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HIV testing ‘to be’ compulsory

Headlines HIV testing 'to be' compulsory

Women waiting to get tested at mobile VCT site in rural Zambia
Women waiting to get tested at mobile VCT site in rural Zambia

Compulsory HIV testing may soon be made a reality for everyone by government.

Health Minister Kapembwa Simbao said compulsory testing will help people make informed decesions about their health and lives in general.

Mr. Simbao said voluntary counselling and testing has its own limits and thats why its important people are compellled to have an HIV test.

He was speaking with ZNBC’s Faith Kandaba in Dakar, Senegal at the ongoing 15 th ICASA conference.
He said people need to know their status.

The minister also said government will soon be embarking on an aggressive programme to improve AIDS information and education.


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  1. Start with VJ and then FTJ and please make the results public. What a nation Zambia is!

    A country of JOKERS. A presdent who oversleeps and well!

  2. “Compulsory HIV testing may soon be made a reality for everyone by government. Health Minister Kapembwa Simbao said compulsory testing will help people make informed decesions about their health and lives in general.”

    This is great news. I have been proposing this for a long time now. Compulsory testing will help those who need ARV to have access to them in good time. It will also remove the STIGMA issue which has hampered the progress of fighting HIV.

    Also, the results of the Compulsory Tests must be acted upon the Medical Personnel just like they do for malaria or any other disease.

    Have a blessed Sabbath you all. I am out on the Sabbath recess until tomorrow evening, by God’s grace.

  3. Hope this i)d)i)o)t) is first to do it. Hope he realises almost all Zambians are HIV positive. Reason I am not going to come back. I do not want my chldren to contract the virus.

  4. You are 20 yrs late.Aids is no longer a killer disease- thats why even the US govt decided 2 months ago -to lift its embargo on hiv infected people applying to work or settle permanently in the US.

  5. Am sure most of you are wondering the change of flag,am using a system that is connected ti iconnect and their IP is under the Zambian Flag, well as for the compulsory testing…lets hope we have put in place a way of curbing Stigma….

  6. #8,Sarah Jones sweet heart.Hey today you are serious with blogging.you are stil awake.A snog for you! Love you baby girl.

  7. Simbao,it should start with you. And all your colleagues in government.And i just hope your fellow parliamenterians wil support this pantu abengi ta bowanfwa! Shakafuswa with his knowing of how to screw women.Simbao,wait and see!

  8. And on this blog, we should all go. Dont just say government officials,bonse tuleya.I wil start with Sarah,since i want to marry her.Ayi sweetie?

  9. in as much as it sounds revolutionary, it has its own negative consequences and barrings…hope ba Simbao we have looked at all these things, other wise we are tired of rantings with your sponsors…

  10. But i know that people dont like this.Mark my words,even on this blog you wil see how many people are going to contribute on this topic.

  11. Chewe

    In my life time I have done four HIV tests and I don’t think am going to do any unless I change my home insurance. Could you stop this joke as it forces me to mutate most of the times, so that I can blogg freely. Am tired of being a Mutant…

  12. #12,… number 8 aint sarah jones!!! Seems like zed is now getting more concerned with diseases in the country… cholera, AIDS,.. to the point of intro’ing circumcision. ili baaaad!!!!

  13. simbao is looking at best way he can get fired from the office by pushing for compulsary testing knowing that most of his senior offices are HIV positive.

  14. It is a good idea to do so. I’m in a long distant relationship and such would be good to do before commiting fully. I trust my boyfriend though. And going a test does not mean that I do not trust him

  15. This compulsary testing is a good thing only for Zambian Men. As most of them when they get a pay rise or get a higher post next thing on mind is to have a gal friend even if they have one already or even a wife. Its just tut tut tut!

  16. What a joke for a country, what will happen to those that refuse? Will they be bundled into land cruisers and forcibly checked. This just shows that calibur of ministers is that of a mumbwa mumbwa dundahead, it’s a democracy and free country. If people do not want to find out they have Aids let them be , thats their own indaba. I got tested just last week and came out negative. I don’t trust needles for all I know the same testers are the ones that inject that virus. IF I don’t want to be tested thats my problem not the ministers

  17. I think the mass testing will give people the go ahead to even misbehave more because they are negative. I like the mystery of not knowing who has the bug that way I stay monogomous and don’t become promiscious.

  18. #32 how desparate are you, you barely know Sarah but busy professing your love. How can you fall in love with a username , it just shows you have no self worth as a man. Sarah might look like a hippo for all you know .

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  20. #7 is that the reason u ran away..It’s not true that almost all the Zambians are HIV+ that’s misleading the fact that you are IN England wiping bums for AIDS people does not make u special or better than all those with HIV+.So does yo mother,father and family HIV+ as well…Shame on u such an arrogant man don’t u think that yo children will get AIDS from those British whores?

  21. Chewe # 32 right A pregnant Hippo she maybe or the total opposite a beauty queen username. Take your chances but you surely have no moral sense.

  22. We are now seeing the most idotic government ministers on earth. Where on earth would force people to go for an HIV test? Our level of confidentiality is not high and people’s lives could be ruined and not helped. Anyway, Zambians have their own way of “judging” people’s health status. This will be worsened.
    What academic qualifications does this chap has? He does not seem even to have gray matter in head cavity!!!!!!!!!!!! This chap should apologize to the Zambian people for bringing us so low. Please, teach minister some human rights courses befor they take office. Zambia, it like I wasted my Civics lessons when I hear such nonsense people!

  23. the wiping of bums here in the UK pays for drugs for my HIV sisters and brothers in Zed. Please lets be careful how we insult ecah other.

  24. she is + and works as a freelance prostitute! She could have contracted the disease from a kasaai guy from congo, who she was dating when he was a trader at Kamwala shopping center. The guy had dozens of other women as his lovers, now he has runaway to Tanzania where he is spreading the virus.
    It would be really good to screen everyone!!!! But AIDS is not the only killer.

