sky, BBC and Reuters all carried this malicious report without confirming their sources. Fellow countrymen, we have to be careful with the west. They are always looking for a way to distablize African countries with the aim of stealing away our rich resources.

    Look at the way the BBC reports (or is it misreports) on Zimbabwe. In my books, these media houses have lost their credibility.

    Long live LPM! Long Live Mother Zambia! Long Live Africa!

  142. God is faithfull,He cannot deny Himself.The word of God tells us “when you pray Believe” Mark 11:24,Psalm 103V3. god heals all manner of sickness.My 7 yr old boy straight from school calls,”daddy,LPM is healed though not seen.I love Him.Its better I die before he dies.Oh!God your faithfulness stands.

  143. Guys relax…if LPM is dead soon or later we will find out ,but lets hope he is still alive and improving. Wether he is alive or not he is incapacitated. What are the constitutional remedies regarding situations like this. At the moment Zambia is a country without a president. LBJ was suorn in 2 hours after JFK was assacinated. As much as we love our president dearly certain constitutional clauses should be invoked. All the srumors and speculations are being fueled by the fact that RB doesnt seem to have a clue on how to run a government. There is zero confidence that RB can lead the country.

  144. I just hope the VP doesn’t have a stroke himself, with all this pressure plus his advanced age, anything can happen.

    By the way is Ernest Sakala still the Chief Justice of Zambia?

  145. Mr sata did well to reconcile with lpm otherwise evryone would have blamed him. am confident the president is still alive but if it happens that he has passed on then let the will of God prevail. mulongoti maybe be right, they cant just announce without putting logistics in place. this is not USA

  146. I guess Zambians would only believe if Levy himself came to tell them he was really dead.
    Levy nafwa, lets just focus on a peaceful situation to follow his death.
    Surely, between the international news reports and Mulongoti’s statement you people choose to believe Mulongoti??? Please……


    Lusaka was abuzz with reports on Thursday that Mwanawasa had died. While several senior sources told Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa that the report was true, and an official at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria gave the same version of events to South Africa’s 702 private radio, no open official confirmation has been given.

    Sources also told dpa that Vice-President Rupiah Banda had called a cabinet meeting earlier.

    Mulongoti’s voice shook as he delivered his address. – Sapa-dpa

  148. Zambia leader’s ‘death’ confusion

    Levy Mwanawasa has been in poor health for several years.
    There is confusion over whether Zambia’s President Levy Mwanawasa, 59, has died in a French hospital.

    South Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki asked for a minute’s silence but his office later said reports of Mr Mwanawasa’s death were “not true”.

    Zambia’s Vice-President Rupiah Banda said Mr Mwanawasa had had a “satisfactory night” in Paris.

    He was flown there from Egypt, where he had suffered a stroke on Sunday ahead of an African Union summit.

    South African radio earlier quoted a spokesman who said he was from Zambia’s High Commission as saying Mr Mwanawasa had died.

    Mr Mbeki

  149. Mr Mbeki called for the minute’s silence at a ceremony for those killed in a recent wave of attacks on foreigners in South Africa.

    “The executive secretary of Sadc [the Southern African Development Community] called me to say the president of Zambia, Levy Mwanawasa, had passed away this morning,” he said, reports Reuters news agency

  150. You see Mwansa , There shouldnt be any logistics to put in place. When people are writing the constitution they dont even want to think the president can die. There should be constitutional provisions that are clear. There shouldnt be any fears at all just invoke the section of the constitution. But as a nation we are not prepared. We dont even want to think he is dead. The truth is we all gonna die. Its a question of when. Thats why people write wills just to take care of the inevitable. LPM may recover. I doubt he will be in a position to be president again. Arial shiron is still in a coma, within a day there was a new PM in israel.

