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Zambia’s ruling MMD party has chosen the country’s vice president, Rupiah Banda, as its candidate to contest a presidential election due in November, a party official said.

Banda beat off a challenge from Finance Minister Ng’andu Magande and 14 other candidates for the presidential election to choose a successor to late President Levy Mwanawasa.

Zambia, which became a rare African success story under Mwanawasa, faces economic and political uncertainty as the race to replace him intensifies.

Banda, 72, told officials of the ruling Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) that he will continue with Mwanawasa’s policies if elected as the country’s new president.

“I want to work with all my comrades in order to unite the party and the country and keep on with our policies,” Banda said.

He drew 43 votes and Magande 11. Only seven of 19 candidates contested the final vote after the others withdrew, MMD elections official Jeff Kande said.

Banda, who was appointed as Mwanawasa’s deputy in 2006, took over as head of the government after the president died last month.

He has held many diplomatic posts, including that of Zambia’s representative to the United Nations, before being made foreign minister in the 1970s in the administration of Zambia’s first post-independence leader, Kenneth Kaunda.

After his stint as foreign minister, Banda served as a parliamentarian between 1978 and 1988.

Magande said he supported Banda for president.

“I accept the defeat because this is democracy. … I will campaign for him in my constituency,” Magande said.

The divisions within the ruling party could cost the ruling party ground to main opposition leader Michael Sata , who narrowly lost to Mwanawasa in 2006 presidential polls,particularly if infighting gets worse.

The MMD candidate will face a challenge from Sata, and Hakainde Hichilema, the leader of the United Party for National Development — which is the third largest party in parliament.

Investors hope Zambia’s new leadership will stick to Mwanawasa’s fiscal discipline, which won him praise from Western donors and billions of dollars in debt relief.

Some of the shine is also coming off Zambia’s economic performance. The kwacha has lost about 3 percent of its value against the dollar since Mwanawasa’s death, mostly due to political uncertainty although also the stronger greenback.



  1. Like we supported our late Dr.Mwanawasa, in the same vein we pledge allegence and unwavering support to RB in the best national interest.We oledge to retain the Republican Presidency by delivering you a landslide victory come November bye-elections.

  2. This is the beginning of the end of Levy’s lagacy. We will now witness public funds move into the pockets of corrupt individuals. Atleast we know what Levy stood for. I wish Zambia well.

  3. shame to the post newspaper for writing bad articles about RB.I hope he will flash out those who wanted to make their pockets big,Zambia is still recovering.We want people who can serve us.

  4. Kudos to MMD for not succumbing to the machinations of the MMD Royalists and monarchists like Magande and his ilk. Lets see the family tree cut off.

  5. Congratulations RB. You may not be the sharpest of them, but you certainly are the best compromise choice. What we want is unity. I must also congratulate Magande for accepting defeat immediately and pledging to support his ‘enemy’. This is the political maturity we want. Let all of magande’s camp also throuw their weiught on RM. Warning to RB: Everybody thinks you are WEAK and will allow thieves to continue their ways. This is a golden cahnce 4u to prove them wrong. Sorry ba Maureen but you must face reality. Tafilowa lyonse. Whatever goes up,……

  6. Congrats to MMD for upholding democratic principles that as Zambians we fought for and cherish. Congrats to RB. Most of all congrats to Hon. Magande for the maturity and selflessness you have exhibited during this period of our country’s vulnerability. Good people remember good people.And Zambians are good people.

  7. How can RB, a Zimbabwean be voted president. This guy was born in Gwanda, Zimbabwe. Please guys we’ve had enough of foreigners leading the country.

  8. lets rally behind RB im sure hes the first presidential candidate to be nominated to stand for presidency at 72


  9. Time to cut the thin line holding the family tree upright for the sake of mother Zed. Long live Zambian democracy!!!

  10. WHAT A NONSENSE RB WHAT?,kate,vj,teta,mulo,mpombo,chris by the way why is MMD NEC full of grade 7 failures someone tell?

  11. Magande has truely been well beaten. Magande’s utterances that he was the “Chosen one” and that all the Cabinet were aware of this, clearly demonstrates that he is not a Potician in the true sence. This explains why he has never won an election outright before – lost in his own village and then the Chilanga one was disputed. Magande is a good technocrat and should continue being Minister of Finance directing our economic resources where his expertise lies abet with a good Headman looking over him (as was the case with LPM). I can fortell now that even in 2011 Magande will not be MMD President. Let the fun begin with HH and Sata clobber it with RB the favourite with Govt resources at his call

  12. Good choice MMD sometime we should forget about negative things when it come to national issues, for now we need a head, other organs of Govt remain intact VIVA RB guess you rememeber mwanawasa’s words banda.

  13. why is that we dont have any young leaders in Africa? Is it because we have so much faith in the old folks or may be the young are just too playful to lead? here we go again! the MMD will rig again!

  14. UNIP is a mother of Zambian party politics.No political party in amongst us could pride of being a party of absolute puritan first generation neo-liberal surrogates. All these factional party leaders are off springs of UNIP while neo liberal politics misunderstood by most of you in Zambia is an offshot of UNIP.MMD cam from UNIP.Sata, Mazoka,Ngondo,Chiluba,Mwanawasa, Banda,Tembo,Mwaanga,Chona and librals you know of carried a UNIP membership card.Its only that RB,VJ and Sata served at many high level privileged portfolios.Easpecially RB and VJ who started their foreign service at 20 at the UN and US missions.We are by-products of UNIP.

  15. Don’t grin so widely with that big mouth of rotten teeth. You and your MMD will be booted out. That fat face like a toad belongs to the farm. No proper leadership qualities and too slow in thinking Mr RB. Imagine arguing out a case for Zambia at a UN conference, you would be as blank as a grasshopper. No way for unproductive baboons. No way Mr Rabbit Baboon.

  16. The die is cast now!!! but the real battle is on in November.Congrats to RB and tough luck to Magande.MMD have proved again that they learnt FTJ’s dribbling skills very well!!!

    Having said that I think Magande overrated his chances but it takes a defeat like this to put one in ones place.

    Did you notice RB’s use of the word made popular by UNIP ,”Comrades” could this be a UNIP backdoor comeback?

    Wine does get better with age…. Presidential candidate at 72,young wife,young kids, I only hope he has an old and deep pocket otherwise the vultures surrounding him will ensure he starts filling it quickly.