  25. I hear some pastors in zambia will only do your wedding when you have both gone for HIV test. My boyfriend has been told at his church that i have to be tested in zambia before we wed. utter crap for a condition.

  26. Iwe MVP (#40). The insults come about because you people who are out of Zambia think that you are in heaven and there’s no trouble for you and insulting Zambians back home. People who have colonial mentality that everything good is not in Zambia.
    What our minister does not know is that it is not just a question of testing. There are lot of things involved. I am even disappointed with the picture of this article. How can you people making lines like they are going to buy sugar, but actually they are going to have results which could change their lives? I remember going to one VCT and I was disappointed by the so-called counsellor who could not even have a good preparation chat.

  27. #43 dont show your ignorance on LT plizi!!!! Canada has two part: the English speaking and French speaking. You question should have been, “which part of Canada are in?”
    Otherwise have wonderful weekend. Pastors are not supposed to force people to go for HIV test. They are supposed to suggest that because knowing your partner’s status before marriage is very important for the new couple. It helps to dispel ama rumas. Because abena Zambia balakoncluda sana!

  28. # 44

    I do not support colonialism. I simply find myself here because:
    1. I’m an AIDS orphaned chap
    2. The position here helps take care of my siblings
    3. I’m working to improve my life and will return home with a good capital one day to invest

    We love zed but having been exposed to the way things are done here, zed top politics is a joke and some of our politicians are not well knowledgable about human rights


  30. # 49 Yes your english is crap

    What do you mean by ‘new couple’ when they have infecetd themselves already during dating. Society is dynamic. people cohabit and sex is one of the reasons.

  31. I have always believed in compulsory testing for people going to get married. In fact, a full STI screen should be done, with only the concerned parties and the medical personnel in the know. That way at least we can have proper data and planning for people most affected (18-45 years).
    But what the minister is saying is madness. You can’t force everyone to get tested in any circumstance. Like someone said, a lot of marriages will collapse and how do you enforce such a thing anyway? But I think if we target young couples, we have a chance to at least get some people knowing their own and their partner’s status, before the exchange of rings makes it hard to do anything.

  32. I really feel for Ba Chewe,Ba chewe ze biggy just wait God will bless you with A very beautiful wife just like Sarah jone.Don’t bother her so much bakalamba.give her chance to blogg freely.My bro good things comes to those who wait.Iam 26years,and Iam also just like you bro,I really want someone as well but nowhere to be found.so lets wait bro and see where God leads us.I would also love to go for Hiv/aids.but am waiting to do it with my wife to be.

  33. Chewe your Sarah Jones has been branded a ‘hippopotamus’ by guys here and you’re not defending her. C’mon show her your web TLC.

  34. I would rather that we keep itapi pa zed. though it is true things change. take those chaps for testing to halt the spread

  35. Simbao is short sighted and mistaken, he does not understand the implications of mandatory HIV testing, which violets a persons’ right to liberty provided by the Zambian constitution; and medical ethics which state that a person has a right to autonomy. Besides Zambia has no HIV-specific law to protect those stigmatized and discriminated against so how is he going to protect people. who else is going to have access to this information, employers, govt, sponsors or insurance companies? what about possibility of HIV resistance since people forced to take ARVs are never compliant. lets respect the current Zambia HIV guidelings which promote VCT, PICT and DTC on public health grounds

  36. Sarah Jones. Let me offer my apology I did not mean to call you a Hippopotomus. I was simply refering to how some bloggers claim to be in love with you simply by seeing your words and name . For all we know this chewe character is just a lonely chap thats surfing the internet showering anything thats female with compliments in hope to end his lonely life. No man of any self worth would compliment a woman he has never seen , so my conclusion is that Chewe is not genuine and needs reserve a place at chainama

  37. #57 Martworld
    I think Chewe has been watching too much of Neyo’s – Miss independent video. Well Chewe am beyond your league. Ok, Let me be just your sister as am half Bemba.

  38. #49 don’t mislead people, Canada is the second largest country after Russia and has 10 provinces (some the same size as Zambia) and 3 territories. Of these only one province is French (Quebec) and one is bilingual (New Brunswick). The official languages for government are English and French, not the people. So don’t say it has two parts; French and English.

  39. #61 Sha boyz
    I wouldn’t be surprised because Mr Bwalya called me all sorts and that really messed me up. I know you didn’t mean it but hey I like to have a laugh at times.

  40. #59 Uli Anonymous wabufi. What is itapi? How is HIV testing going to stop the spread of infection? Women in Zed still fall for men whose wives died of AIDS. Poverty batata.

    I know you are one of those who have their heads still burried in the sand. Who ever started this AIDS thing must have known it is the weakest point of Africans. Poverty is the key. As long as VJ still has a bit of money, he can still go out there and marry a very beautiful girl.

  41. You shouldn’t be scared of being tested. Its better you know your status so that you can live longer. If I didn’t force some of my relatives to go for a test they would have been dead by now. You see someone coughing everyday and you just sit and wait. the next thing you know is that you are buying a coffin. Some people need to be forced as they will just die not knowing what killed them. Get tested and you will live longer.

  42. Thats why i now fear to date anyone after i divorced my cheating husband and tested negative. I have bought my self a vibrator.

  43. #7 Don,t be so ignorant.HIV is a world epidemic.U,re children can catch it anywhere through varies means..it,s not just sexually.There was a scare last month in the USA one of the High schools was exposed to hiv when 1 student tested positive & mentioned at least 50 students could have been exposed.This is a good start,at least pipo who have tested pos can keep their lives straight by geting the treatment they need.This is not a death sentence any more and this will also make pipo make positive actions when they find out their status.

  44. This disease is very complix and thier are so many things we do not really know about as layman.I have known partners who have been together 1 pos,1 neg and do not even use condoms and have healthy children.That,s why pipo still go out there and marry who ever…and don,t even care.

