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TD Jakes dates presidential candidates


WORLD renowned tele-vangelist Thomas Dexter Jakes, fondly referred to as TD Jakes, is expected in Zambia on Monday to meet the presidential hopefuls in an effort to maintain the prevailing peace ahead of this month’s presidential election.

Freedom Summit convenor, Nevers Mumba said at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday that Bishop TD Jakes would pay a courtesy call on the acting President, Rupiah Banda and meet all the presidential hopefuls before talking to the Christianity fraternity.

Dr Mumba said Bishop Jakes’ visit would give hope to the country which was expected to maintain peace during the political transition ahead and after this month’s presidential election following the death of president Levy Mwanawasa.

He was flanked by Miracle Life Church senior pastor Schurtz Walker, Northmead Assemblies of God Church Bishop, Joshua Banda and Barak Ministries pastor Godfrey Mhusambazi in Lusaka.

“This is the first time that Bishop Jakes will be visiting Zambia and he comes into the country to give hope to the nation through the Church leadership during this time of political transition,” Dr Mumba said.

He said Zambia had seen tragedy in the past such as the death of president Mwanawasa but was happy the country was a Christian nation, hence the peace, which was prevailing currently.

Dr Mumba said the summit to be held at Mulungushi International Conference Centre (MICC) was expected to attract the church and private sector, where Bishop Jakes would address them before having a business and leaders’ banquet at Padmozi Hotel.

He said currently, Bishop Jakes was in South Africa conducting a mega conference which was drawing an attendance of more than 100,000 men and women.

Bishop TD Jakes senior was born on June 9, 1957 and is the pastor of the Potters House, a 30,000 non-denominational member Church in Dallas, Texas.

The visiting bishop’s Church services and evangelical sermons are broadcast on the Potter’s Touch which airs on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, Black Entertainment and the Word network.

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  1. Has he met Obama, McCain, Pallina, and the other old man before meeting our ugly sweethearts? We dont need a miracle for this election. Just be reasonable and objective in your voting.

  2. That was a good point . . . I mean where you ask as to whether he has met Obama, McCain, Palin and the other man (altho you address him as old).

  3. ya… first sort out you problems in America then we just might consider you…for us we are just fine and peacefull.

  4. Why meet with our presidentil hopefuls when he has not done the same back home. Zambians wake up! We have enough men of God in our motherland, why didnt he just pray for our peace from his bedroom?

  5. Well, let TD jakes come but you Zedians just got to wake up and do vote right. Vote for Sata. When he tell you that he will reduce fuel prices, believe him because it is doable! I am a Zedian, resident in Uganda, a very small, landlocked country with no mineral wealth like our monister of a nation called zambia, but believe it or not, fuel here costs half the price of the commodity in Zambia, a kg of beef, chicken and fish goes for the equivalent of K4 000 and a bus fair for the Lusaka-Kitwe distance is at the equivalent of K24,000. President Museveni has done it- I repeat- with less resources than Zambia has. Guys wake up!! Ukukana enda cibi sana sana.

  6. May be he has come to invest in the mines. With the tax holiday just slapped on American investors,if not infesters, there can never be a better time to have crusades and some ‘magic shows’.

  7. Nevers Mumba just wants a job. If TD Jakes can help RB win, then perhaps an appointment may be in the offing for Nevers. Typical of lazy people- Nevers just wants to continue being a chancer. What has happenede to ‘Zambia shall be saved’?

  8. why can’t he hold a free session for poor people in one of the stadias? he wants only the rich to attend. it’s a pity that men of God are putting a barrier for poor people to attend their service. why hold a seminar and not an open air crusade for free.

  9. This man of ‘gold’ is currently in South Africa holding ‘magic shows’, has he met Jacob Zuma or Kgalema Mtlanthe or even the blond Thabo Mbeki?

  10. #2 and 4,you need to see the fruits in a man you accusing to come and steal for the poor,Bishop TD Jakes is a man of God.Zambia needs a leader from God and thats is the only way we shall develop.Remember these are last days where the Devil will be using leaders to put people under captivity.Read John 15.

  11. So you are saying TD Jakes can mine aswell. All I thought he could was playing weird music. That magic shows line was funny.

  12. TD Jakes is rich and has morals far better than most people. The evagelicals in the states command a lot of respect and following. we might gain even in terms of social amenities like hospitals,schools. These americans are stinking rich. check the reports how they are changing the debate on abortion and other issues in the states. hope our pastors will learn one thing or two. JD Jakes, u’re welcome to Zambia, bring some benjamins with you.

  13. people,let us respect men of God,who said he has come to make money,he already has money and he doesn’t need your money,we need him to pray with us to maintain peace during the fourth coming elections.

  14. #20, how many men of ‘gold’ do we in Zed? Does this one use a different bible? Why do we need ‘export quality’ pastors? After all its Zambia that is called a Christian nation and not the USA. Why don’t our men of ‘gold’ go to meet the presidential hopefuls there instead of the other way round?

  15. How did he get the money he has? He’ll go tell the story in d US that I went to help d poor africans to have peace for free and then the benjamins will role in (to him).

  16. Christ Jesus could have been richer than King Solomon, Bill Gates… if only he was charging people for the good news. Judge for yourself.

  17. Have respect for things of God. If you have nothing to say please do not blog lest you get cursed for nothing. TD Jakes was scheduled to meet Mwanawasa way before his demise (LPM). This conference has been on the table for a long time now. if you dont know, plz stay away. There is nothing wrong in meeting with leaders of the country.

  18. Nevers Mumba
    Go back and learn yaself,you want to be pastor or into politricks?
    Why niot Zimbabwe for your God´s sake?

  19. Ba Jakes you are welcome,the bible declares that Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.(2chro 20:20)
    The devil shall nolonger oppress the zambian people coz we are under an open heaven,said one prophet of God who visited zambia recently.

  20. Bishop Jakes you are welcome,the bible declares that Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.(2chro 20:20)
    The devil shall nolonger oppress the zambian people coz we are under an open heaven,said one prophet of God who visited zambia recently.

  21. Problem with Zambians is anything non-Zambian is from heaven. You have your Joe Imakandos, why dont they meet with the candidates? South Africans have their own Desmond Tutu. You just want import quality thieves.

  22. Triple – M its you whose too shallow to think! What has this topic to do with our staple food? You cant even be proud of your food later-on your pastors! Shame on you coward. Nalalya akabwali palunch because of you because am proud of it. Zambian ID!

  23. He is welcome if he can teach our ‘men of God’ some tricks. Our GDP is low, we want to send them to the USA to bring benjamins. Our minerals are going out for pennies. We need alternative sources of capital.

  24. jd jakes
    should donate money to ophanages in zambia and to visit rural areas
    than to have seminars in hotels
    and to pray for nevers mumba to stop conning god
    and deliver corrupt leaders

  25. Wrong timing! Candidates are at there prime in there campaigns.Just wat does TD JAKES want to tell the contestants.
    Has he met Obama & Mcain yet? problem again it was organised by 1 Nevers & its making pipo nervous

  26. Ask him to pray to whatever he prays to, for all Zambians with an identity crisis to realise how special they are, and appreciate a sense of belong.

