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TD Jakes cancels trip amid fears of mysterious illness


RENOWNED American televangelist TD Jakes who was expected in Zambia and was scheduled to officiate at the Africa Global Summit has postponed his coming for fear of a mysterious disease that was reported last week to have killed some people.

Efforts by summit organizers to reassure Bishop Jakes and his team through the ministry of Health, Foreign Affairs and American embassy in Zambia that there was no such a disease in the country proved futile.

According to a statement released by the summit organizers in Lusaka yesterday, the decision by Bishop Jakes and his team to postpone their trip to Zambia was as a result of concerns regarding a disease they understood to have originated from Zambia.

“Please, take this as official notification by the African Global Summit planning team for the postponement of the 2008 Africa Global Summit with Bishop Jakes, which was scheduled to take place today at Mulungushi International Conference Centre.

“This decision was made by Bishop Jakes and his team because of their concerns regarding a disease they understood to have originated in Zambia,” the statement reads.

The organizers apologised for the inconvenience and for missing the opportunity the country could have received from the ministry of Bishop Jakes.

The statement appealed to people who bought tickets for the event to take the documents back to where they were purchased for refund.

While in the country, Bishop Jakes was expected to pray for the Zambian presidential aspirants ahead of the October by-election.

Experts recently said a woman from Zambia who died in South Africa from a mysterious disease was in fact afflicted by cerebral edema and multi-organ failure, putting to rest suspicions that she was hit by the deadly Ebola.

Five experts who carried out investigations on two of the four deceased people revealed that the woman could have died from suspected viral infection from a tick bite that she incurred in Lusaka.

Experts from Specialty Emergency Services, Corpmed Medical Centre and Wilderness Safari said that the first victim of the disease that had so far claimed four lives owned horses and attended polo matches in Lusaka.

The woman is known to have walked barefoot most of the time and travelled within Africa frequently without seeking medical attention.

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  1. Where is the faith Pastor? I told you this guy is a joke! What a lame reason to give for someone who really ment to do ‘gods’ work! He should just own up and say the pay was not what he wanted because Nevers Mumba and Co. are bankrupt. Am tempted to think he visited LT and read how much people didn’t want him here.

  2. These are people who claim to have the ‘anointing’ that can prevail over disease! It is good riddance they did not come; Zambia doesn’t hordes of pests called pastors. It’s better to have specialists from places like the Centre for Disease Control in the US not pastors, prophets, reverends, bishops or whatever they call themselves!

  3. What ‘missed opportunity’? Opportunity to be robbed of the already meager resources people have? Please dont sale the ‘good news’ orelse you’ll be denying those who need it most, the poor!

  4. #3 Njooka , i totally agree with you.TD Jakes you can hang…a man of god with no faith…i wouldnt even be surprised if you put on a bullet proof vest and travel with your own drinking water..As for Nevers wasnt the brown envelop you were given enough?

  5. ba pastor what happens to the direction of God.i heard that God sent you to come na d pray for the political leaders.any way go where there is money since there is no money here.

  6. The problem South African news papers is there dont apologies when they publish a lie, to say sorry its like swallowing a big stone to them..dont be suprise if this thing goes up to 2010…

  7. If you hav faith in God i dont think one can get worried look at these guy sunday sinyangwe and paule Tembo these guys even if they were told that were you ar going poeple are daing from cholera they can go and pray for those who are sick. those are the children of God we want. unless if his been given a woman who is not his wife to say sleep with her thats when he can say i cant come there because i can get HIV now his scared on something he has,nt seen what kind of faith does he hav as a Bishope

  8. OOPS what a man of God. Jesus used to move all over and he was protected by the holy spirit,Not these business men calling themselves men of God.

  9. Mwe bantu, you can imagine the so called imitators or followers of Christ scampering away on the suggestion of a “mysterious” disease. These are faith healers by the way. This is the breed of people in the likes of Nevers Mumba. You shall know them by the fruit of their works. Watch your money when you are buying these tickets for TD Jakes & his circus clowns.

  10. Ba Shimapepo ba bafi werebnt they supposed to pray for the deliverance of peeps and trust god to heal them you see now ka! Hypocrits all of you Hypocrits you gonna pay your price some day!

  11. I think the most disturbing thing in this article is that I do not see a quote from Bishop TD Jakes or anyone from his team? The fact that the paper did not even bother to take the time to verify anything that was reported above is disturbing. Praying for the presidential candidates? I have followed Bishop Jakes in the states and he doesn’t do that ever so why would he do that hear? This entire article sounds like propaganda generated by a despearate political candidate and an angry event organizer. It is selfish and irresponsible to expect anyone to risk their life and the life of all of those travelling with him to make someone else happy. If it were you, you would not go either!

    • You call it propaganda,i call it truth.rememba dearly,there’s no smoke wthout fire & that your tuckshop,bishop o wateva u call him,is smoking like a chimney.he’s a fraud & hell is very real.

  12. I was crucified when the announcement was made on LT that TD ‘Fakes’ was coming for being critical of his money loving tendecies! Can all those cockroches that haled insults on me come in the open and give me their opinion now that the ‘magician’ has pulled out because there is little to cash in on this even?

