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Am ready for the challenges of the VP Office, Kunda


Vice President George Kunda during an interview at his ministry of Justice office
Vice President George Kunda during an interview at his ministry of Justice office

NEWLY-APPOINTED Vice-President George Kunda has said that he is ready for the challenges of the office as President Banda’s second-in-command.

Mr Kunda, who is also Minister of Justice, has also said that he will soon be presenting to Cabinet proposals on how to strengthen the fight against corruption.

Mr Kunda said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that his appointment as Vice-President entailed that he assisted in realising the President’s vision on improving the standards of living for Zambians.

“I am ready for the challenge and will provide the necessary assistance to the Government. I believe I am qualified to take up such a responsibility,” he said.

On the fight against corruption, Mr Kunda said that Government would have to put in place measures that would make the fight against corruption more effective.
He said the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) in consultation with other stakeholders has developed the proposed policy.

He said a decision has to be made on whether or not to continue with the Task Force On Corruption. He said that a final decision would only be made after consultations with cooperating partners.

Mr Kunda said he also had the challenge of continuing to attract investors and helping to improve the economy as emphasised by President Banda during Friday’s Pres conference.

Vice President Rupiah Banda coughs during an interview at his ministry of Justice office
Vice President George Kunda coughs during an interview at his ministry of Justice office

On his role in Parliament, Mr Kunda said that he has been an advisor to Government on how to conduct business in Parliament, adding that he would continue his role but this time as leader of the House.

He said having two portfolios was nothing strange to him as he has done it before when he was the Attorney-General as well as Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs.

Mr Kunda said, however, that he would this time be more of an advisor at the Ministry of Justice considering that President Banda has decided to appoint a competent senior lawyer in Mr Todd Chilembo as Deputy Minister.

“Having two portfolios is nothing new. I have done it before. I was minister of Justice and Attorney-General. The Ministry of Justice is a professional Ministry. Normally I do not have a deputy Minister,” he said.

Mr Kunda said the Solicitor-General and Attorney-General would also work with people at his Ministry and that he had no doubt that the Ministry would remain unshaken.

On the National Constitutional Conference (NCC), Mr Kunda said he would want the constitution-making process expedited.

He said he wanted Zambia to have a new constitution before the next elections in 2011.

“This entails that I continue and accelerate the constitutional review process under the National Constitutional Conference.

There is need for us to complete that process so that we have a new constitution this time before the Presidential and parliamentary elections,” Mr Kunda said.

He said he wanted to continue with the Africa Peer Review mechanism and work as delegated.



  1. Come on guys, this man looks health to me. And he looks trim and nice and I doubt there are any concerns of heart attack, BP and the like. This is how people should look. Most of you think having big Cheeks and a big tummy like RB is being healthy. That is infact being Sick. People who are healthy are trim. Think of Mundia Sikana and even Sata after changing his lifestyle has began looking trim. Africans get over the idea of big cheeks and big pot belly as a sign of wealth and health. I would like to look like Kunda’s physic when am 60. He look s great

  2. RBB knows that kunda will not be there to challenge him in 2 years time that is why he appointed him Veep. RBB told me that he is standing in 2011 because he needs to finish what LPM left.

  3. What marital problems? He is now in the public eye so we need to know. If he can’t hold his home together, how can we expect him to run two top government offices? Who is his wife?

  4. FTJ wont gt off easily with Kunda as VEEP since he shares same vision as LPM. It shows by two appointments that of Kunda and Musokotwane, RB has shown that he has a knack for identifying talent and building a winning team.

    We are waiting for changes at PS level because this is where the delivery is done. Maureens appointees i.e. Mulasikwanda and Njapau are out and next are the family tree bootlickers whose main pre -occupation during LPM’s rule was to report on their well educated superiors. Lelo ni lelo , start booking your containers bangwele. Maureen went to far as a defacto head of state who even the guts to shout at Ministers. Awee twakana

  5. Thank you Vice, warning for FTJ and please get ready.Kunda has plans for corrupt chaps pa Zed.
    But my worry is your health sir? Kaya

    Viva H H will always want to change Zed under free or Zero corruption

  6. Country men and women why do you speak like that, situpidi Zambians.
    Kunda is not well as Vj is.

    Viva H H man who’s plans is to introduce free HIV treatment for Zed

  7. Congratulations George, for that life-time achievement. Am your former resident in Ndola but never believed in politics of poverty. Now am swallowing my words. Can you put in a good word for me to Nyama Soya so that he can consider me for any position, even that of looking after economic refugees who are languishing in the diaspora? May I caution you that am not very good at vote rigging; I asked VJ to be my mentor but after a short interview, he told me that am too honest for such demanding and demeaning task; it requires sef-lessness, a person that readily picks the crumbs (chief whip) that falls from the boss’ plate. Do you need my updated cv which is with PF?