  17. Shame to the Post. Shame to Dipak, Shakafuswa, Masebo, and the endless lot. Warning to Banda – No more FAMILY TREE. Twacula muno. The world is littered with shameless relatives as Ambassodors – all at the expense of qualified pipo. This evil syndrome must stop. Relatives and friends are ok,but they must be picked purely on merit. This was never the case and explains why we continue to lag behind as a nation.



  19. Congratulations Mr RB. Let the campaign begin. If you win, I hope you will manage to keep thieves at bay like LPM. I mean the thieves that drive big GRZ vehicles and will sit next to you advising on issues of national interest. They are the most corrupt and yet they are the technocrats.
    Careful of late first ladies seem to have too much pressure from tuma guys. Now your wife is even so much younger…

  20. the stage is set, no excuses and no hate politics. sell yourselves and we will buy to give you enough clout to Zambia’s most prestigeous hse#. All the best to all.

  21. No way, get some BP stabilizing bill because you are heading for a clear defeat.RB is no stranger to internationl forum.Like VJ whom the entered the foreign service on the same day, he is a career Diplomat who has served this country as our Permanent Representative at the UN, Ambassador in washington DC, Egypt and foreign Affairs minister for many years.Besides that he is a successful Economist who has prospered well in all his business undertaking.Most of those buildings in cairo Road you rent are either for RB,Galuan, Lishomwa Lishomwa and Dr.Chabwera while Freedom and Chachacha properties belong to UNIP, Mullah brothers and the Ranchods.In Ndola’s Itawa the story is same.He is vested.

  22. RB keep the likes of VJ as far away as possible from government coffers. We have had enough of this devil and accomplished criminal without equal. He has led all his life boot-licking someone, no matter how short. Even at global level, i do not know if there is anyone so shameless as VJ. Your dez are numbered for the many innocent lives lost through your actions – just for money and vanity.

  23. LT is suprising me by refering to RB as Vice-President. Who is the President then? Rupiah is THE ACTING PRESIDENT. Get that right early and avoid embarrassments.

  24. Country, this is truly remarkable; we have now entered a new political era. Hopefully RB will only serve to help us with the transition we need to to get back to the rule book no family tree or cadres. We are not a monarchy neither are we a one party state, but we only have have nation. RB, please appoint and reward people on merit. That house is haunted, please share this with your children, let them stay clear of all temptations. Be inclusive in your government and don’t let Maureen continue pulling the strings, send her to Sweden as a diplomt, scrap all family tree positions and lets regain our lost glory. Zimbabwe is not our enemy.

  25. Pragmatist please tell us something we already dont know about.

    We’re very aware of the evolution of the various political parties in Zambia,both pre and post Independence era.

    Continue giving us data as why RB is the best candidate to help the MMD face PF, UPND, UNIP etc as you seem to an RB man/woman,this will help us decide who to vote for come November.

    Likewise to all you other respected bloggers ,the time for name calling has passed sell your candidates by giving us their merits and how you think they’ll help in moving Zambia forward.

  26. Congråts RB. Please u ve a task to unity the whole country so that where ever levy is should rest in peace . Viva MMD. Rb Convince every doubting thomas that u can deliver

  27. Shakafuswa must be a worried man. He was the first to endorse Magande, followed by Maureen, Silvia Masebo and the Post. They need to be schooled in tenets of democracy. Zambia is not a village where village headmen are handpicked by fellow villagers or appointed by predecessors.

  28. As pro am happy for this kind development in small Democracy of ours and wish to tell you that truely we making the next govt.Remember it’s the old vs the oldest. Watch the space

  29. *Congrats RB, nvela manje keep Gandz as finance minister.
    *olo imwe ba SATA team up with HH,
    *Ba Nervous God still loves, you get back,
    *Ifwe lets vote in November not uku blogger fye bane

    Aka Mulozi ka voka Zebige ka pela.

  30. 38. Ba Ole
    ON THAT POINT IT IS not just LT it was the same through the mouning period even ministers still call him but by law he is supposed to be refered to as acting president. Even thru burial procession as acting president he was supposed to be in front then the former first lady butbsome people thought that would be endorsing him

  31. No.40 Wa sosa 401West, UMUGAZEBO and FAMILY supports intellectual discourse unlike speculation and conjecture!

    Ka voka futi aka Mulozi, mwebantu katoteleni…

  32. #24.What’s with the language? You sound verrrrrrrrry bitter. Anyway you have the right to your own opinion. If you think RB is old and cannot represent you,someone tell me how old Abdoulaye Wade is? HALLO????

  33. Only thing am happy about is that the old man has been against the new perks that the foolish parliamentarians were looking forward to. As to whether he will do the job or not…not so sure. Anyhow, better choice that Magande, I should say

  34. I’m sure RB will find it in himeself to forgive those who insulted him. If he does that the momement he takes on the mantle it w’ll prove his states manship. You know we are all Zambians who are known to be peace loving. I hope RB will carryout his work the way LPM would have loved it to be done.

    Congrates bamudala ba RB and plliz do not dissapoint us but prove us wrong by making sure that those corrupt elements around you are kept at bay

  35. RB and Sata-no difference they almost have the same credentials-only difference is personalities.Lets vote Sata to shake up things around-the remaining three years is his only chance at becoming a president.The man has worked hard to be where he is-we can’t give RB on a silver plata.

  36. If we want to change the way in which leaders who represent us are chosen, we must be prepared to fight for change to our political sytem.
    We seem content with abdicating our reponsibility as citizens and are too willing to blame everything that goes wrong on the politicians, and yet the quality of leadership available to Zambia is a reflection of the quality of followers available to its leaders.


  38. We are allying every fear that could be holding up in some sections. MMD under RB will embrace every faction that has exercised and tested our democracy during this dispensation.We shall endeavor to build an inclusive Zambia for all and be open to all forms of constructive dissent in the best national interest.The vision and capacity to drive it at every level will entruste to all qualified citizens without ethnic generology.We shall prepare the nation for transition to a future renumerating and motivating its citizen on Merit.We will also inlist a lot of young dedicated Zambians in the ranks and file for true leadership.

  39. That’s a good sign, conceding defeat and pledging to support RB. I only hope we shall have clean elections for once. Keep VJ at bay please twapapata. I am not saying MMD should lose, but whoever wins, it must be from clean elections.