  151. for sure if this death is true we will skin mulongoti for lying cause as heartbroken as we are and then to find out they are lying i urge you mulongoti to run whilst you still can coz you dont have many fans out there

  152. can someone please clear the air!!!! Where is the Vice President to brief the nation? we cant be kept in suspense

  153. Dear friends, The Republic of Zambia has a governemnt in place, to protect its sovereignity there are procedures of announcing a funral for a head of state. If our dear brother has truely gone to be with the lord. His death can only be anounced once all security measures have been put in place. This may even take as much time as possible until everything has been put in place. Mulongoti, might as well be acting according to those procedures. Therefore lets not call him names. Every institution has rules, regulations and protocols to follow. We just want to thank the almighty God who has been very good to us. For he says in his word, “give thanks in all things”. Amen

  154. #190 I agree with you. Only if Levy comes to announce his death himself would some people agree. The west has got no interest in jeopardizing anything. Ad for heaven’s sake who says noe that Levy is no more, we should have chaos in Zambia. If we the ordinary Zambians are level headed what will politians do. They will fight their little battles and wear out. The problem is when the masses join, which we shouldn’t do. And anyway, there is only one person who is capable of that in Zambia “Sata” but since he is finished we have nothing to fear. All the media organs that have withdrawn have done so on GRZ request, can’r you read btween lines?? Levy come and tell us that you are dead Pls. RIP

  155. I’m still hanging in suspense, I hate this feeling! I need to talk to someone to get rid of this nervousity. So #85 Maria, if u are as beautiful as your name sounds, gimme a call, girl!

  156. Its also suprising that many of you don’t want to believe Mulongoti. Why are you talking about Our president’s death when the Chief government spokeperson has said the president is live. For once believe untill news comes to the contrally.

  157. # 190
    where did you get the info? people please tell your source of info,as this will reduce the tension surrounding this sad story

  158. #206 no one on this blog is capable of answerg that question. Lets wait for the Chief Government spokesperson to update the nation. But your question is valid of course!!

  159. If he is truly dead like l followed on sky this morning what mandate does R.Banda have since he was just nominated and the nominating authority is no more.Could this be one of the constitutional head aches beseting the govt and thus withholding the announcement. ? Can someone enlighten me.

  160. I couldnt agree more with Mimi. How can anyone worth their salt believe that the president is alive?? If he is indeed “alive” then he’s clinically dead – brain dead!! Thats what life support means. Folks, this is not his first stroke – nor was he in the best of health. Only thing this government needs to do is restore investor confidence before we plummet into oblivion. Who wants to see the dollar trading at 3900?? certainly not me but uncertainty will only spread panic. I cannot believe the number of withdrawal queues I found at the bank this afternoon.

    God Bless Zambia

  161. iwe Moses, are u a mulongoti sympathiser? are u happy with being kept in the dark when something big is clearly going on? why wait for 18 hrs? Mulongoti alebepa!! period!! the sooner everyone accepts this the better for everyone!! we can focus on what needs to be done next!! RIP to LRM…

  162. Gentlemen and ladies…we can only hope the president is alive.. but the truth is if alive he stil wont be able to lead this country. it is really sad. we pray for quick recovery…if not dead

  163. We all will die one day.Right now we don’t know the true. Lets close our stinky mouths and wait for the truth. The good lord will decide the fate.

  164. BBC website cites confusion over LPM’s situation, there is no reliable source at the moment.

    LPM must be in a critical state as to why there is so much secrecy and confusion. Right now I fear for the worst, Zambia has never been in such a pedicament before, Logistics are being prepared right now as to how the news will be broken to the nation.


  166. BBCSouth Africa’s President Thabo Mbeki asked for a minute’s silence but his office later said reports of Mr Mwanawasa’s death were “not true”.

    Zambia’s Vice-President Rupiah Banda said Mr Mwanawasa had had a “satisfactory night” in Paris.

    He was flown there from Egypt, where he had suffered a stroke on Sunday ahead of an African Union summit.

    South African radio earlier quoted a spokesman who said he was from Zambia’s High Commission as saying Mr Mwanawasa had died.

    Mr Mbeki called for the minute’s silence at a ceremony for those killed in a recent wave of attacks on foreigners in South Africa.