  45. There is no where to run to with HIV. Did someone read about a man in Leicester who has had sexual intercourse with a lot of women and is HIV positive? I know the man because he was my patient. He will now be deported back to Jamaica. The chap has infected a lot of white women. You go for them as well and you get it because he was not using any condom. I know a lot of Zambians who are widows and widowers and their partners died of HIV related illnesses and are in the UK having sexual relations with other people. They are spreading HIV virus. Others left their children on ARVs in Zambia for fear that their status will be questioned here because they are working in operating theatres.

  46. #68 what are you talking about. You are ignorant about HIV then yourself.What risks did the students have? HIV is not air borne. Unless if the infected student slept or shared infected needles or a razor with them all otherwise i see no reason why they should panic.

  47. #71- I work in the operating theatres here in UK. Theres no way they will allow you to raise a finger or scrub if you are infected. when we come in 2003 we were 6 and all theatre nurses. We were tested and 2 were positive. They were not allowed to work in theatre but they were given posts in recovery room just to recover patients after surgery and that department is part of theatre. They are not discriminated and we all get the same salary as staff nurses.

  48. #68 read my blog carefully..l wrote they were exposed too hiv and every one by now knows how u can be exposed to this disease..or is it my grammar that mislead u?my apologies!I didn,t say the whole school was exposed..l wrote at least 50 students and it means they were exposed through risky behaviours…if it was through airbourne l would have written the whole high school was exposed THANK YOU!

  49. This is a subject worth thinking about seriously. People shouldn’t just rubbish it.The well being of our nation is at stake with the advent of HIV/AIDS!

  50. # 9! thats no true.. i was made to undergo HIV test when applying for the greencard visa. US embassy guys clearly stated that if you are positive they will not issue me the visa.. Fortunately the results were negative..

  51. This is a good idea..but l think it,s one which needs to be debated very carefully and if the positive outweighs the neg ,to have mandatory testing ,let it be so..but the Gov should be aware of keeping pipo,s medical records very confidential and l think they should first work on this before they go ahead.Also they should start with pregnant women..for the sake of their babies then next risky group and so on….

  52. Before they start compulsory testing,they should ensure there is enough drugs & counsellors because it will not help those who are found to be positive if there are no drugs & moral support to those found to be positive moreover they will be infringing upon people’s human rights by carrying out tests on people who have not agreed to be tested,they should just step up their game & use authorised,responsible medical personel to offer free counselling & HIV testing to those who visit hospitals & clinics for routine tests or other ailments,that is what happens in most developed nations.

  53. The idea might be a welcome one but testing is not enough,the Govt should first ensure that there are enough measures in place to support all new cases i-e access to drugs,access to cheaper mealie meal,access to clean water etc.

    In addition ,our leaders must show their seriousness with this proposal by leading the way in taking the test.

  54. Breaking news.
    Am single again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Got divorced again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Going for another HIV test

  55. Stories like #73 and #71 always make me wonder. What good will it ever do to talk about people in such a manner. Also how come ‘bakulu’ have more Aids than the youngsters? I thought with age sexual ages are more controlled. Buti pa zed shuwa

  56. It’s a good idea. I propose quarantine for the infected. And I hope the damn sounding nurses stay in the UK (e.g 71 & 73). If we used quarantine in the past there would be no more AIDS now. It’s worse that leprosy so why not?

  57. number 71, a sad situation. I get so sad and angry when I see how free our African bros and sisis act when they get to Europe. It’s like they forget that AIDs knows no colour. Over here, 80% new infections are among African immigrants. They don’t help the fight against racism, but then I also wonder that some of these people surely knew their status before getting on the plane, yet want to keep on enjoying just because they are kwabazungu!!
    Can I ask someone informed if we have laws that deal with someone knowingly infecting an innocent party in Zed? That type of thing really bothers me as I do think it is very evil.
    That is why I advocate for knowing ones status before marriage.

  58. This is a good move. It will certainly reduce on the amounts of AIDS cases.

    Compulsory testing will surely help in solving our AIDS problem. He is right, voluntary testing has it’s limits but compulsory testing bears better results.

    Congratulations Mr Minister on bringing knew ideas on the fight against HIV/AIDS.

  59. yes we all need to know if we re hiv no shame in that everyone should be screened whether it violates your rights or not too many orphans

  60. I think testing everyone would be a joke. A minister said it. Hard to believe. Start with my 90 year old grandma and then 2 month old baby. We should give jobs to ministers on level of qualifications and not favors.

  61. A silent ‘revolution’ executed through the people power is playing out in the country.It is coming out by pressuring leaders to make decisions and take the road they would not have chosen, like sharing of power and supporting the recommendations of Justice Philip Waki on post-election violence. It is also discernible from the forced price cuts for essentials such as unga and petrol, as witnessed this week. It casts the picture of a Kenyan voter — caught in the circumstance where there is no official opposition and rising cynicism on politicians — rising up to be heard.Kenyans pressurised Members of Parliament to eat from the sweat of their brow through paying tax on their fat monthly

  62. This is the greatest decision to be made by our govt regarding AIDS/HIV. Knowlegde is power. Treatment is the key to survival!!!!

  63. contd,Kenyans pressurised Members of Parliament to eat from the sweat of their brow through paying tax on their fat monthly fat monthly cheques. Despite their defiant silence and Speaker Kenneth Marende’s declaration that only those ‘sufficiently philanthropic’ can do so, the legal process for taxing them is on the table. The voter simply warned those who resist would meet their political Waterloo in 2012’s elections.When Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Agriculture Minister William Ruto visited Kibera last week for a symbolic PM’s ‘homecoming’, they were confronted with chants for the reduction of maize meal. The Cabinet took action and prices came down almost by half.

  64. contd, When power tariffs soared to the skies over a year’s period, again the average Kenyan’s loud remonstrations seared the ears of the leaders and the President ordered a reduction, through slashing energy tax. This week, pump stations’ fuel prices fell by about Sh15 a litre, first because of shrinking global prices, but more because of public pressure on The Government to return price controls on the commodity if the dealers held on. Previously, prices hardly fell by the same margin as in the international market. Dealers always retained the old prices, arguing they were clearing the old stock secured at a higher cost.