  40. Now we know why the Post wanted Magande to win. Read the Special Edition (September) of the Executive Issues just released today. it spills the beans: Zambian Airways inkongole and Post involvement and the promised bail out by Magande. The story in the Times further confirms the syndicate and matrix with Magande. Please don’t misuse tax payers money Magande or else. You have been beaten soundly in today’s MMD elections. Try 2011 when Banda wont stand. But you will be facing Maureen in 2011.


  42. Bakuluna tell me advise even, how am i gonna read KALAKI,EDEM DJOKTOE, DR CANISIUS BANDA and AZWEL/laura BANDA if i dont buy the
    I really want to quit the post but how comrade?

    Nakabili ka voka imwe tamuletota

  43. What will be the significance of electing RB as republican president ? What are the repurcations of electing acandidate other than RB ? Will a candidate from the opposition (assuming he/she wins ) be as pro active as LPM ? Do we have available options for a suitable candidate other than RB ?

  44. *Bakuluna tell me advise even, how am i gonna read KALAKI,EDEM DJOKTOE, DR CANISIUS BANDA and AZWEL/laura BANDA if i dont buy the
    I really want to quit the post but how comrade?

    Nakabili ka voka imwe tamuletota

  45. Another ship is about to sink. I didn’t see anything wrong with Mr Magande. Too bad we could not vote, i just wonder who voted for RB.

  46. Magande has pledged to support RB because he still needs his job at Finance, period. On the other hand RB also needs Magande to manage the economy although Mutati can also do that job. Magande is, however, not indispensable as he is not a heavy weight in MMD circles.

  47. Fellas, I need HELP here: when did RB become an MMD member and what does the party constitution say about the qualifying period before a member can aspire for adoption as a sponsored person on an MMD ticket??? If I remember correctly Mazoka was refused adoption bcoz he had not been an MMD member as required by the party. Am I missing something here?

  48. im not MMD but glad Magande lost the ticket reasons being.he is doing very well in his position and we all dont have to go to plot one to make change, him,shikapwasha,siliya (maureen`s close friend)who got her diplot posting after a failed marriage.sisala and the whole bunch would have continued to build their base in govt.now the family tree is shaking.lets vote on merit.if LPM wanted magande and cabinet knew,i wonder at all if minutes are taken in these meetings besides lets not be imotion with his death we should also make brave and responsible choices.she really wanted him so shikapwasha,siliya and all those around her can asure her security.it will even be more dramatic if MMD looses

  49. Free advice to CASH BANDA,now that you have won the MMD elections
    keep VJ Mwanga out of the rest o fyour campaigns if you are to stand
    a chance!

  50. Yes serves Fred mmembe and his Post newpaper and charlatans right. Yes fred mmembe mesed gandz up. true Zed is not a monarch, we will choose our own leader. Viva democracy.. abash maureen and the family tree… its over over ……………………

  51. Ignore Levy’s wish at your own peril
    By Editor
    Monday September 01, 2008 [04:00]

    Time has come to reflect on President Levy Mwanawasa’s wishes regarding succession and continuity. We will live to regret if we don’t collectively stop to think and ask ourselves what could have been in the mind of Levy when he expressed the wish that finance minister Ng’andu Magande should succeed him. Why did he not do the obvious? Why didn’t he prefer his Vice-President to succeed him?

  52. Ma rubbish ayo 74, let the post take cover now, as they say they are used to suffering- at their own hands, they think they are the best thing to happen to us! Ba RB CONGRATS tifuna nchito manje, ni tume kuni CV yangu?

  53. It was quite clear from the start that Magande would not make it. However, me I am shocked at the double dealing of Magande.

    If only more explanation could be given on this saga with Zambian Airways. Why was he personally involved in trying to protect a single airline.Whilst the work that Zambian Airways has done is commendable, but why him personally involved to try and defer debt repayment.

    On the other hand, his open support received from the paper that ‘digs deeper’ team is outright corruption.

    Where does this leave the task force interests? How can we expect justice when the root is corrupt?


  55. There are alot of qualified Zambian economists in applied economics, Quantitative finance and Public budgets, Taxation and planning locally and overseas who long have been keen to serve their country.Appointments are a prerogative of the President with professional field advisors at hand who use multiple networks of loyalists and institutional databases.Magande could still serve in other capacity.

  56. I think age should not be a big issue in politics. Ronald Reegan (from Holliwood for that) was old but became one of the most popular Presidents in the history of the USA. John McCain just turned 72 and is the Republican nominee for Presidency. The ISSUE is what is the candidate’s agenda. That is where I have a problem with people who are woken up from their sleep to become ‘presidents’ We lost 10 years with Chiluba who was taken from the Unions with no known agenda, and I am afraid we are going back to UNIP ways, MARK MY WORDS.

  57. RB aichindike nomba. Elapepeka utula skirts. He has a very young lady for his wife. I just hope he’s got the integrity we want. Moreso, I hope the young lady, 28yrs old will handle responsibilities that come with first ladies.

    RB, you must be strong and firm otherwise you’ll sell the nation. Remember that you are surrounded with powerful thugs. MMD thugs.

  58. It seems paying people K14 million each, works!

    This is downhill from now, how are all the people that supported Mwanawasa, going to work with RB? Also, investors are not blind to see that RB turned his back against the person they supported. I doubt that neither Mutati nor Magande will continue working with him if he wins. Any person with a bit of integrity will accept defeat, but they are not entitled to stay. RB has dug himself into a hole, and unfortunately will drag the entire nation in.

  59. 401 West.
    I know you are a highly learned person who I believe utilizes the dictionary and knows exact meaning of the term “comrade”. It has no association with UNIP or any party in Zambia. In our own way of looking at it in Zed, comrade promotes a feeling of closeness to someone you know or you don’t know. In our armed forces, it is very frequently used and does not imply that they are pro-UNIP. Use your brains right. One Zambia One Nation.

  60. Mulebako serious ba ngwele imwe, Rupiah of all the jokers from MMD, tacimoneka na bwino, ok tatulecifwaya. Rupia president?

  61. RB has VJ on his side. VJ and RB have been mates from the UNIP days. Are we now going to see one of KK’s sons getting into cabinet? Coz I can’t see RB losing the election. The guys will, like Mugabe, do everything possible to win. Its a once in a lifetime opportunity.

  62. #66 the MMd consituition stipulates that for a person to stand for a NEC position, he should have atleast served for two years in the party. On the other hand ,the same constituition gives any member irrespective of the duration of the membership the right to contest for any position.