  27. We don’t need prayers or preachers to tell us how to vote wisely. If a candidate is corrupt and a non-performer like RB , no amount of prayers will give him votes and if a candidate is grossly inexperienced in running public office like HH, no amount of prayer will turn him into an experienced performer. Tell TD Jakes to go and talk to Obama and McCain- we as Zedians are NOT ready for time wasters like him!

  28. If the IMF can come and tell you how to run your economy when you have so many educated economists whats wrong with TD JAKES coming to talk about a peaceful election?

  29. #14, 20 and 24 amen to your well thought out comments. Most of these guys (above comments) who seem not to appreciate men of God like TD Jakes need the touch of God. How can one person insinuate that Jakes is probably here to get money out of the poor Zambians. Shame indeed. guys this man of God is rich and the leadership and following he commands from a broad spectrum of people is unquestionable. Lets face it, this country lacks good leaders of integrity and thats the one reason why we’re poor. Learning from the bishop one or two leadership ideas of God can be helpfull for our ‘leaders.’
    The man is anointed, and the bible says, ‘touch not my anointed….’ ha, mwe bantu, lets be reason

  30. Because the IMF and World Bank control the world economies, and they dont come hiding in holy names. We need loans from these two institutions for economic sustainability. Whatever this jazz singer has to offer we have already.

  31. These pastors have just become rich out of making money from the poor. When is Danny Pule going to see Obama and McCain? Just because TD Jakes is from the USA gives him the privilege to meet politicians? And after the summit he goes into a business and leaders briefing? A pastor? why not go to Chibolia to see how Zambians live?
    He’s coming and i quote “on Monday to meet the presidential hopefuls in an effort to maintain the prevailing peace”
    What peace can he maintain? There’s more to it than meets the eye.

  32. Please fund raise for my brother Nevers Mumba DR he needs to buy a house urgently.And pray for Dan Pule not to divorce the current wife

  33. Once, again,the prophet says,pabwato will sinkyyyy,someone remembers Titanic???,hence those supporting it will go down with it on 30th Oct 2008 and by 2011 the pabwatooo slogan will be no where,believe me guys,iam a man og God who sees things in the spiritual realms!For our battle is not fresh and blood but against the spiritual wickedness in the high places.The only right minded man is RB tho he will need to eliminate ma crooks still in DDM oh i mean MMD!

  34. #56 what do the Pentecostal churches do, squeeze the little a poor man has by telling him a verse that will convince him. Hallelujah AMEN. VIVA PA BWATOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Enoch 2016


  36. This platform is for peaceloving zambians to express their opinions,wetha ur against Sata, HH or whoeva,the truth is that its only your opinion,others will agree with others not!It’s not a platform of insults.The truth will be seen on 30th Oct and in 2011.So keepin on writing and avoid insults,One zambia One Nation!

  37. Imwe,Judge not the Lord’s anointed!No wonder you get cursed!Bishop Jakes is not coming to beg from us Zedians but to pray and bless us.Let us please appreciate,when a prophet comes to the land we shall surely see the fruits of his anointing.Stay blessed ,bretheren.

  38. elo lwanya nomba.Who knowz!!!! next person will be Ernest Angely or Jesus himself.

    Let the man just come for his conference and not in the name of visiting presidential hopefools oooooops hopefulls

  39. Awe we dont want, as long as nevers is involved in this, they will simply want to endorse RB awe TD just come and do your crusades ba nevers balilya kale Indalama sha muli brown envelope.

  40. Ba prophet of doom to bad you are giving mashamo to MMD, the boat we are using has got enough Life jackets for us to survive the currents of the mighty ZAMBEZI VIVA PF VIVA PA BWAAAAAAAAATOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  41. Iwe Zodwa you cant read between the lines! we are able to pray for peace and we are wise enough to chose a leader! Ata uko ba Nevers! Annointed kwisa! They are all the same balatutola bakapala!

  42. Perhaps this man of God should be talking to the American presidential candidates! There is much mudslinging, misinformation, lying and downright racism on the part of the former POW.

  43. Perhaps this man of God should be talking to the American presidential candidates! There is much mudslinging, misinformation, lying and downright racism on the part of the former POW.

  44. we want real men of God Like TB JOSHUA OF SYNAGOGUE CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS (nigeria)who can see things and say them before they happen like what happened when our president went to Egypt. he told the whole nation that he saw a President going out – on a mission but he is seeing the flag of a nation going down and up meaning the life of this leader is at stack. So let TD JAKES come and will hear the way he is going to cheat the pipo of zambia or maybe say the realities of this country.

  45. he also belongs to mwadya mweka daddy MMD ,zoona Mwalya Mweka Dad MMD since they are just there for sucking the community. Nevers is cruel. why can he first sort out the bribe allegations before entering the pulpit. God please help us. moreover how can we trust TDJ? if he deals with corrupt stupid pharisee Mumba and Cosmo.

  46. But shallow mindedness iyi yibi. All the way from USA to come and still here. What is it that he can steal from Zambia sure mwebantu. Learn to appreciate these men of God. Its a blessing to have him here and all some of you can do is criticize. God help you mwandini. Count yourselves lucky to even be visited. God has opened the door. He told him Zambia so I dont’ know why some of you are saying why not Zimbabwe. That is how you miss your blessings. Spirit kukupita pa nozzle so.

  47. To all my fellow bloggers:

    Latest:- That T B Joshua from Emmanuel TV prophesied that an opposition will win the presidential elections and they will be blood shed. Lets pray hard people we don’t want blood shed. May God bless our country Zambia

  48. RB and his image builders should know that no amount of image panel beating will delete the corruption from our minds. Intergrity/honesty is earned and not bought!

  49. # bless us with what? let him go to Somalia that is where the blessings are needed.He is just like any other business man. maybe he has been hit by the credit crunch, pipo have stopped giving mutulo too many cash problems in the USA

  50. No. 12 Chisha, thats good our politicians have let us down, tell me something is Uganda experiencing the same electricity blue. Because loadshedding is bad in Zambia.

  51. why did dr nevers mumba thought of bringing this man, may be they are birds of same feathers balefyaya ukupang ulupiya tabalumone pa zed.

  52. it seems on this forum everything is trivilised what a shame.Lets not mess with God much as we have a rite to express ourselves.Think once before you speak once this will help.

  53. Bishop TD Jakes please cast out a demon from pastor Nevers Mumba and RB first, They were refusing about the dishing out of brown envelops.

    Please pray hard to cast them out of Government in Jesus’ name

  54. we are peaceful you say what happened in Kenya? my brothers were peaceful lets not take peace for granted,we do all we can to keep our peace and learn as much as we can from others.get the best out of him and build on that…we all know whom we are voting for so cheers mother zambia……

  55. Is it not the IMF that introduced the programmes like SAP which is responsible for the sufferings that we are experiencing today. Is that what you call controlling the world economy. Think man!

