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The copper boom is over,what are you going to do Local businessman?

Economy The copper boom is over,what are you going to do Local businessman?

By Son Mumbi

The recent copper boom has been short lived. From about 2005 when there was massive reinvestment in the mines and speculation of more, the Copperbelt and Lusaka saw a proliferation of all manner of mine suppliers- Robin Hood copper recyclers (stealing from the mines dump to sell to ‘venture capitalists’).There was a boom in trade with Dubai, China, Dar es Salaam.We saw an increase in  property investment, transport and prostitution (Solwezi notably).  And boy did it boom! A check on the social spots of the Copperbelt town of Kitwe and one was likely to meet all manner or businessmen and a few businesswomen.

There were excursions across the border into Congo and into the new wild west of Zambia, North Western Province to get villagers to dig for copper using crude tools and haul 50kg bags of ore on the backs. Stories of copper truck hijacks became the norm. The Chinese where the villains of the show. While a not too close look revealed that other country nationals were the villains also, namely  Australians, South Africans and Zambians  too! Pot-bellied Zambians and Afrikaners with attractive mistresses to swing
around the town with sleek 4 by 4’s.They lounged around the popular night spots with very attractive mistresses, who if times had really been good, might have been walking the cat walk. Well that is all coming to an end!

My advice to all local mine suppliers, transporters, copper labour exploiters, start farming now. The good times are coming to an end. A global economic depression is inevitable. Forget about joining an NGO and stealing aid money for a ‘poverty’ project, there will be no money for Africa from the West.Not with increasing poverty levels in America and Europe; they will look to their own first. Forget migration, it will only get harder for you to get in, you won’t get past the British Embassy.

Local businessman, with the loot you have left from copper ‘gains’ invest in a low energy consuming tractor to help you cultivate the land, not  the new set of shiny wheels you have been contemplating. Do not grow maize, fertilizer subsidies only come during election period. Grow sweet potatoes,groundnuts and soybeans. Practice plant rotation, yes you remember it from secondary school production unit.Plant indigenous trees, keep hardy chickens. Avoid goats and large herds of cattle, they overgraze, but you might want to keep a few pigs, they are not picky about what they eat. To avoid energy problems, go solar, forget about that diesel generator you were planning to buy in Dubai.

And lastly, if you are going to have multiple partners, marry them under traditional polygamous arrangements, and stick to those that you do marry. Be open about it, sly sneakiness won’t do you any good when things are falling apart. Besides, honesty is the best way to get the co-operation of your wives for that extra labour. By being open and sticking to your partner or partners you also minimise the risk of contracting HIV, drugs may get very expensive when things fall even further apart.

If the above is all too much, I recommend an honourable death, volunteer your services to the SADC peace-keeping mission for the DR Congo, Laurent Nkunda is guaranteed to kill you, but at least you would have done one good service, to possibly enter heaven. Isn’t that what most Zambians want judging from the proliferation of pastors in every conceivable social setting, even public transport.

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  1. Mwaice Mumbi kindly contribute more here for my sake and I will be a regular visitor. You have made me your number one keen follower. Nice piece of work and very original. Well done.

  2. true……agree with the blogger who noted that when one door is closed,many more are open.
    To the police,stop that harrasing of farmersno matter what they grow.

  3. Brilliant article.
    I don’t agree with your second last paragraph.
    Its best to have one pattner for life than to have multiple because if the number of wivies is high then the chances of being HIV is high as well. I say this becoz one of the wivies will not be entirely satisfied and may start seeing other guys as women are attention seekers.

  4. I think at this time, Zambia must use this opportunity to invest in a low technological sector. We have enough copper to produce and sell cheap technology.

    I am sure there must be some Zambians who know how to engineer DVD players. They can cut copper costs (used in wiring) because we have the copper. I am also sure there are also Zambians who can engineer cheap and small TV’S. Also there must be some Zambians who know how to engineer cheap Fridges etc. With this cheap stuff, we can flood the American and European markets with out cheap technology.

    The world is in a crisis and consumers are looking for 2 things, food and cheap luxuries. Japan during the oil shocks of the 70’s started…

  5. cont from #12]

    producing cheap automobiles and flooded them in the American market and they made huge profits.

    Zambians, this opportunity will never come again. Lets think CHEAP!!! CHEAP!!! CHEAP!!! in terms of luxury goods. If you are a designer, better start designing and producing those cheap clothes so we can flood the South African/American markets with our cheap clothes. Technology, think cheap.

