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5 % increase recorded in 2008 grade seven examinations results

General News 5 % increase recorded in 2008 grade seven examinations results

EDUCATION Minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa
EDUCATION Minister Geoffrey Lungwangwa

Government has announced that a total of 197, 251 out of a total 301, 427 pupils that sat for the grade seven examinations in 2008 were selected to grade eight representing over five percent increase as compared to last year.

Speaking during the announcement of the results in Lusaka today, Education Minister Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa said the total number of boys entered for the examinations was 181,515 while that of girls was 150, 764 bringing the total to 301, 427 as compared to 288, 708 in 2007.

ZANIS reports that Prof. Lungwangwa further said the figures of pupils selected to grade eight this year are showing a progression rate of approximately 60 percent for boys and over 70 percent for girls.

He said the total figures for both girls and boys reflected a progression rate of over 65 percent as compared to 60.33 recorded in 2007.

Prof. Lungwangwa said all the girls who sat for the grade seven examinations in North Western and Luapula Provinces have been selected into grade eight with Western Province selecting over 90 percent pass rate.

And the Education Minister said only one case of examination malpractices among the candidates across the country was recorded.

He added that the malpractice involved a head teacher who was found tampering with responses for five candidates in Social Studies and has since been suspended for the offence.

Prof. Lungwangwa also disclosed that a total of 30, 852 candidates were absent from the examination, compared to 26, 469 in 2007.

He said of the total number of absentees, a total of 16, 073 were boys while 14, 779 were girls.

He said Southern, Copperbelt and Lusaka Provinces recorded absenteeism rates of less than ten percent at 8. 53 percent, 7.02 percent and 6.46 percent respectively with the rest of the provinces recording absenteeism rates of over ten percent.

Prof. Lungwangwa said North Western, Western and Northern Provinces recorded the highest absenteeism rate at over 12 percent, 13 percent and 11 percent respectively.

He further stated that Copperbelt province recorded the highest with a total of 37, 738 while Lusaka was second with a total of 28, 942 with Southern Province coming third with a total of 26, 520.

Others are Central Province with 21, 244, Northern Province with 20, 206, Luapula with 18, 412, Eastern with 16, 440 while North Western recorded 14, 295 and Western with 13,462.

And the Education Minister has urged the public to obtain the results from respective schools where pupils wrote their examinations.

He said no results will be given from the Ministry of Education headquarters and the Examination Council of Zambia (ECZ).

Prof. Lungwangwa has also announced that grade eight classes will also open on Monday 12th January 2009 and that the grace period will end on Monday 26th January 2009.

He cautioned that pupils who will fail to report at their respective schools by the end of the grace period will loose their places.



  1. #3 That is actually good. I don’t believe that it is good for Zambia to throw young boys and girls out of school because they have failed grade 7 exams. We should strive to keep all kids in school up to grade 12. The aim of education should be to ensure that every child can read, write and do arithmetic. Today’s grade 7 drop-outs are tomorrow’s burden (or even criminals). It is unfortunate that the ministry of education has been run by people who lack innovation and foresight. Our education system has not been reformed for decades.

  2. “ALL the girls in Luapula and North-Western provinces who sat for Grade seven examinations have been selected to Grade eight.”

    Congratulations Luapula and North-western provinces for recording 100% pass rate in girls.

  3. What is worryng is the high number of pupils who were absent and it is going up.

    “Prof. Lungwangwa also disclosed that a total of 30, 852 candidates were absent from the examination, compared to 26, 469 in 2007.”

  4. #5, I was just wondering where the over 104000 young boys and girls will go after being left out due to limited places in High School. Is this not encouraging streetism by govt? The other issue is the high number of absent candidates, what is the govt and communities doing to reduce this?

    It is hurting to see a potential Presido roaming the streets

  5. te leaky yonse iyi? at all the girls in luapula and north-western have passed? even basic schools will be overwhelmed.

  6. #10. The 100% passing rates for girls in Luapula and Northwester provinces has nothing to do with ‘leakages’. It is dependent on the availability of school places. Rather than this rubbish talk by the minister of ‘passing exams’ we should rather be talking of our aim to offer universal general education. Believe me you it is only in poor countrie like Zambia were children have to be selected to pass one grade to another. Otherwise general education from Grade 1 to 12 should just be on the basis of general progression without the rubbish of examinations.

  7. Welldone to all Grade pupils who made and made a 5% increase, other we need to do better and have no child left behind.

  8. #3&5.you zambians don’t apprecaite.when students pass ati malikage agian they fail ati teachers are not doing a good job,reduce their salaries.you heard what bob mabege sang”chiwamila ngalu kuluma mbuzi”.atleast once in awhile zambians try to understand for the seek of development in our country.
    by the way,stop thinking as if pipo in zambia are failers no.not everyone does likage.if passed by likage don’t put your fort on pipos children.no took there except your 2 legs,if have. [-(

  9. don’t blame me for the english in the last comment,its because a’m anoyed of these pipo.point of correction its #4 not #3&5. 😕

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