  56. 20 and 25 you’re wise. the bible say ‘my people perrish for luck of knowledge.
    No.22 and 26, you stink with demon spirits.God will hold you accounteble with what ever you say. if he has come to steal from you fine. God will judge him not you.

  57. Is it not the IMF that introduced the programmes like SAP which is responsible for the sufferings that we are experiencing today. Is that what you call controlling the world economy. They are here to make money out of us.

  58. Different people worship different gods. In principal there are only to sides you can take as regards religious allegience, the only true God who has a name and the father of my saviour Christ Jesus, and Satan. But note that Satan is manifest in many different gods. He has managed to blind the hearts of many and made them believe that how they worship is the almighty wants them to. ‘Not everyone that says lord lord will enter my kingdom’, why is this so? Because peoples hearts and spiritual eyes have been blinded by the devil.

  59. All ministers and deputy ministers whose constituencies will perform badly in the presidential bye election should be dropped because they are a liability to MMD.

  60. People can you reason before writing your comments. It is written in the bible that the fear of God is the begining of wisdom. it is also written that touch not my anoited. Each man has a gift from God so if you dont believe in any anoited man of God then I dont know what type of a person you are and never insult or say bad things to chosen men of God becoz if you do so you are just cursing yourself. lets be mindful the way we handle issues. if you dont have something to comments just stay away.

  61. For those who do not know, TD J or whatever you call him is super rich from the money he siphones from the Americans. Nevers tried and failed only a few who dont want to open there eyes go to his Church to give him more money. Who doesnt know that he sponsored the failed attempt by Mr Mumba? In Zambia you wonder, Someone commits adultary and pipo go to his church the next morning blinded by the so called men of God? Shame on Nevers to be mentioning God when a few weeks ago he was getting brown envelops????
    Wake up men!!!!!!!

  62. ” if my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and turn away from their sins and pray to me, i’l answere and heal their land” a country like Zambia really needs the hand and the abandunt mecies of’s not a loss to bless the man of God with whatever the amount. How much have we spent on issues that haven’t even benefited Zambia as a whole? and who has told you the man God is comming to get our money? guys be realistic and careful in your comments you might be casing yourselves.

  63. If Jay-Z can say he is a fake and even mention his name in the song, it must be obvious to all. Satan uses the fear of God to have people listen to everyone who comes in christ’s name. So follow such men (Nevers, Pule, Jakes) but know that you could be in line for destruction by God with them.

  64. People can you reason before writing your comments. It is written in the bible that the fear of God is the begining of wisdom. it is also written that touch not my anoited. Each man has a gift from God so if you dont believe in any anoited man of God then I dont know what type of a person you are and never insult or say bad things to chosen men of God becoz if you do so you are just cursing yourself. lets be mindful the way we handle issues. if you dont have something to comments just stay away.

  65. Njooka! May God have mercy on you. May he deliver you from the words that comes from your mouth. I know you’re not christian.

  66. This is all strategy to divert attention and take off the heat from RB. Yes indeed why not visit BOB next door where there is a real crisis?

  67. I am a born again child but will not be deceived here, NO! TD Jakes should have come here to preach the WORD of God to Zambians and not to come and confuse voters. MMD and Mumba Nevers have no morals and he should not start using God’s name in a wrong way.They steal from the poor which a sin as evidenced in the bible. Zambia has ever been peaceful and we always will continue. Abash MMD and your sponsored American “experts” for dirty RB. We know all your shallow schemes! Where has TD Jakes been all these years? RB has realised how unpopular he is hence these manouvers. Viva SATA viva pa BWATOOOOOOOOOOO pa BWATOOOOOOOOOOO

  68. #22 Demadone I conquer with you. Zambia is a peacefull nation. It was going to be better if he had first met Obama and McCain. Ba Nevers nabo kuti bamiletela nechi pondo mu chalo. Anyway Nevers is too broke such that he has failed to buy the house he has been renting in Chudleigh/Jesmondine.

  69. Let the man of God come and impart wisdom into the on-coming president. This world needs men who are fearful and respectful of God. And the people of God said…Amen!!!!

  70. It’s not that we’re angaist TD JAKE’S coming, it’s only that he is connected to Dr Nevers Mumba this man is so crooked ma Zedians.We are a God loving country,but tired of people like ba mumba.

  71. interprate the Bible well. It is because of your interpretation that we suffer today. “dont touch the annointed” Who told you that Nevers is annointed???? Getting brown envelopes is being annointed?? Divorcing is annointed???(Pule), Stealing church property is annointed??( watever his name in matero) Wake up please. You dont leave a preacher stealing in the name of God to do the punishment??? arrest him!!!!! By the way, there are so many Churches in Zambia and elswhere, I advise you to leave these men and go to well meaning Churches not churches that plant a “satanist” in order to make names that they are” men of God”, Wake up pliz!!!!

  72. Dr Mumba please. Zambia has always been peaceful and will remain so. We don’t need TD Jakes for us to maintain peace after election. These are not the first nor the last elections we are going to hold. Lets not belittle ourselves. I agree with #1, did TD Jakes pray for the elections in the USA.

  73. I think Zimbabwe needs prays more than we do. Why didn’t Jakes go to Zimbabwe during the Zim February elections?

  74. Lil Njooka is very right. Lil you are a fool, a big one. You do not have sensible things to say on this site so plz shut your useless mouth and let Njooka debate sensible issues. Imwe muchitafye nga mwamona umuntu from America ati yes let him meet the presidential canditates. What about our very own Imakandos, the Joshua Bandas etc. Atase ka Lil ma rubbish!!!!!!!

  75. Guys i said it earlier. Touch not my annointed. Nevers has only taken advantage of TDJ’s visit to SA and later he’s to pay a courtesey call on a fervent man of God. Nevers has heard about all this and he decided to take advantage of it. Dont insult TDJ because he doesnt know what sort of devils have run into Nevers. He thinks its the old Nevers.

    And some of u, yo comments are based on the 1st comment u see on the blog. Be realistic guys!

  76. Yes TD Jakes, you have made a great decision to visit Zambia at this time.
    I know that from God, and from the experiences God has allowed you through you will offer grade guidance to our nation.
    You are welcome to Zambia; with all our hearts we welcome you, sir!
    Of course, there are some people who will not like TD Jakes’ coming to Zambia. They will criticize and criticize, but not all criticism is genuine criticism. After all even one of our opposition leaders, Michael Chilufya SATA, said at state house during his reconciliation with Mwanawasa that not everything he had criticised was genuine criticism, most of it was due to personal hatred.
    So you are welcome sir

  77. careful guys with your comments! the bible says do not touch my anointed ones. you wont know what curse will befall you by your careless words against the man of God(TD Jakes. May God use him as he speaks to our presidential candidates, my prayer is that they hearken to the words from the man of God.

  78. Is he one of the image builders that the MMD has hired to work on RBs image? This Dr. Mumba, isn’t he the man i saw dance with a ka 13 year old girl in one of the tabloids during the Kusefya pa Ngwena ceremony recently with his friend not so smart Aka? This is the man who equally wanted to stand on the MMD ticket. Doc RB is the one who needs prays, he needs divine intervation to win these elections. Sata has already been prayed for by the Catholic Bishops, as for HH i will have to consoult the mosanic fratenity before i comment.

