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HH’s curriculum vitae


Hakainde Hichilema

Zambian citizen born in 1962

Married to Mutinta with three (3) children

· BA Economics and Business Administration (University of Zambia)

· MBA Finance and Business Strategy (University of Birmingham, United Kingdom)

· Trained Business Negotiator

· Qualified Change Management Practitioner

· Member – Institute of Directors


· A Christian who believes that all faiths should be accommodated.

· Chief Executive, Coopers & Lybrand Zambia 1994 – 1998

· Chief Executive, Grant Thornton Zambia 1998 – 2006

HH served as Chief Executive Officer of Coopers and Lybrand and later Grant Thornton for 12 years, companies he formerly co-owned. Coopers & Lybrand and Grant Thornton are leading international professional services firms providing corporate finance, accounting, auditing, corporate recovery, management consultancy and tax advisory services to several reputable clients. These firms are both member organizations of Coopers & Lybrand International and Grant Thornton International respectively which operate in more than 100 countries world wide.

· HH has been one of the leading lights in business with wide experience in Zambia, Southern Africa, United Kingdom and other countries at operational and executive management levels.

· HH has chaired several international conferences among them the Zambia Investment Opportunities Conference organized by the Financial Times of the United Kingdom held in London in May 1996 and a similar one was held in Lusaka, Zambia in 1997.

· HH is a member of the Institute of Directors for Zambia and believes very strongly that good governance is key to Zambia’s economic development.

· HH is an entrepreneur with a number of private and corporate investments.

· HH is also a large commercial farmer

· HH served/serves on numerous (25) boards of corporate entities including;

· Chairman of the Board of Directors – Barclays Bank Zambia Plc.

· Chairman of the Board of Directors – Sun International (Z) Ltd

· First Chairman of the Board of Directors, Africa Trade Insurance (ATI) a multilateral Pan African organization based in Kenya.

· Chairman – Greenbelt Fertilizers Limited

· Chairman – Media Trust Fund

· Chairman – Export Development Programme II

· Director – Zambia Investment Limited

· Director – Seedco Zambia Limited

· Director – African Life Financial Services

· Director – Zambezi Nickel (Bermuda) Limited

· Director – Westlake Investment Ltd. (Mauritius)

· Board Member – Zambia Association of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI)

· Member – Zambia Business Forum

· Served for seven years on the Coopers & Lybrand’s Africa Governing Board

· Served on Coopers & Lybrand’s International’s Governance Committee

· Served as Non Executive Director – Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines (Smelterco) Limited

· Served on boards of eight other companies

· HH is a community man who was born in a village, along the way learning so many things locally and internationally which Zambia can benefit from.

· HH is passionate about community work and has supported many community projects including dip tanks, clinics, schools, boreholes, and dams’ e.t.c over the years.

· HH has helped found a cultural fund aimed at financing the revival of cultural ceremonies in Zambia. Among the ceremonies supported by the fund include Kulamba Kubwalo of the Soli people in Central Zambia, Likumbi Lyamize of the Luvale people in North Western Zambia, Kusefya Pa Ng’wena of the Bemba People in Northern Zambia, Kuomboka of the Lozi people in Western Zambia, Lwiindi in Southern Zambia, Nc’wala of the Ngoni people in Eastern Zambia, Shimunenga among many others.

· HH is an employer of Zambians in urban areas through companies and rural communities through his farming activities. HH clearly understands rural and urban poverty and has contributed in someway in alleviating poverty.

· HH is one of the founder members and supporters of UPND.

· HH has been active in the business community and has a strong high level private and public sector network locally and internationally.

· HH has lived and worked in the United Kingdom and traveled widely around the world on business and leisure.

· An Economic Analysis of Determinants of Government Budget Deficits – The case of Zambia, 1986.

· Managing Businesses in the third world Privatized Environment – The Zambian Case, 1992.

· Numerous lecture materials, occasional papers, consultancy and advisory reports

· Focus on a new vision for Zambia and promote love in the country.

· Strong, humble and knowledge based leadership.

· Quality leadership with a difference

· Focus on service to the nation and not benefit to self (Servant leadership).

· Ensure racial harmony in society

· Promote unity, embracing all regions and tribal groupings as the nation belongs to all.

· Clean politics that are issue based, not personality and insult based.

· Promote professionalism, integrity and ethical conduct in public office.

· Improve the working conditions in the public service including those of our men and women in uniform so as to improve service delivery to the public.

· Economic development and prosperity for all.

· Promote peace and constitutionalism – give Zambians the constitution speedily.

· Facilitate the enactment of a new electoral law acceptable to all Zambians.

· Promote freedom of the press through enactment of appropriate laws.

· A leadership that promotes gender equity and effective participation of differently-abled, women and the youth in public affairs.

· Focus on key economic sectors such as agriculture, tourism, mining, manufacturing, energy services.

· Promote employment creation and entrepreneurship.

· Fight poverty; promote economic business and investment growth to support social sectors.

· Taking a building block approach to running the country carrying on with the good aspects of previous Governments and only change those that are wrong

· Improve sanitation and facilities in public markets so that marketers can operate in safe and decent conditions.

· Change with continuity and not continuity with change.

· Moving away from politics of anger, vindictiveness and revenge

· De-politicize the public service and strengthen public institutions to deal with among other things, the fight against corruption.

· Drive the decentralization agenda effectively.

· Vigorously fight HIV/AIDS.

· Give our country a fresh and better start.

· Speedy payment of retirement benefits to retirees to enable them start a new life.

· Work to end endemic strikes in the nation.

· Will take advise from past leaders, professionals, churches, traditional rulers, women and youth.


  1. I haven’t even bothered to read the CV because it cannot feed the people. Corporate governance and management of people are too different things!!! What should be articulate is “What HH brings to the people once voted in office”. Period!

  2. lol #2… can u have an orgasm while reading his CV….dont u feel ashamed….HH….is a hard working MAN ..all those TUFULO…

  3. # 2 literacy is very important in life. We can’t elect people who are not educated as the word is vast. Our president needs to interact with other leader and be and understand economical and political issues which affect the people of Zambia.

    We need a basis to be able to evaluate. We can’t vote for an uneducated peron.

    I think in one or two of the african ountries you need to have a bachelor from the University before you can contest to be a member of parliament.

  4. Hakainde Hichilema 39.2%
    Michael Sata 39.2%
    Rupiah Banda 16.2%
    Brig. General Godfrey Miyanda 5.5%

    Opinion poll source zambia online

  5. Folks
    This man is not ready
    The man who is ready is Deepak patel
    Yes Deepak
    He wont be a tribalist, do you want someone who has experience from running a business, ie enough experience to running a country

    The man has links in Asia and India will invest heavily in zambia and we will benefit terribly

    That man is Deepak patel, vote him as an Independent

    Deepak is ready the asian community is now like 20% in Zambia population

    If Obama can be accepted by Americans, then we ought to give Deepak a chance
    Thanks People

  6. HH, sounds impressive, maybe its time Zambia needs to change parties as a way forward. HH, you could be the man despite of having not much experience in direct politics, economically I give you credit. May the best man win!

  7. Yes we have seen your CV but can you tell us why you have not been paying your workers at Mint Masters since June this year. You fail to pay your few workers at your company coz you are spending almost all the monies on campaigns, do you expect them to eat the campaigns? Do you have a heart for your workers’ families? If you are fgailing to sort out such so families how do you expect to rule and sort the millions who are anguishing in poverty thru out ZED? I think ba HH and your minions should first go and sort out those suffering workers before you concentrate on trying to become a presdo……go back home and clean the mess!!! Your pipo are dying of hunger…….4 months no pay hmmmmm

  8. Not impressive for the kind of job he is applying for.Cant be trusted with that office.He should first have tried to start his political career from somewhere although its not a fact that he would have ticked but atleast he could have proved his ability.Ever since he took over the upnd the party was been doingly badly and he was not won a single parliamentary bye election.He has too many issues he has to sort out before i can call him a presidential material.