    In a time of a recession, people wont spend money on LCD’s, they’ll look for a small 19″ Banda Tech. TV with a “Made in Zambia” label.

    Think about it and get back to me. Farming is good but cheap technology is another alternative.

  6. cont from #12]

    producing cheap automobiles and flooded them in the American market and they made huge profits.

    Zambians, this opportunity will never come again. Lets think CHEAP!!! CHEAP!!! CHEAP!!! in terms of luxury goods. If you are a designer, better start designing and producing those cheap clothes so we can flood the South African/American markets with our cheap clothes. Technology, think cheap.

    In a time of a recession, people wont spend money on LCD’s, they’ll look for a small 19″ Banda Tech. TV with a “Made in Zambia” label.

    Think about it and get back to me. Farming is good but cheap technology is another alternative..

  7. We can do alot in Zambia with the Little money we have. We just need need to be forcused.
    When I last visited Zambia people where complainig that when one buys a chigayo then every businessman goes to buy a chigayo. The problem is people in zambia want to do what everyone is doing when it comes to business.
    This reminds me of some estate agents who are reaping people off like mad. These guys tell you to pay a certain amount of money if you want to view a house. You pay the money whether you have liked the house or not.

  8. Hey folks. I can see boom in Zambia from here in Alaska. Fundanga told me that the fundamentals were strong and that Zambia can not be affected.

    Maybe I should advise the republican party to research on the impact of family trees to winning elections but not the Mwanawasa way – Nope my brothas.

  9. Agriculture and touarisim are the answers. But for touarisim sorre maningi, the boers have got us. All tourists pay thru agents in SA, and fly via SA. Very few pay/fly direct to zed, so very little of that $ reaches zambia. Those boers who own game resrves dont mind if 3/4rs of the mane remain in SA, thus denying Zambia much needed forex that is being erned from her natural beauty.
    Only sata threated to overturn this situation. RB dosent mind as his sons and most ministers have payoffs from these lodges and game reserves.

  10. chachini. we are behind with technology. We can make cheap things for our own market and serve on forex for cheap chinese stuff.

    If you come to my home, you’ll find a good table, a spoon and some other things which my grade child once made at school. At UNZA and CBU etc we can’t even even produce a small cheap stove for our poor people. all we cry for is grz funding.

  11. While this article brings the reality on the Coperbelt,its not well written.Your tone seems to be mocking the suppliers.It seems you expect them to suffer.And farming is not the only thing we can do!Whilst I appreciate the significance of investing in the agricultural sector,I believe there are other avenues to explore.Good suggestion though and I believe some one will take it up.We have seen worse days:we will survive.We will conqure and overcome.

  12. When I visited zambia One dude asked me if I can help him buy a ‘chi truck chamene ba mpopelaka matuvi as pa zed these are turned into vi ma truck vamene ba gulisilamo chibuku’ ( these were his words not mine). The dude had an idea but where are these being sold? Anyone with an idea?

  13. Sarah, I know where these are sold. I can get in touch with you. I’ll give you my email if that is ok with you. Just let me know. But shipping was a bit expensive though one zimbabwean told me where to get them shipped cheap.

  14. I don’t believe the glory days are over, infact I feel they haven’t even began. It takes hope to see hope…just like Obama, yes we can!

  15. #15. kc

    Says, “Zambians cant even make a spoon, how can they make a Tv.”

    I find this guy to be an id!ot. Instead of taking up the opportunity to start making spoons since nobody in Zambia is making them, he starts lashing attacks and talking down on the country. KC, why don’t you take up the opportunity and start making spoons. Of course you cant, you are waiting for foreign investors to start doing it so you can start attacking them right??

    With minds like these in Zambia, it is no wonder urban Lusaka supported Sata.

  16. #27, kwasila vitaba vima so called investors, after enjoynig huge tax breaks. You and me, left with damaged environment..no future. All Zambians must migrate.

  17. The writer is right am going to Goma because i have gone bust. The china man is offering 2pin dollar for copper per ton my what a risk am not prepared to take.( mumbi are you the brother to the famous copper thief called Shi Mumbi of kitwe?)

  18. It is not a site but someone that I know dealing in these things at a scrapyard. Ask your boyfriend/husband about scrap-yards then he will know. I live in the midlands near Leicester and the place sells trucks close to the guy’s site. I know his number, email and address but these are bazungus and they can put one in trouble for flotting their details online. I’m serious.