  13. What is he? A Christ Star afraid of death. The Nigga has only gat a Little, I mean a little bit of faith for him to freak out. He is a pure defination of a Hyena: iI guess he wants to live long.

  14. Surely,how can someone say he is not coming to Zambia where the disease is reported to have originated but no proof, not one has died, and decides to go and stay in a country where people are dying of the same disease? Where is logic? A man of God fearing the unknown? Wowwwwwwwwww!!!!

  15. ‘Magic Show Cancelled! Magician is Afraid of Being Bewitched’.

    Retoric: Just how can this TD ‘Fakes’ cure those who have already contracted the illness already, if he wets his pants just at the sound of it? I think Jay-Z is better than this thief because he doesn’t steal from the poor in the name of saving lives.

  16. The man has no faith for sure. Why fear?
    The Bible in 2 Timothy 1:7, says……..For God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind. Patsor yashani iyo?

  17. Kitwean, the truth of the matter is that his change of heart has nothing to do with the suspected outbreak but it has everything to do with money. The disease is right in SA where the announcements are being made. No one has died from the same disease here. How is the outbreak in Zambia? We have too many blind believers in Zed, if not all born twices’!

  18. Too bad that bishop isnt visting us,i was so much looking forward to meeting one of my favourite pastors.
    Any way the man is only fearing for his life why should we object after all it is his life he is taking care of..they say prevention is beta than cure, but bishop to tell you the truth there isnt any misterious diesease in zambia..we wold have all died by now.

  19. Am shocked…..that he has refused to come. When God sent Jonah to go preach, Jonah hid and ended up being swallowed by the fish and then he finally went. So if TD J was sent by God, God will deal with him its not up to us to hang him!

  20. When I was sick you visited me.

    But when did we do this?

    Whatever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me.

  21. “You will walk on snakes and the poison will do you no harm……”.A man of God lives by the words of scripture but what TD Jakes has done just confirms that he reads more of news papers than the word.You shall know them by their fruits.

  22. Made enough in Johannesburg where more than 100,000 pepole attended the gathering. (Johannesburg has 121 people quarantied of the disease and 4 have died so far, why fear Zambia where there is not one person with the disease? We are not even too sure if this girl got the disease from Zambia or South Africa.)

  23. Lets just move on guys. God bless you Bishop. I am in no place to judge. What is important is that i can talk to God myself, i can read the word myself and beyond that my relationship with God is intact. This disease thing is an attack from the enemy we just have to pray not only for elections but also for Zambia against wicked forces of the enemy. People may cancel trips, postpone investments and many others. Please its time to pray for Zambia.

  24. Maybe we need to understand our Bishop. Our friends, come from a developed Country. Any slight disease can cause problems. But like one observer has said. if he was really Sent by God. He will surely find himself in ZED….

  25. iwee ka lady L #43 whats that showing?is that not your comment? maybe if you concentrate on writing and posting sensible things they will post them so for now shut up and continue being a good secretary, besides where is that report you were supposed to have submitted hours ago???

  26. OOOOPs men of men.So this dude will come to zed one day and claim he has the spiritual powers and the stupid followers will be shading satanic tears in the name of a Heavy Ghost.Why pray for aspirants instead of the epidemic he seems to be afraid of?
    Man of little Faith.
    May the Lord forgive him>
    He better prays for the viruses and……..


  28. If you are christ, can you heal yourself, They shall not tempt God. The TDKs is a man of God. he does not want to tempt God.

  29. man of god ,where is your faith or maybe its because nevers mumba was involved in the organistion thats why td jakes trip to zed flopped because nothing that nevers touches succeeds

  30. # 50 Uli wabufi, which curses, if he is man of god was it God who told him not to to zed? if not them he doesnt listen from and there is no amount of curses pronounced that can come to us

  31. what a man of God indeed!!he’s scared of death?hahahahaha…..spell binders,just after money!why aren’t we dying?he shud never ever come to Zed….tell him…

  32. Why do you people try to portray The Almighty God as a seriuos no nonsense dude? God is all powerful, but kind, understanding, JUST, merciful, longsuffering are among the most evident qualities in his dealings with humans. Now that we calling TD ‘Fakes’ for what he is you try to make your useless threats that we can be cursed! What crap! Ask him to specifically curse me with the disease he is so much afraid of!

  33. Until lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter. This should serve as a leason to our shallow minded media. The south african media have already painted the picture so, we have to live by that picture.

    Who are we to blame Bishop TD Jakes? the man has every right to cancel his trip, in a country were the President dead, foreign tours are dying, its citizen we cant even say it.

  34. Jesus Christ defied all odds and went to places very few people would go including death. I cannot believe someone who is believed to be a man of God can fear death and disease so easily! He lacks faith and real belief!

  35. Hard times # 52 and Osama bin Zed # 54, you are right its us to blame not Bishop TD Jakes, if a Zambian life is weathless this is not so for an American life.

  36. Sorry Zambia there is no system to look at the out break, all resources are busy with the campaign.

    (The service you had requested for is busy, try your request later)

  37. Just how would he be ‘tempting God’ if he came here? What about us living here? Aren’t we God’s creation too. Are insinuating that God has allowed us to go through what he wouldn’t want TD ‘Fakes’ to go through? What type of gods do you worship? They are worse than suicide bombers! TD ‘Fakes’ is not afraid of the outbreak, that was just a way out. Its in SA that people are dying not Zambia. Its in SA that more than 100 people have been quarantined not here.

