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Govt restricts number of mourners to Levy’s burial


Government has restricted the number of mourners to attend the church service and burial of late President, Levy Mwanawasa, scheduled for September 3, 2008.

Secretary to the Cabinet Joshua Kanganja, said the number has been restricted to ensure an orderly and dignified church service and burial of the late President, who died on August 19.

Mr Kanganja told ZANIS in a statement this afternoon that members of the public are, therefore, encouraged stay home and watch the proceedings on ZNBC Television from their homes as the events would be transmitted live.

Mr Kanganja also indicated that ZANIS would screen the events from designated halls in some Lusaka townships.

“In order to have an orderly, solemn and dignified Church Service and burial, the number of mourners that can attend will necessarily be limited,” Mr Kanganja said the statement.

“Additionally, ZANIS will, where possible, screen the events from designated Halls in Lusaka Townships. The designated Halls will be announced later,” added the statement.

He said mourners outside Lusaka would also be able to watch the proceedings on ZNBC TV and screening facilities by ZANIS at places to be designated in consultation with the provincial and district administration.

“I wish to take this opportunity to urge members of the public who because of space and other logistical reasons, will not be able to attend the Church Service and burial to bear with Government and allow for a dignified burial of the late Presidnt,” Mr Kanganja said.


  1. Ni pa kwanja chabe! Too bad RB is being used by selfish and vulnerable politicians like Teta,Mulongoti,and George Chilumanda etc.

  2. I thought the whole idea of designating 3rd September a public holiday was allow whoever wanted to attend the burial in person to do so freely. Knowing the capabilities of ZNBC, the live coverage will be very poor. Niether do I get the point of ZANIS screening the proceedings in public halls. Every other home has a TV set these days, even in the compounds. And what will be the criteria to be allowed to attend the burial? Will it be by invitation……………in which case I fear for Sata.

  3. My best memory of Princess diana’s funeral were the crowds that lined the roads..How dare you refuse us our right to mourn our president!!!!..IGNORANT CHAPS!!!!!!!

  4. Foolish decision.Voting 4 MMD again regardless of whom they pick is a waste of time.My vote is for the young one (mwaiche HH) this time around.17yrs is enuf.

  5. This is realy stupid.hw do u say its a public holiday,and refuse pipo from doin the very reason its a holiday wich is to atend lpm’s burial.let it be open,bt only say sittin space wil be reserved,simple.not ifya bupuba soo..

  6. For sure this government has run out of ideas.To start with,you took Levy’s casket on a zungulila Zambia in the name of people want to mourn their President.Tax payer’s money was used to accommodate let alone feed all those bellies escorting(campaigning)Levy.Now we’re told to watch the burial on Big Screens or our TV’s because it has become a “private funeral”.Should have done that in the first place before flying the casket on a jolly ride.Ba Maureen kuchiloto even before burial comes up with Magande’s succession Theory.Ala mutekanye, Zambia is not a monarchy.Mulongoti MMD elections chairman went on TV categorically refuting claims made by Katuba MP about Magande link.So where is VP RB now?


  8. kwena kutumpa at the fullest!!!! what has this government come to? how can u stop people from attending there beloved presidents funeral? na iwe maureen ni ma rubbish ye ukamba just sit yo ass down mourn yo husband and stop commenting on politics ala..akulosha webo!!!!!

  9. Now let the fun begin, i hope a genuine candidate will be chosen and put the country on the productive path again.Good luck voters and please vote wisely you hold the key to this guys and also just a reminder, at the moment no one is talking about there Salaries what happened to them?

  10. # 13,we havent Forgetten about the salaries.We were still mourning,come voting no vote for MMD whether magande or RB coz they r birds of the same feathers.My money is on HH.

  11. 15. Please elaborate on your news. What is the relationship between RP as an MMD nominee and Sata standing? Such news excites me because an HH and Sata pact will be a sure winning ticket. If it were true it would encourage and inspire a lot of people to see that Sata in more interested in the welfare and future of the country than his personal ambiton to get into State House.

  12. It seems there is luck of thinking in our Gov.How do you declare a holiday and restrain people from attending a function you delared a holiday for?.This funeral has exposed this Gov,starting from when the President fall sick to his death,there has been total confusion.You have even used his body to buy sympathy from the poor people you are stealing from,shame on you!.God save us from this mess.