  65. Zambians stop living in DENIAL!!! AIDS IS REAL….. we lost so many loved becoz of DENIAL. HON Minister go for it. No one has to die from AIDS, drugs are available and better to SAVE LIVES!!!!!

  66. Make it compulsory to everyone applying at UNZA, CBU and all colleges. without an HIV test results no one should be considered!!!
    On top of that, every academic year each student should be required to present an HIV test result without which he/she should be kicked out of school. Like that those students will start behaving.
    By doing that we will be building a future hearlthy nation!!
    Here in Russia no student starts an academic year without going for HIV test, be it Russian or not….. come on pipo lets be serious with this, its a gud idear a big time!

  67. contd, “We are going to see more of this as Kenyans exercise their powers. In the next level they will consolidate these powers. They are no longer going to be taken for granted,’’ argued Wainaina.
    Former Kabete MP Paul Muite said ‘real’ change could only come when the citizen is part of the process. He said what is happening in the country is ‘commendable’ and healthy because Kenyans are now demanding their rights.”Change will never come from a few people. Kenyans have realised that successive governments have been of the rich, for the rich and by the rich,’’ Muite said.

  68. Contd, The former lawmaker said the beauty of the ‘revolution’ taking place in the country is that it involves all Kenyans and there is no issue of tribalism. He said everybody is being hurt by the high prices irrespective of tribe.Muite believes that once the citizens have a proper taste of their power, they will continue to demand more and more, especially good governance. source eastandard dot net

  69. I contributed on #71. I am sure someone on #73 said that when he/she came was tested before starting work in theatre. I would confidently say alot are not tested for HIV before they start working in theatre but are jsut asked whether they think they could have been in contact with someone who is HIV positive. A lot of them say refuse and allowed to work. There was a Zambian doctor who ran away from Republic of Ireland when they wanted to test him for HIV. He gave blood sample and next minute he was on his way to Zambia and it was a big issue there. That is why a lot the doctors now just go to ireland to study Public health. The reason I said that one can not run away from HIV whether you a

  70. The reason I mentioned about that one can not run away from HIV is that someone contributed that he will never go back to Zambia because his children will be infected. What I am saying is that even in the UK his children will get it if they will be having sexual incourse without any protection. HIV infection is catching up with the whites because they do not believe in condoms, they only want to use morning after pills. Very soon it will be a pandemic among the whites and one should not say you are safe if you remain in the UK. You are never safe you will get if you have have sexual intercourse with prostitutes, just protect yourselves.

  71. This idea is cool but violates human rights… Hear in russia, its compusory to under go the test every year and they say your results will never be public. However, when you are gotten, they chase you from school in such a manner that just in the way you be handled, everyone knows you were HIV positive. So one wonder where the human rights play their roll…

  72. This Minister
    Does he understand what is talking about?
    Zambia has ratified almost all UN charters and treaties ,it will be imposible to implement such violent acts

  73. Zambians wake up and take this Minister to court.This Mininster is trapping on people’s rights.Zambians say NO.

  74. The question is, what is killed more people in Zambia in the past 15 years is it HIV-AIDS OR CORRUPTION ? This is a very vital question that should be answered before the govt start day dreaming! I have taken enough HIV-AIDS in Zambia and here in the USA, That was out my own will … Zambia has no capacity to compel people to the HIV-testing. That would be violation of human right.

  75. problem mu southern africa too much nwe, ma dizzy, chilila bad, alot of unprotected sex, cross board relationships, kuma work shop, nchez nkole, bakulu liking younger ones e.g VJ

  76. I think its a very good idea.Reason being that it can help some people live longer especially those who are afraid to test.I have seen people die because they were afraid to test and they lived in denial:this is rather selfish because some of these people have children and families that need them.If only they ould live longer…..However bad this may sound,my parents died from the disease and I think lives can be prolonged.Stigma or no stigma,we all deserve a longer life and if it will take Government to help,let it be so.By the way,for those who are wondering Simbao’s qualifications,he is an engineer.

  77. if HIV test becomes compulsory where are respected human rights? besides what are perceived benefits of this so called compulsory HIV testing interms of medical facilities when the GRZ is failing to provide free ARVs to every one living with HIV virus?
    Simbao shud understand the link between HIV and human rights.

  78. Most people on here are scum bugs seriously. Lets be realistic and for crying out loud we are talking about Zambia.

    One goes for a test-tests positive and so what? Other than the stigma how else is it going to help them?

    #73 no need to be yapping like that. There are a lot of people on here who live in Leicester. Grow up.


  80. One other thing to look at is the fact that ARVs are very expensive. Those in the UK will agree with me that the Brits have complained about how expensive ARVs are.

    I do not know and please do not qoute me, how we get them free. Same goes for condoms. Very expensive in the UK but free in Zed (not sure about now, but they were when I was there ages ago).

    My friend is married to a doctor who is doing HIV/AIDS. For obvious reasons she had to go to Africa-SA. One of the areas her programme insists on is Statistics. She has to keep record of all the silly things as batch numbers for the drugs, date one started on ARVs and the date they die if/when they do. Scary I think!

  81. #115 Testing for HIV will not stop the spread of infection. You are in Zambia, like someone has said above, how many times have you seen a rich man in Zambia get married after their wife died from an AIDS related illness?

  82. #115 Unfortunately the s e x industry is very lucrative. It has no boundaries. I am sure you know that there are places where one doesnt even need to go out hunting but just pick up the phone and yes a girl or man will be there for s e x.

  83. #78 #9 is right. Being barred entry into the US on account of HIV is no longer backed by law. The senate passed this into law Sept.2008. Its Health and Human Services dept. that hasn’t passed a recommendation to Uscis to remove it from the list for inadmissable conditions. So immigration still regards it as a threat to public health, as of now.


