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Thursday declared National Mourning for the late Elijah Mudenda

General News Thursday declared National Mourning for the late Elijah Mudenda

The Secretary to the Cabinet Dr. Joshua L. Kanganja has announced that Government has declared Thursday 6th November, 2008 a Day of National Mourning in honour of the late Mr. Elijah Mudenda, former Prime Minister under the UNIP government.

Mr. Mudenda who died on Sunday 2nd November, 2008 in Lusaka, will be accorded a State Funeral, during which all flags will fly at half mast and all broadcasting stations should play only solemn music from 06:00 hours to 18:00 hours on Thursday 6th November, 2008.

During the UNIP Government, the late Mudenda held various senior positions, including those of Minister of Agriculture, Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Member of the Central Committee (MMC)of the United National Independence Party (UNIP).



  1. Now the goes one of Zambia’s brightest minds! Sad loss, this man and other premiers of the time like Lisulo, Mundia, Chona and Musokotwane kept Zambia afloat whilst KK was being buffeted by the Imperialists trying to maintain white rule in Rhodesia and Republics of South Africa.

  2. Sad, the real principled politician. he never weaved himself in and out of politics like VJ has been doing lately.

  3. But imwe, fya ustate funeral ni mbwe, ma public holiday ni mbwee. That’s why the economic will constantly be lagging behind.

  4. My condolences to the Great Man.

    He had one of those perfect portraits on the GRZ Cabinet poster. It was picture perfect, with a smile like the monalisa.

    It’s a great loss of a great leader. MHSRIP

  5. Elijah, you have departed from life with dignity. Memories of your works for mother Zambia will be remebered by all of us including those to be born. You have been an emblem of servant leadership and a man of inspiration. You loved justice and hated oppression. You fought for the poor and fought for our freedom. I pray that your soul will challange all of us to develop selfless leadership that calls for total sacrifice and surrender to national duty in order to serve humanity. May your soul rest in peace.


  7. may his soul rest in peace.. now watch zambia collapse as rupiah bwezani fails to rule! sleepy man!!!!buka webo!!!

  8. let us start holding state funerals on the weekend… production dates are required for teh economy to prevail

  9. #4 / 5, aren’t u ashamed of ur mis-placed comment? read all the comments and yours is off-tune. put yourself in the right place.
    E. Mudenda, rest in peace.

  10. national heroes will always be mourned by State funerals, whether that moron on number 4 likes it or not. Who said business comes to a standstill- its just the entertainment aspect that is suspended- very briefly for that matter. Maybe I missed your point can you elaborate how national mourning and public holidays affect teh national economy?

  11. Sorry bloggers, I even omitted to salute the late Elijah Mudenda for his service to the nation- that is how come we are even blogging here freely, without the imperialists’ interference. MHSRIEP.

  12. May his soul rest in eternal peace.Not really a greeat loss because he stopped being relevant to national issues because of age just like sata.

  13. 21 Oh my God (OMG), you shock me. He made his impact in his youth, he retired, unlike Sata. Please don’t compare unlike things- they are both human but your point is misplaced. Did you do any history of Zambia, or Civics? If you did you will retract your misguided comment. You should have just kept quiet if you didn’t have anything nice to say about the dead old man.

  14. Too bad,why cant people like Vj die? they have nothing to live for except rigging elections. Good people raelly die early leaving our country in the hands of Mbita and Vj two idoits now well known in the rigging sector.

  15. Elijah Mudenda, an icon of true patriotism and selflessness. A true soldier of the liberation struggle for Africa and Zambia. A man of valor and peace. We will miss him. I still remember seeing his picture with white teeth and a half smile that assured youngsters like me in the early 70s that we were in good government hands. He stood so tall and majestic in those KK suits. MHSRIP.

  16. R. Banda, Tatamashimba & Mwaanga are flying to a campaign rally in Solwezi. Teta looks at Mwaanga & chuckles: ‘you Know, I could throw a K50, 000 note out the window right now and make one voter very happy.
    Mwaanga shrugs his shoulders & says: ‘Well, I could throw five K10, 000 notes out of the window and make five voters very happy.’
    RB says: ‘Of course, but I could throw ten K5,000 notes out of the window & make ten voters very happy.’
    The pilot rolls his eyes, looks at all of them, & says: ‘I could throw all of you out of the window and make the Whole country very happy

  17. Humble Gentleman he was. May His Great Soul Rest In Peace. God be with his family as they go through this trying time.

  18. #13 Chengelo Alumni, with all due respect to Mr Mudenda and others already departed and most still to depart, it is imperative that your suggestion is heeded.

  19. There we go, praising the man in his death! Elijah lived a life of isolation after UNIP was out of government. Who even bothered to honor him when he was alive?


  20. I thought people were joking when they said we’ll go back to the Kaunda/UNIP days under RBB. How many former ministers have their death days declared national morning status? I bet by 2011 will have half the days in a year declared national morning! Ronald Penza was among Zambia’s greatest, I don’t even know when he died! Am sure all the UNIP pundits will have a political resuscitation now that their fellow is head of state!

  21. # 23 KABOMBO, Why do you hate VJ he has nothing to do with anything on these elections. Don’t wish bad on your pal because you may go earlier than him.

    To the Mudenda family, may the good lord confort you in these trying times. MHSRIP.

  22. #28 Please lets learn to respect our leaders it seems you are one person who is ill informed.Mr.Elijah Mudenda was a Prime MInister of Zambia for heavens sake and a freedom fighter.Such Men deserve to be respected even in death.This has nothing to do with him beign UNIP.


