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South Africa’s President Mbeki steps down


President Thabo Mbeki told the country on Sunday night he was stepping down after his ruling African National Congress demanded he leave office over allegations he abused power in the corruption case against new party leader Jacob Zuma.

Mbeki told the nation in a live televised broadcast he had tendered his resignation which would become effective from a date to be determined by Parliament, which is meeting on Monday.
The ANC made its request eight days after a judge threw out corruption charges against party leader Jacob Zuma, suggesting there was high-level political meddling in the case.
Mbeki, who took over from Nelson Mandela as president in 1999, said on Sunday he remained a loyal ANC member and respected the party’s decision but repeated that he did not influence the prosecution in the case of Zuma, his rival.
Mbeki has been credited with ensuring growth and attracting foreign investors to Africa’s biggest economy. He was also instrumental in building a black middle class.

But critics and Zuma’s trade union and Communist Party allies say Mbeki was out of touch with millions of poor blacks.

South Africans, whose social and economic problems have been overshadowed by the rivalry between Mbeki and Zuma, face a period of uncertainty. The ANC, if deeply divided, is unlikely to ease their concerns over rampant crime, social ills and an AIDS epidemic ravaging millions, political analysts say.

Supporters of Mbeki may split from the ANC and contest elections as a breakaway party in 2009, South Africa’s Sunday Times said.

The move threatens to shatter the foundations of the country’s post-apartheid political landscape, which has been dominated by the ANC. Some ministers have threatened to resign rather than serve in a Zuma-controlled government.



  1. He is really a strong man there are very few African leaders who can do this. Hats off for President Tabo Mbeki God will surely bless you.

  2. Big up Mbeki. African leaders should learn a lesson from this. A lot of our leaders would cling on til they die. Good example

  3. if you look at the history of developed countries,e.g u.s.a, they had a clear focus of what they hoped to aatain.1st they started out with farming to privide all with enuf ffod,then they moved to the industrial age and now they in technology age.why cant zed follow a similar path.our pipo r starving,concntrate on agric,then move on to setting up manufacturing industries and maybe then we can think of developing new technologies pa zed.sorry for posting this under wrong heading

  4. Next it will be Mugabe you people did not help the SADC community when it needed your leadership and that help has gone with Mwanawasa the only person who spoke out before all and God will redeem him

  5. #3. indeed his a strong man and the wife is a very understanding person to let the hubby do such a thing… Than some women we know who cant allow it. they know themselves

  6. Really honourable man.
    Others should learn from him. Thats what listening to the pipo means. Zuma isnt the best replacement for Mbeki though. SA is playing with fire. Good luck to them anyway!

  7. Mbeki had it coming. He’s never been in touch with the ordinary black south african. And his govt was persecuting Zuma. I don’t believe Zuma is the altimate answer for SA but its time for him to rule. Zuma will need much help though. Otherwise, SA may soon be on a downward spin.

  8. congrats mbeki!!!!!!!!!!Basata and Abwezani check wat your friend Mbeki has done.And let HH rule.Old grandfathers!!!!!!!!!Go to your farms n rest or you ill go like BIG M.

  9. osama bin zed:Did you attend any school or you taught yourself english mate.You grammar is in serious need of revamping son.Good luck.

  10. mbeki bravo for that step.but its not everything you did which was the way you handled the zim for you brothers and sisters in SA watch out for Zuma.a leader with alot to tell about might just be a mistake.

  11. Mbeki Mbeki, i wish my zebige was around my HSRIP. Yes the way Mbeki has protected Mugabe to the detriment of the people of Zimbabwe has been a disgrace!

  12. its amazing how africans reason,is it suprising that we can never develop.Honestly the reason why Thabo has fallen is tribal,the Zulu`s believe its they turn to rule.thabo is xhosa and so is mandela,the two have ruled back to back.The Zulu`s believe they fought for democracy and an end to white rule together,so naturally they also deserve to rule.Jacod is not a better replacement for thabo but no one seems to care as long as the Zulu`s rule.African politics will always be petty for a long time to come,in saying so lets give credit to thabo.what an honourable thing to do,its never an easy thing to do.Honestly how many african leaders can resign ?. I ve the atmost respect for thabo,God bless .