  19. one copper price to all cannot work. We are culture to selling like at Chisokone market where the price will change based on how the customer looks like. that is our silly culture and so applies to copper like tomato and ifisanshi.

  20. Ba Free Market be the first one to go and set up a telly factory. We will find you. Keep us posted of your progress and how you will eventually discover that it is easier said and that Zambia ni Zambia.

    It seems you have forgotten where you come from. Batata the last time I looked, suppliers were coming from SA. There was a time ZCCM contracted a South African company to renovate plant site pump stations. That is Zed for you. Go and try.

  21. @15. Those of you who blame engineers for not being able to invent a spoon or whatever, one thing you should bear in your mind is that Engineers are not like lawyers who just need to buy books and start renting ka office along Cairo Road at FINDECO MEZZANINE FLOOR and call in fimofimo Legal practitioners. In engineering you need huge investments and as an individual straight from UNZA, with misplaced govt priorities you think you “can make that spoon”? Don’t insult us. Blame your leaders for not giving incentives to the locals

  22. people the copper prices played a much smaller role in the success of the local businessman. HIPC and consistent fiscal policy is what opened up the Zed economies for smes. Chances are still in real estate, tourism and the retail sector. We not going into recession but there will be a slow down. Banda and co are our biggest challenge.

  23. A Phiri Anabwera, that is a good point you have raised. It is so true amd the reason is that from Chiluba, Mwanawasa (RIP) these leaders have not been sincere. Even him had people doing copper business on his behalf. Please google “Mwanawasa deals comes to light”. This fight against corruption must be tabled with sincerity. Only when these leaders put us first can we turn our situation. Botswana is one good selfless example.

  24. No. 37, many thanks for defending the engineers because am one of them. There was a point last year when I applied for funds from CEEC with a good business plan using ICT to reach the poor for certain financial services. I was told its a risk for them to consider technological projects. I was amused and laughed off, this is a true story and the next we will see is an indian implementing my idea as it was with DBZ. Task force where and what the heck are you doing.

  25. #40 Tracey

    I do agree with you. My friend has a supplying company to the mines and the govt can be a buyer too. But he has not got far with being turrned abck as they (Zed purchasing officers) are instructed to contract foreign suppliers only. Is this true those who are home and working for the mines.

  26. Who is this hyna? from which coner of the country is he? Things are bad for every one. probably you will be the worsed hit. Our politician got brown evelopes.on expense of good planning for everyone. shame short lived. Chibwee tawa shiba no kulima. Atlest one good for sure the minning will be presrved for our children probaly they will have good use unlike Levy who sold the mine for peanuts

  27. # 40

    You are absolutely right on that one. Aba bantu they keep sideling us just because we do not issue brown envelops. Can you imagine, I was pushing for a tender to supply hung wires (ko ika vovala) but was told they do not need them at the moment. Guess what, the folowing week a labanese fellow started supplying them at the same institution (a govt owned lodge). Can you see how these guys pull us down even when we try so hard?

  28. Thanks Tracey, Here in China you can see that the country is moving forward simply because Engineering has been prioritized. You will find that funds are easily accessible to someone who will present some ka HIV project proposal, things that are not adding any value to the economy.

  29. No. 41 and 43

    Unfortunatley this is what is happening. Your idea will be sold to a foreigner by our own people for a short lived benefit. This culture is one that will haunt our lives for a long time. I have in the recent past made friends with people at task force and gave them leads, but again they are interested in high profile cases, only when they realise that a tree starts from a small seed, that’s the only way corruption will be tackled private sector must be investigated too not only govt. Kayumba said he gave business to his nephew, its on record, would you believe that? The challange R&B has is to clean up the mess, then you and I get into that office and operate.

  30. If its foreigners they are easily given Tax rebates. It makes sad readings indeed. Kavindele, a local investor decided to construct rail line from Chingola to Lumwana, what happened? They grab it from him and opt for a foreigner. With dwindling copper prices I don’t know if they will attract that foreign contractor

  31. No. 44
    You are so right, here is what I did a small research on HIV NGO’s. Zambia has a population of around 12m, they say at least 20% is infected with HIV, that’s 2.4m people. They gave us ARV’s at a cost of K50,000 per person whose actual cost is around K100,000 since they said its subsidised by at 50%. if you are 30 years they can prolong yr life for at least 20 years. Please calculate per year, per person then 20 years. Multi Million dollar industry, create to ma HIV NGO here to keep us busy revolve those funds to fund the NGO’s. Secondly its become one of the biggest employers and killing them is a disaster on the economy, its an ulcer.