    “The executive secretary of Sadc [the Southern African Development Community]

  167. If he is truly dead like l followed on sky this morning what mandate does R.Banda have since he was just nominated and the nominating authority is no more.Could this be one of the constitutional head aches beseting the govt and thus withholding the announcement. ? Can someone enlighten me.

  168. but was y was mulongoti scared and shaky wen issuing that press statement…honestly if the president is alive .let him step down in the intrest of his health…zambia shall remain as it is.but for now lets wait for 18hrs.

  169. Just spoke to a relation at the embassy in London and I get the feeling he has passed on. They ae cagey about what they know but they give indications that he is no more. Let’s all brace ourselves for the sad news.

  170. THE REPORT CONTINUED But the foreign affairs department later issued a “clarification”:

    “The South African Government has been informed that President Mwanawasa has not passed on.

    “President Mbeki regrets the misunderstanding; and on behalf of the government and on his own behalf, wishes President Mwanawasa a speedy recovery

  171. #222, your quotes have already been posted by #194.

    please browse through before you post anything, otherwise everything is repeated over and over.

    Thank you.

  172. #223 Get to the Parliament website and download Volume I of the Zambian Constitution. For now we wish LPM well

  173. It’s unfortunate that communication between Africa and the rest of the world is very bad but still,the Vice President should have ordered Mike Mulongoti who i think is an incompetent government spokeperson to quickly counter the claims by South African media,that is what a spokeperson is supposed to do,now the rest of the world thinks President Mwanawasa is dead when he’s not.

    Wherever the President goes,he is accompanied by his physician who is in constant touch with Veep at home,the Minister of Health and government government spokesman.They get updates almost every hour on the condition of the President,Levy is very ill(incapacitated) but still alive.

  174. imwe prezido alifye wino. hez not dead. ni nkwata data. he is still intensive care but still alive. pray for him to get well in time. stop speculating

  175. #219 Mulongoti why are you not in the meeting, that is why you are labelled as minister of misinformation!

  176. the only issue i have is the very fact that VEEP WEPT last nyt. if leaders can do that, what will happen to the rest of the countrymen and women. i know pipo get emotional but in such moments we can try to be strong especially on the part of our leaders. they alarmed the nation. but in moments like these, we need to unite as a nation and tek everything to the Lord in prayer. lets remain ONE ZED ONE NATION. god bless our great Nation

  177. Mutombo,hold your fire,can we worry about the President’s health for now other than the next leader.The constitution says the Veep will act as President when the President passes on or is incapacitated by ill health,i believe when this announcement is made,elections would have to be held within 90 days (depending on the political climate).
    I think the most logical thing for us all to do is remain calm following the clarification by government and pray that Levy at least recovers and gets to his self or at least better as his condition is so severe that it’s almost definate he will be incapacitated or will resign even if he survives,all is in God’s hands.

  178. Lets wait for the facts .The spokesperson has said that his condition is stable .How stable in the comma in which he was in Eygpt.Positive or no movement.

  179. The Veep and Levy’s best friend (George Mpombo) weeping in public does not mean the President has died but it’s understable why people like Graduate 2 above are having such thoughts.The two mentioned above are very close to Levy especially Mpombo hence them failing to hide their emotions(it’s normal)however it’s very clear that Levy is severely ill,let’s pray he survives,only God knows the destiny of our President and our country.

  180. First reports of Arafat’s treatment by his doctors for what his spokesman said was the “flu” came on October 25, 2004, after he vomited during a meeting. His condition deteriorated in the following days.[95] Following visits by other doctors, including teams from Tunisia, Jordan, and Egypt — and agreement by Israel not to block his return — Arafat was taken on a French government jet to the Percy military hospital in Clamart, a suburb of Paris.[96] According to one of his doctors, Arafat was suffering from Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), an immunologically-mediated decrease in the number of circulating platelets to abnormally low levels.[95] On November 3, he lapsed into a gradual

  181. Please tell the truth. Zambians overseas want to know what the govt (Zambian)is planning.There is too much information on the net…even the first Lady can confirm by word of month. Mwanawasa is man of the people (Zambians). He belongs to US Ha..ha..let the truth be known. We don’t need Reuters.. BBC…or CNN to let Zambians know…The govt has direct source so what is the latest now TELL THE NATION FULL STOP.Govt hope your word stands as our President is still alive! We are waiting PLEASE! God bless Zambia.