  38. Hey guys, lets leave the man og GOD alone. He knows what is doing. Remember thou shall not Judge. Maybe, its not Zambia’s time to have him.Bishop T.D Jakes will come at the RIGHT TIME. Stop posting funny comments about him. HE IS A REAL MAN OF GOD and that is why he is a BISHOP. Mwebena Zambia mwelatu sebanya

  39. Good thing he is not coming. Some Zambians view people who appear on TV with such reverence that I think his coming may be a distraction more than a help. I’m personally grateful he won’t come. I hope he is aware that he’s being among those who invited him are people (so called men of God) who have lost credibility with the Zambian people and hoped to use Jakes as a prop to enhance their own standing. People need to think and not suspend their reasoning when it comes to such things. We border on superstition when it comes to religion.


  41. The SA media make it clear that no one had died in Zambia with the same illness purported to have originated here. The first victim stayed in Zambia when she fell ill and thats why the suspected she could contracted the illness from here. Why are they taking all the beating? For reporting what had been believed to be the truth? Even Doctor Chituwo came on TV to say someone had died after staying in Zed for a while. Just call this TD ‘Fakes’ for what he is, hypocrit!

  42. Think twice, The good man out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil man out of his evil treasure produces evil; for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

    Luke 6:45

  43. TD Jakes should read the life of Apostle Paul who took the word of God to the Gentiles,he was imprisoned several times, it was rough some desciples were even matyred but they soldiered on.Apostle Peter was hanged up side down at the present day St Peters square at Vetican city but others continued propagating the gospel. Why fear ZED. Why are the Zambians living in ZED today not dying of this mysterious disease.I leave it to God to judge.

  44. Dr Bill #50. I think its better you live NEVERS MUMBA out of this cause he just told the nation what he new. If BISHOP TD.Jakes wasn’t supposed to come, we would have heard earlier. Its true that he was supposed to be here because i first herad of his coming in august just to come and visit zambia and him coming to pray for our presidential candidates is just a by the way thing. Know one new that we where going to have elections this year. Leave the innocent man alone. Dont you change your programems at times?

  45. i had the opportunity to meet both afro-americans and white americans from the peace-corps and what shocked me was that the afro-americans behave more white than the whites themselves.i mean they talk of going to the motherland yet when they get here they want to bring their own water,food etc.whereas the whites are just glad for the chance to experience new environments and cultures

  46. what is he scared of,no one from zambia has died,infact the disease is rite there in sa,not zambia,let them tell us the truth to why td jakes his team are not coming

  47. Hard times # 52 and Osama bin Zed # 54 naiwe Makanya Akumunyenyo #63 Are you sure of what you are saying!!!!.He was suppose to come here for healing, Is that daring GOD? He is supposed to do what he is capable of doing. How can you go and preach were there is peace. He is supposed to go were there are problems.


  48. Man of God??????? My foot! Watch out with these men who masquerade themselves as servants of God, yet they are servants of riches. What has happened to faith? Why can’t he come and pray for the Zambian soil so that they mysterious disease disappears? I have never believed in these chaps anyway.

  49. #76. What healing powers? Those are pre-designed arrangements you watch on TVs. Chaps are in business of money making. Sorry ba Nevers Mumba, what a loss! You would have fattened pockets indeed. K300,000 per head?

  50. #51 Styopet! you have no place in Zambia, you are filthy and obviously come from a filthy background. Ubusungu bwaku bukulu bwada bwishya. One are one of the few Zambians living abroad haunted by their own backgrounds. Very sorry for you my dear. uli chisoso! time will come when you will decide to return, they are many we have seen them and some when they come – ni aphiri anabwela – no home to call home, no investment whatsover. Shame upon you!

  51. TD Jakes Made money in South Africa and sees no need come there for Kwacha.In the first place, probably he did not understand the Zambian currency,he thought Kwacha is one to one to a dollar.When he was told that he would get K29,000,000 he thought that was alot of money.

  52. i wonder what happened to good old fashioned faith…maybe mr jakes is not guided by the spirit after all….fear of a mysterious disease? africa?…u dont say

  53. Man of God, reported canceling the trip to Africa Zed, because of fear that he will get sick from the strange disease that have killed three.

    This chap has no faith in his God.

    Vote for H H he has good policy for the Ministry of health.

  54. Simple logic, no need for crowds when there’s a suspected viral disease, no need to risk transmitting the disease to other countries, and no need for his team to be quarantined back in the USA. No need to propagate a dangerous disease and then start praying for healing. Its like causing a fire and then start putting it off, that’s like testing God.

  55. I was such a TD Jakes fan, but this event has changed my mind. Why is the Pastor so afraid? There is no such illness found in Zambia. The lady must have contracted this illness in some other part of Africa as she was a tour guide who it is reported ‘walked bare foot’ around Africa. Doesn’t TD Jakes trust in God to guide him to where he is supposed to go? I thought preachers were supposed to humble themselves to God and succumb to Gods direction. Shame. I am very disappointed with the Pastors behaviour, he shows so little faith.

