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Citizens forum, ZAMWA insist on social contracts for the candidates

General News Citizens forum, ZAMWA insist on social contracts for the candidates

The Citizens Forum and the Zambia Media Women Association (ZAMWA) have urged Zambians to demand for commitment on the National Constitution Conference (NCC) from each of the four presidential candidates in the forthcoming elections.

The commitment would aim at facilitating for the review of the NCC Act.

Citizens Forum Executive Secretary, Simon Kabanda, said the Act should be in conformity with the recommendations contained in the report of the Mung’omba Constitutional Review Commission.

This is why the social contract has been entered between the presidential candidates and the people of Zambia.

He said this at a press briefing in Lusaka toady.

Mr. Kabanda noted that it was clear that the people of Zambia opposed the increments in salaries and allowances for the constitutional office holders hence Acting President Rupiah Banda refused to sign them.

He said the forum delivered the social contracts to all four presidential aspirants and various responses have since been given.

Mr. Kabanda said United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema agreed to the terms of the social contract on the constitution making process and that of the salary increments.

He noted that the UPND leader has indicated that once he was voted into power, the constitution making process will be give only up to June 2009 to conclude its business.

The UPND leader and his party further indicated that a referendum would be made without any amendments to the constitution.

Mr. Kabanda further noted that Mr. Hichilema said even when he is elected into power, he will continue to oppose the salary increments for constitutional office holders by not signing the bills for that.

He noted that the Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata said he had not yet seen the social contracts forms that were delivered to his office.

Mr. Kabanda has since appealed to the PF leadership to avail the social contact forms to their presidential candidate before the 30th of October presidential elections.


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  1. “He noted that the Patriotic Front (PF) president Michael Sata said he had not yet seen the social contracts forms that were delivered to his office.Mr. Kabanda has since appealed to the PF leadership to avail the social contact forms to their presidential candidate before the 30th of October presidential elections.”

  2. #6 continued.
    Sata is s l o w in thinking and a l i a r. He (Sata) will do nothing in 3 years and f o r c e us to b y p a s s the Republican Constitution in 2011 by banning the h o l d i n g of P r e s i d e n t i a l e l e c t i o n s.
    Meanwhile, the mighty UPND’s HH already shown us how agile and quick he is in dealing with important National matter. HH is simply ready to start Zambian Presidential work on 4/11/2008. Vote for HH for n o r m a l c y in GRZ.

  3. This tells you about who sata is.He knows that all his campagns are just cheap talk aimed at getting votes ful stop.This man is like his cousin who will do or say anything just get votes.

  4. Ba LT
    Thanks for the change in policy-The effort to balance the news, (The equation is; News item,+ what was said earlier + the right or correct position =BALANCED) this is key in the balancing of good news. It helps those who were not there or who had not followed the story appreciate all sides. Keep it up!! So far you are in the best direction!

    But what has RB said to this social contract,has he signed it.How about miyanda?

  5. it seems from which ever angle you look at things, this ka HH guy is sharp eeeh! Give the fella a chance he seems keen to prove a point that he can change things. To all of your, thanks for the civility that has returned to this blog….keep it up!

  6. It’s a laugh when pipo talk about Charles Michael Sata being a man of action. My foot… What action? Do you call bullying the pipo you are supposed to manage and lead action? Do you call causing confusion on a fully loaded plane action? Do you call selling a council house to your father-in-law despite a government ban action? Do you call bulldozing houses for the poor people in the pretext of building them new ones action? Do you call a man that does not respect another man’s wife a man of action? Do you call a dried out old fashioned comedian a man of action? Do you call MACHETING the poor dissenting voices in Chawama action? NOOOOOOOO. NO CLOWN TO BE THE FACE OF ZAMBIA.

  7. “Peter asked Vice-President Banda to forgive all those who voted against him”. Why the word ‘FORGIVE’? Not everyone can vote for one candidate. If no people are opposing you, the know there is something wrong with you or the system or both. Please, read the post about the divisions in MMD.

  8. Have you noticed that 98% of Sata’s supporters are;
    1. Not registered voters
    2. Those that wait to be spoonfed by government
    3. Those that are disgruntled and can’t be accepted in other camps
    4. Those that have nothin to but derive pleasure in shouting that incomprehensible slogan.
    Wake up!!! U stil living the past

  9. I am asking the MMD to serious consider endorsing HH before it is too late.
    I am also here to save you all PF supporters from crying, havaving unnecessary heartattacks and being beaten up by the Zambia Army soldiers on the 2nd November 2008. Let those with ears hear for we are in what Dennis liwewe normally used to call “dying minutes”.