  8. #11, 14 what you are saying is like don’t show us pictures of RB sleeping. We need to know. These are public figures and not Zambian POP idols. That is how we know that RB sleeps in meetings because of the pictures we saw. Let pictures tell the whole truth.

  9. ‘He said a decision has to be made on whether or not to continue with the Task Force On Corruption. He said that a final decision would only be made after consultations with cooperating partners…“This entails that I continue and accelerate the constitutional review process under the National Constitutional Conference.There is need for us to complete that process so that we have a new constitution this time before the Presidential and parliamentary elections,” Mr Kunda said.’

    This is grear Mr Kunda, but please make sure you impliment these tasks as soon as possible. Remember that you will be Acting President a few times as well as your continued Ministerial stint with Veep work.

  10. # 19 in short u re saying that the country is on auto pilot.Prez fast asleep whilst Veep looks like he has just discharged himself from UTH.

  11. Good to appoint Kunda as the man is qualified enough for the job. Country men AID/HIV is real and always strikes in the middle of good things. Lets educate our chldren to refrain from the vice since our time is gone. VP advance the fight against the vice and consider appointing young men for govt posistion since life appear to be too short. Lets embrace good morals gentlemen. VIVA HHHHHHHH and keep yourself health. Sky is the limit. Abash Nyama Soya. You are too Vulnerable and un prepared for leadership. HHH 2011.

  12. NO. 17 wake up. ARVs are free for all in in Zambia. What are you talking about? Did they charge you the last time you went to get some for yourslf? Talk sense please and besides ARVs are NOT the subject of this topic…………….

  13. Let us learn to judge people by their character and not by their looks. Someone may appear a bit strange or sickly and yet he is the right man for the job. Give him a chance.

  14. #12 you talk as if you had a gho at maureen and she turned you down.Why cant you leave the widow alone.She has nothing to do with the issue under discussion here.Try to be focussed on the topic rather than using LT blog page to fight people you dont like.We have always had presidents so if you are not happy with appointments blame them.I dont remember ever seeing Maureen on a press conference appointing people in whichever capacity.Lets move on from LPM please

  15. Gentlemen plz lets stop descriminating and concentrate on the subject some of you commenting badly are equally sick you cant judge a book by its cover whats the content in it think twice or thrice b4 posting bad comments


  16. Let us laugh at our friends who look to HIV positive. We dont know the circumstances that lead to their acquiring of the HIV virus. Some of these are probably more decent – but unfortunate – than the HIV.

  17. Let us laugh at our friends who look to HIV positive. We dont know the circumstances that lead to their acquiring of the HIV virus. Some of these are probably more decent – but unfortunate – than the HIV negative.

  18. Well, the appointments have been made. Lets wait and see. No need to be too quick to judge. Death comes in many forms and anyone can die antime. The issue is about delivering! I personally am a bit optimistic about these appointments. Next, i want maureen’s family tree to be recalled back home, they have done enough deservice to the country.

  19. UPND Chaps are very dull.Thats why tongas wil never rule this country. Why are you talking about Kunda,s health.Lets contribute like people whose reasoning capacity is normal.You are making noise 2011 kwisa?just dreaming.Basokwe imwe. Am pf,but i cant decriminate this man just because am pf.So sleepy characters in Upnd.Ba pompwe imwe.

  20. The dude is as sick as hell! he looks weathered like akanama ka kocha! Just look at shikapwashya, VJ , kunda… kua bebele!

  21. Kunda is evidently a sick man.However, Lusaka times are being petty and childish to show his picture and then write ‘vice president Kunda COUGHS during interview and ministry of justice.

  22. Tikambeko ,zo ona Ba Mudala sibaonekamushe nangu # 8 akamba ati slim body ndiye sign of good health.Nanga kunbuwanbuwa ni ni sign yachani?
    Iwe vice President angazioneka so, nanga bamukobini bazankala bwanji?

  23. life is really unfortunate. we may talk and shout whatever has made kunda appear as he does should not be taken for a laughter. What we want is for the man to deliever. In my view kunda looks better than the new first lady. some of these fatty guys may be more sick than kunda appears. Remember why did sata emphasize presido hiv tests. it was not imaginary to was telling something. so bear with kunda and lusaka times has not erred it is the job to give true pictures and judgement is yours.

