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Ex-workers want to buy company’s flats

Economy Ex-workers want to buy company's flats

Former Kafue Textile of Zambia workers occupying company flats say they are fed up with government’s delay in selling them the houses despite having the sold the company to investors.

The aggrieved workers who have since formed a committee to help them speed up the process of buying the flats ,said they are in process of taking to the streets to demonstrate on the issue.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview today , Chairman of the committee Anthony Kintu said they where suppose to have bought the houses in 2004 when they were given a 50percent of their benefits but this did not happen.

Mr. Kintu said the offer for the houses were suppose to be deducted from the 50 percent but since the KTZ flats where under the Zambia Privatization agency ZPA, there where issues of creditors to be finalized.

He said those KTZ workers who resides in the INDECO estate houses had their offer dedicated from their 50 percent and they immediately became legal owners of the houses they resided in.

Mr. Kintu told ZANIS that they were told that this finalization will not take long and they could soon be legal owners of the flats , he said it has now been four years and the offers have still not been given.

He said that they have since been to the ministry of commerce and the ministry of finance but they were told that cabinet office will authorize the release of their offers . he said they have waited for the release of the offers but in vain.

One of the angry residents Mr. Bydon Gondwe wondered why the government managed to give residents in Nitrogen chemicals of Zambia NCZ flats their offers to allow them to buy the houses when the KTZ Flats residents were the first to be told that they were going to by their houses.

Mr Gondwe said it was surprising because NCZ has not been sold but they have managed to buy their houses without any problems but with KTZ which has been sold , they have to go through all this trouble .

He said government should tell the residents if they are not eligible to the houses.He said if government does not want to give them the houses , the residents should be told whom they want to give to.


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  1. Give them a chance to own houses/flats please, I guess you will not pay them their dues before their die. Buying houses/flats leaves their children with something after their demise.

  2. Treat everyone equally bwana GRZ.When elections are around the corner,you promise to empower people and after they are over the language changes to ‘GRZ’ is looking into it’.

  3. Let the govt be clear on this as people have been waiting for years to buy these flats. Its high time the govt sold these flats to the people who deserve them.
    Am sure the people in Kafue voted for MMD.

  4. #8 The selling of houses under FTJ Kafupi was political…do you know that even some former ZCCM houses (those beautiful ones) have not been ‘sold’ but have new landlords. In Kafue, those houses are probably already sold (to politicians among themselves)

  5. Honestry sata would have given these flats. you have the vilagers to blame . MMD chitenge and sugar. Is fertilizer selling at 50pin?

  6. hey really sell those flats to those whm they r due 2.Afterall they have paid fot thm and r willing to pay the rest too.I agree this is to secure their families future.And hey #9 whats this r the govment selling those ZCCM houses i used to live in one as my father worked for the mines in Kalulushi,Kitwe then Kabwe.Yaa i agree they r BEUTIFUL HOUSES!!!!!!hope the families look after them as i would like to revisit the memories in the near future.

  7. Life is just so tough in zambia. You wonder who is going to turn it round for the better. I have not lived in Zambia for the past 12 years and when I visited Zambia, I just felt so lost. I never enjoyed my stay one reason being the power cuts.

  8. Is this the Zambian culture to receive houses as part of benefits? Chiluba made a 2 weeks mistake when he gave away mine and council houses. Even Ba Maureen got confused, someone told her Plot 1 should be her benefits…

  9. 4 yrs waiting for pension!!! but only takes 1 day to debate on salary increament!!!! selfish bastards pay the citizens of zambian !!

  10. #
    17. your flag Sarah Jones, just to ask. Did you forget that Zambia is the REAL AFRICA before visiting?

    On the topic, selling is selling especially that Zambia is a TRADING Country. My mother bought a former council house and I expect company workers to buy the houses they occupied for what is the difference?

  11. Its very true that some institutional houses in Kafue were bought by politicians. Go behind Zanaco bank, their is a flat that has stayed ages unoccupied. The late Le….y bought it.

    Go their and prove. Only caretakers are once in a while seen.

  12. Do a a demo. Just tell your women to go or accompany them to state house gates and undress before RB or his representative and see how quickly the letters of offer will be given to you. Pa Zed talking does not work and only when you let the president know and beome aware of your problem will it be solved. Ministers and their deputies are all zombies just there to await and carry instructions when given to them by the president.

  13. True! What these tenants don’t know is that the flats have already been sold to the same investor. Only problem the investor has is how to chuck them out of the flats they have occupied for years. So it’s quite tricky here.

  14. This “dog” ka Chiluba is the one who messed up this country! The f#@ker was busy selling everything in his sight as if it’s someone in the diaspora who is relocating to his home country. The result of this is uneven distribution of housing units resulting in high demnad for accommodation and the sprouting of shanties because everyone now wants this empowerment in the name of a roof on one’s head.