  63. This is corruption: Supporting Mangande in order to forgo your obligation to repay a debt.

    Another Task force must be put in place. The current one is biased though the reasons of the Task force are genuine.

    I propose an Audit be done to check Task force goings whose findings should be open to public scrutiny. The ‘Task force’ has been compromised clearly.

  64. Congratulations grand pa RB you have given me inspiration to go for my dreams, no matter how old i get i should never give up. i think u should somehow thank the post newspaper, in my opinion the campaigned against finance minister by trying so hard to discredit you. it made people question why post was so behind magande and we found answers that made him a ‘no no’ for zambians

  65. Well its true that zambia is a fir play ground as shown by magande,lets pray that peace shall continue to reign amongest us.Let the will of GOD be with us.

  66. its truley a sad day today.i supported MMD in tha last electios but i think RB is too old and wea a candidate.I will not vote for him.he has no vision.Its truley sad……………….

  67. RB of all candidates.Chaopena baba… HH and ba Sata can you please team up and chuck this guys out of Government.Its now evident that they have lost direction by choosin RB as their candidate.The MOU between PF and UPND should highlight the following:Sata to finish the remaining 3 years while HH will be the Vice President in case there is another presidential by election, HH should take over in 2011 by then he would have matured.its now or never ignore my advise at your own peril…

  68. Wiseman.
    If indeed there are chaps in foreign office who were put there through favoratism, they should be chucked out. I concur with you that we should go by rule of the law and not of men. What we need are merit appointments based on education, experience, integrity, and other qualities to be determined by the selection board. Maybe these chaps must seat for a selection board exam of some kind. Doing it this way may promote hard work and determination in those that have intention of working at foreign mission.

  69. Every one seem to be celebrating RB’s victory which was purchased at a rate at ZAK16M, let’s do the math’s, K16, 000,000.00 X 43 = K688, 000,000.00 or US$ 197,472 at the current rates; my question is where is that money going to come from? From your hungry bellies that’s where. I supposed it will not be so funny when you all realize that the likes of Chiluba and his thugs are back in charge and all the foreign investors have all disappeared. You all know that Magande is the mind behind our recent economic success, before him we could not even feed ourselves… we need to be a bit more respectful of the man and his service to this country and stop saying nasty things about him, because by s

  70. The MMD have played their cards right, I can bet any one on this RB is/will be president of Zambia. At least for 3 years.

  71. Continue: because by saying nasty things about a man that have served our late president and this country so, is to tell the world that we are of small mind and are not serious about development and advancement.
    The Kwatcha has already lost 3 percent just since out president’s passing; I wonder how much more it will lose if Magande decides to walk away? You all should think about that before you start celebrating. How foolish can one group of people be???????? You have all voting for corruption over a better life and then turn around and begin celebrating your own demise. May God help us! Heck! What am I worried about, I have homes in South Africa and the Bahamas, when the march to s

  72. #100

    Where have been, cant you understand that all is not well for Mangande. He was been supported by the nchitos for a favour. Isn’t that corruption?!

  73. Out of the three Presidents that have led Zambia,only Mwanawasa was Zambian.Why are we allowing another FOREIGNER in RB to lead our great nation?

  74. Continue:
    when the march to starvation starts I will just pack up my family and my business and move… I will see how my 200+ employees will like it then.

  75. ‘when the march to hunger starts’ we are already matching in hunger my freind, when did we sto marching in hunger.

  76. ndife manje twalya again! RB will make it, with a young sexy wife at Plot 1, who wouldnt like to be in his shoes? Shame abena Magande, bala tekanya…the pipo who digger digger bala letelela

  77. Anonymous, do you know Magande on a personal level? I am sure the answer is NO, then shut up… and stop spreading propaganda…. Have you forgotten your history? Just a few year ago we had food shortage and could not pay our bills; this man has served us well and therefore should be respected.

  78. 110 I dont need to, at least I know he was using underhand methods in the Post/ZA matrix….sorry I wasnt part of the NEC meeting told that gave him a paltry 11 votes- they know him better. I understand your frustrations but dont take them out on me…

  79. Ba business man ba fek the kwacha started dropping when certain names where being put forward for nomination. uncertainness was the problem and if magande was to stand agaist Sata we know who was going to come out on top and the business community where not going to risk that. now that we know rb is standing things should stabilize

  80. 110 I dont need to know magande personally, at least I know he was using underhand methods in the Post/ZA matrix….sorry I wasnt part of the NEC meeting today that gave him a paltry 11 votes- they know him better. I understand your frustrations but dont take them out on me…


  82. Anonymous, I am through talking with you because it is clear that you are one of the small minded people that cannot see beyond your next bellyful. God help Zambia and God help the likes of you.

  83. #34 Pragmatist, the issue here is that RB is entering the race on the MMD ticket. This is obviously not an MMD year. Just like here in the states, this is not a Republican year; the Democrats are poised to win. I wish you luck my brother but i think MMD has just lost the presidency. And it’s no joke that RB is a bit slow upstairs compaired to others.

  84. Awe ba business man, 121 this is a free forum. Are you from the post, by the way, trying to gag our throats with your views? Just use the forum objectively and dont take issues here personal mudala otherwise you will become stable with BP.

  85. Fantastic!!!Congrats RB and Thank you NEC..What do the Mabisi Magande camp have to say about this?

    Magande is not even the archtetic of the fiscal policies he boasts about. Try Magoye first

  86. #122, remember that LPM was thought to be worse off at the time he was taking his Office. One thing you and all of us need to remember is that, the Office of the President is so powerful to extents where everything is possible. Look at LPM, he went into the Office as a ‘cabbage’ but died a top ‘steak’.

  87. #84 Umusungu The word comrade was used most frequently and came into prominence during the pre Soviet Union collapse.It was used in Communist and Socialist countries and some non aligned countries like Zambia under UNIP.Zimbabwe’s ruling party still uses the term so does the ANC of South Africa.

    Its meaning is not under dispute here,it was the observation that RB used it.(Correct me if I’m wrong but so far he has not been quoted using it by any media).

    If you can take my comment in this context then perhaps you’ll understand my point of view slightly better.

  88. Even if we have elections and RB wins. I for one will not be forced to be lead by someone who has not proven himself, RB, Sata, HH and others. Everyone who has seen development in the last few years and was not given apples like the chiluba days; please at no cost should you sit down and be subjected to have someone who you have no confidence in lead you! This is injustice to our kids who for once saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

    Please do not vote for the opposition because you feel you are left with no choice, you still have a choice – real democracy is getting what you want by any means!