  56. TD Jakes is a back slidder, he evens listnes to Usher, a man of God being a God Father of Usher who sings about sex all the time.

  57. “TD FAKES” – more like it. Most of these so called “annointed” are usually self-proclaimed anyway. Good riddance Mr. Fake


  59. It is really a question of faith. Think of the early missionaries. They sailed thousands of kilometers; and just on the high seas they risked illness. Then they came on land, where there were marauding wild beasts which could kill them. There were also diseases like malaria which they had little, or no information about. Yet they came because they prayed and believed that God would lead them. Can we say they were tempting God? No. They had the mandate to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, and they did that faithfully. Otherwise the Word would not have reached us. As for TD Jakes, either he has no faith, or his mission had nothing to do with God.

  60. “Behold, I tell ye the truth: ye shall know them by their fruits” Jesus said refering to imposters who shall perform many miracles and yet fail on simple acts.

    Zambia does not need TD Jakes. He doesn’t need us too. The feeling is mutual. We are need God, though.

    Bye bye TD Jakes! Don’t ever come here or even think about it. We are dirty and smelly, we are diseased, we have leprosy, we have viruses. Please don’t ever come! We only want Jesus to come and touch the lepers and those with Viruses. You have missed a great chance of God’s blessings: It is is NOT blessings to be in a safe territory where you have safe landing!

  61. Too bad our friends have been affected by the South African Media. The South African Media is busy claiming that the disease is here in Zambia, but the people dying are in S.A. Is it our immunity the is great? Or the infection really originated from S.A.?

  62. Imwe bantu, leave Nevers out of this. If indeed TD Jakes was serious with this trip, not even the 3rd world war would have stopped him to come this end. The man just failed to “walk thorugh the valley of the shadow of death”

  63. 88 and 97, dont be miopic! The disease is in SA, and they paraded people doing their magic shows. Its in SA where people are on alert not here. The Fake disease is non-exiting here. We had all sorts of gatherings over the weekend, there has been no reports of the mysterious disease. He didn’t refrain from parading people in SA for his magic shows, why is he canceling in Zed where there has been no report of the same?

  64. #88 Pastor J: Your analysis makes sense in the physical. Don’t hold a public rally where there’s an outbreak of a viral disease, you might ehance propagation and you stand the risk of being quarantined at the US border of entry: This is a physical way of looking at it. Like all things physical, they are some times perfectly logical.

    Jesus had crowds around him when he touched lepers. The bible said thousands of the sick came to him with huge crowds around `

  65. He’s a tele-evangelist…what do you expect??? He’s looking at the $$$ that he would have made and they weren’t just enough for him to waste his breath!!!

  66. I think TD Jales simply got tired because he had a successful megafest here in South Africa. His followers urged him to go back home and take a rest.

    1. The USA has not issues a travel caution about Zambia.
    2. Nobody died of the diease in Zambia
    3. Because “spirit filled” persons shout too much when praying and in most cases open their mouths really wide….there’s a chance that fluids will be shared from one “loud and spitting” brother to another. I probably agree from that point of view.

    But he could ask people NOT to pray loudly to avoid spattering saliva..if he’s convinced there’s an insidiuos disease in the crowd.
    May be TD Jakes will prove us all wrong when there’s an outbreak

  67. The words “FEAR NOT” appears 365 times in the holy Bible. Thats one fear not for a each day of the year…TD Jakes which Bible do you read if at all you have time to read the Bible?

  68. T.B Jakes looks very handsome in the picture.Otherwise he is a fake preacher. He is a flake. I have put him on the scale and I have found him wanting.

  69. #82. Akapilipili – is this the real Akapilipili of the MUVI TV fame? How come you are not in Zed if not a fake one?

  70. First of all I am glad to read the comments from Africa and the various responses. In many cases the comments that I am reading here are just as crazy and ludicrous as what we see here in America sometimes. But the negative stuff here is way off base. None of you have heard from Bishop Jakes or his team. You make statements based on the media. I’m willing to bet that media on your continent is equally as bad as the media here in America. Next, Bishop Jakes does not heal! God heals. I have watched the faith of Bishop Jakes for years here in Dallas and around the globe. He is genuine, my friends. His message is clear and “he can take that to the bank”. Believe what you will.

  71. TD Jakes is so greedy that he has used the BIBLE to make millions of Dollars.

    His appetite for wealth knows no limit. The current respect he enjoys in USA has everything to do with his millions of dollars.

    His is a true wolf in sheep skin.

    Even me a village cant be blinded by such hypocrites.

  72. Thats why am drifting back to my Old faith..CATHOLIC…too much money hungry with these pentecostals…they act like companys..

  73. NJOKA as your name says, I think you are a njoka for real even in your head. You don’t think properly. I am tempted to tell you that you are a fool but I will spear you.

  74. TD Jakes is a fast talking manipulator and his money has given him status not what he laims to preach. If you ask me, he is even worse than our own SATA. SATA uses his own tools to decieve, but this TD JERK uses the bible to cheat.

  75. Jakes is right there is nothing to die for in Zambia.

    Maybe Ba Nevers Mumba did not strike a good deal, obviously Ba Nevers needs some colours. According to TD Jakes intelligence he could have been mistaken for an image builder.

