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The weekend of 28th August, the Lusakatimes  website went off line for emergency upgrade. The outage lasted for a whole weekend. Even when the site was back on Monday,

Internet Traffic Trend
Internet Traffic Trend

there were still technical issues that did not go right during the upgrade.

Basically what happened on the 28th is what is known as the “Digg Effect”. We basically got digged. This effect is caused by a sudden upswing in traffic and the site just failed to cope with it and crashed. Our traffic grew from  1.14 million in June to 2.7 million hits in August and this took us by surprise because we only averaged 200 000 hits last year. We just got caught out by the dig effect

The site now is back to normal. We have built in a spike capacity of  6 million hits a month and continue to monitor traffic carefully to avoid another dig effect embarrassment. We took the opportunity to roll out some of the features that would make your experience on the site more pleasurable.

Comments Votes

Please use the comments votes to assist us in getting rid of  unpleasant comments on the site. The comments with the most red votes alerts us to bad comments that make it through our filter system. Please see the comments policy for details.


Please note that flags have been introduced to try and reduce the ID impersonation on the site. Yes we could use registration, but we shall reserve that as a last resort if things do not improve. Our research has shown that new people are put off from sites where they are required to register to get involved.

So the flags do not necessarily represent the location of a comment poster. They instead show the location of the proxy server of an ISP or company the poster is using. For example, if your ISP or company in Zambia proxies your internet traffic through India, you will be assigned an India flag as your identity on the internet


The site upgrade is now 80% done and we are yet to bring back the Zambian communities links and sites. If  people are still seeing the under construction page, let them hold the control key down and hit the refresh button on their browser. It’s probably due to your proxy stale copy.

Lastly, we now have a platform and infrastructure to roll out more features as we go along without disrupting the operation of the site.

LT Team


  1. LT thanks for the good work, but isnt there a way you can be blocking those nasty,filthy and childish postings from some bloggers ?

  2. Good work and improvement LT. The flags will help restore sanity on this blog. People should become mature to debate issues without insulting others with different views. It’s good to have Christian messages too.

  3. #8 read through on “comment votes”. It’s plain simple. LT says they will use your power to filter bad comments, jus click on red “thumbs down” icon to vote off a foul mouth. Period!

  4. #11. LT explained something on how they’ve been overwhelmed with unprecedented hits the past weeks. It’s not weka iwe. Imagine 100 people trying to post a comment at once.

  5. LT, you are so professional in the way you communicate to your users. Thanks alot and I hope some crappy service providers can follow suite. Bravo!!

  6. But who are you and what are you benefiting from this dont advertise nothing.Are you red brick or what.some body tell me please this ba LT who are they doing this for?there is nothing for nothing.

  7. Thanks LT be objective and stop being biased towards the ruling party. we need objectve programmes. Are you op? let us know so that we help each other. Other wise keep it up. Who pays you and is there nothing for nothing?

  8. The hits have gone thru the ceiling because of the Levy factor. It will stay that way because of the up coming election. After November you have to be innovative, so plan ahead.

  9. You(LT) are doing the greatest service for the people of Zambia.FREEDOM OF INFORMATION AND SPEECH.I request my fellow compatriots to use this service positvly for the well being of our beloved ZAMBIA AND AFRICA.God bless.

  10. If something is not done urgently, LT will loss relevance, people with meaningful contributions will stop contributing as alot of people are insulting one another or our leaders. As much as we do no agree with some polotician’s abilities to govern, some are still our elders and or our fathers. we should at least maintain some level of respect for all….

  11. I personally rely on u 4 news now cos ba post bangkala ba politician na bo hope u’ll keep fighting the good fight of bringing us news as it is.GOD BLESS!!!

  12. #33 Iwe can’t you see all these adverts for cars and all. You think they put them there for free & Bwana #45 read the votes section on this story and check the comments policy. We need to help LT keep this blog clean. It is the only one of a kind in Zambia. I doubt the POST will ever allow us to attack Membe on their site. Just vote red on bad comments and report them and they have promised to delete such comments

  13. Kindly make me understand this. How to institutions like LT make their profit. Surely they cant be doing this for free? Please help me.

  14. Want to know the people behind LT, am one of them. I have always had faith in LT and they’ve never disappointed me. Am so proud to be part of this joint. Just one word of apeal to everybody, please advertise this site whereever each one of you is based and keep Mmembe and his lieutenants on their paces. LONG LIVE LT, LONG LIVE DEMOCRACY.

  15. Buenas noches BUG! LT is doing a very good job and I believe they are a big force in the Zambian media when other papers thought they were too popular and begun charging to access their news. No progressive media charges to access its news online – CNN, BBC and even LT does not

  16. LT, thats excellent business sense-improving and informing the service users. Why African can’t develop is mainly service providers and other authorities-mainly govt taking people for granted.

