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Avoid negative words to Mourn Dr Mwanawasa DC tells govt officers

General News Avoid negative words to Mourn Dr Mwanawasa DC tells govt officers

Sinazongwe District Commissioner (DC) Mungoni Simulilika has appealed to government officers to avoid giving statement that would divide the nation during the crisis that the country was undergoing as result of President Levy Mwanawasa’s death.

Addressing government heads of departments in Sinazongwe at the Council Chamber today Mr. Simulilika said the death of Dr Mwanawasa was a strange thing to the country and it would be a learning process during the mourning period in line with the constitution.

Mr. Simulilika said Dr. Mwanawasa was a hero in Africa as he has left a good legacy in democracy, human rights, and economy.

He said Zambia was highly rated in the world because of the late President’s good leadership that even attracted donor confidence.
“This is a strange thing to the country we shall be learning from each other during this mourning period as losing a head of state is not a simple thing,” Mr. Simulilika said.

He urged the district to remain united and focused.
The DC also conveyed a message of condolence to the first family and prayed for divine intervention in the nation.
Mr. Simulilika said there should be no visible change in government operation to avoid losing the donor confidence since the President has left a vision that should be followed in running the country.
“It is nice that what ever he did was not for himself but for all Zambians and has left the vision 2030 that is there for everyone to follow,” Mr. Simulilika said.


  1. LPM did not leave a ‘will’ for MMD and with stepmother RB at the helm, I can only imagine the furore that will ensue as a result of the legimate children of the party jostling for the top position. Looks like a legacy handed down from KK, FTJ didnt have a successor as well till 1159hrs before he opted for late LPM. Now, thats not good for long term planning of country matters. I wish when all is said and done, lets try and think many yrs ahead to forstall such calamitious turns in the history of our country. Many mischiefs only breed well in such conditions. MHSRIP

  2. Thanks for the update Hola. Funeral right now at State House where state functions are held. Tent put up there. Let’s wait and hear what Cabinet says. Hear the programme is being finalised!

  3. l will say it again our doctors need to give some answers for failing to manage the health of the president.Which head of state in the recent past has died the way LPM has.Many presidents suffer a myraid of heart and health conditions but are well maintained and looked after eg Dick Cheney.lt is well known that Madiba had prostrate cancer a few yrs ago and has other health problems but he is still around and clocked 90 .Levy was only 59.l can already hear you tellimg me that his time had come,but no-in the western world 50 is the new 30.

  4. Masimpe ayo ba DC. Lest unite as one in these trying moments. But cha masimpe nchakuti we shall over come as Zambians and move on

  5. Is everybody allowed to go and attend the funeral at state house or is it by inviting like other functions held at plot 1 where only the elite are invited.

  6. Ba Mulongoti where are you? We are expecting you to issue such statement not the DC. Fine that DC can only say that to his people in that village but not to the zambians at large. Be brave enough and tell us the real state funeral programe. During the period of stable, stable………condition you were active. Ninshi uchampukafye ngolebepa ubufi ,wembushi we

  7. #6. its like ” the carpenter who wants to blame the tools for poor workmanship” why heap the blame on the doctors you swine. you have been littering this site with this type of posting and its time you are told a straight answer. just keep these theories to yourself and leave this noble profession alone. no one delights in seeing the death of someone least of all that of a head of state. so shut up and for good. if you can not manage to contain your anger hit your head with a pan brick. may the great soul of our beloved rest in peace.

  8. #6.this is not the forum for finger pointing and misguilded anger.#10. thanx for your responce…..It is no time for negativity.All people from across the political spectrum lets mourn this great leader…Appreciate the proud legacy his left himself,internationally.Rest In Peace and may god’s Angels guide you to your resting place

  9. Right Now Sata is acting more like acting President than RB. No proper updates up to now, these are things that bring confusion

  10. lt is precisely our failure to hold people accountable that has led to the inexcusable situation of our women still dying during child birth in the 21st Century and no one is held to account,that people working with vibrating machines on the mines suffer in silence after retiring wondering were all the aches in their body have come from.And for mugs like you#10 it is business as usual

  11. #13 let me not hide you. Going to plot one for the funeral kwena ninshi uli muntu lelo ngaulifye uwafye my freind just charge your battery and join them on TV. Kuli ama chips nenkoko teti wingile mune. Panondi amapi banshempele mailo yachili yalekalipa.

  12. iwe chi#18. whats wrong with you kanshi. why cant on you go and test your theories elsewhere. this is no time for parroting theories. if you have just written your mock exama please wait for the results other than trying out your theories on this noble forum. you do not belong here swine. go and hang down that river in your village. we shilu we.