  76. I also blame the Zambian government media people, they are supposed to counter attack, issue press statements, talk to BBB, Reuters, AFP etc, our health minister was supposed to go to SA and talk to the press there.

  77. There are so many ‘blind followers’ in this world. Look, if the majority of Americans where trully sharp, this TD jerk would not have made his money from the church.

    Alas, even in the USA u have plenty of blind sheep. At least this is some kind of consolation for Zambians.

  78. But kwena, uyu shimapepo lisaka saana! If the son of God Jesus christ came to earth for the sick,then I dont see why this fake preacherman can do the opposite. These chaps are just businessmen and it wouldnt have made any difference if came. Lesa talala pabana bakwe.Shame u Mr Jakes. U fake pastor, very afraid of the unseen.

  79. # 117 Shidada thats exactly what I mean, if our GRZ continues to focus on cardarism and foolish party agendas we are definatetly heading no where,

    Until lions have their own historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter. If a media institution is not contributing positively right in Zambia, how is it going to achieve in the region? Our own ZNBC its very imbarancing, while private media are restricted. How then shall we develop if we cant build our own image?

  80. #55 read your Bible, David said I will not touch the annointed of God even when King Saul was backslidden. Who are you to judge TD JAKES? The Man of God is wise, he does not want to jump from the pinacle of the Temple for the angels of God to protect him. I am not a liar by the way. Judge not and you will not be judged.

  81. Am not known to comment on such, but say mwebantu did Jesus do such things? he healed lepers and the like. guess we have to make do with Pule.

  82. people of God and children of God pliz lets not judge the man of God.we dont know what really happened.The bible says touch not my anointed ones and do my prophet no harm.Lets not speak evil about this man of God.After all its God who can judge.Some of you might just invite unknown curses upon yourselves now.The fact that he is a man of God lets let God judge him.Bishop Jakes God bless you and your woderful ministry

  83. Am so let down by the dude, i really liked him, What a man of God,sometimes i ask was this trip spiritual or business? Am so now thinking of going back to our forefathers God, cos he has been wit us, in good and bad times,

  84. Why are we christians this gullible? Why should we allow ourselves to be charged K300,000 to listen to the word of God. God has given salvation free to each one of us and no one should lie to you.Am sorry but Imwe ba Pente please wake up, do you know how much those 300,000 kwachas would do our kids on the streets? Ine cifukushi.

  85. People people of Zambia please lets watch what we comment because some of you will attract curses on your lifes.What do you think of God first!!!

  86. I would never spend my hard earned money on that bogus man, no even a £10 to go and watch him pacing on the stage. Infact the gentleman hardly quotes the bible, his just a motivational speaker even our own Banda something- can do a good job.

  87. #131

    Open your eyes, TD Jerk is a businessman. How can he be a millionare out of the church.

    He moves with body guards, dont tell me the desciples of jesus were body guards. Use your common sence.

  88. A well intended move by TD Jakes has backfired. Instead of showing wisdom, Jakes has displayed ignorance. Number 111 seems to be too excited to the extent of wanting us to believe without checking facts.

    TD Jakes is obviously ill-informed about Africa!

  89. HN#131, I agree with you. let us not follow the media. Not everything they publish is true. some people dont actually know that there are just cursing themselves with the funny msgs that there are saying about Bishop T.D Jakes. If he is not a Man Of God, i dont think the other pastors and bishops that we have around the world would let him continue with the ministry that he is currently doing. A true believer rather a christian can not judge. Anyone saying anything negative about T.D Jakes is not a christian.

  90. #134 THE REAL PEOPLE
    Curses, what are you talking about? God has given us the sense of reasoning. They brain wash you with that crap. Am a christian and do tell me i would be cursed for denouncing wrongs in the body of Christ. The Bible says people perish for lack of knowledge, in fact thats why Solomon went for wisdom.

  91. #111 just continue “ukupipa”zi nkote uko ku dallas….Benn Hinn said the same nonsense in N9er….its all about the $$$$

  92. #138

    ‘If he is not a Man Of God, i dont think the other pastors and bishops that we have around the world would let him continue with the ministry that he is currently doing.’

    This is very strange statement. Just take your time and google this TD Jakes. You will find more negative staff on him than posive staff.

    The guy is a businessman not a preacher.

  93. Let me clarify th issue at hand fellow country men an th world at large,what realy happened to my fellow businessman TD Jakes was
    was th issue of money as sum of u have alluded to,hop to scout for
    sum money cum ealy next year TD jakes will be here hop hav shade light in ths issue.

  94. I don’t know what the deal is here but it seems everytime Zambia has an opportunity to attract outsiders, South Africa always interfers… You all recall a cople of yrs back when we had the solar eclipse??? How many tourists actually stayed in Zed???(very few) most of them landed in SA, bus loads drove them to see the eclipse, when it was done they drove them back to SA…this mysterious disease comes at a time when Zambia’s tourist industry is booming, now Jakes n his peeps plan a trip to Zed n it becomes a problem because the South African’s want all the $$$ to themselves??? Our govt is so sleepy that they can’t see all these things, other countries would voice out… This is disturbing!!!