  32. Guys your comments on supply chain in zambia have come at wrong time. All the politician are sleeping. Probaly the problem is how they came on board. SATA talks something better and the short boys (FTJ) political engineering did us harm.

  33. No wonder PLM (RIP) was so againist these briefcase NGOs employing brothers, sisters and cousins and wasting Global funds.

    Take away poverty by improving the economy and then incidenecs of HIV exarcebated by prosititution and poverty links will help reduce infections. Abash some of the NGOs.

  34. Someone must quickly find the cure for this disease please so that we see how those who depend on this industry for their livelihood will survive. Meanwhile such funds are not even trickling down to those who are affected or infected.

  35. Very well thought and written.Excellent piece.You should consider cotributing more articles to further enrich this site.

  36. No. A Sala

    Twani nawo? No I will not open an NGO. But I will campaign that most NGO’s are shut and we as Zed create an authority through the HIV Policy of our country. The authority is an extension of Govt’s MoH like we have in telecoms CAZ. The authority will have extension workers well paid to educate the citizens on all issues that the NGO’s are doing and the excess funds be used to finance clinics, drugs etc. This will also extend to schools where specialised professional personnel can educate the generation on HIV. Step two is cure since we have dealt with labour balance

  37. The recent forcast by the USA intelligence community say there will be a lot of failed govts in africa in the next 20yrs becoz of a struggle for scarce resources.The future is really scaring.Russias richest men have seen 2/3of their wealth wiped out over the last 12months.Ficili eko tuya

  38. No 38 we get almost nothing from tourism as zambia is offered as part of a south african package.The monies remain in South africa and all that is left in zambia are a few tips for the waiter or barman

  39. I guess the global finacial crunch will soon be over. Companies, worldover will start manufacturing as usual and employ workers adequately. China will soon resume its economic growth that will entails an upturn in the demand for copper. Goood for Zambia!! Shame to the pessimists!!

  40. Copper prices will pick up again. its the global economics . When AngloAmerican pulled from the zambian copper mines, copper prices were very low.

    China is in the process of building up 21 big modern cites by 2020 and that will require raw materials which include copper. Analysts predict commodity prices including copper to start picking up by late 2009.

    I hope the Author of the article did not have is girl friend grabbed by the so call mine supplier. After all, what goes up must come down.

  41. #57 Your analysis has some truth in it but things won’t get back ‘to the way they used to be’. Supporting what you have outlined, the same forecast that number #55 is talking about talks about a big powerful China in the years ahead so this is perhaps our hope as far as mining is concerned. We can make tourism benefit us by getting into the business. If South Africa is using our tourism for their benefit then let us find ways and means of dealing with that issue instead of just complaining. Agriculture is the future, in the report #55 mentioned, there is talk of future food shortages so farming is a long term alternative. We can make Zambia a better place for ALL Zambians.

  42. No more people blogging! Mwaenda ku moba olo kapena mwakomboka kunchito (where we use free internet)? Anyways, its all good. Let me also go and have one or two ice cold MOSI, yeah I said “MOSI” lager. The real African taste. Truly Zambian. I wonder how many of you here have had this great beverage lately. Kaili naona uyo author of the article above ati his favourite is “charles glass” (Im sure you know its real name). Ni vabene vija. Ise ni yatu yatu chabe. Vabene yayi.

  43. To the author of this article.

    “If the above is all too much, I recommend an honourable death, volunteer your services to the SADC peace-keeping mission for the DR Congo, Laurent Nkunda is guaranteed to kill you, but at least you would have done one good service, to possibly enter heaven.”


  44. There is also an article on “thecitizensdemocraticparty” website on this copper issue. Indeed we are in a mess. Its like going back in time 1974. Do we ever learn?

  45. #65
    we are indeed in a mess. don’t worry MMD will find a better solution of how to get us out of this mess. ‘Do we ever learn?’ No we don’t!

  46. atase!
    than god the copper boom is over, at least those minning companies wont eip us off, afterall they have tax exemptions.
    the govt should have known better, diversify!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  47. The author of this article,I assume you’re Son Mumbi,mn you’re a genious.It’s a very good piece!
    Tighten ya belts,cats!