  9. PF supporters please hurry up time is not on our side. The CV please. We need to make a decision and even campaign for you. We want change.

  10. Well said # 5. We need a man who can understand a minimal level of economics and not a riffraff like SATA who only know insults and hooliganism.

  11. what else can i say? The man is more than ready, Accademically, Politically, Economically,Proffessionally and many more to mention.

    This is the man we all have been waiting for. His Cv is so rich and very convincing to every wise zambian. only ignorant people like #2 can not appreciate, because of their selfishness.

    VIVA HH. GO, GO, GO HH. PLOT ONE is for you.

    We can’t wait to see you rulling.

  12. No5! I perfectly understand that literacy is important. But the accumulation of academic papers is not what determines a great leader… In Uganda we had a cabinet of Profs led by Yusuf Lule and they never did a great job. My bottom line is that given anybody’s CV, let them say what programme they have for the Zambian people. Mugabe has filed his degrees and so can anybody. And therefore, the cardinal point in people management is the “heart for the people”

  13. Countrymen lets be serious,how can someone start his political career as a President?Even in all the positions he has held the man would tell you that he rose through the ranks.He is just being influenced by greedy people and the little cash he accumulated during the privatisation process.His so called CV is there for everyone to see that in politics the man is 0 nowhere

  14. Latest : RUPIAH BANDA BOOED …RB got it all wrong on Thurs 18th Sept when he decided to launch his Lusaka campaign at the City Market(Soweto). He was welcomed in the area with screams of PABWATO! PABWATO! PABWATO!
    RB’s motorcade had to use the back route to gain access to the meeting area. The crowd grew larger from nearby vicinity and echoed defeaning chants of LETS GO SATA..LETS GO…much to the amusement of the MMD entourage.

  15. Imiti i kula empanga.Well come HH. You are indeed a well educated, well informed leader who will rub shoulders with the likes of Bush and big world leaders. A leader who will have no inferiority complex. A leader who can discuss what economy of a country is all about. America has never been ruled by a leader who educational roots cant be traced.Let RB and Sata or their supporters release their CVs

  16. little brains would really think like the previous writter. Just for wisdom sake,Mr, some of this information we are given about these candidates is to enable you have wide data about them and what their experiences have been. Some of us even get encouraged on how learnt HH is. Mr Dan, i gues my fellow intellectuals will jst need to understand and bear with you. I can Tell, YOU ARE A PADDLER. Cos in that camp education matters little. Enough about boring you…….To the man HH,i am behind you..we ve had enough of old rusty ideas.We want to see how we can turn this country around with you at the drive wheel. GO GO HH. GO GO.

  17. 26 the zambian law is clear on who a zambian and a foreigner is.In Zambia we believe in freedom of speech and rule of law.UPND has memmbers of different colours and races just like PF.wake up kaya,this is the 21 st centuary

  18. Satan’s CV. abash unfairness…..but the man still scares me. bakalabbaela fye kuState house balya. baalaba nama appointments yabuteko.

  19. patel don’t think Zambia is your country, don’t talk about things that does’nt concern you, Patel i guess u can’t even vote in Zambia

  20. Such is the man for the job. We don’t need sweepers like sata. LT can we also have sata’s CV outlining how he can sweep and what cleaning material works well.

    By the way Bloggers am in Mwense, chief Lukwesa, Kapala village here it’s all stretched palms.

  21. Why is HH campaign based on his C.V? Is he confirming to us that people do not know him that well? I find his CV as an introduction of himself to Zambians. Maybe Sata was right by refering him to as ” UNDER 5″.

  22. HH has the best accademic and professional CV amongest all the aspiring presidential candidates. He ahs the experience in business as well as economic management, all pointing to corporate management. This bring to mind one Justin Chiyanta – regarded as the richest zambian, the best corporate managers of our times. Politically HH has zero experience, and politics is all about pipo management, an area where you don’t experiment and hope to have a second chance. its a question of life & death. here CVs alone do not count, its what you can do for the pipo that matters. Can you deliver?

  23. Very impressive and well rounded CV that covers nearly all walks of life. If HH can demonstrate to the electorates during his campaign what he will do if voted to the Presidency, he likely to win. HH should ensure that he has a well balanced campaign team so that in the eyes of the people they don’t see his party as only representing one tribe.

  24. IF Patel is a Zambian he is free to talk about Zambia. India also largely contributes to Zambia’s economy. You Sata group do you understand the world economy?

  25. HH is our Barrack Obama. Young, not much experience.(They said that about Bill Clinton too.) Business minded. Not greedy. Like other politians. And he is a man we can trust in office.

    Lets give him a chance


  27. This CV is too business like – the sort you write if you want corporate employment. It is not really addressing political tribal issues, eg. how he would be able to team work with non-Tongas? HH that is the weak point in your campaign!! We all already know you are educated, which is excellent but not enough to get you to plot 1. You need to shake off your tribalist tag that you got when you took over your party mainly because you are Tonga and not because of your degrees and business acumen!! The harsh reality is RB and Sata don’t have this negative tribalistic image problem – you do. You need to re-brand. Advice – youre in politics not business now image is everything in an election!!

  28. #5 it seems you dont even understand what the term Education means at all. Which Norway do you live in? Acquiring western education is not the only evidence that one is educated. As Zambians ( Africans) we have different ways to acquire necessary skills to manage life. Your proposal to have a degree as a minimum qualification for MP`s is very questionable and just exposes your ignorance and indeed your dullness.We need somebody with skills to manage people in all circles. one who will use technocrats to rebuld Zambia in the shortest possible time. Wake up this is the 21st Century

  29. Impressive CV. Now what we need is a mixture of education, experience and clout. 1/3 HH, 1/3 RB, 1/3 Sata. Unfortunately there is no one with all three. Amama ine, ta fwa!!

  30. LT, I had a nightmare after looking at that potrait if SATA. Does he have a CV, like HH and RB? Publish it, we want to see it.

  31. Rich CV indeed but for a wrong position. Good CV for a technocrat position. May be he can make a good secretary to the treasury or BOZ governor but again the yardstick is how has he managed his staff in the companies he owns or been director? I totally agree with #24, you need more than an impressive academic resume to rule the nation. The most important qualification is wisdom. King Solomon, David and other Kings in the bible were great leaders not coz rich academice cvs but wisdom. Lungwangwa is a professor how has he fared as Education minister. Some People with his humble CVs have made good ministers than the so called educated ones.WE NEED A WISEMAN AND NOT A BOOKWORM.

  32. #47, right on. Education is not everything. We have seen degree holders at work places fail lamentably even at tasks laymen can do.

  33. Why has he left out the TRIBALISM that he stands 4..WEN MAZOKA DIED UPND SAID ONLY A TONGA CN TAKE OVA.4 ME THAT WAS THE END OF IT…WE WNT A NATIONAL LEADER NT A TRIBAL O REGIONAL 1..gud cv,i wil copy the format anyway..

  34. Look I am zambian (got a zambian pasport and a reg)
    accept me as a zambian

    if you dont then you are f00l

    I endorse deepak patel , he is the only outstanding candidtate

  35. Lelo Ba constable Sata we are waiting to see your CV. LT we understand you are going all over the candidates.

    HH resume- impresive and so well detailed I would not be suprised if he owns LT. How come they do not charge!!