  85. #5 tawakwata mano,do you think those people with hiv doing fine? think again b4 you spit any new sense.it can’t be a falsing matter
    and moreover mwalikumanina mwebalwele so zipup your mouth

  86. The minister for health should think twice.Zambia is a democratic state.You do not false people to do what you want.Let those who want go for testing.After all how much help do you offer to people who are infected.you are just intrested in knowing the status so what.The hospitals in the country have no grugs,you go for treatment,you are told they have no drugs in stock.Think of other more pressing health issues than just falsing people.Zambia is not a military state okey.

  87. Making it compulsory is useless… if the health facilities are not good enough. All of us who will have positive results would like to get treated not. We don’t want to just live with it.

  88. great news,hope it comes to pass soon.why barring the head in the sand…?this will help our medical personnel discharge their duties effectively.hiv is at the centre of almost all diseases in the form opportunistic infections,infestations and cancers.it’s a very good move with regard to basic principles of primary as well as secondary prevention.

  89. not all +ve pipo require medical treatment,there are guidelines in terms of viral load and CD4 cell count and general health status with regard to opportunistic infections.knowing yo status in early stages will help yu carry non-drug measures to help stabilise yo immunity.look beyond the need fo drugs when it comes to this issue.

  90. Delete # 126. Though you have a point but your point is misdirected.
    Just like defilment has been made a criminal offence in Zed. What you must suggest in law is that a person who knowingly infects another commits a crime; which is how the law in the US is. Compulsory directive for ALL is an infringment of a right. You speak of democracy, the child is freedom and choice, with a baby called privacy and respect. The minister maybe misdirected and if he wants to create good policy. He may need to re-think his strategy.

  91. Prophet#129 & 130. Zambia is Not China that puts products on the world market before it comes up with control. Tainted milk & toys are the result of the kind of rationale you suggest. Zambian are not cattle that you can just herd into a padock and force to test. Zambia if anything has made a strong effort to change the social stigma of AIDS. You can science all you want but science wont change alot of the other issues that go into doing things right for science to work right.

  92. #128 Imagine this: I get my results, am positive. I go to the clinic and there are no drugs. How in the world does that help anyone?
    Read #125 he/she has a good point on the state of the health care system in Zambia.
    Another point, It’s a choice I have to make, matters concerning health are private.
    This is the same as saying everyone who gets a headache should take painkillers.

  93. VW

    Its not a bad idea though given the good govt intervention

    But is Zambia going to abandon the UN charters and treaties sighned to respect human rights
    No practically imposible

  94. Its true that compulsory testing can have a negative efffect on the population. But think of it, only 14% of Zambia’s population aged 15 and above are HIV+ meaning 86% is negative. Dont you think this will help in the understanding of how stretched we can be in providing treatment. Treatment doesnt necessarily mean ARVs please. There is treatment of opportunistic infection.

    I say, yes we will be tempering with peoples human right but we will be saving more lives and having more people to produce goods and services; at the same time protecting our consumer base. Think about it…

  95. #115 What a waste of money and resources this would be! But then again it creates jobs in Africa. Not every HIV positive person needs treatment.

    The fact that we are a very poor country and getting worse each day undermines the essence of the idea. I have met people who positive for HIV in 1986 and are not on ARVs. Environment, food and wealth are the key factors.

    Yes I agree on suing. We hear of husbands going to jail for raping their wives here almost everyday. Would it happen in Zambia? No! Intambi batata na poverty. This is seen even in the very learned women of Zambia let alone Africa.

  96. Anonymous (with the Brit flag): You seem to have an insight into the research side of AIDs. The batch numbers are for them to track the ARV that they are using. Most of the ARS that are being used come in through AID. Which may be tied to research. Statistics enable the funding bodies see that the ARVs that they are sending and follow the progress of folks that are taking them. Yes they are expensive and so are condoms in the western world. But I THINK the condoms are used as part of what I would suggest a “Carrot” effect. Note the inverted commas.

  97. Zambia is one of the few countries in southern africa that has a vigorous HIV and AIDS treatment scheme. So please dont say there are always no vaccines, no. I have studied demography with a biase towards public health and i know what am talking about…

  98. Luapula Fish # 133 could explain your point in more detail “But is Zambia going to abandon the UN charters and treaties sighned to respect human rights”

  99. #135 careful on your application of the UK US law in the Zambian context. There are some social and cultural norms that Zambia is still coming to grips with. Polygamy is just one of the facest of society that is a NO NO in some cultures and Zambia is just begining to put law on child support.

  100. Test or no test the situation wont change. Kuisungafye bane.

    I do not trust ARVs to be honest. Why are they so expensive in the western world and given freely in Africa? Just like condoms, very expensive in the UK but the last time I was in Zed they were being dished out for free.

    If I was Nyama Soya, I would tell the donors if it would be donor funded to sink one just one borehole in every provincial capital than waste money on stuff which will not change anything.

    Poverty na AIDS batata tukapwa. Let us ask our selves why these muzungus would give us free stuff when they do not want to see us anywhere near themselves.

  101. # 137 that is true about the vigorous fight. But know that this just did not happen overnight. One of the biggest steps was KK’s outing that his son had died of AIDs. RSA has a bigger problem in getting to Zambia’s level cause of the leadership there. AID on the AIDs issue is funded by folks interested the help that their doing have the most positive inpact.Pronouncement like this by Bwana Minister might just cause the reverse of years of trying to win folks over.
    However, since you “say” you have an insight into the demographics. Where is the largest infection (in terms of location)? in Zed.

  102. #141 I didnt quite understand the point about rights UN charter etc? Could you explain the point a little more so that I could understand the point you were making?

  103. I think the main point here is… Knowing your status is a very big decision… I don’t think everyone has the strength to deal with receiving positive HIV result. I mean you gonna live with this disease for the rest of your life and their is still stigma attached to being HIV positive. I don’t think the government or anymore has the right to put people under pressure to make big personal decisions. It might not be all about drugs but certain things are hard to deal with.