  13. Good luck to Mbeki. Thus why the bible says…the same measure you use to judge friends it will also be applied to you. When you are a leader do not use evil tricks. Remember that there is no secret on earth, Everything will be brought to day light

  14. President Mbeki has shown Africa a very high level of maturity in politics. He could have refused to resign if he wanted but his foremost thoughts were to keep RSA united and peaceful. African leaders are therefore urged to emulate Mbeki. When people say they don’t want their respective leaders because of cited issues which have substance, leaders must take heed and respect the will of the people! Way to go Thabo!

  15. wat an honourable thing to do. Big Ups Ba Mbeki.May all leaders learn from this. Wat next now for South Africa? Congrats to Mbeki’s wife for not pushing him to cling on to power. Some of us women enjoy the seat of power and would do anything to keep it. Its not easy supporting your man wit such a move. I dont think Zuma will take SA to greener pastures.

  16. I wouldnt have a good word for Mbeki because he has dented Madiba’s image and he never carried his legacy. All he’s done is persecute Zuma(though he is actually a wrong chap) instead of mentoring him.

    The way he handled Zim issue really puts me off and as thus he doesnt deserve any applaud.

    You were such a flop and for me you are Madiba’s only mistake. Without you, Madiba would have been a “saint”!

  17. iwe chipwisha mano,cant you think of anything better to say?its coz of jerks like you that zed aint progressing.grow up!!!

  18. Thabo mbeki has done what most people cant do by resigning.Very few African leaders can consider taking such a wise move.Thabo it is nice that you are wise enough to have read the writting on the wall that the time to go had come.Best wishes

  19. Honorable thing Thabo! I feel he has lost out on his quiet diplomacy despite behaving differently and showing Uncle Bob “MUGABE” the way to go.Thabo has been playing with fire for a while and he was prety sure of what to expect from his Citizens if he stretched his luck too far.

  20. Go well Mbeki! atleast you brought peace in my country congo, i will always remember you. we are going back any day because of your hard work.

  21. Hey Guys I like the way this Presdo presented himself when he gave his speech last evening. No personalities or tribal issues were raised but only wishes the new Government well and hopes that it will endeavor to address the people’s aspirations. If you compare this to our situ, who among the Presdo aspirants is most likely to deliver or address our aspirations and better our living standards? Let us pose to think and Vote wisely. Let us choose the right man for our Presdo. Tribe or political Party should not be issue now. I rest my case.

  22. It must have been tough for Mbeki but was the right thing to do. If Mwanawasa had thought about resigning due to ill health, his life would have been spared. Hats off to Mbeki.

  23. whats with resentment of mugabe. Mugabe is the last freedom fighter. if it were within my means and abilities, i would clone him. africa needs MEN of his character. what is happening in zim is as manmade as what happened in zam just before chiluba came in. i invite y’all to read a “the confessions of an economic hitman” then you will understand what mugabe is doing.

  24. South Africa started different hence coninued to prosper. Now they want to follow same route as we all have done. All the best guys, Zuma this is your time and prove it.

  25. Mbeki is discredited and Zuma is supported by a band of thugs. Both are corrupt.
    The poor go hungry and live in shacks while millions in taxpayers’ money is wasted by designer clad politicians engaging in court battles to achieve absolute power.
    It’s the history of Africa repeating itself yet again. One man, one vote is a dangerous right when placed in the hands of ignorant people.

  26. Barbs

    i would like to give credit to Mbeki for taking a very bold decision to step down, not many african leaders can do that. he has shown a high level of maturity in Politics.. Bravo Mbeki…

  27. Good move Thabo! But RSA should find somebody else not Zuma. Zuma is a thief! He’s linked to Katebe Katoto and the “Excutive Outcome”. The Bible says, “War unto you when your king is a kid”

  28. the next one to step down will be mugabe because his friend is gone no one is above the law chikamba tabo mbeki mwanawasa’s soul is and will always be against you.