  36. This is an excellent CV. He would make a good finance minister. Being president requires much more than qualifications. Requires political skills. Businesses are run by dictatorship while countries are supposed to be run by consesus.

  37. Overzealouu people!!! what makes HH s accademic achievement better than those of Rupiya Banda?Rupiya has been to morethan one university.The man is a Vice President,Diplomat,former Parliamentarian and qualified Economist .What else do we need?He has the education and the experience.he is giving a full package.I have the the same qualifications as hh but that does make President common sense

  38. Gordon Brown is extremely unpopular as Prime Minister. Has a PhD and was an excellent finance minister, but he lacks the charismer and authority that Tony Blair had.

  39. I agree with 59, managing business is not managing a country. He needs political maturity. HH has been red carded now. He has not even managed a constituency, not even a ward. Chech his CV carefully.

    By the way who is this Arafat Patel with his nonses. Let him go to India and his Dipack.

  40. His slogan is just righ thumbb print up

    it reads ‘ Change is us’

    Deepak will make this country worth living for
    he will be a brilliant president

  41. This is the kind of leadership we need in this era!Whereas HH can easily fit in n identify with other 21st century leaders,Sata would look like an ancestral apparition!

  42. Politics is not for boys while business is for everyone both men and boys. What I mean is that any politician can be a businessman but not all boys can be politicans. Mean

  43. ‘The Don’ we are riding on the same wave length.. Thanx. The onus of the destiny, however, is with the folks backdown Zed. How then do we think with them?

  44. Change Agent, What CV are you expecting? We ve given you one. so join the change agents. we want to chnage what Sata and RB did when they were in government-that is what real change is all about. it aint recycling

  45. #1,your comment is quiet NASTY and I wonder what you think about alone.Kindly dont corrupt other pipo.Here is GOLDEN RULE SENSIBLE PIPO FOLLOW before commenting

    1.Think before you type any think

    Ladie & Gents,What do you think?
    his he not just disturbing the flow of comments?

    I rest my case!

  46. Good CV! however, what ever went wrong with the PF Pact. That was the best decision these two guys. As it is now they have kept the doors to MMD.

  47. Hey bloggers whats happening? Just because of disliking the man HH you are even suggesting education is not important! #46 you think the other education (african, whatever you mean!) you acquired would have even enabled you to blog on this forum? So people of zambia what do you want? Maybe the constitution should be changed so that we vote for tribes! It seems even when you are presented with the best candidate, you reject them because you are jealousy of their tribe! come on!

  48. Arafat Patel, do you wear that thingy on your head like a drum of chibuku? You are not being tribalist but you seem to be an obvious racist. Grow up! Restrict your postings to your bedroom and that thing between your legs, you are better at discussing that than politics.

  49. the man has the brains lets vote for him he will turn Zambia around coz he knows wat he is talkin abt we dont want to put a ward coun in power like sata he does not even know wathe is talkin abt viva HH

  50. You need innate knowledge not only your digrees. Some people are just lucky and they have money, but that does not mean they can lead other people. Be careful it will be a disaster.

  51. chi arafat, why don’t you mind your own business in India? why do you keep on talking about your bro who is stinking mpilimpili? these issues affects the zambians, you even have the ogasity of claiming that you are a zambian,nonses!!

  52. #80 true..for us nationalist,tht was the best wrong thing UPND did to itself..Sichinga,Lubinda and Patrick Chisanga al left UPND coz of tribalism..we dnt nid tht..and mr HH,dnt tink ur OBAMA,he has political experience nt hm to try Mp then we cn c wat he is.

  53. #1 your comments are disgusting. You show no respect. The elections are a serious issue. LT I have seen a brief write up (CV) for RB. I am interested to see Sata’s CV as well.

  54. help me guys,on the cv

    · A Christian who believes that all faiths should be accommodated.”

    surely should a christian accept all faiths?
    I knew that HH was not a christian,didnt was he not with MAZOKA,the late in that MANSON church,or sumthing like that.
    correct me if am misteken

  55. #88 get you facts right, other than Lubinda where are the other politicians, Chisanga flopped in Kitwe, I voted for Lubinda as an individual not that he was PF. get you facts and analyse openly.

  56. this is not a cv. its propaganda.

    what people often forget is that ANY person can be on the board of directors of a company. you need NO special attributes or qualifications relevant to the company. MDs are often more knowledgable.

    being a director means nothing, the only requirements to be a director is that you’re 18 years or above, mentally sound and no criminal convictions.

    so in other words what im saying is that no one should care or be impressed by that junk

  57. HH’s CV is good. he can make a good economic advisor to the President or Minister of Finance. politics is a craft….it is about power struggle…the problem is not with HH…it is with his heart…he is an idealist.let him learn politics..change heart to that of realist….he has 2years to do that…ken

  58. Zambians! You disappoint me. This is 2008 and you refuse a leader who is educated. I would imagine you would embrace him with open arms. Times have changed… wake up!! This is the candidate for you. hardworking, young, charming, educated and has a vision.

    Lwenu… you will forever be dwindling in poverty and desperation with thuggery and pabwato chants.

  59. HH is still a baby. He can rule with that tribe tag on him if only he had teamed up with other parties the Tribe tag would go. Tonga have a big problem of being Selfish. Go to Grant Thornton where HH work from a cleaner (namasayi) to the Chief Executive they are all tonga including the gards, office furniture and equipment they use. some of the names you will find there are Beene, Mweene, Haweenee, Sibajene, Musoonda’Muleenga, Macheeleta to mention the top. Watch HH carefully and do not give him he job

  60. LT, the following are my observations as to the problems between SATA and HH .1)we have the young,successful HH who feels he should be head of state due to his “influence over the intelectual minds in society” because he’s a self made man.
    2)we have the elderly SATA who feels he should rule due to his work experience in all three governments and his popularity with the miners.
    these two have between them the intellectual community and the common every-day man.if only they’d combine forces now not after 2011. Pity we can’t have two heads of state coz both men want to be no.1.

  61. #101. ken u are right a politician need not have so much education all he need is to get a team of educated niggaz to get things done.
    Thats why me I think Sata Qualifies
    Sata for president

  62. A few things stand out for me:
    1. No experience of government
    2. No experience in the legislature
    3. No international experience
    4. What has he done? He held found something? Wrote a paper at UNZA, who doesn’t do that? He is an employer of Zambians? Who doesn’t have a maid or garden boy?
    5. Consultancy reports? Bigwigs don’t write anything, they take the glory of the people who actually wrote the document by appending their signature.

    This guy is a joker!!!! Let us take a leaf from places like the US, UK, etc where people who run for high office have some kind of background in it. Obama senator, McCain senator, Blair MP, Bush Snr. VP, Bill Clinton govenor. HH Pls

  63. number 105, you are the reason why our country is still poor. getting educated niggers to get things done in government!? are you joking!? illiteracy is a cancer that needs to be cured or else our country will forever be exploited by foreigners and locals alike. what is your highest educational/professional qualification?


  65. a cv is meant to impress your prospective employer. hh’s cv is impressive indeed but it is not good enough for the top job. nevertheless he is the lesser of the 3 evils at hand. he presents better choice than Sata or Rb.what a limited choice we have!!

  66. #101
    I agree the man is ready for the business world but he needs a bit more when it comes to politics. If he becomes president what will become of the posts that he holds at other companies? He could have started by working with the government like minister for development projects or something along those lines to build on his political reputation. What i think is that with his over impressive CV he has some authority to command a few with the money he has the only thing he desires is power and such people can be dengarous in the future another power is sweet from parley house type of person after 5 years.