  89. Ba Exile 120. Prof has potential but needs to come down from that roof top and learn more about the Zambian Politics.Osati ma remote control politics

  90. SATA and HH unite or else RB is the next President of Zambia……MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!! anyway its a forgone conclusion…Now MR.President RB make sure you nominate a serious youthful moral vice president to take over in 2011 because HH and SATA will be politically buried assuming they do not unite.

  91. Rupiah Bwezani Banda, a celebrated Zambian diplomat and politician, was born on February 13, 1937 in Gwenda, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe).

    He married Hope Mwansa Makulu in 1966 and two have five sons. He was educated at Munali Secondary School, University of Ethiopia, Lund University in Sweden, Wolfson College and Cambridge.

    From 1960 to 1964 he was UNIP’s representative in Europe and was named Ambassador to the United Arab Republic in 1965, serving until 1967 when he was moved to USA to serve as Zambia’s Ambassador there for two years.

    From 1970-74, Banda was the Executive Chairman of Rural Development Corporation and served as General Manager of National Marketing Board of

  92. Owee mayo..ni McCain uyu..ba kootee imwe..we dnt nid to ruld by unip,i grew up wth unip nw wen im n my twenties u wnt me to go bak to chisokone chisokon!!awe ine nakana..no way

  93. Can someone tell me why before candidates are selected everyone is like they need to show us what they can offer candidates selected same people work up after and say WE JUST WANT THIS PARTY OUT hey iwe #123. You are telling me another person committed to improving you leaving standards who is well qualified and the onlt able candidate was in MMD you wouls say we just want MMD out. We all have political affiliations but when we need our country to forge ahead peacefully, united and as one boundaries are not there

  94. Princess London,112.

    Am sure you have relatives in Zed,I would have thought they are best to give you advice on whom to vote for…since the are the ones who feel the economic pressure which am sure affects you indirectly or directly,if they do.We all have different needs don’t we?

  95. Congrats RB, to hell the ka Post and the family tree. the people have spoken. It will be exciting that Sata and RB both senior citizens will be facing a youth HH in November. I have no preferred presidential candidate but I will support whoever emerges the winner. Lets go Zambia..

  96. Dear LT management,
    Those thumbs up and down can be used to make an Online Poll. Just make about 5 of them for: (in no particular order!) PF, UPND, MMD FDD and UNIP. The other parties are unserious small timers.
    On average your hottest articles receive about 500 comments, which is about 10% of the voting population (please correct me if i’m wrong). At the end of the day, we shall see which party is headed for State House.
    Take into account different colours for the 5 parties. You can call your article “LT’s Online Voting Sample”. Let it run for 2 days, you’ll be amazed at the result.
    Fellow bloggers, any other suggestions?

  97. I tink membe napena, if he thinks insulting people and calling them names is freedom of the press , then god help us, what membe should know is that every zambian has an opinion but they do not have the means to air their opinion to the rest of the country like he does, the best thing for any editor of a news paper to do is to sell all the candidates to the people and they will be able to make up their minds, membe walipena, you do not fight people in your paper whom you are not going to give chance to defende themselves, your editorials of late are so bad that it makes me wonder weather you thinking with your head or back side, what has banda done to you which we do not know.

  98. Ati comrade,back to cha cha cha days eh,am sure even Mugabe must be pleased that Zambia might soon be led by a fellow & proper ‘comrade’ as they are both old chaps & more especially that RB also has close links to Bulawayo.Anyway,such is life,the people of Zambia will decide who goes into State House,it’s quite inevitable that MMD will bounce back as the opposition too seem to be confused by the death of Levy & they might not have enough time & resources to go on massive campaigns to all corners of the nation,it’s also known that african ruling parties tend to use govt resources to campaign deep in rural areas so the opposition votes in urban areas only reduce the margins coz they are split.

  99. Good lucky RB. victory for u was expected. Continue with Levy’s legacy of prudent fiscal management. Dot bail out a private cmpany Zambian Airways using our tax money, the thing the Post were support Magande for.

  100. #139, the opinion poll is a good idea. BUT and but indeed, most of the people who decided the overall outcome of the last elections DO NOT have internet – they are in rural areas. Good idea though like I have indicated already.

  101. MMD is not Zambia.It has chosen its candidate which is fair given that we know who is contesting for UPND and PF.RB’s victory at party level really is just that party level and has no real meaning at national level.If the nation continues to reject the MMD as it has done in the past two elections, then we will be seen MMD out of office.Honestly, RB is not the president anyone would be looking for.Zambia needs a president with a vision not just someone to continue what another left.We need someone to do evn better.LPM should be left out in this campaign(let the man rest in peace).RB and MMD want to rise on LPM’s back.Zambians can see therough this and go out that day and choose a leader be

  102. Finally, we need tyo fill up positions in govt with pipo from eastern province, too many lambas and lenjes in important positions! RB, remember me? RB call me remember my sista Juliana??

  103. Pakubongoloka tabalishapo ingoma. this is how MMD collapsed. Can somebody please tell me something about HP president Brig Gen Miyanda, has he got intentions of standing in the next By- elections?

  104. #ctd from 147 better than LPM.I have a problem with choosing a leader who just struggles to equal the record of the predecessor.We need a president who beats LPM in everything-education,morals,principles,ideas,discipline,visions etc.Preferably someone who has never divorced before or is not practising polygamy.LPM just had the LLB before the honourally doctorate.Really we need to move a step further.What more should I say.If RB wins,the results of his leadership might be felt many yearts after he has left office and tey will be far reaching.At this time when big countries-UK,USA-are in recession,you dont want to choose a wrong chap because if this trikkles our way we wont handle it.AMEN

  105. DO NOT VOTE FOR SATA, this is what Sata and the opposition wanted. Even RB himself has been fooled to think these people calling his name are on his side. The strategy here was to vote for a weak person, unfotunately everyone got taken!

    Why the panic, you all have a choice not to vote!

  106. I was trying to analyse the whole situation hapening back home. MMD has Rupia, who to me has no grip and can only be a rubber stamp, PF ba Sata who is ok despite his ailment, UPND has HH who needs a bit of maturity and experience, HP ba Miyanda who can do it but too quiet and seroius. but so far as am concerned we are heading for a vry serious crash with Rupia. Lets be realistic and serious.

