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No Sign of Togo As Jacob Mulenga Arrives

Sports No Sign of Togo As Jacob Mulenga Arrives

Striker Jacob Mulenga of French Ligue 2 club Chateauroux has joined the Zambia team in Kitwe.

Mulenga arrived late Thursday evening just hours after midfielder Isaac Chansa and striker Collins Mbesuma landed in Ndola from their bases in Sweden  and South Africa respectively.

Chansa however sat out training on Friday at Arthur Davies Stadium in Kitwe and is expected to take part in a light workout on Saturday.

The midfielder from Helsingborgs is said to be recovering from a thigh injury and Faz requested he makes himself available so that the Zambia team doctors can ascertain his fitness ahead of Wednesday’s game against Togo.

Meanwhile, midfielder Rainford Kalaba of division 2 Portuguese side Gil Vincente expected by 17:00 today, Friday from Portugal to complete Zambia’s list of foreign-based call-ups ahead of the game against Togo.

And Faz has revealed that they have not heard from Togo by the close of  business at Football House today as to when the visitors would arrive  for next Wednesday’s 2010 World/Africa Cup Group 11 qualifier to be played at Konkola Stadium in Chililabombwe.


  1. I hope the coach is looking at a replacement for I.Chansa.There is need for a player that can defend as well as attack.Most of the midfielders in the team are offensive minded except of Isaac.

  2. #2 you are sick in your head. Thats the reason you find it difficult to progress in life because all you have in your vocabulary i negativety. It doesnt hurt to be positive and give support. Ala mukalachula fye with your mentality forgetting you are hipping it on your self. If you have nothing to talk about go to sleep.

  3. #2, am sure if u are zambian, then u are one the zambians who arent proud of their own origin. we are with u zambia. good luck and show #2 a real picture.

  4. #8 Sibs I totally agree with you I also hope the coach is looking at a replacement for I.Chansa soon. I wonder why can’t he call Andrew Sinkala or even try Ian Bakala. There is need for a player that can defend as well as attack. Misheck Lungu is another name that I think of playing that position. Most of the midfielders in the team are offensive minded except of Isaac. Please the coaching staff act fast!

  5. #6. Foolish. This is the first stage. If they go thru Togo they go to another stage.<Net draw you have the likes of Nigeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana , Senagal, Egypt, Tunisia, Morroco etc . Kutali tuli. Pushi iwe

  6. It would be than sumthing to cool of our mind if indeed Zed beats Togo.Besides,they ain´t a threat at all…our boys just have to get into that battle feild with a positive mind set.I bewieve we stil have chances to get there.Go Zambia!!!!!!!!!

  7. Seems like a few of the other top gun nations will struggle to qualify. I think Zambia will finally get into the right gear for the remaining matches. Go Chipolopolo!!

  8. whether they come or not let the CHIPOLOPOLO BOYS do their home work.
    at zed we tend to worry too much about what the next person is do hence we lose our own focus and concentration and we end up settling
    for 1-1 draw.its not about TOGO but about redeeming ZAMBIAN GLORY.
    GO ZAMBIA GO!!!!!!!!

  9. Watch out! Togo is playing mind games. They will fly in a day or two before the game. They want to make sure their players don’t get intimidated which is very common in African games where you find visiting teams get hostile treatment before a crucial game. Although, Zambians generally have good reputation when it comes to hosting other teams. What we need to do is focus on our game plan and not worry about where or when Togo is flying in. They have the date, time and name of the stadium. Let’s hope the boys deliver when it really matters.

  10. This is the game we r winning. Remember 1993 we lost the greatest team ever and then 1994 we reached the finals. We lost Nsofwa chaswe and the last game we beat SA this time around we lost our leader, the result guess? History is in favour of us. Go Chipololopolo!!!!

  11. Am proud to be Zambian but not proud of the current Chipolopolo..tiza sebana @ 2010 if they ever qualify!
    WE NEED TO ORGANISE OUR RANKS..FROM da root to da leaves.
    viva Brazil…

  12. #2 please find your way to the Togolese page and post your nosense there.You are so offside.This our blog page.we are Zambians and proud ones for that matter
    Zambia 4 Togo 0 Please chill the mosi bottles in readiness for the clebration

  13. # 2 and 35 are foolish, senseless, visionless and un patriotic Zambians of the highest order. More foolish than Mmembe. Please go get Togolese citizenship and leave us alone.

  14. U pipo must b realìstic about yo chipolnpolo… da best zambia will get is a draw.. get real…dnt raise yo hopes pipo.. I’L B A ZAMBIAN TILL DEATH…No over zealous visionless fan will change dat…
    lets hv a plan 1st, we need 2 b organised 4 us 2 get back our glory.

  15. Its alwayz nice to be and sound like a Zambian, so lets give maximum support to our NATIONAL TEAM as the BOYZ rediscover their position….

  16. Its not about Adebayor but about the perfomance of the whole team…last time same Adebayor did nothing playing against de same Zambian team….yeeeehhh)) GOOO Z Go..

  17. #30 . Greatest team ever what did they win? Did they bring a cup for Zambia? Did they qualify for the world cup? Sad they perished but stop fooling yourself like they acheived anything.

    We are still waiting, 44 yrs of independence it is all talK!!

  18. #15 WeKapondo, you are reminding us of good players… Where on earth is Misheck Lungu??? And can somebody go and assess those boys with Saileti in Rovaniemi, Finland. I heard there are 2 good midfielders.

  19. Aaaaah, what is the meaning of these flags LT? Does it show where somebody is posting comments from. If it is, then I can see that most bloggers are Zambians outside the country from the flags.

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