  13. Cont/: them tribal cousins wit Bemba’s.Another reason is tht RB & Sata both belong 2 the same sch leaving HH as the old 1 out & gud choice by many voters.

  14. News,your analysis makes sense.Sata knows and he has been advised that his chances of winning these elections are 3/10 so its not worth it to pump money and energy into them.

  15. News,you forgot another disadvantage for Sata.Its his unsound health.Zambians have been taught a bitter experience by Levy’s passing away whilst in office.

  16. HH has my vote and am on my way to Zambia. He will carry the day. MMD were have set a precendence that whenever a president dies in Zambia has to be taken around the country for people to mourn. It is a very costly venture. MMD keep on fighting for presidency. 15 MMD presidential candidates. Ma! ndazowa cinicin ume bakwesu.

  17. Imwe you have already forgetten Uncle Andy’s funeral in 06? The programme ended at around 18:00/19:00 because of all the people who wanted to body view and lay wreaths etc. It would take the better part of eternity to conclude Mwanawasa’s Funeral if all were allowed to attend. Let’s be realistic. Line the route of the procession if you really feel obliged to, but otherwise stay at home and watch proceedings.

  18. This is a bright idea because we dont want blood shed when mourning our dear H.E.L.P.
    Stampedes might be the result of inviting everyone.Good thinking Govt.

  19. We can’t have random people unknown to the first family openly wailing and fainting at the gravesite in full view of foreign dignitaries. And tubana twamukomboni na mamina just coming to have a glance. It steals the element of a dignified send off for a respected public figure and replaces it with a fair ground side-show atmosphere.

    My comments are a bit harsh, but I’m sure you fully understand

  20. #1,2, 3, 3
    Yes its a public holiday, stay at home, watch the procedings on TV with your family or better still go do something else to keep your family alive. Mwilakonkelesha ba MP, they get from the funeral, ni pali chicken and chips. Stay home please, please stop cimpwena.

  21. Next they will tell us lekeni ukulila. They should just concentrate on Maureen who has become “loose” with her toungue in the quest to protect her interests and her ba chibululus in higher positions.How does a Mukamfwila give an inteview, a political interview for that matter when herself told Sata not to politicise the funeral? The hubby has not been buried yet and she goes to give an interview to the Post! Shame na Shame! I believe MMD is a democratic party and not an autocracy or monarchy.

  22. Like most of you I think that this is another boob. One does not expect this–but do you need to swear???

    I am like most of you concerned about some of the decisions being made. After all one would have deduced from the body viewing crowds that there would be a lot of people wanting to send off the late president. Could they not have though about managing the crowds instead. Mwebantu tabkanya abantu ukuloshya!!

  23. Well I did not know that all Zambians now have TVs in their home. At this rate Zambia is no longer poor.

    There were kids nefimina lining up the streets to see off the late princess Daina in case you did not know-Foreign dignatories indeed echotufwile??

  24. Have u noticed that LPM’s body is changing color? Look at the pictures on Richie’s world. I guess its coz of the different temps, dust etc…LPM ‘s face is gray,greenish while his face is cracking. You dont believe me look at picturemonger blog

  25. #25 Tawakwata amano. So it will only be dignified if the rich attend? Your logic leaves a lot to be desired.

    Grow up you “tool”

  26. Hey people,stop saying rubbish comments on where many people are reading.Just answering some of the comments,yes many zambians have TVs in there homes and those people you call from the compounds,they are also part of zambians. Not everybody in zambia has the opportunity maybe what other people have, i will be very suprised if you are a full zambian and saying that to your fellow zambians who don’t have means like others do.LET THE PRES REST IN PEACE and let us pray that elects the person who will look after the country properly not to lead us in corruption or WAR.And by the way it’s politics

  27. # 30 mama, you missed my point. I said let them line the streets but not every Joe Public should attend Church service or burial.

    #25 When one gets married, you want the public to share your joy. But you don’t invite all 12m Zambians to a wedding, only a select few family and friends to ensure a DIGNIFIED celebration. Same applies.

    Gov’t allowed the general public to body view, we have had our chance. Imagine if 100,000 rock up at Embassy Park [very realistic number]. Chaos, stampedes, death! Simple logic dictates they stay home and watch.

  28. # 30 again Mama. True they lined they streets, but they didnt all cram into Westminster Abbey did they? Don’t miss the point.

