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Govt. projects should be monitored, says Chief

Rural News Govt. projects should be monitored, says Chief

Chief Mbang’ombe of the Chewa people in Katete district in Eastern province has bemoaned lack of supervision on government developmental projects done in his chiefdom.

Chief Mbang’ombe complained that shoddy works have been identified on Munyamanzi bridge.

The chief has since called for the monitoring of Constituency Development Funds (CDF), saying government resources sometime go to waste when there is no provision for appraisal and monitoring of projects.

“The projects are not taken seriously and shoddy works are done, there is need for close supervision if government funds are to be utilized for the intended purpose,” he added.

He was speaking when Mkaika Member of Parliament, David Phiri, who is also Information Deputy Minister, paid a courtesy call on him yesterday.

Mr. Phiri is in a one week visit to his constituency to inspect developmental projects.

The traditional leader expressed sadness that civic leaders, who are supposed to monitor the projects, were reluctant to do their work mostly because of belonging to various political parties.

Chief Mbang’ombe also raised concern that some contractors considered him as an enemy whenever he requested for their explanation and reports concerning projected they were undertaking.

“Munyamanzi bridge is one of the projects on which government spent a lot of money but due to lack of supervision, the work is not satisfying as damages have already started showing such that the structure needs to be redone,” he noted.

Chief Mbang’ombe said time of politicking was over, saying all that was needed now was to work together for the betterment of the constituency.

“All civic leaders are supposed to work together regardless of their political affiliations if the area was to improve structures such as schools, roads and health centres,” he added.

Meanwhile, the chief has complained that his subjects still had to walk long distances to access medical services from Vulamukoko and Chimutende Rural Health Centres.

He stated that there was need to put up a health post at Nthambo village to ease his subjects’ suffering through walking long distances to access the medical services.

And in response, Mr. Phiri said funds for the rehabilitation of Munyamanzi bridge were released under Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU) in the Vice President’s office thereby making it difficult for councillors to take the responsibility of inspecting the project.

He disclosed that such projects were difficult to monitor as it was the responsibility of the Road Development Agency (RDA) Engineers and Provincial Roads Engineers to do so.

Mr. Phiri said he was also not happy with the works done on the bridge and he had since sought audience with the regional engineer.

Munyamanzi bridge was badly damage during 2006/07 rainy season.

Meanwhile, Chief Mbang’ombe said the illness of President Levy Mwanawasa will slow down many development projects which needed his attention.

Chief Mbang’ombe said people in the area have continued praying for him to get better so that he could come back and foster development.

“When a parent is sick in a home, things do not move at the pace they are supposed to. We shall continue to pray for him so that he quickly comes back to foster development.

He said people still needed boreholes, health facilities and good roads which need his attention to materialise.



  1. Does anyone know if Chief Mban’ombe has an email address??..i am desperately trying to trace my relatives in his area???..PLEASE NO WISE REMARKS AND INSULTS!!!!

  2. Ba Mfumu namwe, be wise who would monitored those projects when the chief monitor is bedriden!!
    #1 Just get wise and walk to seek your relatives afterole its 2 hrs walk!

  3. Ba Mfumu namwe, be wise who would monitored those projects when the chief monitor is bedriden!!
    #1 Just get wise and walk to seek your relatives afterole its 2 hrs walk!

  4. # 1 call chief mpenzeni he will give you Mbang’ombe’s number. you have to know your relatives and their roots….gud lak

  5. The chief is absolutely right. What is teh purpose of having projects without definate appraisal bench marks? Any projects needs to monitored and appraised so as to ascertain its contribution to society, rather than spending valuable reources on the same project over and over. The Chief can also be monitoring projects in his chiefdom through various set and appropriate channels. LPM alone can not be everywhere all the. Everyone, chiefs inclusive are his eyes.

  6. I am sad to hear that LPM is the only person who can monitor some projects through out the country. What is the work of the MP? It is like the government is made of LPM only.

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