  95. #88 Pastor J,is TD Jakes really listening to the voice of God? what do we learn from scripture with regard to the true apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ? how come he has not cxd SA? …by their fruits we shall know them! your comments on SIMONY pliz.

  96. This man is a joker seriously he even has guts to cite th
    reason of ths fak disease as a reason for th cancellation
    of his trip what a shame,god has seen u very soon u will
    be exposed of all ur bad deeds u hav don with thos praise
    gairls.We shall see, we dont even need u here.

  97. Don’t dare people with non-existing curses! The truth of the matter is that Pentecostal pastors mwachita over stealing money from the poor. How can someone who really believes that God protects his servants be moving around with body guards? He trust his riches to protect him instead of trusting in what he thinks he worships. I agree with someone above, you are just brainwashed ignorant cowards, fearing what they don’t understand! They God I believe in can never curse me for denouncing a thief stealing in his name. He wont curse me now, because if I do wrong now, he sort me out on the day of his judgement.

  98. To ANONYMOUS….
    You are a joke! And you cannot be a Christian, speaking as you do. Bishop Jakes is a man of God and he is as well, a businessman. He is about his Father’s Business. But you would not understand this because those things are spiritually discerned. Even within the kingdom, when one attempts to do as much globally as Bishop Jakes does, it takes financial support! The many thousands who support Bishop Jakes’ ministry know this, and are able to see where their support goes. This is truly a global ministry and we here in Dallas miss him whenever he travels around the US and the world. But we must share his Godly vision with the world.

  99. I don’t think that Dr jakes is the strong man of God.If he was the strong man of God he was going there despite claims of the virus.The man of God would had gone there to heal the virus,

  100. TD Jakes jerked off – should have been the headline. The man was scared of meeting Dan Pule. Inkongole. Nga balimulomba.

  101. # 90, we are not regreting that yo pastor has not shown up, just loughing at the reason for not coming. The reason given for not coming is the more reason he should have come, to pray for healing as well.

  102. very sad,i thought the man of God could have taken advantage of what he heard and come pray for the sick.he chose to runaway,what a shame!iam taking my name out of his e-mail list.sorry i just felt like he left me in the air on our way to heaven.

  103. What has happened to his faith,prayer the power of casting away disease and or the rest of the bad things on earth?May he needs to be prayed for by DR Mumba

  104. Can Dr Mumba please clarify in details what has really led to this, our audience would really like to hear from him.

  105. As a reggae maestro sung, everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die.TD is no exception. He has , in all probability, seen a lot of beautiful things which he is loathe to let go off for 30 pieces of silver!

  106. #161. Don’t blackmail nobody. TD Jakes is just as human as anybody here. He was wrong to cancel a meeting citing the most stupidest reason I have heard in the Church. Decent missionaries who live in dire conditions in Africa will tell you that this man is an “anti-Christ”. His stance of a “virus” clearly sets him amenable to judgement. “Whatsovever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me..” This is the end of TD Jakes in Africa. Few “brothers will ever be keen to see his “tele-antics” anymore. His judgement has come! May his “gods” have mercy on him.

  107. Bane umfweni. This is typical of these guys, if there is’nt much to be gained or they have a dispute he wont show up. scared of a disease? bishop? how many Americans live in Zed? How many preacehers?. Its jst a money making venture that did not work out, anglican, methodist missionaries etc are still flying into zed as we speak today to preach the word of God for free and help the afflicted, and this man was coming to get money from the disadvantaged when he is that rich? …….T.D Jakes don’t even bother ever showing up, we’re cool.

  108. #163
    So: When he (TD Jakes) comes to Africa he has no “christ mandated mission”? He comes on his own will? May be then I should understand why he makes such whimsical decisions on rumors of diseases.(sic)
    That’s not an intelligent answer, buddy.


    1Ch 16:22 Saying, Touch not mine anointed,and do my prophets no harm.

    Mat 12:36 But I say unto you,That every idle word that men shall speak,they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.

    Mat 12:37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified,and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.

    Your words have power. Do not speak to Kill. For you will be trapped by your words.

  110. #164
    I couldn’t agree more. There are so many good natured, humble missionaries who are clean “and their records are good for the banks” but are relatively poorer compared to TD Jakes. These men preach the word…they are NOT motivational speakers..and in sickness and health they preach. I can recount the number pof preachers from the USA, yes most of them black americans, who have continued to work in Zambia…most them where actually even waiting for TD Jakes in Lusaka. They were so disillusioned to hear that silly excuse. These preachers are still in Lusaka and ‘re very sick having contracted the TD Jakes virus!! God forbid!

  111. #166
    What’s crap IS NOT the word you quoting. But rather your narrow mind to misapply scripture. TD Jakes is not an annointed leader of Zambia nor will ever be. Secondly, our constitution places God above all else including TD Jakes. So: Let God arise and NOT a man.

    You see God is a jealous God. He won’t allow Jakes to come and claim victory over our democracy or prosperity, which is on the way. Jakes could go everywhere and claim that he united the people of Zambia and see how they are prospering. Let him go away and “serve” the splinter groups of ANC and the most Xenophobic people on earth!