  13. Ba Ponyax kuya mukulila panse, if they allow u in state house make sure you never cry next to the fridge coz they will think thats the asset you want.

  14. Why the lies? In the past 5 years more embassies have closed down- why? Zambia is not as important anymore. We are a joke! What legacy? Im far away and all BBC says about Mwanawasa was he will be remembered for standing up to Mugabe.

  15. It was good courage. You stand up for Mugabe but hours before you face him you drop to death. What a helo!!!!!!!!!!

  16. #20-conman- l will not argue with you l see from your comments that the best part of you remained in your fathers trousers.l am not in a village but in a great city outside of zambia but making my money there in zambia.

  17. #25. What making money are you talking about. selling wheelbarrows of sand by the roadside i guess. just admit that you did not have anything to say you matako yaimbwa. its actually goodridance that you have decided to sign out as we do not want kaboodles on this serious forum. go and eat your sanguage. mama is waiting for you.

  18. #26 -CONMAN -I imagine from your comments that you have thick pink lips big afro and watermelon teeth.What a low life you are!

  19. 27. you want the answer . none of the above. you have aleady failed in your imaginations. what more in real life swine. by the way how much is that wheelbarrow of sand. you claim to be based outside the country. tell us which country or may you are the one who is still holed up in those tents outside johanesburg. if you are the one wapya mwaiche wandi. i will set the immigration on you mambala iwe.

  20. #29-conman-No son l live in chorlton manchester england but have a small contracting company on the copperbelt.Not much but it keeps me going.lts the easiest way to make money .l hire out different pieces of eqiupment that l bought over here ,it reqiures very little supervision so l can sit on my pc all day and talk to a numpty and donut like you while my money works for me instead of me working for money.

  21. Iam very supprise to this ministers how can they keep quate without updating the Nation,about the program of the funeral as if we are not lost our beloved president ba mulongoti were are you my brother can you tell the nation something especially when the body arriving in the country, the burial and the place. Iam also appearing to the acting president to exterd the days for national mourning 7 is to short to mourn our beloved father.

  22. I am yet to be convinced that LPM’s physicians did their best to advise him on his health or I will think they were just getting tax payer’s money for free. Isnt hypertension manageable especially for a president?

  23. There is no need to extend the National Mourning period. Lets wind up after seven days mourning never finishes. Those who want to continue after this period can still continue. MHSRIP

  24. Indeed we have missed a great leader who was principled and couldn’t be pushed around, stood against Mugabe and refused the GMO food donated by Bush administration. May his soul rest in peace.

  25. Conman and Mr seeker, why can’t you just exchange your emails so that you can start squaring it off without bloggers reading your insults.

  26. Sharing emails with seeker. No ways man. You heard the young man handles heavy staff. He will just hit me with a hammer . I humbly decline the offer

  27. I totally agree with the DC.Iam condoling the peolpe of Zambia for the death of president Mwanawasa.May his soul rest in peace

  28. #36 if you go over the posts you will notice that l did not start the insults so l rest my case


  30. Elo yakosa nomba ba Levy bafwa as we feared. awe tuchili tule dabwa. Those guys exchanging insults here, your mothers never taught you manners for solemn periods like these? Muli bakala mba na fyonse pa body fyalimena fyali kota noku kota behave, tuli namalilo.

  31. It is sad to learn of the death of our beloved president LPM.Living in the USA I learnt of the death from a friend who got a call from home. i immediatelly got my computer to check from the post.Even after subscribing to read ‘the post’ online i still couldnt go thru.Is the post still the paper that digs deeper. Thanx lusaka times for the job you a doing, coz i finally got the news from you guys. whoever the owners of lusaka times are, you really doing a commendable job. you can still get your money thru adds.keep it up coz the post can no longer dig deeper, they a still living in the past.

  32. imwe baantu i wnt to see what Maureen will be dressed in,i heard she was ku gucci shop looking for black outfits yesterday..

  33. let’s hope during the by-election after 90 days ,zambians will vote for a leader of the same qualities as of those of our late president HE SC Levy .we shall miss our president .

  34. you know the depart of the the president has tolt me alot of thing that person should always be read for both things to live and to die like we africans we think when we have money that we have every that when i am sick i can go to europe and i will be hilled no it is not like that even people die in europe i am writting because i have been in africa before paticurely in Zanbia i have been in alot in europe and USA the world is just the some like some of the places in Zambia are just the some like in europe but only the weather and the enviroment.So this is an incaouragement to us.let`s us hold hands together as one because that is the spirit of Africa.My

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