  24. Prior to the october 28 th elections,i even talked to Upnd president and the spokes person Mwetwa.I wondered,coz these people dont even know what they are doing. I made it clear to these 2 that it was the mmd they were trying to remove from power.Not the fellow opposition PF. Because they constantly attacked PF and Sata. Fyaliba dull Sana ifibantu Fya UPND.Thats why me,if i dont for PF,i would rather sit and not vote than wasting my vote by voting for either MMD or UPND. Just continue heading cattle if you have failed politics. Ba sokwe imwe.

  25. The iron part of life- the George Kunda people are laughing at will live longer than some HIV negative individuals. Its not only HIV that kills. What happened to Levy. At one time levy was laughing at Mazoka’s ill health

  26. #34 ya,boyi your user name, has cracked my ribs.How do you honestly remind people in this way.Chachine kanono ba nevers!!!

  27. What’s the point of keeping & using a picture of someone coughing.I am from Ndola & have known George Kunda & his family for a long time,he has always looked the same,all his children have red lips like him so all those who think he’s ill coz of his lips are cheating themselves.Kunda who is known to be a bookworm like the late President though rich has never been one with tidy hair,remember even when Chiluba became President,he used to have dorn uncombed hair.

  28. Meet George Kunda: The new Legal Affairs Minister who is Mr Integrity
    By Victor Kayira
    THE history of the Zambian legal profession in the 21st century would be incomplete without the mention of George Kunda, the new Legal Minister.
    History would indeed be incomplete because of his immense contribution to the profession through the Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) and through practicing for the past 20 years.
    Mr Kunda is the man who firmly held to the position of LAZ chairman for four years from 1996 to 2000 when he stood down. Mr Kunda was born on February 26, 1956 in Luanshya of a miner Njanamo Kunda and Eginala Mwelwa who hailed from Serenje’s Musamani village where they now live.

  29. I dont see Kunda as the right man for the job.The justice miniostry he is running has failed to complete cases such as Chilubas Now he is rethinking the role of the task force before completing the plunder of national resources for which it was tasked.He has been a spanner in desposing off corruption cases.He was also involved in chanelling zesco funds to MMD.So i cant really trust him.I respect him for his academic achievements but certainly not his intergrity

  30. #50,that data is too detailed,niba bululu banu baba?GK sems to be one of the few good choices RBB has put in place,whether he is ill or not is “immaterial”,Hmmm! ka spelling ka imatilio kanivutako veep, but plz do not repeat the kashiwa/sokoni saga,and above all we must have a good constitution,and above all++++,kafupi and his cronies must face the law squarely and fairly-no nolles or quashing of cases,mwamvela mdala veep olo namumfya( kakosa ka bemba apa) olo MWAPULIKISYA?!!!

  31. I remember ba George coming to woodlans shopping centre, never getting out of his ministerial vehicle which was the first in the history of Zambia to have dark tint. He could tip the scale @ 55kg then. Ala he’s picked up but i dont think he’ll pull thru nga kaikata. The VP office is not good for him nga alikana mwee!

    Please don’t make fun of me, I am just being honest. I am already 37, time is running out. I am not a beauty queen, but I think Iam average and Iam ok with it. I just need a serious man to settle down and share my life with. I am a seconary school teacher with no children,I have a stand at soweto market and I go to Northmead Assemlies. Don’t laugh, I am a woman of courage and I know Iam speaking on behalf of thousands of Zambian women! I am Waiting for a brave man to respond openly. If you are a strong man…I AM HERE.

  33. i really need gelo wapa zedi.bazungu yayi elo i cant see wapa zedi in uk. bamabala banayamula yonse ma gelo yapa zedi. during tuma celebration twapa ukzedi ma gelo ali tight na ma bugazi.elyo na guys also nayo yana beula bugazi, mwenye, chinese. ise nidwii. but zona chipepo ngauli serious mwanokwesu reply.

  34. Ivy #61, you’re off topic. If you need a bloke so badly, write to LT and they’ll consider posting your sob story as a separate topic. If they decline, better to join a dating website, than bore us with your problems. Chaps pa Zed, what’s happening, you’re leaving the women stranded, yili brutal???

  35. bona musa #71 ndapenga. if you wani pliz kondambila mukwesu. wabola akati tali mufubafuba pe. wanda mwugasi. naulijisi kondi pa musa. kamuleya ndiza kalaina. tembubo

  36. Kunda has the capacity to deliver. LPM would not have delivered the way he did without Kunda’s contribution. I, however, see the need to find another capable Lawyer (woman or man) whom RB can appoint as Minister of Justice so that Kunda can concetntrate on his work as VEEP.