  79. A line from Jay-Z song. I couldn’t put in the whole song coz of language issues.

    Can’t y’all, see that he’s fake, the rap version of TD jakes
    Prophesizing on your CDs and tapes
    Won’t break you a crumb of the little bit that he makes
    And this is with whom you want to place your faith?
    I put dollars on mine, ask Columbine
    When the Twin Towers dropped, I was the first in line
    Donating proceeds off every ticket sold

    www letras.terra

  80. We are talking about TD Jakes and someone comes up with the ‘pabwato’ business.
    I have noticed that this ‘bwato’ thing must have serious side effects on those who practice or use it.
    I think the best time is now; it will be too late to call doctors when many people start suffering from ‘bwato’ simptoms.
    This ‘bwato’ epidemic may show simptoms such as:
    1) relactance to show logic,
    2) anger towrds analytical issues,
    3) insults and accute temper,
    4) uncontrolled shouting,
    5) etc.
    Doctors may simply term it as ‘mysterious disease’, but people should not worry at all as evrything is under control.

  81. judging from you bloggers, i can say that the distraction strategy is working!!!You are already divided and that is the whole idea behind all this TD Jakes nonsense.MMD brown envelops at work.

  82. No. 84. Will u please shed more light on the prophesy Prophet TB Joshua made as u have indicated. The Man Prophesised that Mwanawasa had died and so it was. If that is his prophesy on the Zambian political stuation, lets get prepared for an opposition Leader winning.


  83. There is nothing wrong in TD Jakes coming to Zambia, but the problem is with the person who has invited him. Very few people trust NERVERS Mumba. If he remained trusted like in the early Nineties he would be himself bring the presidential candidates together but he has lost it. Trust is difficult to build but once you lose it then that is the end, FINITO!

    Perhaps the other question is: How much will they charge for the banquet? Are the charges reasonable for the poorly paid Zambians?

  84. I think TD Jakes is one of RB’s image builders. Ba Nevers naimwe defend yourself on the K15 Million instead of bringing people here. Mwalipoka K15m thinking it was yours when it was meant for Cozmo.

  85. number55 be careful when involving God. He died to save you not for you to politises God. God is not for your foolish jokes of politics. Fear God and give glory unto Him for the hour of His judgement is come. Revelation 14:6-12. Exodus 20:2-7.

  86. What rubbish??? We have enough men of God in Zambia and we have maintained peace thru our own efforts. Jakes should pray for America coz Zambia is more peaceful than America. Publicity seeking hypocrites. Abash Mumba and his useless initiatives.

  87. How do you invite TD Jakes to meet RB,MCS HH and the General before you ask if they are interested to meet the the guy? This makes me nervers.

  88. By the way. Yesterday I (Mind you I am not UPND but am being objective)watched HH on MUVI TV and one thing he said struck me. He said:”When you have some money before you think of buying a Benz first buy some properties say a house and a BENZ later. This is the discpline we want to instill in the citizens when we come into office.”
    Mind I am not UPND but I am giving an ear to every presidential candidate.
    This has been my personal thinking as an Accountant in my life.

  89. Ref 129, you are childing thinking that the the catholic church supports Sata, in the first place do the catholic church vote and how many has it got?Catholics in Zambia come from all walks of life with different political affiliation. Im catholic and Im not going to vote for the satan.

    TD Jkes is welcome and will not sway the directions the election will take whether he likes it or not. The one who works hard will cary the day. It further requires objectivity of voters to arrive at choosing the best candidate who has the capacity and the knowledgeable skills to implement the economic policies than wating TD Jakes to deliver RB and the Mumbwa’s of corrupt MMM. VIVA HH and UPND

  90. Ka nervers God will burn you directly. Dont mess around with hi. He will panish you. TD Jakes need to satrt with his country where eveil is the norm. I personaly not interested in his rubish. The only thing he is coming to do is either solicit for money or bring money to beef up RBs compaign. Please Dont mess us up in the nane of God.

  91. Lord forgive the ungodly blogger’s who have falsely accused your servant on this forum. They are spiritually blind and they do not know what they are saying… Bless our land Zambia in the name of Jesus Christ

  92. #136 It was on Emmanuel TV on sunday. He said that he can see the strong opposition party winning the elections in the Southern part of Africa and some blood shed

  93. [Jay-Z]
    Can’t y’all, see that he’s fake, the rap version of TD jakes
    Prophesizing on your CDs and tapes
    Won’t break you a crumb of the little bit that he makes
    And this is with whom you want to place your faith?
    I put dollars on mine, ask Columbine
    When the Twin Towers dropped, I was the first in line
    Donating proceeds off every ticket sold
    When I was out on the road, that’s how you judge Hov, no?
    Ain’t I supposed to be absorbed myself?
    Every time there’s a tragedy, I’m the first one to help
    They call me this misogynist, but they don’t call me the dude
    To take his dollars to give gifts at the projects
    These dudes is all politics, depositing checks
    they put in they pocket, all y

  94. I agree with No.27. ubwali bubi sana sana sana. Ubwali mulalenga amano ukucepa: try it pa Lunch and eat icibwali and moments later you will start snoring in broad day light. Did you know that in countries like Uganda, just next door to you zedian, ubwali is for prisoners and the extremely poor and for livestock? The Parliament of Uganda has been debating about baring ifimabwali muma boarding schools, colleges and Universities.And they are just about to do that because of the scientifically proven negative effects of ubwali on the human brain. But you Zedians ngamwalima sana amataba you think nishi namukwata ifyakulya! Sha! Bushe bukaca lilali uko??? Lekeni nkabwele nkese mitekapo.

  95. Shame Shame everything is shamefull!!!!!!!!!!!! lets just vote and get on withlife. twatendwa please everything is politics. if the TDJ whants to come let him come. we have had them before at one time Beni Hinn prayed FTJ.

  96. #84 I am a believer but I am very careful about prophesies. Remember in 1990 some of our local pastors prophesied that if KK lost there would be blood shed in Zambia. KK lost and what happened? The book of JAMES in the bible tells us to test every spirit. Don’t just believe whatever every preacher says. Mind you TB Joshua is Ngerian and Nigeria is a land of plenty so anything can come from there.

    GOD will preserve this land whoever wins, so for the believers let’s just continue praying for peace whereever you.

  97. It would be interesting to watch Sata talking to TD Jakes. I think he would be as frank as he was with Frank Mutubila.
    He told Mutubila: There is also a roumor that you are HIV positive.

    Sata to Jakes: There is a roumor that you are stealing in the name of christ.

  98. #148 must be paid by them.for sure has he met Obama or Mccain.Juma in SA or mugabe in Zim.pliz dont fool people coz of poverty.