  107. #152, remember that LPM was thought to be worse off at the time he was taking his Office. One thing you and all of us need to remember is that, the Office of the President is so powerful to extents where everything is possible. Look at LPM, he went into the Office as a ‘cabbage’ but died a top ’steak’.

  108. i really appreciate the maturity that has come out of MMD. Somehow this party has pulled through the first hurdle; the unity in the ruling party as at now is important for the stability of our economy. I think this is good, at least in the short term, for investor confidence. I hope RB is a strong man in terms of not having sacred cows; as at now its congrats RB & MMD!!!

  109. #155, excellent observation. MMD’s internal democracy is a significant point ahead of the opposition, i.e. providing MMD remains intact of course.

  110. LPM died a top stake because of Magande’s financial wisdom (fiscally adeptness); why else do you think LPM kept Magande so close to him for so long? No other Finance Minister held that job for 7+ years. Ask yourself if Zambia is better-off today than it was when LPM was still trying to find a good, uncorrupted person to put in the Finance Ministry?

  111. #159, While I agree with you, allow me to raise the element of a team. Magande was not alone in improving the economy. In fact, he seem to also think he is the only one to who improved the economy and that no one else mattered. This explains why he wanted to go it alone without soliciting for support from his friends – the fellow Ministers and provincial MMD top guns. The MMD nomination result of course speaks for itself, you cannot exolt yourself above the people who made you without acknowledging their contribution – no matter how small.

  112. #125 and 153,you guys have made my day.You are so funny.#153, i agree with you.Rupiah will show all his critics that he is not what they peceive him to be just like LPM did.

  113. I wont vote MMD as I promised earlier. I wont be driven by the winds. Congrats to RB though, but you’re not my man. You’re surrounded by scavengers.

  114. Well, i wanted RB to go thru because of the stupidity of the POST. Let wait and see who they will support. VIVA RB. Now, RB shock those bootlickers and crooks by not appointing them once you are Presido. They are in for a rude shock.

  115. MMD has picked its Presidential candidate. My worry, though, is that
    the same party is trying to create the impression that the elections
    should simply centre around RB for ‘continuity’. Nonsense! All stakeholders in the forthcoming elections should emphasize that all other parties are free to field their own candidates – hopefully on a level playing field. There is no logical nexus between RB having been vice-president and him being the ‘ideal’ person to ‘see out’ what Mwanawasa stood for. The ‘wamuyayaya’ mentality still seems to prevail. There are others who have a right under the law to contest and be President – probably even do better than the ‘annointed’.

  116. Good that they have finally VP as the candidate for the ruling party. I hope all the members will be ready to support him. He should know that he will lead Zed for 3 years as he has to prove himself during this period. Plizzzzzz no corruption ok.

  117. #167, politics is actually poli-tricks if I may remind you. And that politics has not matured anywhere in this world. Look at UK and USA politics for example, you have so much trivial issues going on on the political front.

  118. Ala fred Membe wafwa…. elyo u and the nchito brothers…. and Zambian Airways…… mwaya,….. mwanya…… u thot yo magende campaign tactics would work…..

  119. ……………a bit obvious that fellow zedians living out there are a bicky blank about issues….. Come back to the sun bane…. and be the difference u wanna see!!! Its not enough talking from the stands and critising those who are trying!!!!

  120. No way # 122,

    I sympathise with you because you talk from a point of dangerous ignorance.You have no clue of what you are talking.If you think we have opted for a wrong people without the brain power and skills to navigate through tough times you better revisit your dozier.RB is a polished Politician, Economist and businessman with winning trails.Come back here and cut my finger should MMD lose this bye-elections.We have never invested our time in a lossing election.Even those three PF parliamentary seats will be swept by MMD.

  121. Yewo, a Rupiya Banda muti woneko nase a tumbuka. We fought along side and defeated bembas so we are brothers/cousins. You are free to forget us but please don’t allow corruption or plundering in Zed

  122. 1. Politics of sympathy must not be condoned pipo. Chi #39, your
    stupid suggetions that Maureen be sent for diplomatic missions
    abroad by whoever comes in as president must not be repeated.
    Let her be sent as a diplomat in your bedroom.Nafulwa.

    2 Chi #46 iwe; so u did not know all this time that the late LPM,SC
    did not expect to win the last tripatite elections hence never
    thought of any VP. He went the pick, pick na pick dolly way hence
    ended up with RB instead of pipo of Obama’s caliber. Just like
    i have advised chi #39, politics of sympathy should not be
    condoned. Look at Vera Chiluba Tembo, what development has she
    brought? Nafulwa sana

  123. HH now has no reason why not win these election.Which ever way you look at it,HH has more advantages than Sekulu Ruphia and Shikulu Sata.HH is the real change for Zambia !!

  124. Pragmatist #175 I like the way you present your ideology, but you see even if RB begins campaigning today with all the tax money availible in the coffers, his chances dwindled the day Levy died. MMD is dead my dear friend. The burial will be in less than 90 days.


  126. RB zero tolarence on corruption now! I have not heard you say anything against corruption. That is Levy’s number one legacy! Fight the evil.

  127. # 24 No way

    Is that the kind of respect you are taught overseas or whatever village you are in without legal papers. No mucinshi walipwa. Who would want to choose some of you young men and women who have no respect for the elderly.Is that what your parents teach you. Some educated people are so foolish that they behave like the way you have just displayed yourself on this forum. Did you see Sekuru Mugabe kneeling before Maureen and she just sat on the sofa. Sekuru is old to be her father and yet she can’t even come down from the sofa. Her title is so important to her.

  128. RB is not a foreigner. He is a Rhodesian. Just as all of us are. Pipo suggesting that he is a foreigner are mistaken. there was no border between northern and southern rhodesia.

  129. #190 Nakulu Kapesa and the rest of you MMD cardres, this forum is about pushing the nation forward by booting out the endless list of unproductivity, inactivity, nepotism, corruption…
    Nakulu Kapesa in the desert come November we’re burying MMD. No more MMD. The truth hurts but we have to move on to higher grounds of development.

  130. Imwe ba #34 so called pragmatist. Your brain must be pregnant with MMD SH……….T.If RB was a success in life then what does he want at plot 1. I agree with u he is a successful economist as displayed by his choice of women. He wants little that goes a long way.
    If by chance ur RB gets to plot 1, u will hear of much more romatic scandles by the first grand daughter coz amakalamba balifilwa ukushipikisha. Dont embarass Z please.