  104. Sorry that you are taking the issue personally but I was adding to a point you raised about the issue. I am actually in support of your point and showing the bigger part is not the science but the social issue that our “culture” may bring in and that the Minister bull dozing will not reduce AIDs. #142.

  105. VW
    Zambia like any other poor nations have sighned almost all treaties and charters concerning Human rights exept for Somalia. One of them is a HIV/AIDS treaty which clearly states that HIV/AIDS must be voluntary and children and babies can only be ested for good intentions or purpose.
    I hope I do not need to explain what happens when you violete UN charters ,treaties and agreements.

  106. #145 Minister of Health!!! Bravo…Point! I doubt if even the social supports are in place to deal with the issue if a person takes the news badly.And I suspect that while the ARVs are being pushed and the society for Family health (who seem to be pushing the condoms) are there; what are the real follow ups that being done from the humane point over the issue if you are HIV+?

  107. 147 Luapula Fish ( Abena Ngandu) It is true and I agree. Bwana Minister should think twice. I honestly see alot of the UNIP way of doing things in this new govt. This is a personal opinion and Zed has done alot to have moved forward from the days when political dogma ruled. Please dont get me wrong UNIP did alot, but the approach of dealing with issues by directives is quite “stone age” for lack of a better term.

  108. I hope those ideas are not commimg from the people that are funding your projects.You want people to go for testing so that you get more international funding and buy those expensive vehicles which the infected people do not even have a chance of riding in.Mark my words,that suggestion is a failure.

  109. Am glad I know my status coz it has helped me change my life. Used to hump around even when I knew the risks but now I protect myself and family. Compulsary testing will be an infringement of peoples rights. Helping remove stigma is the answer to getting an AIDS free world. Look at Zimbabwe, people dieng from cholera, Malaria still kills masses in Africa, Diabetes and heart attacks from Unhelthy eating is still rife in America. AIDS is just like anything else that kills, and we will all die weather from AIDS or not. So lets not make AIDS sound as though its

  110. why are pepo afraid of being tested mulibalwele its better u know yo status so that u know how to keep yo self.bravo, big up to those who know their status.

  111. #152 HIV+ your point is…??? Are you saying if you were negative you still be humping around… If you knew the risks.. it shows irresponsibility on your part and these are the attitudes… the minister should have been talking about. The fact some people think they are invincible to HIV is very dangerous.


  113. #152 HIV+ Are you saying that if you were negative you still be humping around? Knowing the risks and still going about with the same business was irresponsible. Maybe the minister should having talking attitudes towards HIV.The fact some people think they’re invincible to HIV is very worrying.

  114. ba minister, we know you want to bring earthquakes of change but please what happened to free will?you cant say testing should be compulsory.much as u dont like to acknowledge it, stigma is here to stay, well at least for the forseeable future.what you need to do is to protect ppl from it by law.compulsory testing may not help make wise choices at all.ppl cud just go on virus sreading escapades because they know they are gonna die anyway.think also about the families it’ll destroy and the emotional trauma afterwards.like they say, there is benefit in doubt.

  115. And what are we going to do for the both +ve and -ve
    people? Simbao, you ought to have a strange idea.and you have to be so transparent and realistic to your people so that they can dance to your tune ok sir!

  116. Cheers VW. Good points from you. The trouble is you and I spend time on here blogging but unfortunately, we won`t change Zambia. How sad that is!

  117. VW,we’re not saying pipo will be paraded from the streets to go fo hiv tests.but hopitals must be able to carry out hiv tests without unnecessary opposition.in a hospital settting yu want to choose what tests shud be done on yu,yo choice shud be reserved fo such centres as kara couselling,yu come to UTH admitted to the medical ward and still want to preserve the right to choose which tests shud be done on yu.it’s pipo like VW who really make yo work hard medically.rights are not absolute rather relative.hiv is a very serious public health issue,and tying the hands of medical personnel will not solve the problem.

  118. Systems #151. This is from someone who worked there and so then need for change, and over the years I have been back to check on the change.
    If you turn the page and read Chishimba’s attempt on blog article about Capacity you will realize that until the middle class in Zambia is large enough to change issues, more of the same will happen. Lastly, he who plays the plays the piper choses the tune. With democracy are you playing the piper or letting someone choose for you? Cause the Minister is going to let someone shackle you down to test you against your will.

  119. thank God now it’s almost manadatory fo pregnant mothers to undergo hiv testing with a view to helping the unborn babies from those mothers foud +ve.this move has saved a lot of baies as many women accept to take preventive medicines increasing chances of their precious little ones of being born hiv free.the program is working well,and it will be nice if such services are extended to all the other departments in the hospital setting.hiv with a very long window period makes it worse than cholera with regard to principles of public health.

  120. # 165 Prophet…Ba prophet… Please go on the web and read that cohersion is not a health way of doing things. You can have a greater impact by teaching, and advocating. Putting guns to peoples head is taking their right to say no. If you can make directives like this, what will stop you from going further?

  121. You know prime facea it may looking like it is working but 30 years from now things maybe different. You assert scientific notions like they are indiputable. There is no known cure and ARVs just help to suppress the virus. Prophet in some countries Dr(s) can be sued for telling lies or giving bad advice. It seems that science gives you some right to tell folks what to do with their lives.

  122. aahhhh! Anonymous you checking my IP address to see where I am? Lol Well I’d love to chat with and it would be a pleasure. I am just wondering how we can exchange addresses and I will be in the UK for X-mas. Maybe we can meet over a pint or something!

  123. well as a doctor in the making myself,i’ve seen the various ways that patients react to treatments,some react better when they dont know what they got while others better when they do know,but it boils down to the fact that they choose to come and be helped.we cant force a whole nation ,we are dealing with people and people are fragile,unfortunately we need to look for more strategies to prompt people to be tested rather than to force them,many may die of depression and stress way before their time.

