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Young women advised to dress decently

Headlines Young women advised to dress decently

A youth activist in Kafue estates has called on young women to dress decently.

Speaking to ZANIS in an interview, Holy Savior Youth Coordinator Sandra Namuchana said it is shameful to see young women walking around in short skirts popularly known as ‘Hey mamas’ exposing their thighs for everyone to see. She said young women should know that such parts of the body should not be exposed any how.

Mrs. Namuchana also condemned young people who say that even their parents used to dress like that when they were their age. She said times have changed and young women today should not try to compare with the old times.

Mrs. Namuchana said in the old days there was no HIV/AIDS and people might have been ignorant about protecting one’s dignity but now that young people are being sensitized from all corners, they should know better than going about in indecent clothes.

Mrs. Namuchana said if young women continue dressing like this, the fight against HIV/AIDS will not be an easy because young men are being tempted every day and this forces those with weak minds to start sleeping around thereby contracting HIV/AIDS.

Mrs. Namuchana also said that Zambia was a Christian Nation and people should learn to live like children of God. She said this should remind people that bodies are God’s temple hence they should be looked after in a way that will make God happy.

And one concerned parent, Mrs. Patricia Sichivula attributed the indecent dressing to the strong influence that the western world is having in the country. She said young people are copying everything they see on TV thinking it is normal.

She advised that this should not be the case because Zambians should know that the country has a culture of respect and young women should not let the western world distort this.

Mrs. Sichivula there are many decent fashionable clothes young women can wear and look beautiful instead of showing thighs and tummies for the whole world to see. She expressed worry to see how worse this problem is getting because it seems a lot of people are now even used to seeing parts of a woman’s body that are not supposed to be seen outside.

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  1. don’t cry mama sandra namuchinga,you made a mistake yourself by voting a man who is weak with feelings,who everyone is seing as unexample,so don’t put all the blame on those girls but you left out a man of action who everyone knew that if a word is spoken to them at once the all nation was going to see the effect.nevertheless you’ll keep on filling it at heart.Why do you apply makeup when your age can’t suit you? stop crying when you’re not pround of your original make.

    Next time pull out your makes

    see you saints

  2. I aint mad at ” Holy Savior Youth Coordinator Sandra Namuchana” coz she has the right to say that…however girl most of the peeps that contract SIDA are not always in minis. I see where u are coming from, girls could slip into leggings or tights when they wear minis. Sometimes vibelo vinagu just need not to be seen outside…cellulite, stretch marks, vilonda, marks etc.

    But dont blame everything on western world coz none is forcing fashion on anyone.

  3. Whilst i appreciate decent dressing amongst our women, i am a strong proponent of individual freedoms. How one dresses is best left to the individual, especially if they are of mature age. You certainly cannot regulate how people dress in general. Issues of how one dresses are mediocre to say the least in this age. Let those women focus on more important issues affecting women such as education, gender-based violence and poverty.

  4. What this woman is sayin is utter RUBBISH!!! You cannot restrict someone how to dress all becoz men with weak minds will get tempted!! Wat about the babies and the little girls that are molested….do they also wear hey mama’s?? Women should be free to wear wateva they feel omfortable in. If the men cant control themselves and decide to sleep around just becoz they have seen thighs….well, then will surley catch it. Not our problem! Am gonna keep wearing my hey mama!! And showin off my long legs…..dont mean I will end in bed with any man!! ;;)

  5. #15

    If you are slut then you are slut regardless of how u dress! Its very possible to tel one who isnt.U cant judge a book from its cover…its the contents and in this case the actions…

  6. Traditionally in many parts of Africa before the white man came the clothing was very scanty to say the least. In many societies women did not cover their breasts and wore only a small pubic covering if anything at all.Look at the dress of unmarried Swazi girls during the Umhlanga ceremony as an example. So when people talk about ‘traditional’ dressing what are they really talking about? People should not be ashamed about their bodies and wearing a short skirt does not lead people to contract HIV/AIDS it is their attitudes towards safe sex. Additionally, if women can not negotiate safer sex with their partners it does not matter whether they are wearing a short skirt or n

  7. common problem indeed,i laughed when i read sometime back that a ugandan parliamentarian moved a motion to introduce a dressing code in that country.among his arguments was one where he said girls or women in minis caused accidents on the roads…so men, are we that weak really?if yu’re that weak plz don’t drive napapata,no more loss of lives bcose of minis.
    as fo girls,wear anything provided yo conscious is clear.even hair treatment in the name of pem or something was condemned at some point,but where are we now?make-up was associated with prostitution,who doesn’t now?wearing truosers was a sign of indescence,who doesn’t now?