  48. 65. Observer

    ” Its like going back in time 1974. Do we ever learn? ”

    It is not about learning. It is about having a system and government that does what it is supposed to do, which is support Zambian people and business, not foreign business. I think maybe the MMD think it is save to have the economy in foreign hands, because foreigners do not pose a political threat to them as they cannot stand for public office. At the same time, if Zambian benefited, they could put together enough money to form a challenge to the MMD government.

    That is the only rational reason I can come up with, why the MMD would for instance exclude Zambians from bidding on projects during privatisation.

  49. the piece was amateurish,the writer belittled the seriousness of what we face. don you honestly think we should all pick a hole and start growing maize in places like kitwe and like. Could you please be a more thought next time, that’s why our friends in the north, or call it west have always beaten us,because people like you take only 1 minute to think serious things through. Its time for our leaders to face whats happening urgently. Once again lousy piece.

  50. Copper and indeed other minerals are wasting assets, so let us look elsewhere to strengthen our economy. Education couls be one of the key areas. A lot of country which have terrible English Language speaking people need universities and human resource that induct their Citizens with good English training. Some of these are China and the Koreans. We can take advantage of offering cheaper fees for their Citizens to study in Zambia with agreements that once they finish their course, they must go back to their countries. This also can attract students from Angola, Mozambique, the DRC and others like Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Malawi and Zimbabwe.

  51. #75 continued.
    The only way this can be sustained or resuscitated is to allow the UPND form GRZ in 2011 so that the closures at public universities can stop, civil servat workers including teachers and lecturers will get good ZK 3.5 Million per month as minimum, universities will be built in Northern Province and others in record time,…, and a good political, economic and social atmospehre that will strengthen the ‘One Zambia, One Nation Motto’.
    Together, Zambians YES we shall do it because Zambia is a place for possibilities especially if we decide to use our heads and not hearts to do politics.

  52. #76 do you know wat u r tokin about. i think pipo in z should take da advice on investing in farming. forget politics. i mean thats africa! no matter who is in power they gonna faten their pockets. so guys lets farm and improve ourselves.

    Always Zambian one z one nation

  53. #77 I thought you could stop dreaming by now. After your brother lost, we thought you would “wise up” and be realist but awe, nakalya.

    Your theory of Unis is not feasible my brother. Go and dream about something again.

    Why did it take you so long to come back?

  54. The year’s ending has coincided with the end of high copper prices. Since June 30 of 2008 to date, the price
    of copper has basically HALVED. And our country once again missed an opportunity to “transfer Zambian
    wealth to Zambian hands”. There is no doubt that the so called “economic successes” will prove to be hollow,
    and not as solid as the MMD Administration has claimed. Opportunity presented itself, through the high
    demand of Zambia’s resources, and yet very few Zambians have benefited from this high. And for those few
    Zambians who have benefitted, the benefit is brief, and this bubble too will burst.
    read more @ |thecitizensdemocraticparty”dot” com|

  55. Ya Son great tuff,
    the end of copper boom has coincided with the emergence of RB. iam not a pessimist but I can tell you this has spelled the paifully start of the end of MMD. Iam a technocract and not a political chancer. But my advice to MMD symoathisers like a fellow bloggers like lord of flies an MMD SYMPATHISER, here is free advice ” join UPND, and be rest assured that they will form govt in 2011 and mark my prophetic words.

  56. pastors sleeping with nieces and asking to be allowed back in church and now they have started booeing ,kanshi u can find rotten apples even in church tukayapya too much “hypocricy” , self righteousness,immorality,lies and naivity all in the name of God what a shame.

  57. Dear reporter, do not be so negative. Economic events in the world never move in a straight line. Some of us in diaspora are still profiting from this downturn. We believe in technical and fundamental analysis. Avoid thinking in a box. Believe me this period will still create many billionaires. Email me at [email protected] if you want to know more about how to profit from this recession.

  58. #81. Chiwa Chenda Cheka, nice stuff.

    On the otherhand, Anonymous, I have always been on here only that I use many names. President Hakainde Hichilema has now become more determined after a good show in the 2008 elections. The mighty UPND stood alone under a media bias situation and without corruption allegations.
    The postmortem pf the results will give the UPND impetus to create marketing strategies in areas where their performance was not proper, and so wait and see what will happen in 2011.

  59. #83 I agree with you. People should know that when one door is closed, another one is openned. A setback is a setup for a comeback. Some of the richest counries in the world today like Germany and Japan are the ones that suffered the greatest loss in the 2nd World War.