  124. VW,try to see the topic at hand from the other side of the coin.with regard to yo comment on chinese prods,am sorry i will not engage yu.it is totally a diff issue all together.mind yu am not resident in china but merely passing thru,will be home soon,sweet zed,miss kalembula,inswa and chibwabwa.but be reminded that if yu meet me as yo attending medical personnel,yu’ll have yo rights to decide on hiv testing reduced to 15%.i have done it B4 and almost all of my former clients appreciated the move,and are well and kicking.

  125. VW No! I am coming to see a friend and yeah like you have said it is difficult to exchange details on here.

    The last time I was there one yob embarassed my wife. He asked her how she was getting on and after recognising her accent he started talking about Steak and Kidney pie. I enjoyed the banter though.

  126. Tally Thank you. Prophet I guess I need to apologies at the notion that China maketh a person.
    Prophet I appreciate your views and note that we just have a difference of opinion. I guess I should not be judging your personal opinion with your professional outlook. But let me just make this point; and it does not reflect on you as a person but just each one of us has an impact on what goes on around us.
    I am worried that if the Minister was allowed to do this and it became law. What other laws would be changed.

  127. hahaha,VW,talking about sueing,a Dr who does not do an hiv test on a client if there are reasons to do so might be sued fo negligence.talking about no known cure fo hiv,well, it’s true there is no cure 4 hiv just like there is no cure fo asthma, high BP, sugar disease,common cold,etc,but medicines are there to delay their deadly results.yu’re not going to deny pipo help with proven drugs just bcose the dises is incurable.if yu’re a human right activist,plz help the women being battered by some husbands,children engaged in child labour,advocate fo the rights of citizens to evenly share national cake etc

  128. Well…that is agony. I could ask who you friend is but then I know very Zambians in Mass and would making assumptions that your friend is Zambian and you are too…right? You know what the say about Assumptions….

  129. Prophet….if yu’re a human right activist,plz help the women being battered by some husbands,children engaged in child labour,advocate fo the rights of citizens to evenly share national cake etc
    Now that is an interesting direction and all this stuff comes back to the blog about Capacity building.To do this Bwana KK did his part well and so did LMP. Prophet start the ball rolling. Be a clean man in your dealings and you will be surprised what support you may get for your ideas…idealistic but hey!! They are the ones that changed the world.

  130. #176 lol! Cheers mate. Got to go now. Done your Christmas shopping yet? I hate it to be honest. I am being dragged into town now. It will be 3-4 hours before I come back. Shhhhhh! Don`t tell my missus


  131. #178 Well “ole chap” Its the wee hours of the morning and you know the pubs here close early so I got sobber after last night’s bonker!
    To my grave mate! To my grave…mum the word!!!
    Cheerio then!!!

  132. Well I think even those Zambians living abroad have to be tested when they visit Zambia, just at the airport, so that they do not go to Zed and sleep with everyone when they know they are blood sick. This goes for sex tourists as well ba yaku mbuyo. e

    There many zedians especially women who have caused a lot deaths pa Zedi. They earn money thru ubu ule and then travel to Zed to sleep with poverty stricken young boys

  133. I was refering to “Shhhhhh! Don`t tell my missus” and meant that the secrete will go with me to my grave. How do you guys say it there…”I wont let the cat out of the bag?”

  134. well i do agree with you prophet that in a hospital setting it is important for the doctors to know the status of their patients in order to make informed decisions about treatments as well as to protect themselves,just like we wear masks in tb wards etc,but it doesnt necessarily mean the patient needs to know unless they request,we as docs can’t risk our own lives,rights are relative not absolute in this case.

  135. #143 VW- Sorry Bwana VW for i had gone away for a while. What about my profession is not to boast but to give you a picture of the situation. Right now, Swaziland has the highest HIV national prevalence 26%, followed by Botswana at 24% and then Lesotho at 20%. SA follows Lesotho at 18%. Even Malawi’s prevalence is higher than Zambia’s. Its worth noting that Southern Africa alone is home to 1/3 of all people living with HIV today and 2/3 of all infections occur in SSA. Back to the point, mandatory testing should have a legal backing, just like abortion in Zambia. If doctors can recommend someone for testing then the test should be performed. Its very expensive to treat a petience with AIDS

  136. By the way AIDS is everywhere especially kuno ku Europe, all the maules are here and they sleep with anyone for money with the use of condoms, so there are many white folks walking around with a clue they are infected, but in the few years to come you will see

  137. Cont’d from #185. Its very expensive to treat undiagnosed HIV petince than a diagnosed one. Studies in workplaces in Zambia where HIV workplace policies have been implemented have shown. What am trying to say is that if we knew who is sick and who is not its easy for the intervention to be implemented. Remember, am using the word sick; not infected.

    Your take VW

  138. I meant without the use of condoms, right some of them are living a freightened life, scared of being jailed and deported so most of them are now hiding

  139. #185 those statistics are scary,but the funny thing is alot of countries dont diclose their statistics,there’s a certain country which actually has separate hospitals for those infected anyways…

  140. #185 Vintu vina mwebantu – I hardly meant that you being a Dr was boasting. I was enouraging you on your views about the battered mothers etc. That and mental health/the handicapped are an area that makes my heart bleed. And with folks with your professional training I think your heart is in the right place. You care about people. I am just worried at the notion of not respecting peoples rights. I see Tally (and coreect me if I have the wrong notion)suggest the same notion in #184 (in Emergency situ I can understand) but a consent from the patient is a must before even testing him.

  141. cont… I dont agree with getting the test so that you can protect yourself without asking the client/patientif you can. I know given the poverty levels/and all the other issues Dr(s)in 3rd countries have to deal with; but alot of this stuff is a gradual process.
    You allude to the statistics in various countires. And the underlying reason for those levels is culture and some social issues and this why I agree with you. KK took a very brave and sincere stance when he came out about his son. And some to the successes are because of that. People were about to deal with more important issues.