    #25 again. It’s not about rich folk or poor folk but IMPORTANT folk. The Mwanawasa’s might have less wealthy relatives from the village. They WILL be in church and at Embassy Park because they are IMPORTANT. MPs are IMPORTANT, foreign heads of state are IMPORTANT. I will NOT be there because I am not personally known to the Mwanawasa family!


  30. #30 Spot on mama. Zambians still think icililo should have abasungu nabaikala bwino. It`s a pity even Zambains like Stretch still think this way. I would rather have those nefimina present than the apamwambas after all they are the ones who voted for him. That is where he was popular. Ba mayo ba Stretch kale mwaishilepo ku Zed tulekelene fwebene.

  31. Well guys I don’t know what else to say to your leftist statements. Why don’t we just raise the Hammer And Sickle from the flag-staff at Cabinet Office and allow kaponyas to act as pall-bearers? Oh, we could also have a 21-malegen salute from G4 security guards. And we can formally conclude the ceremony in October, giving everyone time to body view AGAIN, display their grief, faint and lay wreaths. That would be great hey? Meanwhile the kwacha can slip another 10%, the LASI will happily dip by 200 points, and investor confidence can evaporate. But of course bana Dorica from Ng’ombe will be happy that she laid her president to rest, despite drawing water from a shallow well!

  32. No 38,why are you getting too emotional about the whole Levy burial saga,why didn’t you condemn the Zungulila of the casket!That would have been more objective,dont you think? Right now,you are just sounding abit too emotional…Tekanya,Mwanawasa afwile two weeks ago.Chailpwa.

  33. #40 I also see no point of condemning Zungulila Casket because yachitika kudala. My tears are reserved for more important things

    Further, the people who make me emotional are the same folk who were undoubtedly supporting Zungulila Casket, because of their shallow communist thinking. Now after ZC, they want more circus shows?!?! Please, lets bury the old man in peace!!!

  34. Its just normal to have an orderly funeral and burial program. Allowing everybody to attend will bring disorder. How can we forget the recent stampedes and clothe striping incidents in provincial centres? We may end up sacrificing people’s lives to go with mwanawasa. Sorry Zambians, I personally feel this is a good control measure to allow for a smooth program. Lets criticize logically and not just condemn others for well meaning decisions. I am not MMD, but I think govt has made a resonable decision to keep most people away.

  35. What is wrong with the Post? What is their interest in supporting Maureen and the so called LPM’s wishes? Now they are threatening in their Monday Editorial that Zambians will vote otherwise at their peril. Why doesn’t the Post cover other candidates within MMD? Why arent they talking about othr parties such ULP, UNIP, PF, UPND, etc, etc? What makes them think that the MMD candidate will automatically become the Republican Presido? What is their obsession with Maureen? The country is not governed by the Post. And that was one of LPM’s mistake’s as LPM (MHSRP) forever listened to the Post’s agenda. Mwaya sana ba Post.

  36. Maureen, Amos Malupenga and the Post can not sway people’s minds into supporting a candidate of their choice in order to protect their own interests, including deep rooted nepotism. Where is the democracy that the Post has been preaching so much about? The Post leave MMD alone to chart their own destiny.

    My friend Amos Malupenga, you have disappointed me alot as though we did not go to the same Campus. What did Maureen promise you? You must have deal.

  37. Nangu mutukanye ukwisako. Just tell us the route that the funeral procession will use. Tukatantama, mu road just to see our late beloved for the last time. Why are you depriving people who want to mourn? Akaso nakukulosha konse.

  38. Don’t mind the post……those are the kicks of a dying horse. They are going with the MMD who perished with Levy. Let them support Magande coz it makes it easier for the opposition to win . The man is not saleable to the nation. Its easier for a camel to pass thru a needle than for Magande to win at national level

  39. Its okey that invitation will only be by card so that we can rest and stratagise on how the “the boat” will sail and reach the destiny it was supposed to reach in september, 2006.

    It was delayed but definately not late.

    The Post are supporting magande-balimbee!!!!!!! Baloba ilyauma, muye mubebe.

    Anyway……..ifwe twakana

  40. Amos malupenga (post)……Did you pipo see the way he cried……Is he a fruit from the family tree?? A journalist crying like that…iyo kwena

  41. Please allow u to pay our last respect to our beloved late president. Why restricting the number of mourners. We`ll come with our own food

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