  68. Effeminacy is a trait in males that generally contradicts traditional male (masculine) gender roles. It is a derogatory term frequently applied to femininity; or womanly behavior, demeanor, and appearance displayed by a man, typically used implying criticism or ridicule of this behavior (as opposed to, for example, merely describing a man as feminine, which is more neutral).

  69. What more do we Zambians need except educated and well-mannered individuals like the Incoming President of Zambia to-be HH come November 4, 2008. The CV has outlined everything. From family management, business management to political supervison.
    Great stuff Sir HH. Vote HH for real change and hopr for Zambia now and posterity.

  70. I was quiet because i wanted to give people a Chance… This is very impressive to most people, honestly the guy is over qualified for the job. based on the comments on this blog it is fair to say that PF supporters do not care about literacy and intelligence, all they want is “Ubwato”… TONGA BULLS STAND UP… this is what the country has always needed and educated young man like HH…viva HH

  71. Mwebanthu, dont look at his CV the CV is only good when looking for employemnt. This man has never been in parliament talkless of the councils. If can be a board of many directors but not a president. to me HH no he is still young he should start with the Districts before he thinks of being a Presido.

  72. most importantly, MORALITY, one man one wife, no outside kids… Im proud of you HH, we dont need anymore leaders with rainbow families. divorces and cheap family values… VIVA HH go HH bringa family values back to zambia. Please let teh other leaders tell us how many wives they have had and how many children– especially how many are currently mu-bwato

  73. You ill-motivated cold characters writing that HH has no political experience, HH has lead the UPND since 2006 and its been two years now (2008) since then.
    When someone is applying for a job, you need only two years experience and HH has the 2 yrs need for political Presidential office. So stop exposing your ignorance and failure to accept and comprehend true which is right before your eyes.
    Vote for the UPND’s HH for a real ray of change and hope Zambians can trust and believe in.

  74. Go Go 21st century president Go. We are behind you and there is no doubt you are marketable even internationally.I can imagin how portrait can look like. It is similar to that of Kabila our neighbour very presentable and educated.

  75. PIPO who coment negativelly about the CV, are the PIPO who don’t have CV’s themselves. Don’t shun the CV just because your is not constructive, nowandor all what you can do is climb on busses & shout slogans. You are just cadres & will be cadres for the rest of your life.
    Its time we change our perspective on national issues. Grow up Zambian.
    Lets not fill the media with personal grudges than national clies … Grow up some of you think distribution of sugar is part of a CV.

  76. Of the three leaders we are comparing, Non of them has been president before, the closest we can get in this case is RB who has acted for 2 or so months. So those of you who are calling for experience only, then you have RB, dont even talk about Sata because he has never been president.

  77. govt has had leaders before with such cvs and the ones that brought real change are those without. remember penza and his rhetoric about SAP. for more VOTE HH.

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  80. #90,Man without borders, please desist from showing your ignorance about RELIGIOUS matters on LT and elsewhere. Your wrote:
    “· A Christian who believes that all faiths should be accommodated.”
    surely should a christian accept all faiths?”
    My Advice to you:
    Religious Liberty
    Since 1901, the Department of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty (PARL) has represented the Seventh-day Adventist Church to governments, religious bodies, and international organizations. By supporting, protecting and defending religious freedom and human rights for all people everywhere, PARL speaks for the church on public affairs and shares Adventist values of freedom of worship and belief.

  81. Not bad, honestly speaking, this CV impresses me more than RB’s. His practical achievements are not that outstanding except that he is co-founder of a cultural fund aimed at financing the revival of cultural ceremonies in Zambia. Anybody knows the name?

  82. Good CV! HH is good for the future, certainly not now. I will vote for HH in 2021 as he will have matured. The young man does not need to be in a hurry. We all know what speed can do. He needs to keep it cool and slow.

    Managing business is not like managing a country. There are countless Zambians with even better CVs than HH, some holding portifolios in international institutions. But presidency is more than just throwing around your two decade CV. Sorry HH, be patient!

  83. #130 Mutengo, kindly take your boring love stories to the Lifestyle column. Or are you too drunk to see that this is the wrong forum?

  84. I see that sensible men and conscientious men all over the world were of one religion, — the religion of well-doing and daring, men of sturdy truth, men of integrity and feeling for others. That’s what I see in Sata

  85. I have read many emails and i cant seem to find any that are supporting RB??? So how is it that ba mmd win ama elections???? We have had enough of blue and white and they must go! Bushe kuli ma mmd supporter who know this website???
    #1, i also got my wife a vibrator!!!!!!

  86. #128 the list continues = Peter Magande, Felix Mutati, Dr Mwansa (Mines), so for progressive zambians this is the way to go

  87. People Zambia why are you wasting time with old leaders who studied socialist policies? Wake up men, here is a young Zambian who can move this country to greater heights. Pabwato?? Patriotic Front?? We all love our country, so spare us this patriotism of yours!!!

  88. What else do you want guys? This is the man, let’s embrace him with both hands so that he can take our country forward with our help of course. A cv is really necessary for these men aspiring to be presidents. We have to decide who we should employ, whoever wins will be a servant to us, so he must be suitable for the job. So far HH’s cv in nice.

  89. Ba Maestro Hhehhehhehhe ,

    umfweni kuno,its not about your church or mine.I think there is no need of giving your church web site.The simple question I askd has not been answered.Now read it again:
    “surely should a christian accept all faiths?
    I knew that HH was not a christian, was he not with MAZOKA,the late in that MANSON church,or sumthing like that.”

    I was talking about HH and not your Christianity,ok?
    I cant comment on your religion coz I have never heard N-thing about U.
    Doo you congrigate with him?

    I think you are more Ignorant than me esp that you are even embarasing your church that YOU DONT UNDESTAND ENGLISH.

    Anyway I understand

  90. Education is power. Go HH. God please open the eyes of those who can,t see. An educated nation is a rich nation period!

  91. Part of HH’s cv reads as follows:

    -Ensure racial harmony in society

    – Promote unity, embracing all regions and tribal groupings as the nation belongs to all.

    – Clean politics that are issue based, not personality and insult based.

    There is no tribal message here unless you are looking for something else. This is what HH stands for not those tribal tags some people are trying to impose on him. Let us be fair friends.

  92. #55 when someone calls you a thief without due process of justice being followed can you be convicted. What proof do you you have that HH is a trabalist. Please this is where we miss it, divorce the party from the individual, if Zambia had an electoral system that allows independent candidates, would you have voted or HH? These are the issues we need to address, Banda is on record last week saying “vote for me because I hail from here” what does that make him? PF gots its votes from bemba speaking regions, what does that make of the PF, other that Lubinda and Guy Scott where do all MPs for PF come from and what does that say about the party?

  93. Part of HH’s cv reads as follows:
    HH has helped found a cultural fund aimed at financing the revival of cultural ceremonies in Zambia. Among the ceremonies supported by the fund include Kulamba Kubwalo of the Soli people in Central Zambia, Likumbi Lyamize of the Luvale people in North Western Zambia, Kusefya Pa Ng’wena of the Bemba People in Northern Zambia, Kuomboka of the Lozi people in Western Zambia, Lwiindi in Southern Zambia, Nc’wala of the Ngoni people in Eastern Zambia, Shimunenga among many others.

    Now tell me which other presidential candidate amongst the three has ever done such a noble job to the Zambians regardless of tribe?

  94. PF party cadres are the ones that are tribal. Everything on this website is written in english except for what these PF cadres are writing.