  99. Last time i listened to TDJ was in 2002, i have not followed him since then, what has he done to deserve such animosity. twebeni

  100. #152 You have a problem if you can say that about Ubwali. This is the problem, you go abroad and you starting saying ubwali (Nshima) is bad. Come to Lusaka and see how some Chinese are enjoying Nshima. Stick to the topic otherwise you will start saying things that are irrelevant.

  101. Imwe ba Desmond Tutu ku SA nabakana uku voter ati tapali ama candidates abali credible bonse balefwaika indipi nama pepo.

  102. #145 Its well know fact that Sata is a catholic and as such he does not need TD Jakes to pray for him. The late LPM was a baptist and he never needed a Dr Mumba to pray for him. The catholic church has the largest following in Zambia like or not, and it will be folly for anyone to think that all catholics will support one candidate, but its only logical that the church you congregate with prays for you.

  103. #152 Chisha. Some people here are quite smart and they eat Ubwali. Where are you anyways? Malawi? The tallest building they have made there is about 3 stories.

  104. Forumites. I should say am conflicted as a result of my endorsement of RB. But suffice to say i can predict that this man of the collar wil tell Zambians that the lord has instructed him that RB will get it. Nevers mumba can not just bring someone to come and enjoy our country. there must be something fishy about this. I wish he was invited when we needed to pray for our dear Levy.

  105. 12. Chisha
    So it’s Uganda and now you call yourself travelled. The only reason why things are expensive here is that have a stronger spending power. Ugandans don’t come here coz they would starve. You are there coz you can afford to live there. We eat Ubwali coz we like it. Eat whatever you eat but don’t let me know you with your thinking. Nkakuponona mwaiche.

  106. A prophet is not respected in his home country. How many of you respects Pastors Nevers Mumba and Dan Pule? I guess none. but when they go out of the country, they are crowd pullers. #104. anonymous you are very right.For the first time on this blog, you ve said something sensible.

  107. Imwe mwebantu. dont speak ill about TD Jakes. Mind you He is a man of God. What ever his mission is let him be, dont just speak ill of Him. He’s rich so it’s not possible that he can come to Zambia only to make money. He’s a very rich Man back in the states

  108. Yeh #84 were can I found the same information, i have checked his website i have only seen the one he prophesied over Benie Mac death. could u please share more.

  109. #154 well KK lost, but don’t you think the reason why there was no blood shed it’s because Zambians and other people prayed for God’s protection?

  110. Well thats gud Nevers but we dont need you guys help, i think everything is under control. Try Zimbabwe and America, take him there am sure you can make money in the name of God. Stop wat you doing, i thought you got enough from RB Nevers!!!!!!!

  111. ‘Touch not My annointed and do My prophets no harm’
    May the Almighty forgive all of you who have spoken negatively of the man of God.
    I would advise you to tap into his anointing instead of exposing your jealousy over someone who has been blessed by the Lord.
    From personal experience, my life has been turned around by the teachings of TD Jakes. May the Lord continue to bless him and the work he has began across Africa.

  112. This is all silly. Nevers has run broke, and now his gimmick is to call more powerful pastors so that he can also sungapo!!! I mean, he hopes to fundraise from this. Go to Zimbabwe and pray for them coz those are in serious trouble, not Zambia, except for Sata with his kaponyas.

  113. Ala kwena mwe bantu muli bakali, i can only imagine what would happen if this country was to be thrown in turmoil the way pipo are expressing anger towards each other over a subject that is meant to inform and educate. Nevers is as good as each one of us who falls short of the glory of God. But should we demonise him even if he’s trying to mean good for the general populace. Let me challenge you bloggers. . . Whoever has never sinned should throw the first stone, and if you haven’t, say amen!!!!

  114. I just want to advise my friends outthere especially Minibus drivers don,t think that everyone is for PF, there some people we meet in Buses they think we all fall in the same boat, NO. Don’t forget there are 4 presidential aspirants.

  115. what is RBs and MMDs motive in asking TD Jakes to come.

    Shame on them if they smear his name with there filth.

  116. Nevers Mumba has perfected his art of deception. I hope he is not conning Rev. TD jakes. Can we know the true mission of the USA Rev to Zambia.. because i doubt he came for this mission just to meet and pray for our Presidntial Candidates. Maybe he came to pray for Dan Pule and Nevers, the fallen Dr REVs and now want to extended his mission. There must be something UKUlyamo for Nevers.


    Following the demise of the late LPM, SC, Zambia goes for Presidential by- elections on 30th October 2008. At this point, the writer will not dwell into the songs of praises or failures that have been sung for the late President but rather, take an in-depth analysis of what could be expected in the forth coming Presidential by-election.

    With a presidential race that kick started somewhere in the month of September 2008, the competition has gained momentum, sparking a lot of bitter competition and mudslinging amongst the three major contenders namely; Rupiah B. Banda, MMD, Michael Chilfya Sata PF, an

  118. #170, being rich is a very relative term. Rich compared to who? You are just low thinker and non starter. People like you I can imagine just dream without applying effort for action. God does not work that way. Open your eyes, the MMD has schemed something smelly here but it’s too late ‘cause we are knowledgeable. Poverty and illusion can only be eliminated by native Zambians that’s why we are voting for SATA period. Don’t be a pretender!!!

  119. It is now official, the mysterious disease was contracted through sexual activity with a monkey. TD Jakes is here to pray for the whities so that they stop such practices.

    Those who frequent the “red light district”….(Northmead) it’s rumoured that our twags may have contracted the same during an orgy at some whitey’s farm. Stick to your wives this weekend guys until we are sure the red light district is clear

  120. Good to have the good imspirational preacher once dubbed the ‘hottest preacher’on the globe, in our backyard. But of course we dont expect anything special from him for our political setuation. What is he meeting the candidate for?
    Couldnt he rather spend his time inspiring the Zambians.

  121. i m one of those pipo that are so excited to have TD Jakes come to Zambia. we r so blessed to have td jakes come to Zambia and b a great blessing to us. Theres hope for mother zambia and come 30th october God is gonna give us a Joshua who will drive us to a land flowing with milk and honey. God bless TD Jakes!!!!!!

  122. #183 I think people should stop frequenting the red light district not just for this weekend but for good. Period.

  123. Who is the best person to succeed Levy Mwanawasa in the upcoming presidential by-election?
    Michael Sata – 41.2%
    Hakainde Hichilema – 38.1%
    Rupiah Banda – 15.5%
    Brig. General Godfrey Miyanda – 5.2%
    Total votes: 3812

  124. God deliever Njooka from the demons which possesses him to hate God’s people and christian matters. Deliever everyone whom he has influenced on LT and elsewhere in the name of Jesus.