    LT, was it necessary for you to show the VEEP’s second picture? I am left to wonder what you shall show your reader’s next.

    May God bless Zambeziland.

  37. forget #44 is from the pragmatic usa. what do you expect of this self declared economical slave. cum home and see. english when you are just frying chicks in mac donalds. useless cheap mendicant.

  38. Obama was elected President in the USA. Is Zambia ready for such a change. Can we accept for president guys like Mr Zukas , Guy Scott and Dipak Patel.

  39. Iyo mwandi the dogs have come to journalism or is it the profession that has gone to the dogs? whats news about a vice President coughing? who doesnt anyway? And can you plan when to cough? such that you can excuse yourself and go to a private room?Maybe i missed the news when did Kunda declare that he is HIV positive? and even if he did does the media then have to start looking out for signs of making him look sick. alot of people on this blog have only known Kunda as a minister i would like to hear from people that have pictures of Kunda looking FAT. By the way get your facts right AIDS is not the # one killer in Zambia!

  40. #35, 45 you seem to be hurting just at the thought of Tongas eeeh! one Zambia one nation, like them or hang yourself. the dudes are here to stay. I like their steadness and inteligency. Ever woundered why the cut of points for grade 7 and 9 is always highest in Southern province? even then, the dudes still have big numbers at high institutions of learning. Relax man, you sound like a rotten Bemba. I love Tongas and have a lovely Tonga wife. but as for you, you suck and stop the tribal nosense!

  41. #
    82. your flag Engine Bbuloko!, nice points on “Ever woundered why the cut of points for grade 7 and 9 is always highest in Southern province? even then, the dudes still have big numbers at high institutions of learning. Relax man, you sound like a rotten Bemba. I love Tongas and have a lovely Tonga wife.”

    This is true on cut off points are higher and also entry into UNZA, CBU and colleges of high learning is highest from The Southourn Province (may 60% of total freshers) although you get students from all over the country in most schools there eg Hillcrest Technical in Livingstone.

    Thank you for this data Engine Bbuloko.

  42. #82 you are very much right. Tonga’s are very good and inteligent people. Look at the calibre of the late Mazoka and now HH. When Chiluba wanted a third term they told him “NO” when other 7 provinces said YES

  43. #86,at post #82, I was just responding to post #35 and #43. Looks like some chaps still always want to label others by their tribes even where its not necessary if at all its ever necessary. Otherwise I think Kunda is fine for the Job. As for LT posting a picture of a man coughing, thats being petty, whats are they trying to prove?

    Am looking forward to the day when most Zambians will for once learn to be objective and drop this pettiness that has led to the country being poor despite having a very good matrix combination of natural resources. Kunda is a good choice and is actaully better than his Boss.

  44. #80,wewewe,hw are you my friend? I missed you my friend.Its better to Debate like people who truly have been to school. Lets not discriminate against Kunda if at all what you guys are saying is true.And you #81, undertaker. Dont bring the issue a picture where Sata laughed.Ndaba ndiwe wa ma elele naiwe!

  45. GK is the right man for the position of veep. And knowing him and colleagues like Mumba Malila, the AG, and Todd Chilembo, Zambia has a good set of legal brains to ensure we can deliver on issues. The beauty with RB’s cabinet is that even the kaponyas are also represented in Mulongoti and Teta. I hope these two will use their loud mouths to shut Sata up and get more kaponyas to understand issues.

  46. For the first time since 1964, Southern Province has no cabinet minister apart from the Deputy Minister Daniel Munkombwe who is a friend to RB

  47. I am fine chewe thanx. i bet you are gud? its amazing how after decades even the elite still think an HIV person is more at risk of dropping dead any minute than a person with a heart problem , or Bp, or cancer on even depression (suicide). And we never learnt anything from the once famous saying ‘you cant tell by looking’ any wonder why people want to look awkwardly fat with a pot belly and chicks like a baby on lactogen milk?

  48. # 90 the debate of where Musokotwane comes from was not concluded yesterday. any idea? others said he is toka leya others said he is tonga and others said he is from western whats the truth?

  49. For every God-fearing and peace loving Zambian, the best to do is pray for these leaders to deliver and take this country to its next level. Death is an appointment and therefore one can die sick or not. We need meaningful critisms and contibutions.

  50. Chewe, # 35,43. Wake up Kaponya, the objective of the UPND is change for better and not for worse or for the sake of it. For your own information, with Sata as PF President, it is better to have MMD in power than PF in the event that UPND lost it. Your blind support for Sata is nothing but blatant Bemba tribal otherwise you know that Sata is never in any way better than HH.