  29. Tecalo candi cino guys, but I wish you all the best and I hope you know what you are doing. Melema, Vavi,Nzimande, Ramaphosa, Sexwale and you Gwende Mantashe you can now rejoice but we are looking at you. Mbeki was Pan-Africanist. Ngayayamba ukuloka kuno ine nkengilafye but Zhet, inkamishe.

  30. Let him go, he was becoming irrelevant to the region, how dare he not answer a call from BA LEVY… He contributed to stressing up his Execellency BA LEVY

  31. Well atleast we kno their still famous pipo worth writing home about in this stage one can only be jst too proud to be an Africa.

  32. The deputy leader of South Africa’s ruling ANC, Kgalema Motlanthe, will be appointed as the country’s president after the resignation of Thabo Mbeki, party sources said on Monday.

  33. Mbeki was not just the right person for the job. Just because one was a freedom fighter does not make them good political leaders. WE in zed can learn something from this. There is no place for old wrinkly people in runnin the affairs of the nation, so RB, Sata zwaaaaaaaaaaaa!

  34. #61.We said “ONE ZAMBIA,ONE NATION” Don’t insult old people when you young chaps are just armchair critics.Ba UPND, You have been busy preaching youthfulness at the expense of issues.Ulemona kwati kuti twalya your youthfulness? Talk about issues!What is your HH going to do for us?The MADALAS have spoken and articulated isues. Alaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. The beginning of the collapse of this beautiful land. With the machine gun and his thugs (Nzimande, Malema, Mbalula, Vavi, Yengeni, etc) taking over leadership next year, kaya.

  36. What ‘hats off’ to mbeki?? The guy was put in a tight corner and even if he hadnt resigned he would have been chucked out by the ANC led parlaiment. The only thing he did was to save face by not jumping before he was pushed. Now wait and see how Sata’s twin brother ‘machine gun’ zuma will reduce the country from the most prosperous country in africa to the most desparate. Move over Zimbabwe, here comes RSA! Why are africans their own waste enemies??

  37. Sata should also step aside for young ones like lubinda,winter kabimba.Africa is in a hurry to have different kind of politics NOT OLD OLD OLD BULLUSH…PANGA.politics..Otherwise his National morning will only last for one day because there will be nothing to remember him about!!!!!!!!

  38. Lets hope 2010 soccer world cup will take place as planned. President Mbeki could have been allowed to finish his term at least? His action is brave to say the least.

  39. # 19 and # 70 you are spot on, Sata is surely like Zuma,more of a lumpen than an intellectual. Mbeki may not have handled his mediation role in the Zimbabwean crisis very well but he scored very high marks on the economic front. Lets be careful how we vote on 30th October.Come to think of it, have you ever wondered why Sata seems to have a soft spot for Mugabe? Watch out Zambians, FORE-WARNED IS FORE-ARMED.

  40. I truely salute Mbeki for the honourable step down! his legacy will last than that of other leaders we well know of!
    I am not sure if Zuma will succeed in his tenure coz he tested corruption and sexual scandal where he publically confess that he didn’t use a condom and he didn’t contract HIV! and this is the person you want to put in power and be the head of state! just think o what he is capable of doing with all the authority wih him! I’ll cross my fingers????? KAYA e.g Ex Zambian Presdo…! we all know what power can do to peaple,especially african.

  41. Mbeki has fallen because he abused his Executive powers by interfering with judiciary. Mwanawasa did it a lot, to an extent that he forced Mukelebayi the former DPP out (first puting him on a forced sabatical)and interfered with Kashiwa Bulaya,s case. You all Eurogised Mwanawasa as great. Follow South Africa’s example and learn.
    You can not say he is great he knew he could not resist or it would have been messy.