    TD Jakes is a man of God with a good heart and is doing good works in nations like Kenya and RSA. Leave him alone and don’t insult him because of Nevers. Our country needs him and this is the right ordained time for him irrespective of who has brought him. Shame on you insulting Zambians

  125. First of all TD Jakes don’t need your money, he can buy your country if he want to. This man of God just want to help you, why can’t you just accept it for what it is. You cry and ask God for help and he send you help in the form of a man of God. You say you are a christain nation. Are you? You have formed an option before he and your leaders have meet. If you are truly a christain nation ask God to open up your heart and your ears. The Bible said :He that hath an ear let him hear what the sprit saith to the churches. HEAR

  126. #191, do you mean to tell me that there is no other man of God in Zambia who is capable of delivering the message that TD is going to deliver? Whats so special about TD anyway? So rich that he can even buy Zambia? Then maybe he is the one who needs deliverance in order to enter the kingdom of God. Last time I checked Jesus could have made money if he wanted to but he knew that it was ‘easier for a camel to enter the eye of a needle”. Read your bible widely; dont just stick to the few verses that your pastors give you to justify their hands dipping into your pocket. Can someone pliz ask the Pope to come and meet the presidential hopefuls so that we see what pentez have to say about that.

  127. #134 i can not agree with you more, some of these pipo dont know what they are talking about and they don not understand the repacations of there blind following…

  128. #188 thank you for the low down on the intenet poll statistics. Unfortunately this is not BIG BROTHER show where the pipo who vote online are the ones who also vote for contestants. In case you dont know, the majority of the pipo who took part in that internet-based poll you are quoting are either in the diaspora or do not have voters cards. So I’d be a bit careful about being influenced by people who have very little impact on the outcome of the election.

  129. #175, you are a rodent!! Who told you that being in an office and watching porn on the web the whole day makes you better than the Kaponyas? Kaponyas are real people and am sure a line of your brothers and relative are also kaponyas, reason because MMD cannot create meaningful employment for majority Zambians. Respect everyone’s job brother. Just as a reminder, PF attracts highly intelligent and hard working people, the more reason SATA will voted in because we need to put to practice all the knowledge we have into practice, ACTION and not sugar and mealie meal distribution. Do you even know what the name England mean? Be real, we are better of in ZED than parking stuff in TESCO. Viva SATA……

  130. TD Jakes has morality issues he needs to sort out. Among his entourage to South Africa is Paula White the woman was investigated by congress for her lavish lifestyle that included buying a $300,000 Bentley as a present for TD Jakes. She was going through divorce from Randy White at the time and many people questioned the morality of receiving personal gifts from a woman who is estranged from her husband. I thought I should share this for the record.

  131. Quote of day :

    “Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from weak minds.”

    LEAVE GOD and his pipo alone……….

  132. TD Jakes is a good man of God,but let him come over to woodlands were everyone can have chance to listen to his teaching

  133. Paula White’s gift to TD Jakes is public information here in the US. It was included in the Senate Reports during the investigation of teleevangelists with lavish lifestyles

  134. Na K mwapoleni mayo? i don’t need to say anything wrong issue, but its happenings does not smell well to me, especially that ba Mumba is in the fore front….

    Well we shall also pray for our forgiveness!!!

    However, we need to pray and Vote for Sata as President of the Republic of Zambia>>>

    Forgive me ine nipabwaaaaaaatooooo fye!!!

  135. td jakes u should as well pray for nevers coz he has started following satan busy receiving and dishing out brown envelopes to the poor so that they vote for foolish RB so that he gets employment when RB gets to plot 1…..

  136. pipe learn to be in contact with God on a daily basis and stop this issue of telling lies on men and women of God…

  137. About Paula white:

    I don’t know if Jesus would accept the bentley. Or any of the apostles. It’s a gift full of the spirit of this world.

    In the pic she looks like an expensive prostitute and the guy like a drug dealer

  138. to all Zambians and Voters,

    There is an eye that never sleeps,
    beneath the wind of night.
    There is an ear that never shuts,
    There is an arm that never tires, when human strength gives way. There is a love that never fails when earthly loves decay.

    Therefore, there is hope for every one and Zambia is no exceptional…

    Lets change our thinking….

  139. Truth be told Men of God like Dr.Nevers Mumba makes me uncomfortable especially when i hear they are involved in something seeming progressive my heart quivers… any way katwishii…

    but Pabwaaaaaaatoooo, NI DOWN!!!!

  140. Dont just call anybody with money a servant of God. Mulamu, thanks for the info on TDJ. Nervers is a cunning customer and something just stinks in all this.

  141. Na K thanks alot for the information i didnt watch it, last time Prof.TB Joshua talked about this country it was on Levy’s death he profesd before he dead, so i have great respect for TB Joshua. if he said that then we are in for Big Prayers lets pray for peace am sure that is why TD Jakes is in…



  143. You prayed but LPM still died and nodoby wants a postmortem on that subject. So what will TDJ do if it has been prophesied? We know how some pipo cant resist envelopes and bling in the name of Jesus!!!!

  144. pipe learn to be in contact with God on a daily basis and stop this issue of telling lies on men and women of God…

  145. Ati TDJ should pray for Dan P and his wife? bane, which one?You cant keep up with Dan P and maybe he is even practising same sex marrage by now.

  146. #205 ‘Spectator’ mwapoleni mwe ndume. Am in a boat going to the other shore of the ocean.

    #208 ‘Frank Talk’ You are welcome

  147. let TD jakes go and meet osama bin laden then he should go to zambia to meet micheal sata,rb and HH.what is mumba trying to do.

  148. Mansa, you must be very young but let me tell you that i watched during one of the Zambia Shall Be Saved programs Nevers boasted about how much money he makes when he is called to preach as a guest preacher in USA. Please someone remiand these pipo who follow blindly if you recall this program.Dont get fooled this is all about ‘amapini’ period.How much do they care about steet kids? God is asking us to take care of the poor not the fat and rich – if we want true peace and true about our faith.

  149. ala Ndifwe bwimo mweenkashi Na K…alai fyakuchitikafye efiletinya…The Almighty indeed should help us….

    Thanks to note that you are on the boat need you are the LADY with serious attitude(Positive) towards progress, ala nibonsefwe that’s why am keeping these ends busy with the


  150. People lets avoid foolishing men of God else will be cursed.for me TD Jakes coming to Zambia is a blessing.Of course we do pray in Zambia but this Man of God just decided to come and visit us and therefore we thank him for coming to our country.God bless Zambia.

  151. Besides all these side shows let us all vote for A’banda.
    Sata does not have the health needed to manage this country for the next two years.
    HH is good but he needs to be battle tasted, in short he needs more time.

    A banda is in the stage of self actualising, he has seen it all, lived it all. done it all,now he is a philanthropist just doing it for the same of the people. Vote Abanda

  152. People lets avoid foolishing men of God else will be cursed.for me TD Jakes coming to Zambia is a blessing.Of course we do pray in Zambia but this Man of God just decided to come and visit us and therefore we thank him for coming to our country.God bless Zambia.

  153. When Chiluba came to power Nervers was always at state house whispering to Chiluba. Whithin a short period of time we we visited by so many great preachers, Benny Hinn, Enerst Angley, Remmer, Pastor Bonke, Dr Mesa otabil and others. Chiluba even went to bath in the Jordan after visiting the famous Prophet T.B. Joshua in Nigeria. When he came back he chased his wife and confiscated Regina from Mr Mwanza. He tried for a third term, got himself involved with the deaths of Penza and Paul Tembo.He went laughing all the way to Kabulonga after retirement with Zamtrop funds

  154. #15 kojo mentioned that God help us. Indeed help us Jehova and protect us from evil for many will come in your name……….