  51. #90, Southern province has always had a minority in govt and people are even used. Its not only in cabinet, even at provincial and district administration level, you have a few Southerners in Southern Province. Thats why I get sick when people start screaming that Southerners are tribal, I dont get it. One thing for sure though, the guys have learnt to get the best out of the worst. While most people are worrying about having their tribes men in power just for the sake of it, southerners are bussy making lutos out of it. It doesent matter which tribe dominates power its how you shuffle your cards when you are not in power.

  52. #97 continued: Despite some provinces dominating political power for a long time, their home lands still have the highest poverty levels. Mumbwa is by far better than Chinsali or chiengi. Thats why this tribal nonsense dosent work.

  53. Bloggers, the issue is not how fit GK is but how he will stamp out corruption that has made us suffer like this. Let us pray for him that the Lord grants him more days to serve the nation. We do not know how good he is at creating a family tree.

  54. Hey guys,82 Engine and 94 Rhodesia.Am one of the few bembas who can speak fluent tonga.Most of the tongas and lozis fail to believe when i tell them that am bemba,when they hear how i speak tonga.And i intend to marry a tonga.But when they missbehave i rebuke them.So am not a tribalists guys.I like tonga.So kamuli lemeka basa ndakomba akaka.When Sata steps down i wil vote for relax guys drink some water and cool your throats.Ndamba chitonga mebo oke.

  55. Wewewe,i have stopped using the language which is uncivilised,because of you.I wil try by all means never to sound vulgar, because of what you said yesterday.God bless you.

  56. Musokotwane comes from Western Province in Kaoma District. Born of a half Tonga and Lozi mother by the name of Sibeso and father Sinyani Situmbeko. Musoktwane name is also found among the Tokaleya people of Southern province just like Miyanda is found both in the East and South. So He is a westerner. He has never stayed in SP

  57. # 97 i agree with you in actual fact it is time we moved away from politics of identity and concentrate on politics of inclusion and fair distribution of resources. we should see our leaders as national represenatives other than tribesmates. We should learn to appreciate good leadership and leaders other than cry for tribal represeantives that end up not even developing areas where they come from. let us focus on sustainable development, fairness, justice transparency, accountability, gender equality if we are to move out of poverty. let us not resort to violence but non violence means of making our demands known. remember we only have one zambia.
    let the struggle continue. YES WE CAN

  58. The tribal heterage and insults so far read on Lusakatimes is not Zambian and does not help anybody in your country.During my stay in Zambia, i found almost all tribes in all Provinces of Zambia living in harmony which should be promoted by all.It appears there is more tribal heterage by Zambians in diaspora

    God bless Zambia and grant it abundant peace

  59. #90. Chiwembe, how about Bradford Machila?

    I haven’t had time to look at the new cabinet properly yet, but I think Machila is in the President Banda Administration!

  60. If he is so what? most of you are also sick and work 40hrs a week, even more.
    It’s better to have a HIV+ person than mentally sick person like Sata

  61. Just who is this “Am” chap who Kunda says is “ready for the challenges of the VP Office”? Pardon me, I should have seen it. They actaually meant to say “I am ready for the challenges of the VP Office, Kunda”.

  62. Just who is this “Am” chap who Kunda says is “ready for the challenges of the VP Office”? Pardon me, I should have seen it. They actually meant to say “I am ready for the challenges of the VP Office, Kunda”.

  63. Hey,Maestro my friend.You are fine and kicking ka? you wre so quiet,i thought you had gone to help the rebel leader Kunda in Congo DR.gud to hear from you.

  64. bembas will always bounce back in the top. they cant lead without us. leaders of all days. thank God i was born bemba. chikubabe wooooooo

  65. # 115 that is dangerous thinking! being bemba or whatever is just pyschologicial identity. It is backward pipo like you that still place tribe or ethnic identity highly! no wonder we shall never develop as a country. tell me what you have benefited individually because you are bemba or whatever?
    lets focus on issues and what our leader can do for us regardless of tribe.

  66. #119 you are right but there must be a way of accommodating all groups. the one Zambia One nation which Kaunda left has been seriously polarized to an extent where for you to be northern province minister you have to be bemba to be western province minister you have to be Lozi to be eastern province minister or P/S you have to be Nyanja , ngoni or whatever! am glad RB is trying to break that by sending Shawa to northern and Mulyata to Northwestern.

  67. mr 82 you must be sick,supported by 83 a lunatic.if my head saves me well how many profs come from the east? Mvunga,Goma….and want now to start tribalism iwe! how many tongas in Africa,interz failed?