  60. #83,85 you are on the spot. That is why where others saw a downfall in the 1990s, president Hakainde Hichilema saw an opportunity to become probably the fastest Zambian Kwacha billion making Zambian Billionaire.
    I have a Zimbabwean friend working in South Africa who is now busy investing in stocks available on the Zimbabwean Market since that country’s economy appears very very weak while he hopes that one day his shares will reap serious benefits. He always tells me not to worry about losing out now, but focus on the gains to come-by in the future.
    The UPND Team is our only hope and come 2011, Zambians YES Together we all shall do the right thing by ‘One Zambia, One Nation’ endorsing.

  61. ‘Local firms let down govt
    The Deputy Minister of Science and Technoloy says government is concerned about the failure by some local contractors to complete projects after winning tenders. Jonas Shakafuswa, says although its not government’s wish to give contracts to foreign companies, many local firms have been disapointing…he is happy and satisfied with the quality of work done by the Chinese contractor…Zambian companies to be more serious so that government can contract them for jobs.’
    Source: w w w. znbc . co . z m /media/ news/ viewnews.cgi?category = 11&id = 1227272618
    Let us be serious with projects and our local campanies if we are to stop depending on Copper Mines.

  62. This article aint the truth,its some delusion,whats the basis of his predictions,any theories or some explanadum from where he is drawing his conclusion.Its a mere thought that has been derived from sight.You can never predict the future unless you are coming from the future.Truth be told,man is so uncertain, such that the degree of cetainity in his predictions is uncertain.

  63. This article is so so true. This whole scenario we’re facing is quite serious. We have to brace ourselves for quite a bad period. Lets save more and help those who can’t fend for themselves. What are you going to do?

  64. 84 MAESTRO h. I am surprised how you leave your head in the sand. reading your posts before the elections one would have thought UPND are definately winning. After coming a miserable third with a reduced percentage and winning in a clearly reional way you are again cheating yourself that Hakainde and UPND are the phoenix which will rise from the ashes. Ha ha ha ha ha; dream on.

  65. 88.
    I agree with you that this article is a brilliant delusional article.

    Bloggers lets analyse this article and by the end of the day most of you will be so delusional than the article itself.

  66. #88 and 89, Yes, one must maintain a level of scepticism when faced with any post, but you would have to be very ignorant to not notice whats going on right now. You’re the one that happens to be delusional, I think. The world is in free-fall unless something drastic happens..

  67. Mumbi is very right, lets invest in serious farminng. By the way the Govt is developing Serenje as farming block, more info from ZDA.

  68. # 94 those farming blocks will be allocated to the bazungus because Blacks cnt farm or never pay back the loans they get.( ati kolipila si kalimo)

  69. #90. your flag REALITY CHECK, thanks and on your “MAESTRO h. I am surprised how you leave your head in the sand. reading your posts before the elections one would have thought UPND are definately winning. After coming a miserable third with a reduced percentage and winning in a clearly reional way you are again cheating yourself that Hakainde and UPND are the phoenix which will rise from the ashes. Ha ha ha ha ha; dream on.”, I tell you that the past election results were good for the UPND since president HH had considerable wins in Northwestern Provinces and great performances in Central and Western Provinces. Check out the maps displayed on the ECZ website and you will agree with me.

  70. #96 continued.
    On ‘reading your posts before the elections one would have thought UPND are definately winning…’ I am humbled and believe that if I was a Newspaper editor at home, then those who would have READ my news would have voted for president HH just like the current Undereducate’s Image-builders almost got him to win thought his votes are regional going by the map on the Electoral Commision of Zambia (ECZ) website regarding the 2008 presidential elections. Have a great day you all and Zambians YES Together we all shall in 2011 endorse the only winning TEAM as at now – the UPND.

  71. #90 He is a loner. Leave him alone. Do not answer him back. Of course he will get a few Tongas agreeing with him but that is just about it. He is looking for friends here. Ignore him. He is miserable!

  72. #92,Dont believe everything you read son,you seem to be to blind to see your tomorrow,why is it that you are realising that we are heading into disaster, after reading this delusional, weak propaganded article.remember that the writer is trying to put a meal on the table,equally the press does the same.Its just a recess,what i mean is that we are just in a significant decline in economic activity spread across the economy, it may last than a few months, this has been visible in real GDP growth, real personal income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales.This aint here to stay as Barack Obama is on track,this aint no drama,America controls world economies.

  73. #92 please change that name to Co-Valency perhaps your leaking head will try to hold some substance.Way to go son,bring it on.

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