  157. #234 yes we thank God but our eyes can not see beyong so we can only ask God who sees beyond us to open our eyes so that we embrace him if he means well and otherwise if not. #1 has asked good questions that can not be ignored. If he cares for us genuinly more than his home country may God bless him.

  158. #235- Citizen, you r right on the spot.We were only saved from Jimmy Swagart by his own undoing.I wounder who’s next

  159. Thank GOD for this visit. We need people to stand with us in prayer as we make this transition.We need a men or women who fears the lord in leadership and who will lead this nation by good examples.People whom our children can look upto as role models with good morals.People whose family life and public life is pleasing in the sight of God.
    Blessed is this nation!

  160. I wonder how many of you have heard T.D. Jakes preach. I don’t mean just a few words, go and listen to the man deliver the message and you will come back changed from within.

  161. TD is just an inspirational leader!as being a man of God well thats for the almighty himself to tell us after all are we not all made in his image.

  162. Ni pabwato.
    Vote Micheal Chilufya Sata for destroy Zambia’s economy to beat the Zimbabwe world record of inflation within 2 years.
    Vote PF to restart the 3rd Term bid this time for Sata.
    Vote for Sata to revive Ms/Mrs Nakawala behaviour to fir Ministers.
    Vote for Sata for undereducated leadership to destroy even Primary and Secondary/High Schools after the Universities have been destroyed already.
    Vote for Sata for Zambians to become economic refugees in Southern African neighbouring countries.
    Vote for Sata and PF to destroy your children’s future.

  163. PF Campaign in Luapula Province Oct 2008.
    Naisa mukumi fundisha no kumilaya ifyo mulfwilo oku vote pa October 30.
    Bane muumfwikishe sane amashiwi nkweete pali HH. Ndemulaisha nomba boonse mwebamupata HH nabo abamona ukutila ati HH akateke mu-2011.
    Elya mukaya ku POLLING STATION pobushiku bwakuvota. Bakamipeela akapapela opomuka chita voti. Mukaka loleshe sana nokutontonkanya pali kena nangu 30 seconds. Palya Mukasanga abantu nama-picture ayabama-shikulu batatu no mwaicha umo. Pali umwaiche mukabelenga ishina “Akainde Ichelema”. Palya mukalembepo cross ukukansula HH so that ikafilwe ukuwina ama-elections. Kuntu mwaya nomba. Iyi-plan eikabombafwe, mwikalaba bane amashiwe aya namipela

  164. Nevers is truly amazing.Presidential candidates and fellow zambians Listen to the word of God. But don’t be gullible to earthly schemes. #19 Njooka and #23 shimucita panono I LIKE YOUR HUMOUR/SATIRE

    I’m visiting Uganda soon, may we meet at one of the five star hotel in Kampala. I’m the Mighty Hyena and please escort me to Kampala Int’l University. You know what I mean.

  166. Guys this is a true man of God .I attended the 2007 mega fest in Atlanta ,Ga and we were so blesses by his powerful messages.If Pastor did not go off his ways,he could have been more like him.
    If u come to the US,try to go to Texas and attend his services …u’ll see what i mean.( But the only probless is “UKUTEMWA MONEY ” I hope the poor can benefit from the same.

  167. Nevers Mumba is campaigning for RB and he has invited TDJakes to do what? Build up RB’s image ? I hope Jakes is smart enough to see through this.

  168. What is wrong with us Zambians. The man of God has seen that the Zedian pipo are peaceful and wants to come and pray with you, instead of taking it as a compliment, you start accusing him of coming to Zed to steal. What makes you think anybody who comes to that country, investers, businessmen, now Pastors come to rip you off? What is in that small country of ours that pipo want to steal that we ourselves can’t have? Even when Jesus himself comes to that country you will start saying He has come to steal timber from chichele forest to go and make benches for his Father’s church.

  169. Some of you think everything done now is political.
    You believe that it is impossible for any to happen now which is independent of politics.
    One morning you will wake up and eat breakfast, and immediately after that you will say to yourself, ‘why am I full? It must be polical”

  170. you dont know the type of man of God coming.Watch your month & your comments.The bible says dont touch Gods’s annointed other wise you invite acurse upon your think td jakes is a small man ?Zambia is very blessed to have such a man visit Zambia.Imwe mwebatipwa na king cobra satan Ubwato Buletina why the suspicion.mwebana bansoka imweeeee.Read your notes td jakes meets obama every wed & are dull u pipo.Umwana ushenda thinks what is happening in zambia is what is in other places no.

  171. Please leave the man of God alone you demons, with small negative minds TD Jakes thanks for coming. It is a shame some of people do not want to embrace Godly things where it comes to drinking, immorality and talking rubbish you are number one, why cant you humble yourselves and think before writing useless things. The Lord bless our land and may you guide us and help us make a right choice of a leader Amen and Amen

  172. There is nothing wrong in TD Jakes coming to Zambia to pray for us but i think the characters involved in bringing him are questionable. They are pro-MMD (especially Nevers) and therefore the coming of TD Jakes might favour MMD against the other contestants. I wonder if TD Jakes knows Never’s political affiliation.

  173. Hey, tell him to meet up with Obama and Mccain. He would never be accorded the audience because they(Mccain & Obama) know he is a clown.

  174. #94 Jay-Z is a clown, who respects him anyway but the white washed generation. I mean Jay. T.D Jakes, I pray he sticks to preaching to any one he comes across in Zambia. Let the truth be spoken.

  175. It was said that TD Jakes was coming to meet with the rich and he hoped that he was not afetr the tax payers money; that is why I said he don’t need your money.
    If you stop and think about it, God take the foolish that we say don’t make sense and uses them for his glory. Why TD Jakes of all the people in the world only God knows. But what we should be doing is praying that God’s will will be done.

  176. #262 what grade are you? even in my clinic i can chase u worse chainama.lastly is this guy TD coming as a moderator? let the candidates debate live on TV so that the people can see who is the best to rule our great Zed.Otherwise,continue buying votes from people who are poor.

  177. TD Jakes is welcome to preach in Zambia. As for our politics, he does not know the issues we face. Lastly, he is facing charges of tax fraud (along with most of the US televangelists that Zambians like). The west practice a different brand of christianity so please be careful.

  178. Reading most of the contributions on this blog has made me realised just how evil the human mind can be.Some minds are remotely controlled by the devil himself.
    This man of God you are insulting has sat on the American Political Advisory Team for years.Check out the man’s profile before you judge him,where he has come from and what he has done.Do some research especially those of you with analytical minds(SORRY TO THE EMPTY VESSELS).
    Sometimes you wonder how people who were fed and healed by Jesus turned around in a second to accuse him falsely and crucify him.