  68. Yes we have to find ways of accomodating all groups and we should first stop thinking of ourselves as bemba, luvale, tonga. we should thikn of our selves as humna beings that happen to be in Zambia and therefore we have to do something for zambia. yes Kaunda tried to break the tribal barries i remember zukas was at one time MP for sikongo in kalabo. i remeber teachers or civil servants from one province being sent to work in other provinces.But chiluba came and undid what kaunda had built in terms of a one zambia one nation. Teachers are now confined to the same provinces where they come from. if you train as a teacher in kasama, you are only sent to schools in that province!

  69. We should not laugh or look down to some one who looks to be sick. We will be suprised that the man is not sick. In Lozi there is disese of the month called Lilazwa, this disease causes the lips to be red it has nothing to do with aids. If one coughs it is either is chocked by salivas or he wants to clear the throght, it has nothing to do with sickness. I know the new VP is hard working person and he will make it as VP.

  70. God bless 123.Even sick people need our support.No normal person rejoices when a fellow brother is sick.However,some of us very fit people can perish before some in hospitals go.Lets be human at least 1%.God bless all Zedians with love.

  71. #124 Kasoma, thanks for your comments. There is difference when one has accepted Jesus as a savior our minds are renewed. We may be sick on earth but enjoy eternal life and be health now and lose heaven. So we should not dispise those who may be sick. God loves us all. God bless our nation so that we can love one other.

  72. What LT is trying to portray is that the appointing authorities should look at the health of a person before giving such responsibilities. The man might not necessarily be sick after all. Unfortunately, our country has not reached a level where like in the US health records of each candidate had to be made “public”. There is no such requirements in the constitution. Maybe it might be something worth looking into.

  73. Southerners are always busyin their farms rather than think about politics.Munkombwe has always been in gvt or minister but he has never ever lived in Lusaka as such but is always in his kabebya farms.Only a few are concernbed about politics However all this is trivial.The point here is we have a zambian as VP and it doesnt matter where he is from.He is well qualified compared to Sata you wanted to be president when he is Gr4.,We must have standards please i beg you all


  75. Mr Kunda, its not about “I have done this before”. Even a failure can say I have failed before. It’s about delivering performance and moving forward ensuring the objects and KPi’s are achieved in a timely and cost effective manner. The problem with recylcing politicians is that nothing changes for the better, for worse more likely.

    I raise my temperature again

  76. RB should have appointed someone from Western Province as Veep.No one there has ever been Veep in Western Province.Statistics
    Simon Mwansa Nothern and Luapula, Nevers Mubmba Northen and Luapula, Lupando Mwape Northen and Luapula
    Mulemba North Wetsern,Kavindele North Western,
    Mainza Chona Southern, Kamanga Eastern, Grey Zulu Eastern, RB Eastern
    Levy Mwanawasa Copperbelt and Central province as president.Please RB consider any one there infuture.The Litunga does not want AKa for any position in Government because Aka challenged Imwiko for the Litungasheep.But there others like Dr Kasukwa Mutukwa,Dr Inonge B.Lewanika,Sakwiba Sikota, Charles Milupi etc.This is not tribal but balancing power

  77. #121. your flag kasoma, tiyeni tipse ulemu where it is due.
    #114. your flag Chewe, lisikulu nalikosa, but I am using Mugungulu H. Mwaanga and Ubuntu as alternatives usernames too to decieve (avoid) my so-called self-made enermies.


    Maestro Hhehhehhehhe.
    Viva The UPND for real GRZ Change in 2011

  78. Folks can you stop being petty and discuss issues…..GK is fit for the job.It’s unfortunate there’s few guys like Anorld Schwazneger in politics.My advice is that you start visiting the gim so that you don’t feel embarrased about your looks,now and when you grow up.

  79. #127. Chills, goo point there.

    All we need is a Vice President and not this where is the MAN OR WOMAN FROM or which tribe is he/she.

    I personally do not care where they President, Vice President or any Cabinet Minister comes from or which tribe he/she is. What I am interested in is that let us move Zambia Forward. If this means that Prof. Chirwa becomes Zambian President and appoints an all team of people from Eastern Province, then let it be but we expect that team to feed all other Zambians and develop the nation. I hope, this Tonga or what tribe is he must end now for this is 2008.