  8. Girly
    We are not against fashions or freedom ,everything has got its own limits.Society mechanim offers norms and values to be conceived by members mainly the process of primary socialisation. The first impression about any person is the dress code,the chemistry and content will come later. Its now a common practice to do independent investigation before commiting yourself to new relationship.Some girls have jst become too scandalous and dress code is jst one indicator.

  9. People will always be who they want and dressing is a parkage that comes along with it.All this,makes the world go round as some can even compare the 50´s,60´s to now.
    Decent woman me preserve meslf for.

  10. clothing is about an individual.you can wear anything for as long as you are comfortable in it.men also must avoid this crap of saying women intice them,honestly how can thighsd turn on ninshi you just have a problem with the guy in the trousers nikumuchita displine.ha ha ha.

  11. people come on.one can wear a long skirt but still be a slut who says dressing differenciates sluts fron non sluts.infact most of the so called decent people are the ones that practice real prostitution.zambia is a democratic nation we can dress anyhow,

  12. #17. we are very different from the swati.my friend tells me his sister walks bare-chested even when their father and all her brothers are around. the reed skirts they wore till not very long ago fell to just below the butt.in zambia, when we got clothes from the white man, our chitenges were worn upto the calves. and it has stayed that way.while it’s true that people should be allowed to wear whatever they want, an old saying goes’you are what u wear’.dress like a whore, i’ll assume you are one.i’m totally with the lady.lets dress like children of Christ.my standard if whatever i buy should be presentable in the house of God.but then again,ppl wear anything to church nowadays:(

  13. :o, i don’t know why some of my fellow country men think like neanderthals! This morality argument is hypocrisy at it’s best. Our ancestors used to run around butt naked yet some these religious fanatics want to blame mini’s for all sorts of social ills. This is bollocks, our so called decent dress was actually introduced to us by the muzungu missionaries. Let women dress in whatever way they feel comfortable…no Lady should EVER be harrassed & insulted by goons just for wearing a mini skirt!

  14. Free Country let the people dress whatever they want to dress, If you do not like what they dress tough luck,It is their choice not yours.

  15. My fellow men lets not use our sisters’ dressing as an excuse :o:o.As for me what i know is we acn avoid the tempetion of being taken away by our sisters’ dressing,One thing that men should know is a second look is a look of interest,so if you think that one’s dressing will put you into trouble why looking at her for a second time? As for you ladies keep on dressing what you feel is good for you as long as no hidden agenda attached to it.after all you where made to look nice and attractive.


  16. matworld,real baby c,rashid,nine chale,the wiseman,norah and cutey…you guys dont tell me you are still sleeping please wake up and say something aboutdressing in zambia.
    i miss you gauys.you all rock!!!! nice weekend!!!

  17. >:/, these same religious chaps are the horniest of characters! They go to church meetings in ‘decent’ dress yet we always hear of promiscuity amongst them. If Dan Pule could lust for the wife of his sick and dying church colleague, surely, what is this world coming to?! So, let’s stop this crap of morality & adopt a more open attitude to other people’s point of view. Morality should remain a personal choice and should NEVER be shoved down people’s throats!!! After all, in some of our cultures (eg Tonga), it’s common for women to expose their breasts, so what’s the fuss all about?!

  18. G BABY

    Iam awake just watching movies today.But to tell you the truth,I have no problem with dressing pa Zed infact dressing pa Zed is far much better compared to what i see Here.