    Countdown: 8 days 22 hours 30 minutes remaining and we are counting.
    Vote for real and effective change by casting your ballot for HH to create a safe future for your Children, your Grandchildren and your many generations of relatives to come after you. Zambia Forward.

  10. Amazing how we pipo 4get so fast.Sata for state house? my foot!Ba Zed lets be serious.Even if God hated us big tym there is no way he would give us such a person for president.

    Ba Zed pls wake up! it shoks me how so many pips sim kud be cheated about this action nonsense.God 4bid!

    Vote wisely

    Social contracts great idea!

  11. Remember the Kanyama panga situation? several were injured.He hasnt appologised
    – Do you also remember he told us he would forgive all those who plundered our Kwacha? he has changed stance and wants to make it look like he never said it.
    – The chinese would be chased? he has back peddled on that issues as well.

    -Pf would raze down Kanyama and all shanties? Where is the Money
    – More money in your pockets? Tell us how? the fela cant even xplain his own slogan
    – Apparently the 90 days story has ceased.amazing!
    Liar and Daga smoker.
    God 4bid!

    Levy shouldnt have died mwandini

  12. #18 what are you saying,do you know how many bus conducters voted in the last election.
    Am afraid RB will take us back to the unip times,how can fertilizer price reduce from 250 pin to 50 pin,economists help me how that has been done,what next……mealie meal for 5 pin 25 kg.

  13. The problem with this social contract thing is that its one sided, how can you draft a contract and give someone to sign when they dont have input in its drafting. I hope the citizens forum meets the candidates and sit down to draft a contract.

  14. people of mother zambia let have a scrutiny for these presidential hopefuls. iam afraid of sata commonly known cobra which direction will he take zambia.Agrade 4 chap.

  15. Any normal person needs to study the contract and understands it. Each political party has a manifesto and that is the contract they are giving to the pipo of Zambia that if voted into power they will be able to deliver based on the manifesto. The idealogies of thes political parties differ so one cannot just wake up and sign because you want votes. Sata take your time to stuudy that contract. You will be judged based on your promises contained in the PF manifesto.
    We have decided ki mwamukoloo fele!

  16. LT.com… No plans for an opinion poll?It would spice up the action going on currently!!It might not be reflective of what’s on the ground but then it would still be some fun…

  17. First of all what social contracts are these? which people of Zambia do they represent? who did Simon Kabanda consult before he sat at his desk to draft whatever he is parading as coming from the people of Zambia? He may call his NGO Citizens Forum but we have had no input into whatever he is doing. I know he needs to earn a living but give us a break with this social contracts nonsense. Yes there are many who are shouting in the NAME OF THE PEOPLE WHEN IN FACT ITS JUST FOR THE SECURITY IF THEIR JOBS AND POCKETS. we will look at candidates and what they are and want to do and vote wisely, not so called social contracts.

  18. LT I forgot ZAMWA. i see that they are working with Simon Kabanda. whatever has taken them to bed together, no need to strain heads because ITS CASH, I need to remind them of a solemn duty they are failing to address. ZAMWA, PAZA, MISA, MECOZ, ZUJ, SSJ and them all vocal NGOs who are representing us including the people trying to blackmail candidates with social contracts that we have input into, what ARE YOU DOING ABOUT THE YELLOW JOURNALISM OBTAINING IN THE COUNTRY TODAY. This noble profession has been invaded by quacks who are even fueling hate. these organisations know what journalism is al about and yet, you want to discuss social contracts and leave the real issues aside. Shame!

  19. Before you condemn the social contracts you must first find out what the contents are. The two social contracts contain the issues that the presidential candidates have been talking about. Whast the social contract is asking them is to simply append their signatureas against what they promise so that tomorrow they can be remined easily. Research please before you express your ignorance

  20. Change – we need.
    Change – will not come with recycled polticians.
    Real change – we need NOW.
    Vote HH for accelerated social, economic, technological and inductrial development.
    HH is the best man for Zambia in our current situation where we need economic managers. There is no one on the scene to compare HH with. Let’s not blame anyone should we make a mistake – the choice is in our collective ballot.

    RB, Sata and Miyanda won’t sign social contract because they are not ready to be accountable to anyone once elected, FULL STOP.

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