  95. Please Zambians – give credit where it is due. The guy could do the job very well but I would rather he waited until 2011 when we shall have real contest. Competition with the likes of Prof. Chirwa, the willa Mung’ombas, the Magandes etc. That is when we shall choose a president of the 21st century for Zambia. At the moment, it is a question of letting the ship whose captain died on voyage get to the shore using his Vice. No need to jump on the ship whose voyage you were not part to. That is why RB must win!!

  96. CVs don’t feed a nation. It doesnt matter how old the leader is if he is good he is good.
    By the way i will be clapping My masters soon. maybe ishould run for president back home………..

  97. Sata CV.

    1 Police constable
    2 Train coductor (UK)
    3 cadre UNIP, MMD
    4 Presido PF

    Is this what you call presidential material fellow Zambians? Come on, let’s be serious about issues.

  98. I am getting a feeling that LT is in support of HH instead of being non partisan. What has made me to think like this is when you look at the article about Kanyama residents having had an anti-MMD slogan they have not mentioned when they talked about soweto (city market) that the people’s slogan was Lets go Sata.. lets go and pabwato…pabwato. and yet they show a very long C.V for HH. anyhow thats just an observation will see how it goes on later they might put C.V for R.B and Sata and showing all these people C.V s extensively as you have done here for HH.Dont use short cuts or short C.V’s or manipulate things showing only what you want.Also show HH is Seventh day Adventist -SDA.

  99. The Watcher, continue being a spectator. Who knows about tommorrow? its only GOD, so why should you wait for tommorrow to make progress.

    Make your contribution while you live. So stop watching participate

  100. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe,
    niwebo chimpempe?wat can you say from the fair comment#148-Man Without Boarders

    I support Him.

  101. Japan has developed so quickily since World War II because they value education. It is an island without any natural resources to talk about.Why is it that the majority of children born among teachers excell?It is because their parents understand the value education.Believe me country men and women, if we have an educated president, he will move this country forward. Let somebody who understands college or university education be president.In 1991 any crook standing on MMD including an illiterate boxer warn the Kanfisa constituence. The song was “pankoloko,Pankoloko”.Now it is “Pabwato, pabwato”.Tribalist, shame!

  102. KONSEKONSE, i didn’t mention the language. Already you are telling me something about you. So,tell me what language are PF cadres using?

  103. #163, what is the issue about being a seventh day adventist? Talk about real issues here. It is a leader we are talking about here and not the church. You really surprise me. You are taking things too personal. By the way which church is your presido hopeful?

  104. First and foremost, I can’t support HH because he does not sponsor our traditional ceremony. The other thing is, although he has an impressive CV ideal for business, I believe that he lacks political experience. If I were him, I would have gone for a merger with PF, form the next gov’t, work under Sata possibly as his vice, get some political experience then in 2011 go for the top post. HH should humble himself and consider going into a merger with PF so that they form the next gov’t then take things from there. At this point I would say Sata has plenty of experience seconded by RB and HH is last as far as political experience is concerned. What is this issue of the guy been a freemason?

  105. good luck hh you are definately making these haters envious of your success can tell from the tone of their blogging.we need pipo who are educated , confident and are rich already who do not feel inferior and succumb to engineering of policies like the past leaders esp sata who can not hold a decent conversation without being a kaponya who he is.Enjoy your money godbless you and stay strong

  106. At independence Zambia was handed to men with little political experience. This was a trend in most african countries. Things only started going wrong when these compatriots overstayed and became more politically experienced. The now experienced took over and messed up africa. Like Gordon the man has been a cadre since his childhood and that’s the major qualification which landed him the PM job. The results can now be seen. So its not political experience that is needed here. Its diligence, touch with modern economics, education and teamwork. Abash individualism.

  107. lets look at serious matters guys, HH has not paid his workers for 4 months now!!!Why are you all keeping a blind LINSO to such a big issue? Lets call a spade a spade……..he has failed at that level what more at the higher level…ba UNZA no BC increaments kuli uyu hyena hena

  108. pabwato is for people in the compounds who are used to drinking free beer during elections not technocrats who know what the country needs there is a leadership vacuum coz all the people seem confused and yet they want to say they are not tribalist .Pabwato is for bembas and kaponyas thats why they lost last time.zambia does not comprise of these two groups only.I come from lusaka and my nana does not know who sata is meaning he chooses his audience selectively by criteria of kaponya and bemba let rupiah lead to remove u tribalists i can not stand the way bembas practice tribalism and accuse others .When we speak our languages you say you can hear but when its you its ok no no no mwaila

  109. lasha muzachiona kachiluba kanali kalast takana masebela go rupiah you dont need city market to win just ask vj how its done

  110. If no #146 you are looking for a job from HH as his Finance minister then forget not now it is for RB as long as there is no pact with Sata HH is doomed ask ME



  113. I wish HH was running for IMF presidency. His politics and life improvement of Zambians will only be understand by educated people like you people, but not us fwe-bantu-yawe-yawe. African politics needs ACTION and not BOARD meetings. Vote PABWATO!!

  114. #181 mind the way you talk or should i say mind the way you write. we can be kaponyas and bembas but still we are going to state house take it or leave it..

  115. #165 and #148… let me answer your questions for you. HH is Seventh day adventist and yes a christian should accept and make accomodation for all christians as well as believers in other faiths and non believers like-wise. As President of teh country HH will have to accomodate Hindus, Muslims, budhists, Athiests and Christians from many denominations. Masons are not a cult following, its a fraternity or brotherhood of individuals who help each other acheive certain things in life. Masons are builders, and control a lot of the world today. I am a mason but my religious affiliation is adventist. freemasonry is not a religion or a church

  116. You useless PF supports who do not seem to appreciate lessons or education! Please, HH and the UPND said No to Hon. Sata’s request for a Merger to form a PF-UPND PACT. The PACT data is histroy.
    The UPND is going it alone – and your PF’s Hon. Sata has clearly said it. There will be no PF-UPND PACT for the 30 Oct 2008 election.
    Please, get it in your heads – it that plain simple to comprehend. NO PACT between PF and the UPND will be done with Hon. Sata as PACT leader, finish.

  117. If Sata had HH’s CV all you tribalist myopics would have had the head of anyone who dared challenge a rich portfolio.Chiluba saw emptiness when he looked at Micheal who had been his Chief 3rd term protagonist and political executioner.We cann’t go back to the days when cadres like Ester Nakawala could fire a Vice President and the Scorpion and the likes were untouchable thugs.Sata will never rule.Anyother party can rule. PF will lose even if we have to rig the f**king elections.Of the 3 presidential aspirants Sata is the least qualifed academically and least healthy.His interviews are a muppet show.He is a clown who would disgrace every Zambian at home and abroad.He is politically bankrupt.

  118. Neighbouring countries do laugh at the pipo we usher into office as Presidents. Look at Tanzania and Botswana, very energetic and Vibrant President in the name of KIKWETE and KHAMA. HH IS THE MAN


  120. #186 Definition of a youth:”Youth… those persons falling between the ages of 15 and 24 years inclusive.” Time in a person’s life between childhood and adulthood. The term “youth” in general refers to those who are between the ages of 15 to 24.” Now is HH a youth in your thinking?


  122. What political experience are some of you talking about? Experience of lying to people and only showing up every five years? Experience in keeping the poor illiterate, hungry and deseased so that you take advantage of them with free sugar and mealie-meal? Experience in organising thugs at markets to attack people who think differently? Experience in corruption and economic mismanagement yet you still find funds to increase your salaries? Experience in keeping UNZA closed every year, teachers, nurses and doctors goingon strike annually yet you take yourself to SA for treatment? What experience people?