  19. imwe bantu, it very hot in zed for women to be clad in vitenge all the time. they need minis for mpepo to circulate. unadwalapo mpele iwe m’kazi ukazilesa ma mini? just ignore her you fashion cnscious girls. cheers to you.

  20. Chaps, I visited Barcelona 2 yrs ago & went to the beach! there, I found women of all shapes & ages walking around freely ‘topless’ with only their g-string bikini bottoms!! Breasts were in full view & no one was even staring at the ladies except for ME (the muntu, ofcourse). Actually, I even developed a hard on, just by looking!! I kept going back to the beach for some eye candy for the next 5 days but by the following week, I got ‘bored’ & actually got used to seeing these scantily dressed women like it was NORMAL. Problem with us muntu’s, we’re so narrow minded that when we’re eventually exposed & see such things, we get confused!!!

  21. te mibinde bafwala iyo,pantu kuno twaba mu summer mwena benda fye notuputula.nga baume bena nama shirt tabafwala mukalale.mukwai baka shana konkanyenipo,kwali kaba ku zambia.:d/ big up to all the zambian ladies,this is nt stone age..we hav to move with time,they are their time nw its yours.

  22. you are what you wear and the outward appearance is an exhibit of what is inside. be careful to present yourselves in with dignity be in the world and not of the world.

  23. Hmmm!ka pikicha kaba LT,kali che guys…niziii!but question is,how can she enter a public bus or pick a dropped item or sit in front of the church?ans.,dress according to the occasion,donnot just put on anything fo any event.nothing wrong fo the girl above dressed like that fo a chi gigi,or musical show or window shoping but in church or going fo a formal interview or meeting, kwena nishi kalepuka!

  24. guys these girls and women will never learn anything to change this issue of dressing so ngati yopu are attracted nikulima just plough them chilaka chisile aviyambila dala. bakazi they stopped dressing themselves along time ago manje banayamba kuvula pangono pngono so that izi nkala fast game so nikulima plough them

  25. iyo mukwai,never judge the book by its cover,nga baka shani abobeni abekala fye muma yadi ati iyo tabendauka,ebapusauka ukuchila ne chipomo.it does nt mean [email protected] if someone puts on a mini skirt then shes nt decent,iyo yakale mwebantu..its jst clothes nothing more..wat remains is a person herself,clothes hav got no problem,its all abt oneself,kanshi pa zed finshi fya shupa.even channel O became an issue pa zambia…and the people who were busy campaigning for ZNBC to stop airing it,were also busy buy utu mabale balebika pa mitenge yama yanda yabo.awe mwe.[-( [-(

  26. In the 60’s, mini’s & high heeled shoes were the norm! Today, the same ladies who used to wear mini’s & jive to James Brown & rock&roll want to scold their daughters for wearing hipsters & skinny jeans?! bollocks…we are the most hypocritical chaps of all!

  27. #34

    I wonder what would happen if we took all our weak Zambian men to the beach?? Would they start pouncing on all the women???? :-?:-?

  28. Let women wear what they want, i think a smart girl is able to know what dress code is required for what place. When you are at work u dress accordingly when u r in your own free time you dress as you want, there’s nothing wrong with short skirts. Men just want an excuse for everything control your weakness ata!


  30. i don’t see anything wrong with the picture on the article.if we men cant be disciplined with that even when those legs will be hided will behave in the same way.uwachika patunono napafingi ewashika.:)::*:*:*

  31. MATWORLD i envy you who is watching movies on a saturday morning.can you imagine am working through the weekend.anyway have a nice weekend and enjoy your movies guess with wine pambali..

  32. Sheikh Banda

    I love the example of the beach.At the beach you never find pipo complaining. One may ask why? the answer is simple,it is because pipo at the beach have free mind the only thought that occupies their minds it’s a thought of having fun.I think our sisters’ dressing is not the cause of the temptation #37 is talking about,but it is what we feed our minds with.If you feed your mind with weired stuff,you will definately reap weired stuff.men stay safe and always remember a second look is a look of interest,and the devil will capitalise on it.stay blessed


  33. #34

    Something might have happened in the adjustment process and thats what we are trying to reject.I know most of the young women today . If you cannot listen from your parents who have enough life experience ,the end result will get you into trouble.We have more HIV/AIDS cases in Africa coz you always consider your parents to be too old not to listen from their advice.