  131. #24, I’m not MMD, infact not for any other party; but with that attitude that is so directionless and in need of immediate help, you’ll live to the bitter end of your life and MMD will still be in power. There’s just no way disrespectful, social misfits will make their voices count. Whether you live in a mansion or in a hole specially you lads in foreign lands UMUCINSHI USUMA!ELYO ULAFISHA APATALI!

  132. If RB is the MMD preident …then who is the MMD vice president ..Dont these fools learn .
    What if RB is run over by a bus or something ..then what?
    start the crap all over again …come on Zambians wake up …who is the running mate , who is MMD VICE

  133. Investors hope Zambia’s new leadership will stick to Mwanawasa’s fiscal discipline, which won him praise from Western donors and billions of dollars in debt relief.

    Some of the shine is also coming off Zambia’s economic performance. The kwacha has lost about 3 percent of its value against the dollar since Mwanawasa’s death, mostly due to political uncertainty although also the stronger greenback. DON’T VOTE FOR SATA PLEASE.

  134. Fellow geames begin now that the MMD has picked RB as their choice. I for one am very glad that Magande did not win. I wonder now what Maureen, Magande one Fred stupid M’membe will say? This week they have called poor old RB names and insulted him left right and centre. Fred using his paper endorsed Magande even daring to set the agenda for the country as if he knows best what’s for us. The little dweeb dared to warn Zambians not to ignore Levy’s wishes for his successor- that we should honor Levy’s wishes as if we are private property to be bequeathed to an individual. God forbid!Maureen accused RB of betraying her husband by filing for nomination. Let them all eat humble pie.

  135. But Sinjonjo are you not a lad in a foreign land yourself digging around in the Namibian desert? and don’t deny that you are in favour of MMD tata Sinjonjo. All of you beneficiaries of MMD plundering have to go. The people have suffered and this is our chance to boot out gross misconduct by those in high office. The whole house is going to be cleaned out and soon you will find yourself coming back to Zambia as there will be no funds to support your gold digging activities in Namibia. We are booting out nepotism baba. The description of Rabbit Baboon RB still holds, fat toad face with a big grin of rotting teeth and very slow upstairs. He should be farming and adding to Zambia’s food basket.

  136. When Mwanawasa was hand picked we had our doubts but he turned out to be the greatest Zambian President.Chiluba is will not even be on the top best Zambian Presidents.
    We all think that Rupiah is not bad but I also think that he has some motivation considering the way he has taken over the reigns in MMD and eventually Zambian President.
    I personally thing that this is a natural progession.
    If you were appointed Veep,your goal at one time is to become president.Thats why I dont blame Nevers,Kavindele and the rest for standing.
    What would you have thought about Rupiah if he didnt stand.I’m sure you would have called him a coward.

  137. Can Chiluba make it to the top 100 greatest Zambian President?
    I dont think so.Chiluba was a presidental/political catastrophy.
    Took away valuable years from citizens.

  138. For those who want to read the real news in the executive issues send me your email address and I will send it you. Right now the paper’s website access is still being worked upon. But to tell you the truth, Fred Mmembe and the family tree have been exposed. The paper has indepth investigative analysis that is so shocking. The writers are too close to the epicentre of this fiasco.

  139. I reckon the highest probablity of the winner of the forth comming By- election is RB. It seems to me lots of people would vote for him for continuity looking at how LPM revamp the economy and that he will continue as he mentioned.I just hope if he gets into power he will not get stack with ideas when LPM’s idea’s are run out during his term.For Sata he has his own idea’s too and i believe he too can continue with lpm’s idea’s as they are already scheduled till a particular time.Then after he puts up his own.

  140. NOTE;RB is not LPM and he wont think,talk or act like LPM.RB is an
    imported material and IF AT ALL he is voted republican president,at the end of 3years he will import his friend from UNIP to succeed him.
    This is the trend set by FTJ and solidified by the now late LPM.When
    are we going to open our eyes at ZED?As a result he wont even win this coming by-election.

  141. He won’t win… amama neo….. First of all,… thank u LT for the flags…… I repeat my sentiments… Thos of you kumachalo….who are not on the ground HAVE NO IDEA… about RB’s popularity… yo intelligent analyses aside (….welll some anyway)…. THE MAN IS FIRMLY ON HIS WAY TO PLOT 1. The grassroot voter on the ground is with him….and that’s all that matters… he is more mature than sata… and HH.. God…. they are not impressed by his CV… what the hell is Anglo American… let alone GDP …. cinamanshi?….teti babe impressed na inellectual who cant blend in with them…

  142. Banda if you win the republican president sharpen your axe to cut the family tree, twachulapafula, imagine kuma embassy world over fulufulu ba kulibonesha.

  143. Learn from the US….a dangerous combination of power and delusion…even the Post should know better than to become a “campaign” organ for one.

  144. This is the rise of the UNIP OLD GUARDS.RB is proper UNIP and i m sure UNIP Cadres are in for unprecedented appointments.

  145. at least for once there has been somewhat of some order for now but this is just the beginnig of probably the dimise of the MMD
    thats what happens when a leader does not creat a clear parth for sommbody that shud succed him which is probably one of the greatest attributes of a good leader he has died with his party MHSRIP BUT THATS REALITY.zambia has underacheved can always do better we need to see real growth in the economy proper jobs ,desent housing,proper health care bring back sanity in our education a drive aganist corruption that simms not have born any fruits chiluba still in the same state as before lets not be cheated by saying zambia is a success story of africa.copper prices a

  146. copper pices are at an all time high, the day things change will all be mesarable ,lusaka streets are in shambles the local authorities cant even instruct shop owner to paint there shops.the so called asian investers are the only employers who only offer the waste worker conditions known to man.lets be realistic the lates acheivements were only modest .how does a civil servant earn less than a million and pay school fees for 4 kids pegged at half a million each,cost of transport to and from work ,food and other nessesities (roots of corruption )i can also do the same catch a wake up zambia belatubepa ati pantu tulibachumfwilo.

  147. Hi all. Just in case you have not managed to get your hands on today’s Post, the guys have conceded defeat with Magande admitting the nomination process was transparent, democratic and fair.

    And when asked if he (magande) would win the 2011 MMD position (adoption), he simply said “I wouldn’t say I will scoop the position, I haven’t even told you I will be campaigning for 2011,”. He seems pissed off with his friends at the Post.

