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SFH encourages Kafue men to be circumcised

Health SFH encourages Kafue men to be circumcised

A programmes officer with Society for Family Health (SFH) has called on male Zambians to take circumcision as an HIV/AID prevention tool.

Society for Family Health Programme Manager for Male Circumcision Luca Sakwimba says male circumcision was a good practice which every Zambian male should embrace as it has many health benefits.

Mr Sakwimba told ZANIS today in Kafue that circumcision was a good tool for HIV/AIDS prevention because studies have shown that it has 60 per cent chance of preventing one from acquiring HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmission infections.

He said the notion by some women that it was only encouraging promiscuity among men is not true.

Mr Sakwimba said the NGO has embarked on a programme of providing male circumcision services in Kafue district and this is carried in the second week of every month for free.

He said doctors and other health personnel have been trained on how to conduct circumcision safely.

Mr Sakwimba disclosed that more than 100 males in Kafue have been circumcised from the time the programme started in March this year.

He said those circumcised include both children and adult males.

Mr Sakwimba has urged people in Kafue to embrace the practice as it was healthy and safe.

He also urged mothers and women to encourage their male folk to undergo circumcision as there was nothing wrong with it.



  1. The probwem is that sex has become a currency in Zambia. It has a high exchange rate and there is more demand than supply. That’s why the likes of TWALIBUTUKA ran away…

  2. Zimbabwe sex workers that have come to kitwe wusakile are saying circumised men take long to realise and so they make business slowy.

    Another point is that ladies enjoy sex with circumised men.

  3. Let them be circumcised for it to look attractive, but warn them to use protection as some will be mislead into thinking circumcision is total protection. Use condoms.

  4. Guys lets get circumised, its got ALL the KNOWN BENEFITS…. some of you are just scared of the ka little pain. Be a man…. dont chicken out. how did we survive.

    Wanza weyi

  5. please dont mislead people, the only solution is a condom if you can not avoid sex.sakwimba is just after his job otherwise he will just make you perish.he is one of those scientists like manda.why cant they promote it in britain if they are top scientist.breast feeding was at one time considered bad but suddenly they uturned and praised it.i have very little faith in our scientists,if they are good they can just buy equipment and save our Pres and save costs.no wonder them they go to S.Africa and let us perish in UTH.if you are sincere pliz keep those statistics to your family.Zedians pliz dont risk.beware of poor scientists!

  6. The prepuce or the foreskin in uncircumcised males can actually hinder the penis from producing lysozymes, an enzyme which some claim can prevent HIV.

  7. Hey guys, elo lwanya nomba, to be circumcised like the people of Bukavu in Congo! Where are we going in this world of toils and snares? Imagine to remove the foreskin of my beautiful instruma!!!!

  8. “studies have shown that it has 60 per cent chance of preventing one from acquiring HIV/AIDS and other sexual transmission infections.”

    This is VERY MISLEADING. In the three studies, they circumcised a total of 5,411 men and left an equal number alone. After less than two years, 64 of the first group and 137 of the second had HIV. The 60% is the difference between those two small groups. But 327 of the cut men left the studies and never came back, and we don’t know if they got HIV or not. Because the studies were cut short, we don’t know whether the cut men would have caught up with the other group over time.

  9. And as for sexually transmitted diseases, a study in New Zealand followed 500 men, 200 of them circumcised, for 35 years and found NO DIFFERENCE.

  10. Circumcision or without it you are still at risk of contracting HIV/AIDS if you go round with unprotected sex. The best solution is either to abstain, stick to one sexual partiner or use condoms. Otherwise having all your trust in circumscision may mislead you and end up going to the grave earlier than anticipated.

  11. Dont force people to be circumcised. let it be voluntary and remeber its irreversible!!! People are circumcised for selfish reasons. Even in the bible people did it in order to have many wives as moslems do today. Jesus came and rebuked it with the contempt it deserved; thats why even jews never believed the SON of God.