  34. if you are so morally weak that the sight of a womans mid section or thighs turns u on. then you are so morally weak you should be classified a sex offender.

  35. G BABY

    Oh! Iam sorry my dear,but Iam sure your labour is not in vain.your employers will give you something as a token of appreciation.
    Have a lovely day my dear. 😡

  36. News flash Mrs. Namuchana !!! This is 2008, not 1808. Get with the program- we will dress how we want!There are some people who push it with the minis they wear (the ones that are barely below their bodon-ka-donks) and then there are those of us who wear minis but nothing too provocative. Not all of us wear minis to attract men, most of us wear them cos we are comfortable and look damn good :d

  37. let dem dress like that we want ukaona che fibelo wazipowela weka!!!! come on girl dress and pop them nyoninyoni!!!! thats why i like russians girls we call them “amaruss” they dress to impress us!!! :)):))

  38. Let them dress whatever they feel comfortable in. And my my, don’t they look beautiful?
    If you are one of those men who easily get a knee-jerk reflex on sightly dressing, do not visit where I’m here. We call it ‘heaven on earth.’

  39. GIRLY…

    Hey gal good afternoon.how are you doing.
    dont get bored so fast its a saturday find something to do.
    are you saying you are bored of the stories that lt is bringing? talk to me! :d/:d/:d/

  40. I like this topic. Lelo pa wama pa LT. Too bad most premium bloggers like Sony Ericsson, Struggling Comedian, Ba Moze & Baby C (real) are no where to be seen.
    Well, I think we all should know that we Africans have no official dressing code. We basically look good in everything…from jeans to kimono. I believe in freedom of dressing and that’s why I even have a bedouin robe in my wardrobe.

  41. Anonymous #48, you’ve started with your Engee manners! How am I contradicting myself? My point was that we need to be more open minded when it comes to dress & ‘morality’ in general. You ask which beach I went to in a rather sarcastic tone, like I’d made it up. FYI – it was the beach along the diagonal mar district, not too far from the olympic village. If you’ve been there, you know which area I’m talking about. Infact, i’d rented a kayak, and paddled around one of the pier’s, just to find myself on a nude section of the beach, where everyone was completely butt naked!?

  42. MATWORLD..

    Have a nice day too and hey dont spoil your eyes watching movies.take a break at some point ha ha ha.
    keep well and God bless you.laterz…. 😡

  43. The fact here is that most of us here are being defensive and one sided. There is some truth to what this woman is expressing. As much as there is nuthin wrong with wearing a “hey mama” I think the places and times where and when its worn must be carefully selected. You don’t go yo a gun fight with a knife as your only protection so when our girls wear scanty stuff there is definately a reason…
    I have never seen a woman dressed in a mini skirt at church(there must be a reason) even right here in the middle of babylon.

  44. Imwe mummy mulasekeshamweeeee!!!!!!!!!. AIDS has not started today mind you, so dressing like that should not bother you so much. the thing is one needs to respect oneself, take example of the bushmen, do you see hw they dress………,
    For me dressing is not the major contributing factor to the spread of AIDS BUT POVERTY and too much of Ubucende!

  45. G BABY

    I will take a break my dear.Its just that I have nothing today apartb from watching Movies and blogging.

  46. FYI, Sheikh Banda & Shi Makwebo are my two pseudo names…!

    If you’ve ever seen the annual reed dance in Swazi, those young virgins parade in nothing but loin cloths?! No one complains, yet when a Swazi woman goes to the bus stop dressed in a mini, she’s attacked by those goons & thugs?! i.e double standards, what’s acceptable traditionally is taboo in the urban setting?! bloody muntu’s…no wonder, the muzungu colonised & enslaved us without a fight!