  182. My sources at the Zed embassy in London now inform me that he lives. I suppose we just have to wait and see how events unfold.

  183. # 243 while i agree on the need for acurate information, please take note that the person in question, is not an ordinary Zambian citizen. He is the Head of state, the commander in chief of the armed forces, the person with the respinsibility of protecting the cosntitution of Zambia and hence Zambia’s soverighnity. Therefore the wife has no power what so ever to say anything. Thats how the government operates. May be let me ask you colleagues on this blog what it means when LPM was sworn in to Protect the Zambian constitution. If everyone understands protecting the constitution of the Land.Then you will understand why information is not coming as you want it.

  184. #245, chashupa, but do you agree that we need to be told the exact state, #242 has given an account of Arafat up here, but again maybe these are issues related to national security especially that in Africa every state is fragile.

  185. Sata was also in ICU and is alive. Mwanawasa can live or die, whatever happens we must accept. Yangu tata!

  186. Levi must take a well deserved eternal rest after this. The man needs it. He has done what he could, going beyond might prove disastrous, not only for him and his immediate family, but to the franternity that he has endeared over the years as a result of his hard work. Presidency is not the ultimate LPM, pls take the back seat from now on, ok!

  187. #247 I agree with everyone that accurate information is needed in the nation. But unfortunately, our protocols are still too weak to be able to respond to emergency situations. But all we can do now is pray and believe that God is in control. Lets not be doubting Thomas in the Bible

  188. #245 Like you have said above,for security reasons i don’t think we need to be told the exact state the President is in but if you remember very well,doctors in Egypt said he is in a semi coma but responsive(able to respond to external stimuli) so he should be in some form of life support as he is not in a position to tell doctors if he feels for example that he’s not breathing well.

  189. delaying to make an update at the right time creates more speculations……waiting for 18hrs update…my watch must be wrong…..

  190. Mulongoti…we understand your dire need to have LPM back as you still need your ministerial position? use more caution or simply select proper words? nobody wants LPM dead? If different media outlets were wrong, be more professional and simply clear the air surronding the suspense that you have caused? This is no time to gain political mileage or to proof your submissiveness to LPM. Zambian fortune seekers (politicians) you all a bunch of suckers and you disgust me? you such pathetic loosers without shame nor integrity?

  191. Mulongoti chipuba imwe naimwe? Lupiya Banda will have a taste of presidency? history in the making?

  192. You pipo. the word is out. lets learn to face things as they come. Great mwanawasa has gone. wat mike and the gruop are doing is to secure national security.

  193. Local media has been threated by ka mike. Why there is no need. Mobtv carried the story in the morning.

  194. Delaying is making us speculations more. Kwasila!! I think his now coming to break the news. they have secured natioanl security.

  195. Securing national security by keeping everyone is suspense??? That sounds more like a security threat for me than giving out information to avoid speculation and general unrest in the population. Government need to demonstrate that they are in control of the situation and continually assure people that they are, even though they may not-it would still make a difference. This is now a circus proper!!!

  196. Isn’t it plain for all to see that if LPM is dead, government cannot just rush to announce this.There would be security concerns which are paramount if this is the case.Secondly, Rupiah Banda was appointed veep, he needs to consult legal eagles and have them interpret the constitutional provisions in the event that a sitting President dies, given Rupiah’s rise to veep.It is not shocking at all that gov. is not giving the correct picture as to the state of LPM.Those wishing Maureen to make a statement are simply living in dreamland.Maureen is just the wife of a President and she has no powers to inform the nation on the condition of her husband.This is not a domestic issue but a national one.