  142. #189 Remember earlier I spoke to a social safety net, I agree the work place one has worked pretty well. Most HR officer (from UNZA) took counselling class (I assume) and that helps in dealing with the option of knowing ones status. How about the folks that are outside this safety net? And I appreciate the insightful information and discussion but I also asked where the high prevalences were? Cause I am worried about that kind of grouping that is largely at the mercy of the “rough winds” that Prince Zamunda spoke of? (Most folks dont look for it some are just found in it)

  143. well i suppose a rule could be put up notifying patients that their blood will be tested if 1.the treatment of the disease would be affected by their status,2.if the disease has a strong corelation with HIV and 3.if they need to undergo surgery.In all cases results remaining strictly confidential to the doctor treating the patient.if patients need to know they’re status could do it in a separate setting with written consent on their part.

  144. And actually that the way I thought the Min should progress. It is the reported out burst by the Minister that is frieghtening. Taly #195.Because the minister creates policy when he goes to parilament to make it into law or statutory instrument.

  145. taly yo ideas are quite threatening.imagine yu’re the Dr attending to prophet who has pyomyositis which is highly associated with hiv,yu take him fo min-surgery having done all the tests including hiv test which comes out +ve.3 days later patient discharged on medications.1yr later,he comes to UTH phase5 with dilated cardiomyopathy in stage4 NYHA class of heart failure, and dies 3hrs later.Do yu know how much it’ll pain u as a dr to undergo such an experience? just in the name of patient right,yu’ll let prophet die like that? as a Dr in making pal taly,yu’ll be required to inform prophet of his disease state and manage him well,note “manage” and not “treat”.

  146. caridomyopathy…”death of the heart muscle”…lol!
    Prophet you are taking us out of the discussion. I thought the discussion was the article. However, I agree that (# 199)in most cases you manage by giving the patient a higher quality of life. Such a case is world wide. I am still begging your answer to the study you said you did (demographics)? How about the folks that are outside this safety net? “And I appreciate the insightful information and discussion but I also asked where the high prevalences were? Cause I am worried about that kind of grouping that is largely at the mercy of the “rough winds” that Prince Zamunda spoke of? (Most folks dont look for it some are just found in it)

  147. taly,no need to put up the notice yu’ve suggested because hiv like syphilis can be associated with all kinds of diseases yu can think of, only that some dses are quite diagnostic of hiv,hence labelled opportunistic.that approach will just be too cumbersome,and ultimately lead to denying some patients from receiving appropriate management.

  148. well you do make a point there prohet.It’s a hard call to make.i still feel like patients need to “want” to know,because this one time they could go to the hospital could be life changing.people need to be psychoogically prepared.it’s not really about ‘rights’ of the patient but more so that some individuals still see the disease as all hope lost.it still goes back to the markerting campaign of this disease maybe there should be widespread seminars going into companies,communities,schools,marketplaces stirring up peoples will.the thing is,i dont think people would be so scared to go and be tested if they had assurance of what would come after.i mean these people can hardly afford daily

  149. Gentlemen…the companies (as suggested by Prophet)are addressed it is the community chaps that are not in formal employment, that I wonder how you deal with. You tell the chap he/she is HIV+ (and mine you we are assuming it is now law), who consels the candidate? Is there some kind of protocol that you follow?…and what next?

  150. cont…food ,which helps to sustain the lives of infected in other richer countries.there’s stigma towards ARVs themselves…life is hard enough as it is than to force this knowledge onto them,we need them to want to come.we need to find ways of urging and pursuing.also if it’s a disease according to laws about educating patients of their disease if you know it’s an hiv linked one,inform them that its linked to it,then leave the door open to them to make the next step

  151. conclusion,hiv testing in hospital setting shud be manadatory.

    VW,i’ve never studied demography,possibly yu’ve mistaken me for vintu vina mwebantu,and i am not necessarily out of topic,but just responding to some comments about the topic at hand.by the way,this topic has been in medical domain in zed fo quite sometime,hope it is concluded in the shortest possible time so that patients,hiv/aids victims, can hold prophet by his words.

  152. This compulsary testing is a good thing only for Zambian Men. As most of them when they get a pay rise or get a higher post next thing on mind is to have a gal friend even if they have one already or even a wife. Its just tut tut tut!

  153. This compulsary testing is a good thing only for Zambian Men. As most of them when they get a pay rise or get a higher post next thing on mind is to have a gal friend even if they have one already or even a wife. Its just tut tut tut!

  154. Number 7, you are the reason there is still so much stigma in this country…am a Christian so am not one to wish anyone ill so I pray you will never lose a loved one to this dreaded illness now or in the near future….

  155. HIV should be considered as any other chronic illness like diabetes,HTN, etc.so we should all be freely tested. no stigma.thats the way 2go Zambia!

  156. i dont think as a poor country we have the capacity to test everyone who attends outpatients . who is donating these test kits ? i think it will not be cost effective . i support the current where pregnant women are tested because they have a responsibility to the unborn baby . i hear they have finally found a cure thru bone marrow transplant . well good luck all! avoid dry sex u easterners !

  157. This is a great idea, we dont want to be getting married to HIV carriers. Plz make it annualy. From secondary schools till cabinet office. Ba MVP you’re a disappointment

  158. ikakosa pakubekata ba guy.mukalabomfya ba paramiritary police olo ama soidiers?PLS START WITH THE VEEP THEN TETA,FJT VJ AND ALL THE SO CALLED MA BIG FISH.

  159. Making hiv test compoulsory is non starter,but each person shld take it upon him/herself to get tested.mind you knowledge is power.

  160. I agree with chubo bc#219.you dont need the govt on your back for you to get tested.Be responsible and take full control of your life.

  161. some people are so irrisponsible so i think its a good idea for HIV testing to be compulsory, if they cant be responsible for their own lives, let the government do it for them, period.

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