  123. #188 How do you intend to finish me? I have facts on that matter. If you want, start me and see how I finish your HH….what I have said are facts and nothing but facts, Now, how are you going to finish me iwe ka Fred Malambo? You Tonga Chicken from a bull to a chicken……shame shame on you and your HH

  124. #173 SMS for u

    exactly thats what am saying its not an issue being SDA and HH must be proud of that as Sata is proud of being catholic which he mentions time and again but the way LT has written the C.V it like there hiding something. In Zambia every person has the right to belong to any church he wishes and any religous affilation.What i would like to see is LT to call a spade a spade not to call a spade a shovel, black should be black and white should be white & not to get white and black then you get grey. it has to be clear. Otherwise the content of his C.V its a good thing.Its good to have such in society he could contribute to Zambia.when he loses he can work for Sata as Minister.






  128. When God says yes, no one can say no. Haters will die of Hbp. Mwapya HH uyo aisa. VIVA progress, VIVA mother Zambia, VIVA HH. Those who talk ill about CVs and education are the ones who have let our country down. In this time and error education is key to development and influences ones thinking capacity. Abash old and rugged politicians who are morally flawed and can undress in front of their granddaughters. VIVA HHHHHHH gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  129. To show that HH is prepared to lead just go and have a glimpse at www . hakainde . com and then check www . michealsata . co .zm, and then just compare the difference in technology that is displayed on the two webpages.
    HH is a technologist, he is moving with time. He (HH) is surely not in the PAST of liberation struggle where a person (SATA) would admire Zimbabwe’s Mugabe.
    Even the Picture of HH on this thread is just good-enough for a President of Zambia. See the one – picture – for Hon. Sata at your own risk!

  130. Who is the best person to succeed Levy Mwanawasa in the upcoming presidential by-election?
    • Michael Sata 39.2%
    • Hakainde Hichilema 39.1%
    • Rupiah Banda 16.2%
    • Brig. General Godfrey Miyanda 5.5%

    Total votes: 1958

    by ZAmbia online

  131. Jesus sat in the synagogues in his early days learning the stuff, and when his time came he made the GREATEST IMPACT the world has ever seen. so brother HH take this example from Jesus. i prophesy your presidency for 2011. Let the old guards roll in the mud now. Those that seem to be supporting you are doing so because you are giving them bread and butter. I said the same thing to the late Dean Mungomba in 1996 at photo phoenix in Lusaka “i said ,Let go of these elections for i foresee MMD tearing apart in 2001,(we all so what happened) and that will be your time but he did not take my humble word’. HH reflect on this humble appeal.

  132. #217 Jesus did not have to sit in the synagogue he knew it all already. Infact jesus was already leading prayer in the synagogu at an early age, so ur statement is a campaign messgae for HH, confirming that like Jesus he was born ready to lead. Because infact jesus was born ready! Tonga Bulls Stand Up

  133. I can concur with #17… Not impressive for the kind of job he is applying for. But all credit to the positions he has held in the past within the business environment because it plays a major part on economy (I think he should try to apply for finance minister). Personally I think he needs a few more years of experience in politics and see if he can win his party any by-elections because if he can’t win people’s minds with a few by elections how is he going to win to become the president? It’s a shame if what #15 is saying is true that he hasn’t been paying his employees then its final is not ready(not even finance)!!

  134. #221, save yourself your worries and concentrate on waiting for the October 30, 2008 Presidential results. The results will tesify for themselves who HH is in Zambian politics.

  135. Gentlepersons and ladies, please desist from commenting if you have no background information. #163, kindly visit the website for HH and view the same CV for HH that LT has put on here at: ww w. hakainde . c om under the title ‘the man’. The CV you will find does not mention that HH is SDA – it shows exactly what is here on LT news.
    Thanks #218 for the acknowledgment and appreciation of what I wrote here-on.

  136. U know what alarms me is that HH is being attacked on baseless ground. The only thing he is being attacked on is Tribalism and his education. People wake up, I can not wait to see Michael Satas CV… but i will hold my comments until I see it. I want to know how many times he has been mzrried and how many kids he has fathered and what the kids are doing today. Because if he cant control his kids then he cant control the country.

  137. #223 con’d. #165, please desist from insults for they will only lead you to death – eternal deat – and so repent before it is too late. #148, I am in no wise campaigning for the SDA Church on here. All I have shown you is that an Adventist has no problem with anyone being a Catholic or a buddhist or Mormon. And so, HH’s statement on his (HH) that he believes all can work together even if they are from different religions is nothing strange – from an SDA’s point of view.

  138. I think i like HH’s website hes done a good job. But wish he had concentrated his efforts on 2011 otherwise he is on trail to endup like the other politicians
    As for now i think i am for Sata he seems more practical

  139. SDA = belief in the seventh day sabbath and the soon coming of Jesus Christ. I do not want to debate Maestro Hhehhehhehhe or my faith here. But for the uninformed, Saturday is the true sabbath as ordained by God at creation, it was never changed, and jesus is coming again to fulfill the prophecy concerning the redemption of man. Do not be afraid of SDA it is not a cult. and we sing at ur funerals beautiful melodious solemn hymns.

  140. Does one qualify to be a leader because he is educated or rich? I do not think so. Infact, the so called qualifications on this c.v. are obtained by election and correspondence. Wealth came as a result of the privatisation of the Zambian family silver and heir looms. Anyone who became rich on the grave yards of the hard working Zambian miners is a shame. Educated leaders? Remember the Ugandan Godfrey Binaisa govt? Tokyo Sexuale the richest African in RSA but not President.

  141. #228 But I wonder why you insult your friends on bloggs…any relationship with Jesus Christ of Nazareth? He will change your life my brother

  142. LT please publish Sata’s CV so that we can analyse these three candidates properly. what are you hiding? So far Sata is only known as a cigar smoker!!I cant ride in the same car with him.I hate the stench of a Cigar!!!!

  143. #230 – who did I insult, my opinion of people who hail from northeren zambia is my opinion. besides unlike you Mr Diaspora i am not perfect, i stated the facts of the SDA church, even today I strive to be like jesus, but for now i am like peter and so you should pray that i not use my knife and cut off an ear for what i belive in. I am a potential Saul turned Paul, but thats not the debate at hand. so Stick to questions about HH… TONGA BULLS

  144. Impressive CV Mr HH….. but no experience in public services at all. Managing a country is completely different from to managing a private company…. a job as a minister in the PF government would look good on the CV for 2011!!!

  145. #233, get it that the UPND is headed by leadership which does not agree 100% with what PF advocates for. PF leader Hon. Micheal Sata has never been subjected to an election in his PF and so he does not qualify to lead PF – especially that he is uneducated – and any possible PF-UPND PACT. To this end, I personally advise Hon Sata to seriously consider being HH’s Veep if he ever hopes to go back an work in GRZ. Otherwise, it has been a nice try Mr Sata and too back for wasting time in entering this 30 Octber 2008 election.

  146. Can we have genuine comments from PF supporters please. It is not about hating HH but what is true. HH is good for president.We dont dream Zimbambwe in Zambia. The country is not the Ministry of Health or Local government where you can say the Big MAN brought Changes. Actually it was the president not the minister who broght change that you can today bost for and compare it to the entire nation of Zambia. Think BiG.Cheap truth” who can manage to be SADC chairman and understand regional economic principles?