  80. ‘An opposition Patriotic Front official has taken a swipe at Kasama Central Member of Parliament, Savior Chishimba following remarks made in connection with the PF leadership and convention.Mr. Chishimba was yesterday said that PF leader Michael Sata will never be President of Zambia as time has run out.He also called for the party to hold a convention.In reaction, PF official, Mrs. Charity Banda says Chishimba is not a member of PF and should not involve himself in matters of the party.She disclosed that the party is discussing the issue of the convention and that everything is in line.’ Source:w w w . muvitv . c o m /news /Nov2008 /16thpnews6 . h t m l

  81. Rb please consider the people of western province as well, they gave you most of your votes. Even if there are people you wanted, you could have chosen from the Litunga’s list, does it mean all of them were not capable to be vp. Be like your former leader Kaunda he chose three from the southern, Musokotwane, Elija Mudenda and Mainza Chona. Yes we know he chose one from the Barotseland Malimba Masheke but that one is now more of a Southerner. I am Bemba but mmd and I want all provinces to be represented. Thanks for Situmbeko Musokotwane for the southerners thats a strong Ministry you have given them and they deserve that.

  82. #137, you wrote ‘I am Bemba but mmd and I want all provinces to be represented.’Please, let those who deserve posts get them for it is not politics of appeasements but that of those that qualify to hold positions. A time will come when a Zambian that hails from the Western Province will be Vice President or President when it shall come.The Holy Bible indicates that there is time for everythingn in Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. So, learn to appreciate qualifications and not emotions. Zambia is for all Zambians and that is why your NRC doesnt indicate that you are Bemba by Tribe. I am Tonga but both my NRC and Passport do not show that I am Tonga by Tribe neither do they show my Parent’s tribes.

  83. So, forget about Tribes and just know that Zambians are running GRZ in this President RB Banda Administration which I do not know if it is a New Deal GRZ or something else.
    Let us move on as a Nation and not individual Tribesmen. We have a Zambia to develop together as ONE PEOPLE and not as tribes seeking to appease certain quarters of our heritage. Nationalism is more important than tribalism for Zambia to make headway in real development. I hope this is enough to shops you some light at the end of the tunnel Mr/Mrs/Ms Bemba person. To borrow Lucky Dube’s Song Lyrics ‘Different Triibes and racial background, One people’.
    Vote president HH and the UPND in 2011 for a real ray of Change.

  84. Basa katubaambila bamwi bantu kutegwa bamvwe. Eno poona aawa mbindabelesya chitonga umwi muntu ulatongooka pesi babelesya cisyobo cabo tatutongooki. At the end of it all it is ‘one zambia one nation’.

    Coming to the topic, I feel sorry for the LT. They are indeed immature as they have shown their immaturity here. How do they emphasize on the ‘COUGHING’ aspect? Mind you, a picture speaks more than a 1000 words. Let us not descriminate anyone because they are sick. Peepe twakaka basa.

  85. #140. Crazy, great points there my friend or fellow Citizen. My mother always says that we are all sick only that the level of sickness differs from person to person.

    May the good Lord God have mercy on us all and give us good health and wisdom.

    Kulibaabo babona kuti makani aaya alayaka munzi, toonse atuti AMEN. Leza amuleleke noonse nomupona nobantu bacisi casu ca-Zambia a nyika yoonse mboizulwa.

  86. Pa Bwatoooooooooooo for life. Zambians lets wake up and support Rooten Bwanzani Banda who is still sleeping. No need to be too quick to judge death comes in many forms and anyone can die anytime. YES Zambians knowns that Kunda is sick.

  87. Chi president chinkote, chi vice, chi patient, how do you develop. Bane, those positions are demanding atleast bwezani should have appointed a vibrant vice to cover-up his ever sleeping hobby. Yaba us zambians accept trash! its so irritating. I WISH MEAL MEAL GOES UP EVERYDAY SO YOU FEEL IT!

  88. We know he is sick but that’s not the concern. People with malaria, HIV, Cancer and what-not can still be productive. The only issue is that I dread the day Kunda speaks to the country as Acting President.

  89. some of u guys surprise me. i think most of u guys have gone to skool but everytime u talk about bemba is , tonga that. negros pilz pilz!!. Lets comment abt the story above. shame on all guys. we are all zambians and zambia is for zambians. That is why MMD beat all you haters. HH and SATA. change pilz

  90. It is a sight to watch an ape run on all fours. Very agile creature it is. Nonetheless, it is just an ape. No matter how much it leaps and scream, it cant be more than just an ape. Let me relax and dose off for now.

  91. #146

    Why is it that LIONS spend most of their day sleeping and dosing? Why are the lesser animals busy during the day? Any suggestions?

  92. Is he going to continue being Minister of Justice? And what new measures is he going to put in place to fight corruption, which could not be effected while he was plain Justice Minister??