  179. 166 Conman you right, this guy should have been called when he was needed most during the funeral of Levy.
    And what’s all this bull about Joshua TB? i once saw a sermon of his where he was foretelling the fall of a metallic bird from the sky, now that’s so vague. a few days later they linked it to a British plane

  180. If you do not believe in God and trust his servants please shut up. I have read enough crap from most of you fools trying to demonise the Man of God. For some of us who had the chance to listen to him we see a true annointed servant of God. Listen to him and obviously if you have a brain that is disfunctional you will say what a lot have said on this topic.

  181. # 275 are you ok or you need serious help from Chainama hospital. At least we know these men of God from the wonderful work they are doing but who are? You cant even post sensible things on the blog.

  182. ##152 good point aba bantu Zedians even when they are here willtell you that ngashilile akabwali ninshi tapali ichandi imitwe shalifwasha na mugaiwa roller meal how can they blasphem the man of god when hez on the death bed thats when he wants the clergy to pray for him do they think hez as dufty as Nevers mumba and whichever way hez human he can err so stop talking ill about TD JAKES this man you need to listen to his word to believe thats why ppl died in the days of LOT couldnt listen so when fire boke thats when they said surery this is the wrath of GOD

  183. Sobelenge are you a total sh!thole? take your crap brain to Chainama for examining. I’ll organise a group of irate South Africans to lynch your guts out and hang you from your buttocks on one of them pogo sticks from the days of Shaka. Not even Dr Manase Phiri will be able to heal the resulting haemorrhoids.
    You are the one with a decomposing brain full of faeces and cow dung.

  184. Every man is a Man of God.We may choose to pray direct to God , thru a middleman or organization. Churches in USA is are business ventures. Jakes is a millionaire,but won’t spend a dime for the expenses he will incur in Zambia. Who is footing his expenses? Probably Nevers with the money he got from RB

  185. Common sense is seriously lacking on this blog :
    1. Those saying TD Jakes should start with Mcain and Obama…who told you he hasn’t already met them?
    2.Those saying he should go to Zimbabwe where there is a crisis, who told you he didn’t try to go?…If the government has not given the necessary permissions…do you force yourself on the country?
    3.TD Jakes steals money from his congregation bla bla bla…for your own information, TD Jakes is one of the few Pastors in the world that does not take a salary from his church but works there full time. His income comes from the books he writes,including plays, speaking engagements and music. All Staff however receive salaries.

  186. 4. Some of you speak like he personally asked you to open your wallet and surrender your tuma K500’s, and even if he did, you act like you don’t have abrain enough to say no.
    5.People who attend these meetings attend them freely, not under duress. Its their money they are spending. So don’t generalise your comments of hatred to say ‘they are robbing people’ bla bla bla. If you are not interested in such things…this issue shouldn’t even be ruffling your feathers.
    6.This ‘visit’ to Zambia is just a ‘stop-over’ if you will. The main conference called ‘Mega-fest’ is in RSA.

  187. This tendency to shoot down and insult everything without having proper information and analysis thereof is precisely why Zambia is in the dark ages still. The official agenda of this trip hasn’t even been fully realised nor one meeting held for people to start concluding and issuing threats and all kinds of nonsense on here. Whether you’re a fan of the man or not, critical thinking, gathering information and understanding issues in a broad sense,will serve you well before if development is to be realised. Some people simply use this forum to spew rubbish like its an ‘insult competition’. Use your brain cells for constructive purposes, please.

  188. TD Jakes is just an ordinary person like you. Just because he’s church then what. I only fear God. He use visit Iraq and appolize to those` people on beahalf of silly G W Bush.

  189. Well, the man of God is rich and does not need our kwachas.He has done so much for kenya,other countries and hope he will do the same for mother zambia.God bless you Rev. you are welcome in my country.

  190. we have our own “anointed men of God” here eg…. confused nevers, horny danny pule…the list is endless we dont need a consultant expariate to come and tell us what to do… i think mugabe needs him more than our presidential candidates……maybe he sould admonish rupiah on marrying children… ha ha ha

  191. People God works in mysterious ways and uses different ways and people to do that. This is a man of God, lets respect that whether he has come in the name of politics or whatever. Yes we have our own Pastors so they should follow suit if this is such a big deal.May God bless our country.

  192. #275. That sounds like a nostrodamus prophesy. It’s so general that it can apply anywhere. Prophesy should be specific. I can even tell you that a few more metal birds will fall this year. Am I a prophet? Just hope no planes crash but they still do.

  193. God is God……its a pity that most of the people doing the posting dont understand the bible….SHAME..



  196. who need TD Jakes?its only Nevers Mumba who wants to reap from the cash pipo will pay at Mulubgushi….carefu you chaps ….Born Againsts….TD Jakes is human like me…I can preach just like him and pray like he does….he shudn’t meet our politicians coz he’s a satanist!!

  197. who needs TD Jakes?its only Nevers Mumba who wants to reap from the cash pipo will pay at Mulubgushi….carefu you chaps ….Born Againsts….TD Jakes is human like me…I can preach just like him and pray like he does….he shudn’t meet our politicians coz he’s a satanist!!

  198. God knows why He has sent TD Jakes to come here. It’s not for all those speculating evil things to debate. You cannot question God, had he come when we were mourning LPM what would he have said we were broken. God knows there could be a lurking danger somewhere esp that we are going to the polls and thats whe He sent his man TD to come and speak to the Presidential hopefulls. Let the man come and fulfill God’s mission.

  199. Too much kachasu has made Njooka and his fellow critics to criticize every man of God. Td Jake’s coming to Zambia is a blessing. Welcome bishop and don’t listen to prophets of doom on LT

  200. All those critising Men of God watch out. Its just a friendly warning watch the events in the Holy Bible about those people who ridiculed and criticised the men of God. Even if you think they are wrong pray for them not dishonouring God like that. The Men of God in America, tele evangelists were being critised and slandered look at what America is currently facing. Even you Zambians be careful, God is just beginning with us and we dont want to spoil it. Some of you in those red flags probably arent even Zambia. LT you had to bring this topic for blogging? Save the fools please and think twice next time. WE dont want to suffer as a nation becoz of ignorance of some.

  201. God forgive most of u, for u don’t knw wat u r talkin bout. I won’t read anymore coz this is disgustin….Father help us

  202. Number 302 is right Madiba neva interfered in ka Mbeki Zuma saga nomba ba super KEN any election pa Zed ninshi nabema.mulekumbwa King Madiba.

  203. i see y the american politicans are saying let’s stop giving aid to the pipo that don’t love us.most of the pipo that have written alot of nosence don’teven live in zambia,yet u conplain about td jakes in your country.he can’t tell pipo who to vote for,have some respect for u,your country & the man of God.

  204. All the nations of the earth are as nothing before God! and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers! May God deliver our nation. am happy to hold a zambian passport, but am not zambian, AM FROM HEAVEN.

  205. I like the valuable information you provide to your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and take a look at again right here frequently. I am slightly sure I’ll be told a lot of new stuff right right here! Best of luck for the next!

  206. Thank you a bunch for sharing this with all folks you actually recognise what you are speaking approximately! Bookmarked. Please also visit my site =). We could have a link trade arrangement among us

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