  147. To all SDAs and non-SDAs, may you all have a happy Sabbath wherever you are. Untill the next time … over and out!

  148. I thought I was through on this subject. But when I can across this quote, i was compelled to post it on this difficult fora!! ‘A man who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.’ – President Theodore Roosevelt

  149. Serious pipo, Sata has tried to get to plot one at all cost,the man needs the retirement package for presdo, thats is hope and he is using pipo to get they, what next when he gets there ? its to retire don`t think he can go two terms,so you are all helping him to get there, if its not a personal gain, why can`t he give it to young PE mps, think twice, Sata won`t rest until he gets that package, given a chance all pipo of his age would kill for that post,HH has the money and he is donig so good,wealthy wise, and he can eyes beyond statehouse,

  150. And ba CHOMA1 i have followed all your comments, its anything but preach of hatrage, you should have stayed long in the nazi zone, you consider moving back home or to canada!! or watch Dr Phil, you need professional help!! you are a very sad person!!

  151. waoneka that u are a kaponya and bemba BUSY TRYING TO THREATEN ME SHA , those are the only qualifications that you have.#155 walasa that is a good analysis of the political scenario in thinks just becoz they are bembas everyone likes them and they are fullu mu makomboni really annoying what they run away from in their villages i dont know so forget sata , you have no option now coz after this his age wont permit athen who will you groom , that short thing disgraced you as a tribe and exposed ur tribal tendencies mwachilamo viva RB

  152. Bamwenye should comment on their own issues and leave us Zambians to sort out our own issues. There is nothing special about Dipak as he is as corrupt as his former master (Kafupi). Arafat Patel will be better served by contributing to Indian issues.

    HH’s is impressive if he is looking for a job in finance. Period.

  153. how some of you find urselves abroad its a mystery so keep ur ignorance to yourselves , zambia is for all not bembas and pabwato it is a shame even abroad you think so shallow

  154. HH has very good atttributes that can help the nation move foward,however his political experience is very limited and is in the process of being built.We should only expect him to compete with realistic expectations in 2011 and beyond elections.

    He has however opened the way for many a young Zambian wanting to participate in national politics.

  155. Sata will not get to Satte House, period. Zambia is not one or two provinces. The demographics of voting have changed since 2006. He is not wise and has already miscalculated.He should have agreed to go into a pact with HH as Vice. As it is, Yatika!! He will just die an angry and unssatisfied man. sorry!! He is history! M>H>S>R>I.P

  156. Zambia online at 20:15hrs,Micheal Chilufya Sata 39.3%,Hakainde Hichilema 39.0%, Grandpapa Rupiah Banda 16.2% ,General Miyanda Godfrey 5.5%.Go Zambians go.

  157. HH’s CV is very impressive. So now we have seen RB’s, HH’s now we need to see Sata’s. PF are you out there? I am so proud to be Zambian, where we have peace, freedom of speech and can freely agree to disagree.

  158. #204, well spoken. Likewise Sata can work for HH as a minister. In my view that CV has been called by its right name…’a spade is a spade’. Viva HH and Sata. But we need a Cv from ba Sata.

  159. it looks like this site is for E-refugees.they are the most vocal & wont even be here on 30th October. your pipo in kalomo, shang’ombo chinsali. wont even read this blog. its getting personal attacking each other and too tribal. convince me why i must vote for HH. rather talk about issues.not tribal issues out of 248 comments only about 20 had the zed flag.

  160. #90.. Kindly note that to be a great states man u need to be accommodative to other religions. Be maure young man and let HH rule Zambia. He has what it takes… Wooo.. ama Jerlousy

  161. iwish we could learn from developed countries,if bill gates wanted to become president of america he could have done that but he knows he is a business man and he sticks there, but in zambia all bussines men want politics have they failed in businees the list is endless, kavindele, by hh mpondela etc nowander we cant develop

  162. There is my man HH.

    I really want him to win.


    I know you guys feel ashamed that UPND has someone articulate and the rest don’t.

    GO HH

    GO HH

    GO HH.

    This guy is the role model Zambian youths need.

  163. Lusaka Times, it is only fair that you publish Cvs for all the presidential candidates. Why for HH only????????? Do not be like The Post! Put all the facts for all on the table and let the people decide.



    Lusaka times, I suspect you are for PF and are using your media power to sway voters from MMD and UPND by not posting Sata’s CV.

    LUSAKA TIMES, please get your team serious and post Sata’s CV, we want to see it.

  165. @ 250 Observer

    Aren’t you tired of recycled leaders. If something is broken you cannot keep fixing it over and over again. It is time to get a new one.

    Here is HH, smart, articulate, businesses minded, educated, young, healthy, intelligent, knows about economics, wants to invest in agriculture (80% of Zambians are in the agriculture sector).

    What more can you ask for. Lets get serious.

    All I can tell you is, you don’t know what you have until it is gone. Other countries can kill to have a person like HH lead them. Observer, who you vote for also affects me (here in Canada). Please vote wisely (for your sake and mine).

  166. Go forward HH rich cv.WHAT more do you want you chaps who are yapping? THE man has achieved some thing in life. The Sky is no longer a limit.

  167. Take it or leave it this man has am impressive CV which only a very few Zambians can claim to have.His experience is also powerful.All the rest should be ashamed of themselves to even stand alongside him

  168. I personally don’t find this CV intimidating at all.If it is about who has more grey matter then Prof Chirwa should top the list!
    Achivements well just consider what KK or even Sata have done for the ordinary Zambian.He has many promises but has not fully explained how he was going to implement them.
    In any case we all have titles and credentials longer than our full names lol

  169. I, wish to remind all our presidential candidates that:
    Leadership is about Wisdom and NOT academic excellency. This is, where we get it wrong. We have seen and heared of men and women who have done wonders academically and have failed to sort out simple social problems.My simple request is ask, God for wisdom and quidance so that you sell your manifestos to the people that, are worthy listening to. And remember to accommodate the common man out there. Godbless Zed.

  170. HH is not a serios person.How can he come up with such a cv when standing as a republican President.The CV has no connection to the job description,looks like he is preparing himself to work as Permanent secretary Ministry of Finace.

  171. What is the cv of your candidate? is it keeping council money in his personal account or carrying K2billion in his briefcase or having a chain of women in Lusaka and consequently heaps of children or is it using valger langauge on television or standard six certificate or grade d lilayi police certificate. Tell us your candidate’s qualification. HH has put his CV but your candidate cant even put one because he has nothing.

  172. HH’s resume both academic and corporate leadership looks good, but what he lucks is community leadership or prior government experience. Leading a corporate entity is very different from leading government; in the corporate world HH had an advantage of leading people of a certain level of intelect which is different in leading government. One writer mentioned getting putting food on people’s plates and promoting their welfare are much more challenging than leading a bunch of business executives.
    RB has the experience, exposure and a tainted past. If we’re to break from the past and have a clean start he should not be president. Sata come on! Have we sunk so low.

  173. #264 HH had only less than 45 days to campain and get exposed to the zambian society and suprising he got 26% of the registered voters. of which sata had alredy been known by the zambian society for 40 years and only 29% of the registered voters voted for 40 years and lessthan 45 days.think about it.

  174. to all zambians if at all RB or Sata wines then just prepare and get ready for a slow down which civil servents will do .but if HH wine then there will be no slowdowns but will be hyper-productivity.

    therefor HH=hyperproductivity

    sata and RB= slow down

  175. #267 What is the cv of your candidate? is it keeping council money in his personal account or carrying K2billion in his briefcase or having a chain of women in Lusaka and consequently heaps of children or is it using valger langauge on television or standard six certificate or grade d lilayi police certificate. Tell us your candidate’s qualification. HH has put his CV but your candidate cant even put one because he has nothing.

  176. Ok, I can see that he has business and administrative credentials, but what are his political qualifications again? And I mean concrete, tangible political experience.

  177. Why do we have the saying “Imiti ikula empanga”? I challenge you the youths who are in the majority to support HH. Here is a promising young leader but all you cling to is to have jolly free rides in buses while screaming your lungs out about a boat which you can never board.