  93. GK looks sick. We don’t need such after a state funeral not long ago. Ka oneka manga kana tripa bad. Ni rock of ages iyi

  94. Fwayo is really a galactico. Way to go man. Let that scoring spree spill over to the National Team this coming wednesday and other games to come..

    Kombe has continued to impress. I hope the issue behind his signing gets sorted out very soon so that he can concentrate on the game even more. He seems to be aiming for the sky this season. He definitely deserves a place in our national side (as we try to quench the goal drought that has gripped us for some time now)

  95. GK & VJ are sick period!! We will definately be having state funerals before we can say “bob’s yr undcle”
    Have you seen that their skins resemble buka buka fish….

  96. I am so disappointed with #35, why should you call all tongas dull for Goodness sake, and then you are telling people to contribute sensible ideas. Is that being sensible? No wonder we are suffering because of pipo like you. Remember one Zambia one Nation but if you start calling other tribes dull you are losing it. I hope you will desist from this nonsese otherwise you are also dull and very dull infact.

  97. #6 You’re right. So when someone is pictured coughing then they’re sick or have HIV.

    I must be lost here. But so what if he was HIV positive. Is there anything wrong with someone who is positive having a job. We as Zambians can be so prejudiced at times and backward too. Magic Johnson has/had HIV and look what he accomplished. Why is that that foreigners waste money on us trying to fight AIDS and yet educated people can still be so igonrant and fire the flames of stigma

  98. #101,104,114…this chewe man or boy is such a B*tch hey…thinks he knows it all…better than the rest of the bloggers…read you contributions little man,infact i shouldnt even call them contributions..incompetent piece of sh*t.

  99. Yaba. mwalanda sana bane. This debate will take us no whare. Why? because Gk is vice president, whether we like it or not. Meanwhile, abit of advice to GK: One teaspoon of salt mixed with some honey in hot tea should do the trick. Avoid cold drinks and speak only when necessary.

  100. Ivy at 37 you should be mature enough to make sensible contributions. This is not place to look for a husband. Talk to your pastor at your local church, if anything pentecostal churches are good at doing that if you have been faithful in your dealings. Not after grooving your realise its too late, thats when you want to settle down. Friendly advice mum.

  101. Ah this when am joining in fellas.
    GK looks sick, he’s actually been looking like that for a while. Lips are pink, looks artificially fat,skin has a strange grey look yes i see all that but so what?
    This guy has a brilliant brain we can utilise whilest he serves.He’s one of Zambia’s state counsels. I think he’ll do a good job despite his terrible accent and lumpen style of speaking

  102. # 35

    Get a life man. Go hang your self or something it will be better for all of us. take your tribal nonsense elsewhere am sure there is a better way of bringing your ideas across. Grow up!!

  103. Ba Chewe, #43, I thought you could do better than that! When did you become so brainless? I am not Tonga but I would take ukuchema Ig’ombe any day. You know why people like you don’t like Tongas because you feel threatened, they are independent and hard working and they don’t easily feel easily mentally challenged like most of Chewe’s type.

  104. There are more professors from the eastern,richer pipo from southern, more brainy pipo from southern so what. More politicians from Northern. Guys!!!! We dont want to hear that.
    we are Zambians.
    when i meet a zambian person outside the country am happy to meet them and i dont care whether he’s a banda, ha something, musonda , mundia. i meet a zambian. thats our identity. Chiluba was not a bemba president but a Zambian, get the point. thats our label. one viva zambia one nation!!

  105. The Veep in Zambia is just a senior minister, there is nothing much to do accept, when a president is sick or dies. I think more power should to the office of the veep, so that presidents don’t die like LPM. So Kunda can combine two posts

  106. I think the NCC should SERIOUSLY consider the question of qualifications for one to be president. I mean, we can’t rely on the fact that one performed when he was sent to the market, the hospital and when he was made free man of the city. Seriously, if one wants employment, there are qualifications. If I need qualifications, the minimum being Grade 12, for me to be a cleaner, what more a REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT? Grade 4, no ways


  108. Kunda is going to the grave …period. There is no cure for……chocking. RB has made the worst blunder. I am MMD/PF but i dont support the cabinet.

  109. Guys all Kunda is sick we dont want to waste govt money and time we need people who have enough time to work and not be in hosiptal.
    look even if the man has got the best brains sickness is sickness u can not perform well. the jobs he has needs somebody who is well and has the energy to manage his duties not most of the time is spent on taking medication.

  110. come on, we all sneez…u must be very dull to think sneezing is not being healthy. And what marital problems would he have, have you heard anything silly about george kunda?he has been well behaved from the time that i knew him, his wife is a well and respected lawyer.this man is healthy,we need you gk….

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