  112. You shall know them by their fruits. Now you Zambians know who actually cares for you. GOD alone and not any fake Bishop. He’s under inverstigations here for all the big money that they make (tax free) Mark them!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  113. A Bishops freaked out so badly, to me that means he’s very FAKE. Imagine soemone calls that, you fake or you got fake dollar. That means, he’s suck !

  114. I think Zambians based in Th USA should go to the Media and expose this TD fakes on how a fake he is ..surely being a man of GOD ,how can you fear death infact he shoild hqave been in the fore front to come pary with and for zambians in light of this south african finger pionting.that led to this scare .
    i have no words for this man of GOD …zamians . in USA contact the media trust me CNN will eat this man alive and he will wish he came to zambia

  115. This man is black ..and with what bis going on in the USA Today.. Elections and all any small thing ( stupid Thing a pastor or cturch leader makes will mdraw huge spotligts on to the chap and if this man is linbked to Obama in any minute way ..Watch how the democrats will want to keep away from this beliver who Dises an african country based on rumers..DONT MESS WITH ZAMBIANS LIKE THAT some body send a letter CNN

  116. He can be a crowed puller, a big preacher, an effective communicator, a smooth organizer of christian ideas but if he is not ready to venture out there and preach, heal to the poor( in this case I am not sure if I can call the people who bought these tickets poor)etc, he is no different from the Jewish Pharisees Jesus condemned in his times.They only attended to the wealth and the rich forgetting the poor.Ba Jakes think twice man of God with little faith.This was a test of you faith by God and you have failed lamentably! Redeem yourself.You are weak and self serving .

  117. #178 World Citizen, you tried your best to highlight that T.D. Fakes is full of blasphemy. A preacher shaving head like a modern drug-trafficer, how can you make a distinction of his dressing from a pimp? I really look foward to see his car, I think its purple. R.Band is crying because he was waiting for some dollars for his last bribes.

  118. Jesus said freely I have given you and freely you should give. He refered to the gifts of the spirit. But why do the TD Jakes charge people who to attend their services. Time will come when they will answer, the heavenly courts are waiting for them. SHAME.

  119. What a man of God……ba Bishop mwasebana what faith do you have in God. thats why it is very difficult to believe these tutemba bishops. that busturd bishop is a businessman…atase ifyabupuba!!!

  120. #147

    You are a joke! And you cannot be a Christian, speaking as you do.’

    Thanks for taking note of my opinions. My simple observations are based on my little understanding of the bible. Correct me if Iam wrong. The Jesus of the bible is clearly potrayed as a poor man and especially chose to align with the most vulnerable poor. I think it does not take to be a christian to observe this. Secondly, the bible actually records his actual status i.e when it says he did not own any property.

    Now compare him to his ‘follower’ TD Jakes living in obscene luxury and justifying his lustiful appetite for wealth with wrong bible conclusions. The bible should be the last source

  121. Every thing happens for a reason, you Zambian people should not rush to unholy conclusion. God is still in control.

  122. #184 CONT’D

    The bible should be the last source to support his worldly lusts. What is most disturbing is that he knows about the ‘poor’ Jesus but deliberately, consciously and unapologetically throws scorn on this ‘Jesus’ by his blind appetite for wordly wealth.

    By their fruit, ye shall know them. The bible somewhere records that later on, people will use the bible as a means of making themselves wealthy and TD Jakes is an execellent example of such people.

    What kind of eyes do you have my friend.


  124. Just imagine how sad TD Jakes would be if he was told to donate all his wealth to the poor Zambians. Sounds familiar. Iam made to understand that is what jesus asked one fellow whilst going about his business of healing and teaching.

  125. To test his loyalty to his leader ‘jesus’, Jakes must exemplify by living like Jesus.

    But to ask TD Jakes to do that is like asking him to give up his life? Which by the way is the teaching of jesus.

    This TD Jerk is no way gonna give up his money. No way! You would rather ask him to give-up something else. He is way up stinking rich and up in luxuries. He so loves his life and to come to Zambia at his lifes expense? No way!

  126. I dont think TD Jakes has cancelled the trip because of the outbreak of the misterious disease in Z. H e has correctly been advised that Nervous Mumba wanted to gain political points by bringing him in the country at a time as this. Shame to u Mr Mumba (former pastor)

  127. Thank God he is not coming to Zambia. We do not need fakes like TD Jakes. He should spend his time in the US where the rot set in place many years ago.

  128. That man of God acted upon what he was advised to.All things work together for good to them that love God.Zambia shall be saved to the bones!!!

  129. #139 you ve just exibited some ignorance, yes TD JAKES is wise. You forget that even Jesus knew where He was not welcome and would not go there and yet He was God Himself? Leave the Men of God to the one who called them God Himself and just repent! By the way even simple biology tell us that we build immunity in the surroundings we live in and the Man of God is in America. You and I can better stand our enviroment than the foreigners.

  130. #192

    What you are saying is that TD Jakes saw it wise not to come so that Nevers Mumba would gain politically. Or are you implying that TD Jakes has such anoiting that any Candidate he anoints, that candidate anoited by him is our President.WOW! You mean TD Jakes is that powerful.

    Be careful not to lift TD Jakes on such a high pedestal. He is no different from you and me. Beware of cultic thinking.