  23. A great man indeed, yangu abasuma baya.
    A great loss more especially us, youngs one we needed guidance from ba shikulu.
    Ba tushe muchibote chakwa Lesa

  24. MIHSP. No. 27, that a great joke but I think you have misplaced it. You could have blogged it on another article. In the meantime sorry Zambia for the great loss and may God console his family

  25. Great men and women die quietly.Elijah rest in peace.Zambian history can never be complete without your name and works being mentioned.
    MMD are now talking of a state funeral but did they give you your
    proper retirement benefits?
    Go well Elijah


  27. May his (Elijah Mudenda) soul rest in peace. I will miss you very much. To the remaining family, condolences on the death of Mr E. Mudenda.

  28. True true UNIP is back RB to resign from MMD soon.Look at what happened in Malawi.The bitterness of 1991 is over mmd will get the last political lesson from KK.Did you notice that there were more UNIP pipo campaigning for RB than those who claim to be mmd.Sad ending for the movement.
    In any case though great Elijah deserves a state funeral.MHSRIP

  29. Elijah Hatukali Kaiba Mudenda 06/06/27 to 20/11/08. We pay glowing tribute to Zambia’s third Prime Minister 27/05/75 to 20/07/77. Lo on of Zambia’s great sons has been called to rest. The fight for truth and honesty has passed from you to those remaining. I hope they emulate your good counsel and humility. Great men are remembered for their humnility and not the dust they serve. Old man rest in God’s comfort. You shall be remembered by all those who appreciate what you did for Zambia. To my fellow Zambians forge ahead. May God be with us all.

  30. I like your comments mwe ma Zedians on this one.You are so taken and felt saddened, you have even forgotten your families, wifes and childrens and all at home.
    The Republican presido signed and authorized the Holiday 6th Nov 2008.


  31. Rest in Peace Big Man,i think you are the only politican who never carelessly opened her mouth.You are trully a statesman.
    May Your soul rest in Peace

  32. Rest in Peace Big Man,i think you are the only politican who never carelessly opened his mouth.You are trully a statesman.
    May Your soul rest in Peace

    let other leaders learn from him,he never said a words even during the thrid term but he was very much around this country.Surely we mourn with the family

  33. May the soul of Ba Hantukali rest in peace. Condolences to wife,children and family at large. On behalf of Mr and Mrs Amon Rex Natala in Zed and my brothers in the USA, Ditton and Mutinta in Zed I would also pass their condolences too. MHSRIP

  34. His soul shall surely rest in eternal peace.
    At 81 his done all he could have dreamt to.
    Politician with integrity. Daniel Munkombwe and the others should emulate him

  35. Mr. Elijah Mudenda – one of very few dignified Freedom Fighters; a Hero who never asked more from Zambians for his noble services. His reward is in heaven. Indeed, a humble servant of the people.

    Rest in Heavenly Peace!

  36. #Can someone help find the following PF cadre individuals and tell them to contact me on [email protected]:

    [In a parallell topic on LT last week “We are winning despite biased media coverage, HH”, there were PF cadres:]

    154. mala msana wanzili
    146. choma1
    132. Pumpy
    126. Ama Ladies
    122. Akapondo!
    107. tentamashimba
    84. MAT 7
    52. No way
    51. Chapati
    44. Lam Jay Akapondo
    37. YMM
    36. Anyina
    33. From choma
    21. Superman
    13. Sharp Steve-Kitwe
    10. mumbulu
    6. chikondi
    5. sylvia masebo
    4. Muwala
    some character “Father Christmas” who promised sweets but has since disappeared.
    I may just have to send condolences to their families too in case 1 or so had a fatal heartattack.

  37. Kebby Musokotwane had a state funeral.
    To the mudenda family please accept my sympathies and God’s abdundant peace during your period of mourning.

  38. #71 there is a time and a place for everything.We are discussing the passing of a great man. Take your gloating elsewhere.
    Grandpa Mudenda , may your soul rest in peace.The people who are under 25 years of age wont understand just how much you did for this Nation we call Zambia. Thank you for all your wisdom and your service. Credit the government for honouring such a great man with a state funeral.MHSRIP.

  39. #72 thanks for correcting me . Now listen from me if a person dies without accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour he CAN’T REST IN PEACE .I tell you no one shall enter into the kingdom of God unless he gets born again . If you want your soul to rest in peace come to JESUS CHRIST RIGHT NOW.

  40. Is it only politicians that deserve a state funeral? Declare a memorial day for all that have gone before us. Stop reliving the animal farm satire. Peace to all the departed.

  41. #80 stop reading my mind. You’re no Bob Marley, bad manners! Somebody I was forced to learn about at G5-Social Studies just passed away and thats the topic. Those days, if you were not there, we were forced out of class and line up for them when they came to give us their political rhetoric, like it or not. What makes a man great anyway?

    Do all the ‘MHSRIP’s you punch down here make the G.O.D change his mind even if somebody was as sinful as UNIP and MMD? I dont mean Mudenda was a sinner, but if he hears me now I will only ask him to say hai to my Grandpa, a hero I lost when I was just a little boy.

  42. cutey its not a public holiday its a day of mourning…work goes on. its to show respect to a great man and former leader of the nation…dont show your obvious ignorance n disrespect here

  43. What a sad loss for Zambia and the people of Southern Africa. in my whole life, i’ve never met another with so much respect, wisdom, humility and integrity like EHK Mudenda. I wish leaders in Africa can take a leaf from this great man. (MHSRIP)

    We pray his family gain strength in these trying times.

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