ACC nabs LCC Insurance Officer for K10million bribe


The Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) has arrested an Insurance Officer at Lusaka City Council for soliciting for K10 million and receiving two million kwacha as a bribe.

ACC Public Relations Manager Timothy Moono confirmed to ZANIS that Lawrence Kalando, 39 of house number 818 Kabwata Site and Service, was yesterday arrested and charged for one count of corrupt practices by public officer contrary to sections 29(1) and 41 of the Anti Corruption Commission Act No.42 of 1996.

It is alleged that on dates unknown but between 1st January 2008 and 13th August 2008 at Lusaka City Council, the said Lawrence Kalando solicited for K10 million and actually received K2 000 000 million from a named employee of Zambia State Insurance Corporation (ZSIC) as a reward for Kalando to keep him as an insurance agent between ZSIC and Lusaka City Council.

It is alleged that Kalando told the ZSIC employee that if he wanted to remain as an agent between the two institutions, he should be paying him 5 percent of his commissions.

Mr. Moono said Kalando has since been released on bond and with two working sureties in the sum of K10 million each and will appear in court on 4th September 2008.

Meanwhile, a Lusaka magistrate has convicted and sentenced Zacharia Khondowe to 24 months imprisonment with hard labour for one count of impersonating a public officer contrary to section 102 of the penal code.

Zacharia Khondowe is alleged to have impersonated himself as an Inspector from Environmental council of Zambia (ECZ) and thereafter solicited and received K300,000= cash gratification in order to prevent Benjamin Zonze from being arrested for operating a sawmill without a Licence from ECZ.

Magistrate Richard Choonga however, suspended the sentence for 24 months on conditions that Khondowe does not commit any offence in the same period.


  1. Bribery offences include all parties involved. KALANDO and the named ZISC Employee should have been arrested together. Aloso, the case for Khondowe and ZONZE, these chaps were both supposed to be charged. What will stop zonze and the zisc employee to find other people to fall pray to the same situation ?
    The fight against corruption will be difficult if we leave out others. Let these guyz be caged, ala !

  2. #3- The law is very interesting!!! The ZSIC guy complained to ACC and hence became state witness. The evidence is the money that exchanged hands. On the other hand, had Kalando complained to ACC, he would have been the state witness against the ZSIC employee!

  3. #3 If u understand this case from my point of view, you will realise that the LCC officer is the one who solicited for the bribe. The Insurance agent must have been the whistle blower. By paying part of the requested amount, he was only providing evidence of the criminal intention on the part of the LCC official. Therefore, I submit that the whistleblower should be protected to encourage the public to expose wrongdoing on the part of public officers.

  4. Corruption is a cancer that needs to be removed from our society. Why can’t people just do their jobs without soliciting for bribes. The people that suffer the most from this cancer are the poor. When u go to police after being robbed, they want to be oiled. When u are sick and go to hospitals, preference is given to the people that spread some cash. RTSA has put a number of incompetent drivers on the road due to bribery thus indangering other motorists and padestrians. LCC has distributed illegal plots turned Lsk into a disorganised city without proper town planning. This needs to come to an end. I thus implore ACC to increase on its anti-corruption activities

  5. The entire country is corrupt. It is just unfortunate that these two chaps were caught. That is the culture pa Zed. Steal and live beyond your income. Tinapitamo baba.

  6. do council employees still go for months on end without pay? if it still is the case, what do you expect. Counicls were forced to sell houses where they got most of their income from and now employees are wallowing in poverty.
    # 10 can relate to this incidence, typical of YOU, not zambians

  7. #12 Can you honestly sit there and tell me that Zambia isn’t corrupt. If that was the case we would be much richer, we would have better schools, more hospitals, better roads etc. Its Zambia is in the position its in cause of people like you. Cant accept facts just hidding and hoping everything is ok. Well wake up everything is not ok!!!!!!

  8. Councils have money and the govt even suppliments this by giving them grants. Salaries are nolonger an issue. Look at how much their senior management pay themselves.

  9. I think let us first let the case go 2 court then we wil kno wat actualy hapenid,it is premature 2 condemn the guys invoved at the moment

  10. fya bupuba fye fyonse ifi, corruption is just found among the poor. The big fish behind billions of kwacha worth of corruption pay their way around the same so called ACC. What a life, hey?

  11. If u cared 2 dig 4 evidence concening ths case u would find that the zsic employee had been bribing the LCC guy even b4 ths case started,maybe later they had an argument so the zsic officer decided 2 repot 2 ACC,its very unfair 2 arrest pipo just so ACC can be seen 2 b workin

  12. #14 misunderstood. Ofcourse there is corruption. The question was do council employees still experience delayed salaries. I worked for the council and beleive me it was hell on earth! salaries coming three to five months late. I recall some time back some councils would go for 12 months no pay and how would one survive without being crafty? what has the gov done to address this? The are the prime culprits. Fight poverty first then fight corruption. its like fighting hunger before you produce food. Ridiculous

  13. ACC must equally arrest Inonge Lewanika and her campaigners for plunder!This chap from LCC accepted or solicited the bribe coz he gets so little money and the cost of living is so high!release him or else !!!

  14. #23. That is an ignorant & misplaced comment and u know it. Inonge’s campaign was budgeted for. There’s a book called the Yellow Book. If you know what it is, check under estimates for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You are just fishing in shallow waters. Besides, this is not the topic at hand.

  15. hey !! chap I know about o=all that!! but why can’t they budget for proper things?we knew Inonge wasn’t as famous as salt is…waste of resources…Agenda for Zambia is all se was promoting….LCC chap had right to receive coz the other chap accepted to bribe him…

  16. Bamo abantu balibipisha imitima! why can’t u just refuse 2 bribe th LCC guy n maybe warn him of the dangers of coruption instead of reporting 2 th ACC,th LCC guy is probably going 2 b fired by th council n lose his income,he has a famly 2 suport,lets thnk about all these things b4 rushing 2 th ACC

  17. Ukutemwa utuma 5%. Chabipa umu guys from LCC. I agree with #26. The other guy should have just refused to bribe him and warned him. Am sure he would have heard.

  18. only when the wealth of this nation becomes evenly and fairly distributed are we going to see a reduction in curruption. We go to the same shops even tho’ when it comes to medication others fly out of the country so that they can live to enjoy their illgotten wealth. so when chance allows everyone would wish to lead a cool life. The guys who should caged are these plunderers who are takn’ advantage of lpm sickness to award themselves heft perks.

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