  178. Googd point #268!! If HH had less than 45 days to campaign in 2006 and he got 26% in the presedential vote and Sata got only 29% of the vote. All things equal, HH now stands a better chance to win the race! It is expected that he is going to whack this toothless hog!!

    It is unlikely that most people who voted for HH will vote for another candidate. HH is expected to loose ground in Eastern, RB factor, and the status quo in Northern will renmain but gain ground in Central, Copperbelt, Lusaka and North Western and Western Province.

    If yu are a Zambian watch out for this analysis!!

  179. Who gives a damn about a resume! Besides, why did they forget his honorary chairmanship of the Bantu Botatwe Foundation which propelled him to the UPND after Mazoka kicked the bucket? Tongas can get all his degrees and directorships and shove them up their backside, for all most Zambians care this suntwe of theirs is damaged goods not selling to any Zambians outside bantu botatwe. Besides, with UNIP and FDD support, he came third last time, wait and see how far he will be this time around. Unless Tongas can bring their cows and all wives including the ones entangled by ‘runyoka’ to the polls, HH is seing red yet again.

  180. Action speaks louder than words i think the problem zambians have is that they talk too much and do so little politicians are very clever let us be careful with them i am a president in my own house.

  181. #9 excuse me!! depak for president? don’t compare america to zambia these are two very different countries. everyone in america are immigrants.
    #15 thank u for that infomation, HH please give us a response to that.
    talking about HH’s CV, well this man looks like he’s got alot of experience in the co-orparate world, i think it’s worth giving this man a chance. though according to sata he’s got no political experience, what we need in this country are not experts in politics but someone who can boost up production through creations of industries in different sectors of our economy and this has very little to do with polotical experience but extensive knowledge of factors of production

  182. # 275 Your hatred for HH will consume you. Wheteher you like it not Southern province and in particular Tongas are the richest tribe in Zambia. There riches come from cattle which you despise. England and New Zealand are richer than Zambia because of cattle. It unfortune that despite being outside the country and being exposed to the quality of leadership for the country where you are you still want to believe in mediocrity low calibre leadership. It is true “You can take a man out of the bush but you can not take the bush out of a man.”

  183. Yes rich CV but you haven’t told us what happened in Luanshya. Did you really reap off the mines? How much did you make? Was it more than 50% of what you realised from the deal?

  184. good bussiness CV but zero political CV.corporate world is no same as african advise to HH he needs to go to parley or support sata and be his vise for three years and then aspire to be presido in 2011. you cant just wake up from being CEO to become presido’ on the platform of tonga tribalism we saw in 2006 when UPND told us who they really were. they need to erase that rubbish before we can even consider their nicely written cv’s.the way HH came into politivs still will haunt him for a ew more years to come.where is mwanajiti and siamujaye…?

  185. #281 Chris get a life.Zambia is represented by all people.You sound like a typical Nigerian who thinks only one so called tribe or province is the best.If you think like that then you need to migrate to Nigeria.
    SOME of you HH supporters come out as arrogant and narrow minded people.To you he is the only one like a messiah.You have failed to see even the good ones .Sorry to say this but Zambia has very well able and highly educated people who don’t need arrogant suporters like you.

  186. RB’s CV is even Richer than this tribalists
    Economist, Businessman, Politician.

    Former GM RDC, GM Namboard, Diplomat to Egypt, UN etc Foreign Affairs Minister etc

  187. we need somebody in state house who is smarter than ourselves rb and sata?please people give everybody a break it is about the economy we have lived in poverty for too long 20% get richer and the poor gets poorer all the time there is no opportunity to rise for poor people apart from crony capitalism.

  188. #286 I am not an HH supporter or Tonga but I leaved in Southern province & 7 other provinces except Luapula. I can argue that Southern province is economically stronger than any other province outside Lusaka and copperbelt. Secondly looking at candidates IN THIS ELECTION I have to agree with HH supporters that he is a better candidates. When I look at this blog all those opposed to HH seem not to have real problems with him other than his tribe which is most unfortunate. Lastly I wish to urge those of you who have been exposed to the international community to try to influence decisions home in a much more educated manner. We have to tell our people that they are geting a raw deal

  189. #286 in the spirit of fair debate can you also post extracts of the CV of your candidate than merely condemning other people’s CV. I think that your candidate can not win on the basis that you condemned other candidates more than they did.

  190. # 286 Is true that the following is Sata’s CV
    1.record of keeping council money in his personal account
    2.carrying K2billion in a briefcase
    3.standard six certifcate
    4.grade D lilayi police certificate
    5.Chain of women in lusaka
    6.Chain of children from these women.

    It looks like an impressive CV but I do not know for which career or job

  191. why is it that when a tonga person gets a degree or an get appointment or just a good grade in an exam,they tend to advertise or inform the whole world.We have so many educated lozis,bembas,ngonis,luvales etc

  192. 294chriss RB is the man for the job.Why am I saying this?He is a Graduate of more than one university,diplomat,former Minister,vice President,Acting President,former parliamentarian and the man is a symbol of unity.

  193. #23 is right. There is a saying which goes: behind every succesful Tonga there is a cow. By the way UPND needs to do much to erase that tribal tag or else forget ever going to state house. hey I love HH very much but please sort your workers ‘Kang’ono’ they have kids to feed. Muleumfwako uluse.

  194. Former cop, married to 2 wifes , 3concubines, 32 children and 17 grand children. Advocate for the third term under chiluba, dogmatic tribalist. experienced smuggler, friend to plunderers, and a dictator in making

  195. #55 maverick, my dear friendship l,m a tonga bull aka bala ngombe l agree with fellow tonga were wrong on insisting that only a tonga takes over from Comrade Mazoka.we are olo zambians who have been governed by any tribal man.this younga man,HH is not fit to lead ani please all country men the devil you know is but zahen a cattle herder you don,t know.RB or Sata,but prease not that chap HH

  196. Chris,#290,#291#292#294 my dear brother you are tonga;we have been reading your coments for a while so y deny us now.TODAY OUR MANY SUBUJAKETE IS ZEE HUMANN BODAYLA AND ITS MANI FUCTIONADAY, ALL YOU PIPO WELLU CLY WHEN HH HH HH FAILS EVEN TO BE SECOND IN POLLS

  197. WHERE ARE ALL THE HH, TONGAS TODAY??????????????????????????????????


  199. #300, we are here, alive by God’s grace. We just went on a Sabbath Worship break. We even managed to write bye for the Sabbath worship somewhere in the preceeding posts.
    Vote HH, vote for the MAN of this moment for a real ray of change and hope that all Zambians can believe in.

  200. I have noted with intrigue and interest that there are two groups among the Bemba people in Zambia. The one is the genuine Bemba group which has the interest of Zambia at heart. Secondly, we have the Bamba group is the “Bemba-triable-front” which is led myopically by the greatest TRABALIST of all times in Zambian Honourable Micheal Chilufya Sata since he points RB and the UPND with one of his five fingers while 3 to 4 fingers point back at him as tribal.Unfortunately, the “Bemba-tribal-front” seems to be the largest on LT in looking at the various tribal postings written in Bemba on this blog. By writing this data, I am merely producing the facts from my well-done analysis of postings

  201. An under five human being has very good attributes.
    They do not keep grudges. meaning they do not have enemies
    There records are clean, no adultery
    When they are wrong they are easily corrected.


  203. We want KK to tell us about the NAMBOARD fertilizer deal that involved RB. Why did he nearly divert fertilizers that were meant for pipo of eastern province to Malawi? KK you took a step and fired this man. We want you to give us direction on this matter. Do not protect a thief just because he is your mulamu.

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