  197. The best way to get this information is to be patient. Gov. will inform the nation appropriately following established protocol.Speculation and rumors about LPM’s condition will not help at all.It is a pity that news outlets failed in their due-diligence to confirm this information and therefore putting gov. in a very precarious situation.It is time that media houses became responsible in their dissemination of news.This situation would greatly jeopardize Zambia’s security situation given the current relationship with Zimbabwe.Reporters and news sources have as much responsibility to ensure and assure peace as have political leaders.

  198. I must say – very good move by BoZ to suspend trading of the Kwacha otheriwse we would have been raided by those that hate our success

  199. Who on earth would come up with such news?we need evidence or solid facts about any news and reliable source,if he is not dead the nation must be informed ASAP.

  200. Iwe #3, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for using insulting language.
    You are abusing this facility – it was not established for the purpose of insulting people. Please repent and pray for God to help you change your ways.

    Webmaster, postings such as #3 should not be allowed. Cant we have a system of reviewing postings to ensure that those containing insults and offensive language are removed from the blog or prevented from appearing thereon?

  201. pipo LPM is alive from a very good source the wife.go to the post and c 4 yo selves.i thank my lord dat he is stil the lord b lifted high.

  202. Which wife are you talking about??? Do you know that the GRZ has put everything on hold until they are ready to announce. This issue is of state importance and that is why the international media has withdrawn the statement. That Moureen has been put there for front stage management if you can’t see thru pls. Why has she been put in a newspaper and not interviewed live so people can hear her talk. So much crap. Just stop denying the fact. MHSRIP.

  203. South African President Thabo Mbeki told reporters he had been informed by the executive secretary of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) that Mwanawasa had died.

    Mbeki called for a minute’s silence while attending a remembrance ceremony in Pretoria for victims of a recent wave of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

    “The executive secretary of SADC called me to say the president of Zambia, Levy Mwanawasa, had passed away this morning,” he said.
    End quote.

    Update by Reuters

  204. South Africa’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying there was a misunderstanding after President Thabo Mbeki said he had been informed by the executive secretary of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) that Mwanawasa was dead.

    Mbeki had called for a minute’s silence while attending a remembrance ceremony in Pretoria for victims of a recent wave of xenophobic attacks in South Africa.

    “The doctors attending to (Mwanawasa) are happy with progress he has made so far and his condition remains stable. He has continued to receive treatment for hypertension in the intensive care unit and there are no new developments,” Zambian Vice President Rupiah Banda said in a statement.

  205. Ever since LPM stood for President, the Nation was concerned about his Health. Some called him a “cabbage”, but he still Insisted that he was Healthy simply because he was hungry for power, he neglected his own health. Ever since he came to power he has been in and out of Hospital.

    We as a Nation should Learn a lesson from this.In future we should only Elect fit people. State House is no place for a Sick man, the job of President is very stressful hence should only be taken up by fit people not patients. Sick people should retire and rest at home.

    I apologize for my luck of sensitivity as this is tough time for the Nation Sata is not very helthy as well hence he must retaire from Politic.

  206. What i don’t understand is how the international could get this information…am sure something real big is happenin to our beloved President…Please tell us the truth

  207. A well-respected South African radio station, Talk Radio 702, first reported that Mwanawasa, 59, was dead, quoting a spokesman for the Zambian high commission as saying that he had “passed on this morning”. The South African president, Thabo Mbeki, received separate confirmation of Mwanawasa’s death, and announced a minute’s silence during a ceremony in Pretoria to mourn victims of the recent xenophobic attacks.

  208. Blamelesschild,you have the right to express your opinions however good or stupid they are however you’re not just being insensitive,there is no truth in what you’re saying.Levy has always been healthy,anyone can have a stroke and high blood pressure & diabetes.

    Since taking over Presidency of Zambia,Mwanawasa has only had two serious episodes of illness and he still lives so why come here and claim he’s been in and out of hospital.Yes,he gets checked all the time due to diabetes.You cannot say we should check Presidential candidates medical records b4 voting,that is discrimination and please remember Mazoka almost became President,he is gone(MHRIP),Sata almost died so what ru saying!

