Teething Problems


We are current experiencing teething problems and may have to take down the site from time to time to rectify the problems . Please, bear with us as we work to fine tune the site to handle the upswing  in traffic.

LT Team


  1. Please LT, why can’t just do parallel testing. Let the home site continue while working on the new one. We can help you test the new site while moving form old site to the new one.

    Please tell us some of the new features you are proposing.

  2. First and foremost I would like to thank you for keeping up updated on issues which are of importance to our nation and updating us on your “teething problems”.

    Secondly, can you please censure messages which are being posted on your website. Some have been irresponsible, wreckless, destructive and even malicious. These messages can actually be accessed through google by others who have no knowledge of LT.

    I know you have a “disclaimer” on other’s opinion. Your disclaimer would be right if you can identify bloggers. It won’t be a problem identifying me but those who use public pc’s are unidentifiable and correct me you may be liable for some comments.

    Please put measures to censure

  3. Teething problems, aha, you dont wear napkins. Ok ba LT we understand limitations of technology pa Zed. You are otherwise doing a commendable job. Keep up the good work. You are more reliable than most Zambia’s media organizations. At least you are not blindly supporting ba Molini like ba Post.

  4. I tried to blog on


    your ECONOMY Section but no matter how often I submitted it did not show. Pl. explain!

  5. I was trying to google, “teething”, lo And behold, your article pops up!!! LT puleeshi can you do palllaalel teshting!!

  6. With high lvels of corruption in government,poverty prostituion,poor health delivery, we need a leader who will look at the common man.
    Guys look at out roads not the orad to to Kitwe of L/stone but those roads we use when going to our homes.there are terrible do you see them being done in the near future?Think about it.We need now a proactive leader to address those issues.
    I work for foriegn organisation everyday they bring people from Afgunstan India,China to do our work,one wonders how does immigration give work permits are they sure that those jobs cant be done by Zambians.
    Time to change is now!

  7. Welcome back, the new upgrade already looks superb! don’t screen submssions from bloggers, it will make the blogging so dull! Your teething problems r well understood.

  8. Welcome back, the new upgrade already looks superb! don’t screen submissions from bloggers, it will make the blogging so dull! your teething problems r well understood.

  9. LT – You are doing a fabulous job. One daily tabloid, i have strong belief and trust in, has been “bought” and cannot speak objectively.
    Please feed us with the latest news and keep it going. Wish you all the very best. Do you come pa Times aii?

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