  47. Paul in the bible encouraged people to dress modestly and decently. In my understading it I believe, we should be modest/in fashion at all times, BUT our dress cord should be descent. Sisters let us not make our fellow brothers be tempted because of our dressing, as we shall be held accountable for our careless dressing.

  48. There is absolutely NO correlation between HIV/Aids and women’s dress code?! No wonder we are dying like flies. Netherlands has legalized prostitution yet have a very low HIV prevalence rate?! I’ve been to Amsterdam, where the red light district is live ‘porn’ every night & marijuana is openly consumed in ‘coffee shops’, yet these chaps have a low HIV prevalence. Manje ise, with our high ‘morals’, UTH is packed with HIV related cases!!! Ignorance & stigma, in my opinion, are the main culprits.

  49. Imwe mwe ma bloggers who sympathise with sata please this has nothing to do with RB, Mini skirts and immorality came in 1991 with Chiluba who was also accompanied by Sata. So Iboti kale lyabunda. Sata is notly old now but also has a serious heart problem. This week as he was being interviewed at Muvi TV, the man was frail, week, low tone and undermotivated. Sata call for a convention and let young puipo take over other wise you are wasting Bemba people’s time.

  50. I’m all for people choosing for themselves what they are going to wear, but all these guys are asking for is a little decency (and modesty). You cant tell me that your opinion of someone isnt going to be influenced by the clothes they wear?! of course it is!! You dont have to look trashy to be fashionable.

  51. can someone tell this mamuchanga or whoever she is that we’re not in the stone-age era anymore.let them dubs dress the way they like)))

  52. Imwe ba vikarra just let them the girls show us their matanta chibelo. If possible tule monako na mumatak0. Tule lengela ko na mubwendo bwa mwanakashi. Tule nyienga fye ba vikarra.

  53. Miniskirts are not from the West. Just like “street”, “g-string”, I guess the list goes on.

    It is the west copying from us. Miniskirt ideas came from africans who wrapped banana leaves or animal skins around their waists and the “respected area”. Thighs were not covered and neither was there HIV/Aids.

    West introduced long dresses. Our dark skin color is meant to protect us from the rays of the sun when we are half dressed which is not the case for our light skinned also called whites who have to limit their sun basking.


  54. nikubalima chabe no78 good one, plough plough why waste time debating these girls or women do that to attract men so just plogh them kulima chabe

  55. 78. Punde Punde
    Dec 20th, 2008 at 2:09 pm Vote: 2 0 Imwe ba vikarra just let them the girls show us their matanta chibelo. If possible tule monako na mumatak0. Tule lengela ko na mubwendo bwa mwanakashi. Tule nyienga fye ba vikarra.


  56. Let the ladies continue wearing miniskirts. I like the principle behind them, you know… so short to reveal necessities but too long to hide the essentials. :d

  57. I can’t believe that such a condescending statement was actually made by a woman. I appreciate the threat posed by the HIV/AIDS pandemic but to blame it on scanty dressing is way off the mark. We need to respect women and allow them to express themselves in whatever manner suits them. Such views only serve to continue the culture of treating women as mere sexual objects. They also assume that men can’t control their sexual appetites.

    Zambia is a hot country and, from time to time, ladies might feel the urge to wear clothes that don’t cover certain body parts. I see nothing wrong with that.

  58. sorry, i meant to say when babies and children are sexually abused in **== its not because they were wearing miniskirts or hipsters. The problem here is that men should learn to controll themselves.

  59. Iwe ka#82. Anonymous
    Good luck becoming a real man. If you don’t know how to nyienga just continue kupowa kuma pono mu room


  61. This woman is right. Some of these women wear some very short skirts exposing thighs with pimples and utubala. Then when they get on a minibus the whole minibus stinks of their exposed dirty pants. Its ok to wear minis but let them also keep the underside clean. By the way if minkis are fashionable let those wearing them not keep pulling them down or else then its not worth dressing into something you keep pulling down. Balesambako namututanta twilanunka mwebantu. some thighs which are exposed can smell just like some shoes for certain guys.

