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Message from LT


We are glad to be online once again and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused during the time we were offline. In order to provide you the highest quality service there are some features we are still working on. The site is therefore operating at 60% of its capacity. Once all the features are fully functional we shall give you a comprehensive update and explain certain new features.

Yours sincerely

LT team


  1. understand u en thanx v much. but in the mean time can u brief us on Moreen’s data about Magande on wat she says was Levys choice for succesion. pliz bear with us we us too much. we are just humans. some of uf us we want to hear den know b4 we tok tok. owes trusting you. dont worry about my english wea iam am a hero en this language en i teach inglish. so you wu like correcting me am sorry coz am money with wat u say is understandard

  2. The data is on the post and I guess these LT guys can not cannibalize on it. It is a discouraging interview because it seems she has given up the idea of standing herself. Nevertheless, it says volumes about her wisdom, courage and intelligence. I think she had the pulse of the nation on her finger tips.

  3. LT, i can prophecy that one day you will be even bigger than the monster we have created for ourselves- The Post that digs only what it wants to dig.

  4. LT please give us more information about former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa, who is living in denial, who has ednorsed u popular magande

  5. LT please give us more information about former first lady Maureen Mwanawasa, who is living in denial, who has endorsed unpopular magande. Please let us continue with Rupiah during this 3-year-transitional period to avoid fights in the country.

  6. I have pasted the interview of Maureen and succesion on the DR Nevers Mumba Joins presidential race.

    LT thank you for the update we shall be looking forward to your update and again thank you for keeping us informed.

  7. RB is a spentforce. What really can he do for zambia? The world keep on moving and at 71 what can RB offer. Those in support know he can easily be manipulated because he is a lame duck in MMD government him being an outsider. Zambians did it with chiluba and they are now making the same mistake with RB. He may not be a plunderer but he will definately be the back door for the pluderers.

    Who says Zambians know about economics when more than half the population walloy in poverty due to electing wrong leaders. They say history repeats its self.

  8. LT Can you call your sources and let us know about the alledged secret ‘Most Western Rhodesia’ and names associated with it please. LT is the only independent and credible source of news left. The post has been compromise. I am stopping my subscription. I am taking a stand.

  9. Maureen has endorsed magande and she claims the hubby selected him even though we know he was going to fire him as soon as he came from AU. She has exposed herself as the power behinf LPM and she will now face the music over her corruption and indiscretions in marriage. LPM family will also be on her as she claims the lawayer has 2 vidoes one for family and one for nation as the last will for LPM

  10. well done LT!you’re doing an good job.i hope most zambians back home are able to access you guys.u must also expose the names in the western Rhodesia it now and not after 05/09/2008.
    keep it up.

  11. By the way, I have just read your message ba LT, ati the site is running at 60%, thanks very much, but we hope the 100% wont include subsciption like ba mambala ba post…..We rely on you

  12. Why is that most of you contributing here are bent on seeing bad things happen to the first lady? It will be really wise to be objective and not be driven by selfish insinuations from people who have demonstrated their hunger for power and are not ashamed do to so. Lets be objective in these matters that concern not only us but even our great great grand children to come. God bless Zambia!!!!

  13. Lt job well done. We really love your line. But dont u ve a way of editing what some of these guys post on your line?. There is really little or no positive education in them . They are just full of insults.please do something.

  14. We appriciate the well done job.The pages look great.That’s what we want.congratulations to u guys.
    Now bring good topics so that we can debate here ,eg Mrs mwanawasa endorsement on magande.

  15. Good to have u bak LT; U do us world of good; U have no idea…But i ned to see the news article where maureen endorses magande…Allez! Toute de suite!

  16. Suggestion to the LT team, is it possible to make people subscribe with their email addresses so maybe impersonation on this site can reduced? I renaming myself to mmmmO since someone decided to post as me in my last post,best to fake mmmm

  17. Very good LT…I hope that ‘Caristo Chitamfya’ impersonator, shall now have the sense to behave. I see you’ve removed the threads he/she used Caristo’s name and insulted LPM’s widow.

    The site is improving…bloggers need to improve too in their comments.

  18. the arrangement is okay, but the light blue is not so impressive. I hope it will return to dark blue after 100%

  19. Magande is Maureen’s and we cant not be carried by her choices.We are not kids to doing our choices.We will choose our on.We have your views and they are enough.Nonetheless they are not edifying.

  20. LT is by far better than the POSt. Here we even have a chance to air our views. But the post even requires a password, it puts me off. Obviously advertisers on the LT get more results because there are more visitors on this site

  21. Its good that you are back. Pity though that you chose this particular time to make changes to your site. This is a very crucial time when we your bloggers should be able to access the site 24/7.

  22. LT is bringing sexy back! I like the new look, but perhaps we could do with a different shade of blue more like the old one. Please work on your grammar and spelling and employ a photo-journalist to make is a more complete visual experience

  23. Lusaka times. Thanks for the update and I love the new look. Looking forward to seeing you guys operate at 100%.

    Well done and Keep it up.

  24. start charging bloggers $2/month, you will make a lot of mane, we zambians like kachepa. I can even do the marketing arrengment and advice as i am an expert in e-commerce.

  25. First and foremost I would like to thank you for getting the site functioning again.

    Secondly, can you please censur messages which are being posted on your website. Some have been irresponsible, wreckless, destructive and even malicious. These messages can actually be accessed through google by others who have no knowledge of LT.

    Please be responsible and clean up your website.

  26. #53 KC.
    The moment The Post started charging is the moment I stopped reading the post. Charge? You must be having a laugh!

  27. Great stuff ba LT, we were in the dark for too long so even the 60% is better than nothing. You are our only hope as it is difficult to get news from home. Keep up the good work and wishing you well with your upgrades so we can get even better news.

  28. LT are we guaranteed of your ‘informing us for free’ pledge? Some body tells me you’re on your way to upgrading the sight to a subscriptions one. Some of us already pay too much just to have internet access.

  29. # 59. General
    You want free things too much. How do you think LT will make more cash on top of the one from advertising ? Get 2 or 3 jobs if you want to pay for suscription.
    Mwandy, LT lets subscibe. I can help in charging these guys.

  30. Ba LT, not ma sobela ai! Just continue giving us va mahala … kaili we’ve already been spoilt. Expect my petition if you even consider volipila. After all Mastercard ili na ma bills kudala.

    Iwe #60, KC, tekanya first, we are still mourning …

  31. How about a big round of applause for LT. Great job….we missed the site.

    And #16 ba nick kabaso london……duh! Dont u understand how the internet works…..awe sure.

  32. Weldone LT. good face change. Shame on those who can’t see and appreceiate. Bravo, weldone and keep it up!.

  33. To the webmaster,
    Thank you LT for everything you are doing to keep us informed. I was just disappointed with the spellings in message you left in regards to the maintenance problem. Below is the except of a word that caught me off guard.


    Whatever happened to Spell check and the dictionary. Let’s improve on this please for future purposes.

    Anonymous in Washington D.C.

  34. Is it true that workers at the post are three months behind in their salaries.If it is true,is this why the Post seem to be so desparate.Please tell me.

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