    Word of caution, though. Be ready for a hugely increased bloggership because of Michael Sata and PF’s campaign rallies which are a crowd puller. This will be reflected even on this blog. Please, do not underestimate this. Plan ahead.

  17. LT, WORD OF CAUTION ON THUMBS DOWN! IT MAY SOUND A BIT SILLY, BUT LETTING BLOGGERS THUMBOUT ANOTHER BLOGGER MAY PROMOTE UNNECESSARY VENDETTA. HENCE, DEFRANCHISING PARTICIPANTS. ADVICE: FIND OTHER MEANS OF VETTING. Besides, freedom of speech prevents a people going to war physically because that energy (anger) is channelled into verbal action.

  18. Iwe Mbuzi #71, nkalako na mutima woyi. I’m a civil servant whose only avenue for this mistreatment is LT. Unga kambe va so, sure? Please have a heart … I don’t even get paid enough to take a bath twice a day and you want me to pay for LT?

    Mbuzi iwee!!

  19. To maintain quality these guys LT have shown they are good. Even a dollar. They claim to average over a million pipo ( this is $1 million plus) this would add value to the site as most bloggers 99% are in diaspora. It is obvious we all miss home but we have to do what we gotta do, we are not going home any time soon. So we need this forum to reflect or keep informed about our beloved ZED.

    Remember we are a new genaration too much free is no good!

  20. But why do’nt you tell us where you are and who are LT.All websites do have a columm of ‘ABOUT US’ or Contact us.

  21. #76 I agree we need to known your physical address , you see we all know where ZNBC offices are , we need to know where you found LT .keep it up LT and you need to advertise this site to the nation & politicians

  22. LT please explain what causes that message i always receive saying; slow down,you’re posting comments too quickly…

  23. Thanks LT for your initiative. You are informing the nation and my appeal to my fellow bloggers is that let us write constructive messages so that anyone reading can see maturity in what we contribute….not insults pliz. Where am leading to is the fact that we want to see LT as a weekly Newspaper (LT WEEKLY)where constructive comments are published. This will help those that are not on the net to have an opportunity to read what the people say and bring to shame some of the politicians that want to take advantage of its own pipo. Bloggers i tell u that some of the contributions you make have built me and feel othres shud oso read. Thanks again LT.

  24. Thanx for the informaion, keep following.I want to see the Zimbabwean flag it is cool one, but not better than Zed one.


  26. Thanks for the useful info. I actually suffered withdrawal symptoms when you went offline. I agree with #76, however keep up the good work

  27. Thanks LT, keep it up. We are really proud of you, at least we will behave ourselves if people know where we are blogging from.Keep it up.

  28. May i take this opportunity to thank LT for this very intaractive site ment to educate and share ideals through pipos commments.
    It is also very rare that we hear inour country someone appologising for an outright or even a percieved wrong for that matter.
    Big ups LT, continue with the good work and please do what you can to discourage irrisponsible commments witout killing the spirit of the blog.

  29. Ba LT, what does this message mean,”you are posting comments too quickly. Slow down”?

    Iwe Mbuzi #71. Stop being so greedy. Thats why you are a goat!!!

  30. Weldone Ba LT. This is the only Zambian site where one can VENT THIER SPLEEN and glimpse about life pa Zed so easily. If you make us subscribe, a lot of us will desert you to >>> knowhere, hence you will keep us in the dark as we have always been. keep up the good job. Your upgrade, including flags is so revealing. AT least we know who is blogging from where.

  31. Weldone Ba LT. This is the only Zambian site where one can VENT THEIR SPLEEN and glimpse about life pa Zed so easily. If you make us subscribe, a lot of us will desert you to >>> nowhere, hence you will keep us in the dark as we have always been b4. Keep up the good job. Your upgrade is also superb, including the flags, though they r so revealing although that helps us see who is blogging from where honestly.

  32. Bushe , can’t these comments be in print form so that those peolpe who have no access to the service can also read our views ?

  33. #31 kuzimvera, u cant even afford to buy an Eagle bicycle and you are bragging to buy off LT.Nimwe abani mweo??? Yambilila kugula njinga first

  34. #86 you are very right.The POST will very soon become irrellevant.They think people cant see what they are doing.You can not tell people that you have invested $3m in Zambian Airways and that you are not getting anything,then why still be in that business.The best is to disinvest.Please POST try to reduce on insults,especially insulting those in authority.In English they say if you preach virtues,you should be able to practice them.

  35. Thank LT. I thot flags were an indication of a location where a person is commenting from. Kanshi these bloggers are fake. Most of them boast to say they are abroad, when only a few trully are.

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