  62. 73

    I have talked to people that have been and they say exactly like you do but no HIV like UTH. Poverty mentality robs our femal folks of their rights to say no.

  63. Most of you people think defilement is just about men on women how myopic of you people. Get a life and discover how a lot of ladies engaged in prostitution do defile or abuse street kids all in the name of getting sexual satisfaction. Get to see how women in the dark of the night expose their thighs and underwear in front of motor vehicle headlamps all for a bump anf 10pin. So only if you don’t know the use of mini skirts in the night would you love to put on the same. Certain drugs are for medicinal value, but its the abuse that makes them dirty and not worth setting ones hands on. Mini are tools of inticement and thus desist from wearing them if you do not want to be viewed wrongly.

  64. #93.Anonymous

    Wow what wrong with that! I use my own desktop and my own dsl.so whats so pathetic? yesterday I saw your comment and I decided to ignore you.I will not say anything bad to you no! For your own info Iam doing Bachelors or commerce specialising in Accounting.Please I will really appreciate if you leave me lone.Thank you and God bless you.


  65. Anonymous #95, for real my bro (or sista?). Combatting HIV requires pragmatic solutions like VCT, sex edu & consistent condom use!

    Kwindi #96, your logic is warped! God help us if blokes like you end up in parley! we’d end up with backward draconian laws! As I mentioned earlier, our ancestors used to walk around in ‘imibinde’ until those racist goons colonised us & ‘civilised’ us with a bible & a gun?! yet today you want to talk about mini’s, c’mon dude, get real…

  66. Firstly, #96 miniskirts did not turn them into prostitutes, and these women are found in certain places at night so if i’m in my mini i know that i wont find myself in certain places at night. IN fact i know a professional Prostitute who if you saw her fits the ZAMBIAN PROTOTYPE OF RESPECTABLE WOMAN. WE CAN ONLY COUNT HOW MANY MEN HAVE GONE BACK HOME TO FEED THEIR WIVES WITH THE KADOYO.thats Y HIV is rampant we have distorted beliefs and IN zed n africa we excuse men, u can control yourselves, you can get turned on if you want but thats your own problem! rather condemn promiscuity instead of dress!

  67. Those type comments generally are aimed at inciting the kaponya boys who will use any excuse to harrass and impose their street justice on innocent people.

  68. “Undersea Cable Cuts in the Mediterranean hit Internet Traffic in India”

    Currently, 14 countries are badly affected by the undersea cable cuts. They are India, Saudi Arabia, Djibouti, Egypt, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Lebanon, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan, Qatar, Syria, Taiwan, Yemen and Zambia.


  69. Thank you my distractors and most thank you my supporters. You may not agree but a lot of people who have gone through a certain activities are the best source of advice. When i want business ideas i go to those who made it and faltered. U realise that those who we think are there are just full of hot air and boasting. Ama mini yabi just like ubwalwa bubi. Well and happily married women do not need mini skirts, but steady girl-friends of us married men do, so that when you visit them you don’t just leave until you tangle. Our wife know that they can have it any time, but mauule ni ma mini skirts for a quick and at the end absent tango. Big Love to all decent non mini weraring women.

  70. GIRLY
    Are you hearing or reading my blog. Ma mini skirts are for those prostitutes who want all and sundry to see what wares they are peddling. But for that woman who knows she has a husband who loves them like i do for my wife why and why mini skirt. For who and what do you wear the same for. Are you married or are you some steady girl-friend to some sugar daddy or double crossing guy. Twanaka namatanta yanunka aya mauule mwee. Some of them with minis are even proud to put on big pants like diapers as though they have not heard of G-strings. We don’t need women in matebela wearing minis. Buy G’s and then also minis. Mini mwi tebela what a sorry sight.