  209. Every one every media that has reported the death of our president when alive must be held accountable for it,it does not matter who they are because this amount to treason formating anarchy and disturbance in our country.President Mbeki has apologised those who started it must be the first to apologise for lies if lies they are.If it is our ministers who are reporting lies when our president is dead they too must be held accountable by foreign medias for labeling them as liers and not dependable.

  210. Every one every media that has reported the death of our president when alive must be held accountable for it,it does not matter who they are because this amount to treason formating anarchy and disturbance in our country.President Mbeki has apologised those who started it must be the first to apologise for lies if lies they are.If it is our ministers who are reporting lies when our president is dead they too must be held accountable by foreign medias for labeling them as liers and not dependable.

  211. Its good to know there some people who think.I must say its a tricky situation but the fact is we don`t have to conclude anything before anything has been announced officialy cause its for the best.If his dead and they haven`t annouced then i believe its for security reasonz as most of you have said, cause surely why should the BBC,sky and otherz non zambian stations be announcing to the world that his dead…? automaticaly that causez security threats to our country.I very much understand that we need to know but we must understand that such sensitive matterz should not be announced to the world till we obtain a propare position as a country.People think DAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  212. The main problem we have with African leaders is that they think they are immortal. LPM should have sent clear signals as to who he was grooming as his successor….whether we like it or not, his endorsement would have gone or hopefully, will go a long as far as Zambians choosing their next President. If only he had endorsed Prof Chirwa when he had the opportunity…..get well Mr President and come back to work on your succession plan..

  213. #287, there is nothing stupid or bad in demanding that the Commander In-chief be a person of good health. As far as I know, McCain had to reveal his medical record to convince people that though he will be 72 by Nov, his health will not be a liability. Decisions that you make as President are far reaching and of utmost importance such that we can not gloss over the President’s health. Your health will determine the quality of your decision making…#279 is right, just as we require Presidential candidates to reveal their assests and financial records, their health should also come under scrutiny, nothing discriminatory about this..if you don’t like it don’t offer yourself for public service!

  214. #292 Yes,there is nothing stupid about asking a candidate the status of his health especially if there is an underlying medical condition he is perceived to have but what is really stupid in the statement by #279 is this **a “cabbage”,.. he was hungry for power, he neglected his own health. since he came to power he has been in and out of Hospital…
    …. State House is no place for a Sick man, the job of President is very stressful hence should only be taken up by fit people not patients. Sick people should retire and rest at home..**
    Levy was healthy when he came to power,he had been running his law firm after resigning in 1994 inf so why should someone say he wasn’t fit?

  215. I get your point and I agree that there is no need to become disrespectful to the President here, it helps no one. However, if there is any thing positive from what is happening is that Zambians, including politicians, will now realise that Presidency is not equal to immortality. Even when the NCC is sitting, laws should be formulated for Zambians and the future of the country, not to suit one individual or to block another ….in life anything can happen, no one person is greater than the good of all Zambians. Case in point: FTJ. By the way,
    I like todays Post Editorial, very objective. Lets hope for the best but also prepare for the worst incase it happens. Get well soon LPM.

  216. it is suprising that in such a situation RB (Rupiah Banda) is not the one giving out the info we need about the health of the head of state.this is a serious issue and the top most man our veep should have had a national address by now.but sad that he hasnt done so.thats why the concern is still there and we are unless someone else other than mulongoti or tetamashimba who have lied in the past,we need the veep to tell us the truth.i still believe he is alive but critical.

  217. Firstly I would like to say bravo to #291, as for you #287, I think you do not understand english well, I’m not the one who came up with the name ”Cabbage”. The Zambian people are the ones who gave him that name, soon as he was chosen by Chiluba. Even Mwanawasa himself knew that people called him a Cabbage. I remember him saying he was not a cabbage and that he was beef.
    Clearly the gentleman was not fit enough for the Job from day one. The accident he was involved in, left him a sick man, as such he would have done a lot of good to himself if he stayed away from Politics. I’m sorry once more for my luck of sensitivity, but we must speak up, so that we should not repeat the same mistake.

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