  148. as zambians we need to involve owerselve into produtive undertakings unlike is the case now were it sims 90 percent are involved in trading u see people even importing plasic bags ,take away packets etc ,we can not all be traders you can not subject ower dear zambians to such kind of suffering ,much as it might be deamed as initiative people are being made to forgo there trade and proffesions in order to suvive its a waste of resources training sommbody for 3 to 10 years only to find themselve on the streets trading items goverment should hold them selves in shame for fattening themselves and there families whilst the common man starve if you are not in politics no job no contract no

  149. Lets hope MMD can unite and serve out the remainder of their term of office. i do not see any defectors or people holding grudges, they will still have their chance to run for party presidency in 2010 so let them not worry. i do not see many changes within cabinet or government if RB wins by-elections.
    Long live MAMA ZAMBIA.. VIVA MMD

  150. RB is a UNIP card carrying cadre,infact he had it in his pocket at mulungushi int conf center during NEC meeting to elect MMD party president. Where are going as a nation.

  151. All is well for now. No Rigging this time around. Past two elections rigging was very rampant.
    I hope Dan the young man will clean his image this time around.

  152. Congrats RB, say what you want but this is what ‘democracy’ is all about. Anointed leadership is for monarchies not in Zed as Mmembe would have us believe? The Post, your investment in the airline industry was ill-timed with the unforeseen surge in oil prices, you’re in for it. You claim to be the clean chaps yet your very survival depended on Magande’s goodwill. We complain about our airport infrastructure being backward but how can we improve when Zambian Airways can’t even settle their dues to NACL on time??? Abash Mmembe & his publication…

  153. Membe ALALA… ALALA… … Membe … ALALA … …. ALALA … EH EH EH … …ALALA!!!

    Membe ALALA… ALALA… … Membe … ALALA … …. ALALA … EH EH EH … …ALALA … … EH EH EH … … ALALA!!!


    Kwatu Kumozi Kumawa

  154. Not happy with this flag thing guys.

    Last post I think from me.

    Thought it was fun keeping where one was a secret.

  155. #227, Its actually the opposition who have been ‘rigging’ the elections since the time of Dean Mun’gomba in 1996. I say ‘rigging’ coz they (opposition) simply share the votes and leave the MMD with a simple majority. Opposition must unite otherwise they will continue ‘rigging’ the elections and thus MUST NOT COMPLAIN. We have had enough of this rigging rhetoric.

  156. please rb can you recall all the people levy put in the foreign embassies this family tree thing has to stop put the right people in the embassies especially the london one they are so unhelpful they think they own it talking about mr chibwa very useless guy

  157. Things look good since it is the exercise of democracy. Bashikulu ba RP, I doubt your calibre, looking at circumstances in which you were appointed by LPM. In fact you were retired and called out of retirement, do you think you have the agenda for the country? Because imitation of RPM alone is not enough, leading a nation is as complex as sorting out a ocus pocus. God bless you. Mukula Mbulu ayenga namaka, elyo kabili ukumina umukoli walu pundu ninshi nyuyumfwa.

  158. RB WAS BORN IN ZIMBABWE…… we are bring back the old empire, 72 years old, pliz Zambians, only hope he does not make appointments from his previous group of politicians, I wouldn’t be suprised if Grey Zulu was called back from retirement, and don’t be shocked if the likes Tilyenji Kaunda become nominated MPs. I won’t go further, vote wisely

  159. Life has a very funny sense of humour.I never thought that I would see UNIP bounce back to power in my life time.Has anybody else picked this up from RB`s acceptance speech,the use of the word COMRADE.If one connects these dots,KK and Mugabe`s influence won`t take long to be visible through RB`s leadership.

  160. My My Congratulations a Bwezani. My challenge to you is do not sign those papers for increments for your ministers and yourself. If you authorise those salary increments for Ministers, then you are a gold seeker and not worth my vote. You need to openly declare that you are not going to pass those increments. These were opposed openly by the people. If you go against the wishes of the people, then HH is for me. The will of the late President should give you a hint of what is required of you.


  161. MMD has chosen someone who can be controlled. Magenda would be like LPM that is why they are scared of him. Money Banda will be easy to control that is why they have supported him. Lets wait and see if at all he will win the elections. I’m not a supporter of either of them but this is what I think.
    204 kindly send me a copy on [email protected]

  162. RB, congrats but PLIZ keep VJ as far away as possible. We have a chance to play clean politics for once – but this can only be done if VJ’s dirty fingers are not allowed anywhere near politics. This shameless devil should never have been born. He can’t think beyond his stomach, even if it means bringing the whole country down, he must fill his stomach – he has behaved this primitively from the time he was a handsome man to date when his face looks like a freshly ploughed field of maize. Keep clear VJ! Your time was up long ago. Mbita is another accomplished boot-licker who must keep clear. He is a traitor who betrayed a hero and visionary in the late Dean.

  163. RB, congrats but PLIZ keep VJ as far away as possible. We have a chance to play clean politics for once – but this can only be done if VJ’s dirty fingers are not allowed anywhere near politics. This shameless devil should never have been born. He can’t think beyond his stomach, even if it means bringing the whole country down, he must fill his stomach – he has behaved this primitively from the time he was a handsome man to date when his face looks like a freshly ploughed field of maize. Keep clear VJ! Your time was up long ago. Mbita is another accomplished boot-licker who must keep clear. He is a traitor who betrayed a hero and visionary in the late Dean Mung’omba.

  164. #193 No Way
    What are you doing overseas if you truly love Zambia. I am no supporter of MMD but whoever is chosen to rule at this time they will have to do it whetther I like it or not.You write and I quote, “190 Nakulu Kapesa and the rest of you MMD cardres, this forum is about pushing the nation forward by booting out the endless list of unproductivity, inactivity, nepotism, corruption…” How are you going to push the nation forward when you are busy ukupipa abakote. Probably you have even forgotten how to cast a vote.

  165. #242 Nakulu Kapesa my secretary can pipa you but not for free.
    Forward forward bana Kapesa. MMD is going out including your corrupt relatives. By the time you come back from hunting with the aborigines you are going to find the new progress in mother Zambia.

  166. LT let us start having opinion polls then we can begin weighing the populaity of these candidates among us the enlightened.

  167. Go RB.Gooooogoooogoo.

    The man is the ONE ! very cool,composed…just look at how he handled the illness and funeral of LPM (MHESP) !
    He exhibited maturity and accomodated everyone’s interest.
    PF & UPND outdated,,,,achieves chabe…finished tribal parties.

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