  131. # 193.Who told you that TD Jakes is a fake??? Watch your mouth ok.Go and read this ok… Psa 141:3 Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.

  132. Shame, that south Africa picked on us. See, now the man of God won’t come. Well, may the sources that be kindly request him to still pray for Zambia. Prayer permeats walls, borders everywhere. God is everywhere. The man can pray for Zambia even where he is – makes no difference to the Creator as long as Jesus Christ is on board.

  133. Its clear that the disease originated fron SA,why is it that only south africans are affected.South Africans should come in the open..And the truth shall set them free…Zambian is a christian Nation such disease cant exit.

  134. iwe believer you sound like one of those overzealous penecoastal brothers or sisters. get a life and don’t show you fakeness here ayi. if you gat nothing to say SHUT UP! pea brains. if you think he is wise thats your indaba. i think not. all those guys at TBN are just job seekers. why should pastors need bodyguards? shameless people. and by the way jesus did go even where he was not welcome my dear. i do not know which bible ou read but jesus went everywhere where the spiruit led him to.
    read paul’s account in the bible and you will see that. overzealous pentecoastal child!

  135. #141 Anonymous. jst kindly name some negative things coz i dont think i will find them coz all i no is that this man is a man of GOD and i love his teachings…

    #146 Njooka. if you had money, you would still do the same. It doesnt mean that if you are a pastor, prophet, evagelist or bishop you have to be poor……please let him enjoy his blessings from GOD….pentecostals are really people of GOD and we pray powerful prayers. so mind yo prayers. Let people be successfull and wealthy stop looking at what other people are doing bt start doing something constructive for yourself so that one day you can take yoself to the USA with 1,000 body guards

  136. Leave Jakes alone! His calling is not your calling, so he does not owe you any obligations. It’s between him and his master. What if God warned him not to come?
    Remember that even the Apostle Paul was once warned by the Holy Spirit not to go and evangelise in a certain place (read Acts).

  137. zambia is being afected by the cares talk of the south africa govt without check.this is the second time the have done it and our leaders are not voicing out to tel em.remember what mbeki sayed bout levy while he was sick

  138. woo the man of God afraid to die seem like his faith is in doubt yeah .??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? even if he changes his mind it wont carry alot of impact!

  139. Blogers, blogers, blogers how many times did i call you? Its not your place to critise the Men of God whether they have done wrong or not. Leave that to God the ultimate judge. Even the bible says so, touch not the anointed of God, do my prophets no harm. I believe this applies whether they have sinned or not. the fact is at one point they were used of God and anointed of God. Read Numbers 16 and check what happened to the children of Israel when they rose against Moses. Moses was the one being verbally abused but who fought back? God.The ground opened and they were swallowed alive. in 2 Kings 2 V 24. Youth were mocking Elisha, two she bears came from the bush and devoured them. Be careful

  140. #184 its true your simple observations are based on your little understanding of the Bible. Know the word and your eyes will open. He was poor that we might be made rich,he was rejected that we might be accepted, the list is endless . Start reading and studying the the bible.

  141. This thing in the states have about africa nd they claim they are africans. Ati african american, thye shold not use the african coz they nkow nothing about Africa.

  142. I just love this preacher. How can he be so scared? Just goes to show he knows his medicine doesn’t work. Hope you followers get to think twice. Jesus would be the first to come if he heard we had problems. Maybe TD J is reading this forum and he knows we know he’s a fake.



  145. am in shock that TD Jakes refused to come to Zambia. I had just googled him because I dont know his website only to find this. I am sad & in shock. I LOVED TD JAKES preaching now am totally disillusioned :(( is all this really true?

  146. maybe in the end God lets pple do these things to show us that humans are humans & nothing more therefore we should never hold them in higher esteeem than the almighty himself. We should do as they say NOT as they do….. in the end they preach Gods word as to what they do i guess we’ll never know so lets listen to the word & forget their actions? is that it???

  147. I hope POD you get to read this, Jesus went amongst lepers isnt that an unhealthy situation? as for him rising & building a mega empire which business man in the real world cant do that? & how many of these successful people are believers in God? all they have mostly is faith in CAPITALISM & for that matter some are devil worshippers!!! stop putting other people down just because you believe in Jakes! we are all as disillusioned as you…try to be objective

  148. If Jesus was called the prince of the demons, and they lied about just to get him crucify, Jakes is going to be talk about even more. At the end of the day the question ya need to ask ya selves is this, what am i doing for God. T.D. Jakes has done more for the kingdom of God than everyone on here put together.

  149. din’t god was among the lepers. Didn’t God cure the blinds? You are a follower of God ain’t you. if it is true there is a disease in Lusaka shouldn’ ‘nt you be the first one to go there and help. eh eh eh Bishop Jakes talk to us!!!

  150. I liked as much as you will obtain performed right here. The caricature is tasteful, your authored subject matter stylish. nonetheless, you command get bought an nervousness over that you wish be turning in the following. unwell for sure come more beforehand once more as precisely the same nearly very ceaselessly within case you protect this hike.

  151. Oops! I scanned the top and bottom of the article too fast to realize this was a guest post! Still, great work. I love these ideas and I??ll probably spin them to work on my blog

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