    They are telling you the benefits of circumcission and not the benefits of being uncircumcised. There are a lot of benefits for being uncircumcised, go on GOOGLE and search. SEX is not all about penetration, there is fore play please!!!!!! Circum men dont do fore play because they take a long time to release.

  12. I dont know how long it takes to heal after one is circumcised.i say so on grounds that by the time it heals,you will find just a dismissal letter at some of these places we work for.how does it feel to be circumcised especially at this age.how is the sexual sensation handled? i feel that the thing behaves like swollen lifeless flesh that doesnt make me enjoy the real flavour contained in the art apart from making her groan.however much i consult,i dont think i can go for one.

  13. I wonder here.does it mean that creative character of humanity also can do what God approved?how can procreation take shape on already procreated creature?science?evil?magical?skillful?witchcraft?how do we define witccraft?any refence in the Bible?how did God resolve the circus if was there?i wish i could speak to her so that she can be stimulated for the full reaction/response of the organ to be observed how long it can do its assignments.how was the urine coming out?ie which organ was/is doing that job?the tests:how strong,seperated well attached they are?oh God!!!!!!!!goooooooosh

  14. It is surprising that for a ‘christian’ nation – going by the number of churches and tv shows – that there is less emphasis on fidelity and abstinence. This should be the priority goals but I guess the NGOs would lose their funding if they started advocating for more self-control and discipline amongst the people. I mean where is the profit for big pharma if people stopped using ARVs? You might be getting free ARVs but big pharma is not giving them away for free. They still make loads of money… through that AID money that stays in Washington,London or Brussels.
    It is too much to expect self-control amongst zedians anyway seeing the lack of it amongst our leaders.

  15. circucision reduces sexual pleasure. Circucised men don’t enjoy sex as much as uncircucised ones.

    if u want a potential cure, electrify your blood. This kills all bacterias and viruses including HIV

    Beisdes Texas uni released a press release ystdy stating that they have discovered the achillies hill in the HIV virus. They have discovered how to neutralise the only part of the virus that does mutate using abzyme which permanently disarms them

  16. Women, tell us. Which one works better, circum or uncircum. for those who have had the priviledge of experiencing both.

  17. God is the best designer.For HIV/AIDS,try the ABC concept.On which one is better,i concure with no.27.Otherwise,i cannot imagine someone playing with my gun,unless its my love.

  18. Brothers, Its not sex, its fornication/adultery when you sleep with a woman that is not your wife and the wages of sin is death, spiritual or physical. Circu or nor, make sure you marry one woman, sleep with her as many times as possible and dont full around.
    When you sleep with a woman you create a soul tie/spiritual tie with her and the more women the more ties…..a woman with a spirit of poverty makes you poor, one with with cancer gives you a diseased tie, etc..at the end of the day you have all issues. This is why African man cant make it. What God said…do it.It gives you life.
    May the Grace of The Lord open your eyes to see.

  19. Sex with a circumcised man is the bomb.
    Don’t know about HIV I say use a condom anyway but Circumcision is the way to go if you want to please your women.

  20. Circum is gret.i did it my ealy 20’s,and nw i satisfy,i wud advise al to go 4 it.th healin is js n a wek.bleve me.and its eva clean

  21. My husband is circumcised and I really enjoy sex, I can imagine un circumcised man everytime after love making you have to do the cleaning and minus cleaning it sticks. what a job. go for it those of you who are strong to bear the pain otherwise it’s hygine

  22. Come on guys don’t be afraid.lets get this over with. kafue is on the brink of exinction. lets fight this scourge. whats happening in that once shinny town of mother zambia? these days its on the spotlight.

  23. Ifyakuchekana chekana is rubbish…what do they use anyway? a spoon or maybe a nail cutter….olo chi panga ichabunta…sick. Keep ichibwamba the way it is, abstinence iliche…

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