  15. #26, please tone down in language. Mr Chiluba FTJ (Doctor, Malawi) is a former President who desreves respect.

    True, not all of us can agree with the way of doing things that his Administration did, but it is us who gave them the mandate to rule. So, instead of crying over spilt milk we will do better by just cleaning up the mess once and, hopefully, for all.
    Zambians, Together as ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ YES we shall in 2011 by endorsing a team of educated UPND members to form GRZ so that the minimum qualifiaction for one to be Zambian President and MP must be Masters Degree – and jokes with Jokers aside. It is only seriousness in mitigating our current challenges that will help us.

  16. Anbena kafue you voted MMD and i can assure you, you will not buy those houses. Highly placed people in the MMD want them too. they are busy trying to find a way of doing this. open your eyes and you will see. Thats the prize you will pay for voting MMD. ha ha ha!!! Watch this space.

  17. Iwe # 27. Maestro Hhehhehhehhe na HH wako. Your HH will never be in a ruling goverment for as long as there is no pack between the two main oppostion parties. Take this seruously. You will just keep dreaming about governing. Tell you HH to form a pack victory will be assured. Start talking now. you have two years to come up with a pact which both parties can agree to.

  18. HH did very badly during the last election i dont see him doing well 2011. Stop splitting votes. bring your votes together as oppossition parties, win the elections and then come bring your good ideas when you are in goverment. with out this you people will make us just be stack with MMD and nyama soya. Tink about it guys!!!!

  19. HH is too self to make any pact with anyone! May be with a fellow tonga, kaya. Tribalism is in their tonga blood and this is what is the problem. They can’t embrace the phenomenon of “one Zambia, one nation”.

  20. Zedians, that is a wrong believe thinking that when you occupy a company house it will be a “must” to buy it, NO.This is wrong, why didnt they build and own houses while in employment.The true new owners will need to employe and house its own staff, so these guys are just buying time waiting for JESUS to come.
    Shame on these lazy and poor chaps including the families.

    Viva H H man who will empower Zedians to own houses through hard working

  21. zambians should really kick out the mmd in 2011. these people have made corruption part of the socio-economic fabric. everyone looks for an opportunity to con everyone else.

  22. Why did the Chinese and Peruvians celebrate when Sata lost? They know they can manipulate the rest. Anybody read a story of how a Chinese “journalist” and spy used to supply “mutunda mbuzi” to the late Mobutu Sese Seko? The idea was to get as many concessions from the kleptomaniac as possible. I have no doubt that this could be happening in our own backyard. I am sure the Chinese supply more than cheap textiles to Zambia….

  23. # 35, Chinese supply sex to all prostitutes in town lsk, but dont pay…they give kilimpulini bombasaz as surity. I found 2 tilizi complaining when I went down recently.

  24. 35. your flag ako kanono ba nevers, you wrote “Why did the Chinese and Peruvians celebrate when Sata lost?”

    My take is that the were happy for you and me as Zambians who was saved from trouble economically. They saw that a dictatorship was avoid and we can live well in harmony.

  25. # 37 they celebrated because they will continue paying low wages to zambians, continue kicking and mistreating Zambian workers, continue reaping and extenalisisng their profits with impunity, they will continue to bring cheap unskilled general worker migrant labour (their next of kin) from their countries and continue to be protected by the MMD Govt., thats why they were celebrating.

    Who wouldnt if given this scenario in a foreign land.

  26. These are the people that contuinue to vote MMD and last month voted for Nyama Soya.

    lelo, Muzachiona, you wont buy these flats. even when you demostrate and block Mazabuka – Chilanga – Lusaka road. Nyama Soya will send paramillitary to sort you out. Since you a Hungry lot you wont fight.

    continue wallowing for your mistake to vote in Rupiah. he addressed you and cheated u in October, now u have kissed dust.

  27. The country lacks proper empowerment policy which should facilitate the working class and other citizens from constructing houses of their own. The salaries from civil service to other foreign companies are pathetic. They only allow u to have average of 2 meals pers day not3.How would construct a hse. The corruption starts from the allocation of both residential land farm land. The goverment has down very little to clean up this mess. Chiluba sold the hses to individua;s at very little amounts, but 4got that him never built hses, this created a crisis because rentals short up to 100%of one salary.Tried to suck funds from parastatals to build hses for the poor at PHI, but turned to be 4 rich

  28. People must go back and read the compaign prior to setting up PHI. Key word was hses for the poor. Ask Sata who was Chairman for Local government Hsing in MMD. The was another way of stealing money when they came up with OAU village. MMD got labourors from Malaysia to come an pass blocks and cement. When unemployement in our country was increasing and poverty on the rise. The hard coreheartless status of these Politicians can only checked by us the citizens. We need to question them rather than blind support. How different are they going to be now when in the past all fast foods out lets where given to lebanese.the current labour Laws are as they left.Bad laws are sources of exploitations,

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