  71. #105 PROBLEM WITH MEN…THEY THINK ITS ALWAYS ABOUT THEM…YABA I JUST LIKE TO LOOK GOOD, N FEEL GOOD N I KNOW I HAVE NICE LEGS SO MU SUMMA NA KAZUBA b-) MINI’S IT IS!!! whatever your retrospective mind wants to believe! in fact proud to say IN ALL MY MINISKIRT WEARING LEGACY i have never given it up to any MAN i.e this so i don’t care what u suppose i am!! :d/:d/:d/

  72. LT, this is boring. minis are her to stay. whats important s to know where and how to waer what. ladies, lets keep looking good, but maintain our decency. NEXT!!!!

  73. There is no right way to life and the way one chooses to do things lady…your holy book tells you that too…there only choices to be made and lessons to be learnt…we all simply have to do our best and respect others…things like that are all in the mind…in yours too, thats why you have taken the time to express “your” opinion-thats the way “you feel” women should dress…we can all write posts about how “we feel” women should dress..at the end of it all it goes down to the begining of this statement that “there is no right way to life…yada yada…”

  74. It is sad that there are people who have nothing better to do than concern themselves with cartailing other peoples freedoms. Fashion is a personal choice. Contrary to pronouncements by a vocal minority, Zambia is neither an Islamic nor a Christian nation. It is a secular state. It is disappointing that even women can perpetuate the notion that if a girl wears a mini skirt, she is fair game for any man. It shows lack of respect for individual freedoms.

  75. First: I know these two ladies. Are mini skirts the main cause of AIDS? what we have to deal with here is education. there are many girls here in europe who dress in miniskirts especially during the summer; but look at the rate of HIV; it is near to ZERO.
    we have to look at ourselves and ask ‘ when was the last time I talked to my daughter about sex, Aids, and life in general. the result is ……? good call Mrs Namuchana and Sichivula but we have to face reality here.

  76. We africans copy everything we see without thinking through. At holy savior; how many young mothers do we have? Guys who immediatelly go to Drink after Mass. Do parents talk to them about these issues?

  77. i respect sandra’s opinion on mini skirts in zambia, but i feel we should be more realistic, my mother aunties and their peers used to wear minies even in the presence if their inlaws but we never heard of high immorality in their time, the question is what has corrupted our minds.
    minis will inevitably become dress code soon cos zambia is becoming a very hot country, how are we goignto address the situation

  78. Ummmm 😕 Bushe aka bushi umulumendo “ajatile” PA**== from last weekes Times of Zed newspepa kalifwele miniskirt???

  79. In last weeks Times of **== newspaper, there was an article where a Zedian guy who had sex with a goat, Was the poor goat wearing a miniskirt that cause him to do that?

  80. Sandra Namuchana, we all totally disagree with you.
    Why shouldn’t anyone be proud of a God given beauty? I am sure even God loves to see us appreciate his creation. It’s the abuse that should not be tolarated.

  81. Wether in a mini or not, one can still get HIV. It is the attitude not a mini. Besides, one knows the kind of mini you can wear at the office, at work, at home and when you have gone out to dance. No one should dictate how to dress as along as one is comfy in what she is wearing.

  82. i think the way you dress is very important as a woman you should learn to cover your body why because your body does not belong to you but is the temple of the lord and God cannot visit his temple if his temple is exposed to every one.

  83. Mini skirts aside but what’s so attractive about a two year old girl? Somebody tell me? The men who cannot control themselves are just sick in the head and their home is best in the gallows.

  84. Blaming irresponsible behaviour of men (and possibly women) on women’s preferences about clothes is preposterous and sexist; such reasoning is profoundly influenced by preconceits and religious prejudices against the female gender. Use your brain and behave in accordance with your moral values not with some imposed way of thinking.

  85. lol – now we should all dress like the muslim woman i sat with on the bus all covered up – could not even see her eyes! oh please, let the girls enjoy themselves and let the men exercise discipline, patience, perserverance and complete refrain!

  86. as 4 me, the woman waz talkin sense, i cant deny the fact dat we guys enjoy seing the gals legs but dey hve to mimize wit de dress code coz, hiv/aids will continue being spread becoz of their indicipline, y nt put on thoz things wen goin to bed o leave them 4 the sluts who want to get ****ed for a living. the number of rape cases with continue incresing becoz of the rubbish they put on!!!!!!

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