  42. The problem in Africa is our Presidents always wanna die presidents, Like Mugabe ,Mugabe thinks there no other life apart from been president.mbeki is a clever he feel that its enough or else it might be a bad ending. Thumb up Mbeki

  43. It has taken the South Africans a week to deal with Mbekis corruption,why should it take us this long?to deal with our cases?what lessons do we learn from this?Levys blood is hunting these fellars they caused him too much pain now they are paying,next Mugabe watch and see.Iam sorry Mbeki was not as impressive as we want to potray him,look at the straight forward issues like denying the existen of HIV/AIDS?he failed to provide leadership when he was needed the most.He is a loser.Truthfully speaking the Country may just go back to the Boers,Zuma is just a Gold fisher he cannot preside over a nation.Morever a big split is looming which will spell the end of ANC.Mbeki is bitter.

  44. Mugabe or is it Mubabe, must take a leaf from Mbeki or is it Mbokaila?

    # 80 wise up and change your language malingerer!

  45. If Mbeki is so wise , why wasn’t he able to convince he’s power hungry friend Mugabe to quit, he actually encouraged him to cling on!!!! I believe was pushed in a tight corner & no where to run,he was left with one choice…..but to Quit!!

  46. What a move by mr mbeki.Ihope his party will remain in peace.Lessons for african leaders.We hope bwana zuma will be humbled by the move othewise he may lose the elections next year.

  47. #83 new information suggests that Mugabe let off alot of power that there is a risk of the army taking over because of the power deal, so Mbeki knows what he was doing

  48. LT now you got me I am operating from South Africa but back home in Zed you indicate I am operating from some scandinavian country, why?

  49. South African politics are begining to mature. The question is, does it mean the electorate vote in South Africa does not mean anything? What is democracy then if a few individuals are going to overturn the decision of millions of citizens who voted for the ANC. Polokwane demonstrated that there are challenges within ANC constitution. This weeks events have demonstrated gaps or holes within the country’s constitution. How safe is jacob and future leaders in the light of what just happened?

  50. Good point #92. I was just wondering on why it is so. Its quite strange a needs to be upgraded. Otherwise Zuma should be more worried than any other person, because he may soon face the same situation. Mbeki has chosen a right way. SA is about to face a situation worse than they hope for.

  51. But,”UMSHINWAM” has not been cleared of the charges against him!Where is the transparency and accountability?!#AFRICA,woooo!

  52. Alright there Goes the man of intellectual, diplomacy,self dignity respect,responsibilities and most of all a man of all season..this is the kind of man i have been looking for to close the list of my heroes thats it am done with heroes mbeki closes it.. with all due respect sir MBEKI you have shown them how its done now its up to them to follow your lead…..long live Mbeki and God bless ya.hats out peace and am out…..aight

  53. Well, Mbeki might be great to some, but this guy did nothing for the black south Africans by maintaining the status core. The poor blacks cannot compete for jobs with the whites who had proper education during apartheid. So its like the poor remain poorer and rich become richer.

  54. Hats off Mbeki, he is a real gentleman…i have a strong feeling South Africa is going backwards,with Zuma everyone wil being sleeping with every woman and just wash with soap after sex….

  55. Good ridance! The man compromised too much on the Zimbambwe saga. Just because things are looking brighter does not mean this end will justify the means he used. He ignored Mugabe’s abuse of human rights.

    World is a better place.

  56. # 44 Shidada windhoek, the new president of RSA is Mr Kgalema Motlante, he is a wise man and well respected. His credentials stand well above average politicians. I think he is a good choice

  57. Hats off Mbeki, whatever the reasons were for your removal the important thing is to acknowledge the wish of the pipo and serve the country.You have just done that we are proud of you. I wish you goodluck in your court case to set aside the allegations made against you. Once the courts clear you, you will undoubtly be the most honorable president of our times. Go well Mr Mbeki,

  58. Mbeki cannot be compared to those toy toying for power like we are still at the battle of the Mlatuzi River in the 19th Century. Anyway, most South Africans are illiterate and will not see beyond their mouths


  60. south africa is finished! with zuma in power, lets get ready for a zimbabwe like showdown. i so bleed for africa. when will tribalism ever end?

  61. this is such a shame. now we have a hooligan for president. zuma will ruin south africa i can garrantee that.

    yaba that guys has natural charisma and that aint a good thing he has very good persuasive skills and can easily influence people to do his bidding.

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